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2001/7/21-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21892 Activity:high
7/20    Is it appropriate to give a gift certificate as a wedding present
        instead of the actual items on the registry?
        \_ Get the groom something he really needs: a prenup. If
           someone else already got him that, get him the next
           best thing, pre-paid consultation with the most brutal
           and inhumane lawyer you can afford. Of all the gifts
           it will be the one that helps him the most later in
           his life.
           \_ Go bitter divorced guy, go!
              \_ Do you ever wonder if the bitter divorced guy's
                 story is just way too unbelieveable to be true?
                 Maybe he's just making it all up. Maybe he's
                 a she whose trying to keep the good men of the
                 csua from reporducing. Maybe I've watched one
                 to many XFiles eps.
              \_ Ever notice how most men wear black (or other
                 dark colors to weddings)? Its because men know
                 that marriage is a time of mourning. Yet another
                 innocent fool has lost his life to the beguiling
                 charms of a bloodsucking woman.
                 Notice how all the women are either happy or are
                 crying tears of joy. Its because they are overjoyed
                 that yet another woman was able to dupe a man who
                 will be stuck caring for her as long as he lives.
        \_ you know what's a really good wedding present? caller id.
           also known as inlaw identification.
           \_ a better present is the prenup suggested above. Inlaws
              can be handled, a wife suing for divorce because she
              says that your are a bigoted, wife beating, child
              molesting, spousal rapist dead beat cannot be handled
              without a good strong prenup and a vicious merciless
        \_ Personal check in a red envelope. You'd understand if you've
           ever been a real part of a wedding.
           \_ That's only for Chinese, isn't it?
              \_ works for jew weddings too.
                 \_ especially if the amount of money is a multiple
                    of 18. --chris
                 \_ Women and friends come and go, money is forever.
                    Why waste it on an obviously live destroying event
                    like a wedding?
              \_ works for korean weddings too -- white envelopes.
                 money/cash is a very welcome gift -- either to pay wedding
                 bills, to spend on a honeymoon (my friend who is neither
                 jewish or asian loved the extra cash for her honeymoon), or
                 just to buy something that is not on a wedding
                 registry. --chris
                 \_ Cash is a welcome gift. The groom will need all
                    the money he can earn, beg, borrow or steal to
                    keep his wife happy, esp. after she sues for
                    divorce and he realizes that she is nothing but
                    a cold cruel opportunistic bitch.
        \_ Yes, but make sure you've been hinted for some nookie with one
           of the bridesmaids|groomsmen.
           \_ What's a nookie?
                \_ ask yermom
                \_ It's kinda like a cookie, but different...
        \_ I went to 10 weddings last year (2000 was wedding season) and I
           can tell you that yes, gift certs are very much appreciated when
           you want to veer away from the registry list. A lot of new couples
           set up registry for items that are nice-to-have, not must-have. With
           the gift cert, obviously they can get something they really want. It
           carries equal weight with the material gifts. - jthoms
              \_ So are these gift certs to go see a lawyer about a
                 postnup agreement? If not the gift certs were wasted.
                 And you went to 10 weddings? How did you stop yourself
                 from crying for all those poor men who threw away thier
                 lives, thier futures and thier fortunes?
           \_ well, in that case, what about giving cash? or checks? or PayPal
              \_ How much would you spend on a couple if the person is one
                 of your 5 closest friends?  $100?  $500?  $1000?
                 \_ all depends. If he has a house, lots of options and a
                    pretty wife I'd give him a $15 Mikasa vase. If he is poor
                    and his wife is ugly, I'd give him $500. Then of course
                    you gotta realize that when he gets married he will no
                    longer be your close friend.
                 \_ if it was a close friend I probably would just buy him/her
                 \_ As a bridesmaid, I spent close to $1000...and in those
                    instances, I gave cash gifts closer to $200.  For close
                    friends (where I was not a bridesmaid -- e.g., husband's
                    close friends or parents' close friends), I gave closer to
                    $500 cash/checks.  Thank goodness wedding season is coming
                    to a close for us.  Baby showers are next. -chris
                    \_ Wow. You must be loaded or stupid. I wouldn't even
                                        \_ Try both.
                                           \_ What a combo. Its people
                                              like this that keep the
                                              economy aflot. I hope
                                              she and her friends keep
                                              spending like, my portfolio
                                              sure could use a boost.
                       give my brother $1000, let alone a "friend".
                       Women and Friends come and go, money is forever.
                        \_ You may want to consider your economic class
                           standing compared to Chris' before you babble.
                           \_ I know the value of money. It seems that
                              Chris does not. Perhaps you should consider
                              that there are rich yet frugal alums who
                              read the motd.
                                \_ Or maybe she understands it better
                                   than you.
                                   \_ She's spending $1000, $500 left
                                      and right. Clearly she does not
                                      understand the value of money.
                                      Waste not, want not.
                                      \_ "left and right" how many weddings
                                         does one attend?  and i think that
                                         gifts for friends are important.  you
                                         my 'friend,' are not going to get
                                         any gifts anytime soon.
                                         \_ Personally I prefer to buy the
                                            things I need with my own money.
                        \_ orr...maybe i didn't post this!  duh! --chris
                    a gift.
