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2001/7/20 [Uncategorized] UID:21869 Activity:nil
2001/7/20 [Computer/HW] UID:21870 Activity:nil
7/18    Dell is making bank off idiot corporate CIO's who were
        "consulted" into the current situation. Everyone went out and
        said- owning hardware bad- you are all going to need brand new HW
        every 2 years- Thus everyone went to DELL and setup multiyear
        agreements where they would lease HW from DELL. Now everyone is
        stuck with existing HW and simply can't upgrade until DELL allows
        them. ALSO FYI our service company charges $5/hr for computer/
        network/ support ( ie type ipconfig /renew - oh that didn't
        work??? ). Just sad.
          That comes out to $10,000/yr per employee just for basic computer
        service- sickening. There is huge money being made to tech- only
        problem is that is it all money being thrown around internally in
        huge multinationals who think they need to support ONE major
        computer image to standardize software upgrades. Thus they
        massively beef up central support- which really isn't "support"
        but simply 1000 people who constantly have to "upgrade" servers
        to meat the corp policies which are developed by another group of
        1000 people. Thus all this CRAP is billed to the end consumer-
        just sad. AND on top of this todays CIO are making bank because
        they all look so good with these cost effective agreements with
        DELL, and ORACLE, and MSFT, but interally the management sucks
        shit as no one will accept the possible risk. What manager wants
        to be known as the guy who didn't fund the tech to correct the
        corrupt version of office installed on the cEO computer. Of
        course no one cares about WHY the damn version was corrupt-
        because the damn legion of 1000 support techs maybe missed
        upgrading a server to the correct version.
          JUST BS ALL OF IT-
          I make 40,000 yr and can work from home using my computer and my
        apps. ( well be legal and I'll expense the one time charge for
        $1000 for all the user apps- and the $30/mn for broadband cable
        access )
        Give the employee the $10,000/yr instead of the bloody IT group
        Give the employee the $10,000/yr instead of the office.
          EVEN WORSE YET-
          This line of reasoning is permeating corp america too. Problem is
        the solution they have devised is sickening. We have spend 2M on
        a web interface to access our "standard server" called joshua.
        They are now spending millions teaching people how to use it and
        advertising it. The problem is that we can just setup a VPN
        connection ( which is a half page doc of instr to setup ) and
        bamm, remote computing FOR FREE. But no- they had to do the sexy
        expensive way and all the execs were all onboard because it was
        a web based app.... big frickin deal.
          actually had a good day- realized I don't have to use table joins
        using Oracle remotely. I just select what fields I want and bamm
        it does everything for me ( or course I do need to specify some
        crit - but no complex joins - which I have been ripping my hair
        out trying to map )
2001/7/20 [Computer/Networking] UID:21871 Activity:nil
6/26     Finally i read something which had some REASON and showed the
        writer has actually looked at the economy and not just the

        "The simple truth is that many businesses don't see any need to
        buy new equipment until the earnings forecast improves. No amount
        of Fed easing can induce a business to buy computers,
        fiber-optics, semiconductors or routers it can't use
        "The unwinding of excess inventory and the hangover from the
        investment boom are impervious to short rates," said Ian
        Shepherdson, chief U.S.  economist at High Frequency Economics."

          Now if only something like this would get the exposure it
        requires and people come to realize that the manufacturing
        activity we had the last 2 years aint coming back. Remember the
        real estate boom 87-89.  baloon broke and didn't come back until
        around like 96-97. We are in a similar situation right now with
        manufacturing. But all you need to do it  ride up to the the
        mountain behind berkeley- I can't believe I forgot its name- and
        look out at the city- the streets and markets the cars and see
        how we (humans) are just leaches sucking everything from
        somewhere else.  The whole purpose of a city - the layout , the
        homes, the streets, utility lines, it to bring consumption to the
        consumers. I remember when I first saw it- on a bike ride with
        whsv, and you begin to believe just how powerful the
        consumption distrbuters are. You think everyone of those houses
        has a computer running windows, each one has an internet
        conenction, they all have cable, they all have to go to store,
        they all need to do to school ( yes school is a form of
        consumption - at least in my definition and considering it is my
        PhD thesis it better be right- people are basing everything off
        of human capital and i want to get in as the contrarian before
        they all start to realize they were all wrong- but it should be
        based off consumption- human capital requires consumption as a
        basis building block- Investment is slightly different as it is
        based solely on savings- if you consume now you can't invest
        direct trade off- ah my mind is beginning to work again-
          all the economists modelled "learning" as an investment-this
        correctly forecast the past 3 years of expansion- but it can't
        model the abrupt slowdown. If we look at consomption we get a
        better picture of the world- and note interesting enough I have
        flipped the tables a little- this defines elderly and the yound
        as pure consumers which are "bad" as they can't invest anything
        blah blah blah-
          my golf practice got rained out....... and I aint got nothing
        better to do. sorry for the words.