                    \_ So how much is reasonable to spend on the gift?
                        \_ It depends on what you can afford, how close you
                           are to the recipients, etc.  No one expects you
                           to blow a large chunk of your net worth on a gift.
                    \_ If it was a close friend I wouldn't let him make the
                       biggest mistake of his entire life by getting married.
                       That's the best gift you can give; saving him from
                       a fate worse than death.
2001/7/21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:21893 Activity:nil
7/20    I found another page of kinneydrivel I forgot to add to the
        archive. Updated. Also, I happened to notice a post from 6/30
        asking the name of an old game where you return to find Earth
        enslaved and you send landers down to collect minerals:
        Star Control 2. --Mr. Helpful
        >~ 86> wc /csua/tmp/motd.kinney
        >     567    5581   35335 /csua/tmp/motd.kinney
2001/7/21 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:21894 Activity:nil
7/20    Anyone here using megapath, speakeasy or telocity for dsl?
        If so, is the service reliable? I'm trying to decide between
        these three, as they seem to be the best rated in the SJ
        area according to dslreports. I'm leaning toward telocity
        because its $49/mo (128/1.5), while the other two are about
        $89/mo for the same. (Price isn't really an issue, I'm willing
        to pay ~ $100 for reliable highspeed service, but if the
        service is the same, I might as well go with the cheaper one).
        \_ I have IDSL (144/144) through MegaPath; had it about a year.
           Their tech support is a little annoying to reach, but the
           people you talk to actually seem to have clue (so very,
           very rare).  I like them.  --dbushong
        \_ I have ADSL through Telocity and it was fairly reliable
           since my service was restored after the Northpoint disaster.
2001/7/21 [Uncategorized] UID:21895 Activity:high
7/20    Why can't we all just get along?
        \_ because yer a moron.
           \_ so is yermom
2001/7/21 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:21896 Activity:nil
7/20    I just put together this new system.  Tyan motherboard 266 fsb,
        1 ghz athlon thunderbird, 768 mb ram, etc with 300 watt atx
        power.  case one starts athlon fan but no power to the board nor
        system.  case two, which is known to work, powers the fan
        (meaning in both situations that when i plug the power cable in
        the athlon fan briefly turns on) but still no power to the
        system.  is my motherboard fried?  if so why does the fan turn
        on?  why can't i get any response from any components besides
        the fan?  am i forgeting to turn something on in the
        \_ Could be the memory.  I've seen this on dual proc machines with
           the wrong type of memory.
        \_ thanks for restoring the legit post.
        \_ maybe you need more power?  aren't Athlons power-hungry?  shouldn't
           you have a 400+ W power supply?
        \_ does your fan plug into the motherboard or directly?
        \_ I had strange problems with a P/S on an Athlon box, with
           symptoms similar to yours.  An original P/S apparently died
           in transit; a working P/S from a P3 system wouldn't bring the
           system up -- the motherbord didn't like it.  Eventually managed
           to get an Athlon-approved P/S for testing, the system finally
           woke up.  Drove to CompUSA and got a $100 P/S with the highest
           power rating (400+W) -- working almost non-stop for 6+ months.
           But it was a very frustrating experience.
2001/7/21-22 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21897 Activity:low
7/21    /tmp/finger installed so you can finger people who have .nofinger
        installed. -ali
        \_ guess I will just have to link that core file to $HOME/.plan
           and $HOME/.project
           \_ you do what you like.
        \_ /csua/bin/finger
2001/7/21-22 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:21898 Activity:moderate
7/21    Is it illegal to swear at a cop? Can you get arrested/fined for
        doing that?
        \_ yes
        \_ It's not illegal to swear at a cop per se-- there are very few
           laws that apply to cops specifically, with the exception of some
           sentencing-related laws for cop killings.  There are, however
           laws about obscenity, which a cop could reasonably cite you
           under for swearing at him.
                \_ Then do you know where I can find out exactly what
                   what these rules are? Some website with state/federal
                   \_ The relevant rules are found in the Constitution
                      under the section called Amendments.
           \_ Wow. Can you sue a coworker or underling with those same
              \_ yes -- but you probably won't win.
                 \_ that's too bad. There is this one guy in my group
                    who swears way too much, so I wanted to threaten
                    to sue him in the hope that he cleans up. (Its so
                    bad we cannot allow him to speak to potential
                    candidates, customers or upper management)
                    \_ can't you sue him for something like mental anguish,
                       distress, etc.?  even if you probably won't win, the
                       threat of a lawsuit might be enough.  alternatively,
                       you could just tell him to, "shut the fuck up"
                       \_ I think option B is preferable here. The lawsuit
                          threat will just convince him you're a stiff
                          corporate pussy.
                          \_ I've already tried the stfu approach, it
                             doesn't work. He just swears at everything.
                             Every other word out of his mouth is one of
                             {mother}f*ck{er,ing}, shit, crap, damn, etc.
                             My intention was to make it clear to him that
                             unless he cleans up, he will be out of a job.
                             \_ Are you his boss? If not, then you stfu.
        \_ Swearing at a cop is not illegal, but it is a good way to
           get your ass kicked. -ausman
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