        \_ Is something wrong with kinney?  Someone have lunch with him
           and be his friend, please.
2001/7/20 [Politics/Domestic/California, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:21872 Activity:nil
6/21    again notice how no one is talking about power situation in Ca
        Any more.  All those evergy guys run models based on expected
        growth occuring and all the new construction being filled- ie all
        those nice brand new building in the bay area- empty..... thus
        they aren't sucking any power.  Thus no energy crisis. Add to
        that reduction in power through conservation and no crisis.  Note
        that there is only like a 1-2% shortfall. This is easy to solve
        by just turning off some lights- raising the temp but a degree.
        simple conservation techniques. But then again- I could be wrong-
        but since no one talks about the details how would I even know
          But the fucking media just doesn't talk about it- They only talk
        crisis and no analysis and it really pisses me off. The analysis
        and commentary is what is interesting and you just don't get that
        through media- That is why I like watching sports- the
        "commentary" is good. or at least better than anything else.  Now
        obviously some media includes commentary but it is like tageted
        on whats in the news and not on what is NOT in the news.  This
        world is so damn complex and so large with so much going on- yet
        for some reason the only thing that is important is 2 words "tech
        meltdown" or even more general "recession"
2001/7/20 [Consumer/PDA] UID:21873 Activity:nil
6/20    Re japan: Hitachi, Fujitsu, Sony, etc.. all major technological
        manufacturing powerhouses. Why then haven't we seen similar type
        declines in the their stocks? Not sure- but I do know that the
        diversity or Japanesse companies is orders of magnitude more than
        here- US specialized - was this good??? Bad???? Not sure- but
        also important to note- where was the overhead and overheating of
        their economy the last 2 years- it didn't exist- comments?
2001/7/20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:21874 Activity:nil
6/19    Today i found out that flash supports socket programming.  Which
        means that you can write shit like a telnet client or seomthing
        along those lines in flash.  So, flash can replace java.
                                     \_ Uhhh, no.
        So, is
        macromedia positioning themselves to be the next "platform
        independant mobile code language"?
2001/7/20 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:21875 Activity:nil
6/19    Why I have to use msaccess. Simple Fucking politics. If I touch
        oracle ( or anything else for that matter ) another organization
        assumes control over me. If I ask to use oracle I have to do through
        an assigned DBA who will have to charge my project. Fuck that plus
        my project has to pay all these fees and BS.
          They are also forcing 8 down our thoats when 7 serves it purposes
        just fine. So anything new must be done using 8, again politics
        of having a different ORG control IT, they are a business and
        thus need to make money and make more money selling 8 than 7,
        just like any other IT group.  Is this not fucked?
2001/7/20 [Finance/Investment] UID:21876 Activity:nil
6/18    Here are some FACTS about Level 3 and what a leverage buyout is
          Level 3 issued 12B in BONDS ( ie they sold 12B in BONDS and got
        12 B in CASH ). The bonds were issued at face value - ie a
        100,000 bond was priced at well 100,000. But now the bonds are
        trading at $45,000. Thus Level 3 can in effect BUY the bonds back
        and realize a profit OF OVER $6 BILLION.   But no one has the
        balls to do it. Level 3 has a market cap of about 2.3 B right
        now- yet anyone who would buy Level 3 would realize a profit of
        6B right away.. I can't believe this....  This is how Milkin made
        bank. You know his SALARY one year was 650M we are not talking
        options or stock or any of that crap we are talking cold hard
        cash salary. The reason is exactly this- He got commision for
        find takover candidates ripe for the picking where right after
        you buy them your firm gets like a 1B in profit. He takes his 10%
        cut right off the top and moves on----
          He is the only guy on earth who wrote a check to the SEC for 1B
          There are no gods.... and business schools have only been pushing
        out phonies.
          My bets on George Soros and JP Morgan. Soros is the only guy who
        can pull this shit off- and trust me he will do something - kinney
2001/7/20 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:21877 Activity:nil
6/15    My Humble Vision for Corp Network IT:
        *Fire all internal network IT staff*
        All shared drives managed by an outside vendor sitting on
        servers in a data center Secrataries will update rights and
        access through web interfaces ( ala conference scheduling which
        they do already ) Wireless LAN- maintained by outside vendor
        Email servers again all remote Login management- all remote
          Right now we don't do this due to  bandwidth constraints and
        costs Both are going to start dropping like rain on houston.
        There is going to be the biggest glut of remote storage and
        bandwidth hitting the market in the next 3-6 months.
          Problems- Corps can't afford to switch due to current assets not
        depreciated - ie we make money by depreciating lousy internal
        networks for the next 1- 2 years thus there is absolutly NO
        INCENTIVE to switch at any price.
          Thus the market will be what the hell to due with the bandwidth
        and remote storage in the interim????
          This is where media has the oppurtunity to realy come out big-
        MP3's Streaming Video cable enhancements- ie specials behind
        special have you ever seen the DVD for gladiator-- IF NOT GET
        People love media and can't get enough of it- the coming glut
        fits right into the media and cable companies hands
        Any comments on what will happen in 2 years on the network IT
        side of things, oh great soda tech gods?
2001/7/20 [Uncategorized] UID:21878 Activity:nil
6/15    Why did all the dot coms get all the exposure- everyone was faked
        out that this was a new industry. It isn't- the whole industry is
        just like a utility ( your phone. water. gas. electric )
2001/7/20 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:21879 Activity:nil
6/15    Suggestions EMC still holding up fairly well- short them to
        Now something alittle closer to my heart- Telecos- where all my
        money is at and dwindling away quickly- People are linking the
        slowdown in hardware to slowdown in telcos. This just doesn't
        make sense and I wish a real analyst would come out and say so-
        It is exactly the opposite. That means that the cost/investment
        requirements of the telcos is decreasing.  Thus they should see
        better returns
        The whole business is just like building a refinery- it costs a
        whole hell of alot to build with no returns ( all returns go to
        vendors building and supplying material to build it ) once built
        the vendors and suppliers are out of busines and all revenue
        streams to the owner of the refinery
        Networks are exactly the same- why do you think Fluor and Bechtel
        built all the big networks- because it was a "new" industry- hell
        no.  because it is the same industry as power/ utility/ energy.
        Why is enron trading bandwidth just like power. because it is new
        and different like everyone would have us believe. no.
2001/7/20 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW] UID:21880 Activity:nil
5/30    I need to create a link to
        C:\notes\notes.EXE  fdholn01!!fdglobal/workgrps/procurem/evalform.nsf
        but when I use
 href="C:\notes\notes.EXE fdholn01!!fdglobal/workgrps/procurem/evalform.nsf"

        ie puts a damn file:/// infront and thus ruins the ability of the
        file to open.  Is there any way to force feed a browser a hard coded
        link? - kinney
2001/7/20 [Uncategorized] UID:21881 Activity:nil
7/19    MUST ... CONTROL ... FIST ... OF DELETION ...
2001/7/20 [Uncategorized] UID:21882 Activity:nil
7/19    Damn you kinney.
        \_ Why is clipping kinney an issue? He isn't even a user!
           \_ uh, ls /home/apollo/kinney/.nofinger

\_ who's nightmare are we in?  A motd filled with kinney's rants.
2001/7/20 [Computer/SW/Languages/OCAML] UID:21883 Activity:insanely high 50%like:20755 66%like:21142 57%like:22189 57%like:22388 57%like:22881 50%like:23262 57%like:36306
7/19    Motd poll:  I want
        Chocolate: .
        to get into grad school: .
        wife with big bosom and hot body: ..
        girlfriend (wives are bad) with big bosom and hot body: .
        yermom: .
        a girlfriend with a hot body who likes Ocaml: .
        \_ girlfriends try to become wives. Concubines are the
           way to go.
        yermom: .
        a girlfriend with a hot body who likes Ocaml: .
        \_ OCAML!  OCAML!  OCAML is the STANDARD!  Programming language.
        a hot prof in grad school: .
        kinney to STFU: ...
        \_ did kinney take a vacation between 7/1 and 7/16? i thought i might
           have missed some from between there. the sheer volume of spew from
           the man is hilarious.
        fully tricked atlon mp system: .
        fully tricked g4 mp system: .
        fully tricked us3 mp system: .
2001/7/20 [Computer/Rants, Politics/Foreign/Europe, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:21884 Activity:very high
7/19    Yet more people with too much time on there hands:
        \_ Is India even called "India" in India?  --PeterM
           \_ Sure, they all speak English anyway (there's no one "Indian"
              language.) The word comes from the Indus River, or Sindhu,
              also the word Hindu, and Hindustan. But it's irrelevant;
              they seem to think it's insulting on the principle, like
              if you named a pet dogshit France, even though the French
              don't call themselves France.
           \_ Bharath is the real name for "India". Hindu is also not
              a indian word, it is a arabic term invented by muslim
        \_ Are they suggesting that our pres should get a lion instead?
           \_ ^t a^t eaten by a
2001/7/20 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:21885 Activity:high 75%like:21865
7/19    In /usr/include/stdio.h on SunOS 5.7, there's this line:
                #if __STDC__ - 0 == 0 && !defined(_NO_LONGLONG)
        Why does it need to do "- 0"?  Why can't it be simply "#if __STDC__
        == 0 && ......"?  Thanks.
        \_ perhaps __STDC__ is defined to 0?
           \_ how the hell does your reply answer the question? -ali
        \_ here's a guess: if __STDC__ is #defined to be anything non-
           numeric, you would get an appropriate error?
           \_ You would get an appropriate error anyways, because the ==
              operator must take arguments of the same type.
           \_ No, because the K&R book says any remaining identifiers after
              macro expension will be substituted by 0L.  So in this case the
              condition still evaluates to true.
              condition still evaluates to true, and the "- 0" doesn't change
        \_ The "- 0" is for the benefit of ancient, pre-ANSI preprocessors that
           replace __STDC__ with /*nothing*/ (neither 1 nor 0).  In this
           case, the minus sign token is parsed as an unary negation of 0, and
           the first part of the condition is true.  The same effect can be
           achieved by having nested #ifndef __STDC__ / #ifndef _NO_LONGLONG /
           foo / #endif / #endif ; but the SunOS version is both shorter and
           more obfuscated -- a win/win solution.    -- misha
2001/7/20 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/HW] UID:21886 Activity:nil
7/19    I keep on hearing about computer hardware that used to belong to now
        bankrupt dotcoms that is now being sold for a song. Where can one
        find it?
        \_ articles on and auction specialists/firms
2001/7/20 [Uncategorized] UID:21887 Activity:nil
7/20    Hacked by Chinese!!! For great justice!
        \_ All your web sites are belong to us! - Chrmn Mao
2001/7/20 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:21888 Activity:nil
7/19    Cow filled with fireworks dropped from helicopter (picture included)!
2001/7/20 [Finance/Banking, Finance/Investment] UID:21889 Activity:nil
7/20    Recent headline O'Neill Predicts Strong U.S. Surpluses
          The article put such a good spin on the notion or paying down the
          Well there is a huge huge huge huge devastatingly huge potential
        problem which has been written about in the heavy econ papers
          Our entire economy is based what is called the "riskless asset."
        All prices of investments, be it stock, bonds, capital spending,
        buying houses etc. all rely on what is called the CAP-M ( capital
        asset pricing model ). This states basically that the more risk
        an asset has the high its expected rate of return must be. The
        expected return in the "interest rate." The problem arises in
        that the CAP-M ( my nomencalture - standard is CAPM no "dash")
        uses as a requirement in its calculation the rate of return of
        the riskless asset. The foundation which people previously used
        in this model was the 30yr US Bond.
          So where is problem? The government started buying back 30yr
        bonds thus reducing demand and causing a demand shock which
        altered the normal curve and skewing its price. Everyone realized
        this and quickly renormalized all asset prices to the 10yr bond
        as it was still in high supply. However as the govenment
        continues to run high surpluses the demand will continue to
        shrink for the 10yr and it will no longer be effective as a basis
        for the pricing assets.
          Repurcussions to this are obvious. Without a standard government
        based riskless asset pricing, financial institutions will no
        longer be able to commonly price assets. This will cause an
        increase in the volatility of equities.
          Solutions- Right now that is of a big debate in the economic
        field- right now the biggest option looks like fannie ma. Ya
        those are the guys who own all the home loans. That is turning
        into the biggest source of bonds and thus providing a basis for
        stable pricing- Whenever you have bigger supply- the stability of
        a price goes up. That is why when the government had 3Trillion in
        bonds out the prices were fairly stable. Only recently has
        volatility started to be seen. But the problem with using home
        loans is obvious as well- equity bubble.
          Net result. The Government is going to NEED to step up spending
        to maintain a budget deficit. Maybe not now but the seeds are
        being planted.  Look at the signs, Cal government going into debt
        over energy.  This is chump change but just a sign that
        governments are taking up the slack of the consumer.
          Required Actions: Align yourself with an industry which will
        benefit from governemt spending. Boeing, LM, EDS, Dyncorp, HAL.
          Look for massive US bases setup in foreign countries. Look for
        massive emigration to foreign bases. Look for a reimergance of
        colonialism. The plans are in the works - and coming this fall I
        am hoping I can get involved with them - as I am starting to
        believe this is coming sooner rather than later.
          Just commentary and by no means correct- and may not even reflect
        my true views
        \_ Hi kinney!
2001/7/20 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:21890 Activity:nil
7/20    is there a solaris equivalent of linux /proc system info or
        irix 'hinv' info?  thanks. --karlcz
        \_ /usr/sbin/prtconf, /usr/sbin/sysdef, /usr/sbin/psrinfo
           and /usr/platform/sun4u/sbin/prtdiag (ultra only)
2001/7/20 [Uncategorized] UID:21891 Activity:nil
7/20    Oh no!  There was content in the motd!  better delete it!
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