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2001/7/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney] UID:21850 Activity:nil
7/18    [sorry boys, kinney drivel's gotta go]
        \_ heh.  You beat me to it by about 2 minutes....
           \_ other than aspolito and dbushong, who else cares enough to
              delete this?
              \_ I don't care.  Stuff like this is amusing.  -aspo
                 \_ are you saying you like his crap?
                  \_ I like laughing at people
        \_ thanks, kinney.
2001/7/19 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:21851 Activity:kinda low
7/18    Cheapest tickets/most convenient/best service:  Direct from Airline through
        internet?  Direct through airline through phone?
        \_ I like pretty good deals, similar model to
           Priceline, but with much better customer service.
        \_ Best prices are almost always through a travel agent. They buy
           up fares in blocks that are often no longer available anywhere
           else. I don't fly that often, but that last few times I have
           flown cross-country my travel agent got me cheaper fares than
           I could find over the Internet for the *exact same flights*. --dim
           \_ I'm going coast to coast round trip for under 200 dollars,
              and i got my tickets online at travllocity.  i have had
              only bad experiences with travel agents, and i hardliy think
              they could match that kind of deal.
2001/7/19 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21852 Activity:kinda low
7/18    What's the easiest way to completely mirror one drive (multiple
        partitions) to a brand new drive w/ FreeBSD?
        \_ dd?
           \_ If it's an identical drive (not just size; literally identical)
              then dd should work fine; else your best bet is to newfs it
              and do a foreach partition { dump | restore }  --dbushong
2001/7/19 [Industry/Startup] UID:21853 Activity:nil
7/18    Hey, my company is on and i can't
        even read about it! Somebody wanna help out a fellow
        geek who's company is down on their luck?  I need a
        login with the ability to read rumors.
        \_ Gee, that would be illegal "theft of services" or
           something, since you have to pay to read that stuff.
            \_Gee, you have obviously mistaken me for someone
              who gives a damn.
2001/7/19 [Uncategorized] UID:21854 Activity:nil
7/18    I found out that one of my co-workers is a member of a new
        anti-government militia somewhere in Modesto. What should
        I do?
        \_ Join the militia and inform to the government for money!
        \_ hi troll.  How about giving him some money and saying:
           "use this to buy weapons to fight cowardly, fascist twits
            like me." He'll love you for it.
            \- I recently found out a person who came to my office to
            talk to me was a randoid. I suggest having a "conversation"
            with them per:
            \_ psb? as in... psb?
2001/7/19 [Recreation/Food] UID:21855 Activity:high
7/18    Bay Area residents are used to paying a lot for housing and gasoline.
        Now, you can add eating out to the list:
        \_ great...another way we're getting fucked.  wonderful.
           \_ Everything is expensive in Bay Area.  But the article says that
              the average cost of a meal is $30.  How often do you eat at
              places that cost $30+ per person?  I myself get a Costco hotdogs
              for $1.50 for lunch.
                   \_ $1.50, $0.50 too mach! Com to chef chu! I give goo
                      chinese foo just $1!
                \_ Those stats may be old...I read a similar thing in the
                   Chronicle the other day. Last year (or two yrs ago), a lot
                   of yuppies are splurging at the best restaurants in town
                   and the restaurateurs retaliated by raising price. Prices
                   have come down a little bit (after taking a client out last
                   night) but still expensive. I agree, Costco Polish is a
                   good cheap grub, BUT I guess majority of ppl still prefer
                   full-service restaurants when they go out. - jthoms
             \_ The average cost of a meal is $30? I guess they must frequent
                the trendy upscale yuppie .comie joints with names like spago
                or Wild Flaming Blue Pelican Flamingo Bistro Bar and Grill.
                Last I checked Subway was still $2.25 for a 6" veggie and you
                can still eat at places like Fresh Choice, Chevy's, Chili's
                etc for under $10 a meal.
        \_ Yeah, and we eat better.  Have you ever been to Wyoming?
        \_ No way is SF only $2 less than Vegas.  Last time I went to Vegas,
           everything seems 2-3x SF.
        \_ Buffet at the Saharas....$6.99.
2001/7/19 [Uncategorized] UID:21856 Activity:nil
7/18    [here there was kinneydrivel]
        \_ you guys are fast. did you write an automatic kinneydrivel filter?
           i actually enjoyed the last two drivels.
2001/7/19 [Computer/SW/Apps, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:21857 Activity:high
7/19    here's more on the cryptographer who got arrested in vegas monday: with a companion
        website: - the non-social new guy on soda.
        \_ PROTEST IN SAN JOSE ON MONDAY. Information at:
           Transportation may be available from fremont and berkeley;
           contact alexf.
2001/7/19 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:21858 Activity:high
7/19    Headline: "Jenna Bush's federally protected wetlands now
        open for public drilling"
        \_ in the onion two, three weeks ago? oh, DO please keep us
           posted on what you discover next.
        \_ Jenna Bush, future porn star
           \_ Yeah, but wouldn't she haveta get a new stage name considering
              Jenna's already the name of a famous porn star?
           \_ Yeah, but wouldn't she have to get a new stage name
              considering Jenna's already the name of a famous porn
              \_ You mean Jenna Jameson?
        \_ which one is she?
        \_ Shorter hair (up to shoulder)
        \_ Jenna Bush's "wetland" now open for public "drilling"?  Wow!
                \_ oh boy you got the joke.  have a cookie.
2001/7/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:21859 Activity:nil
07/19   Hey, [motd formatting god], wouldn't it be more appropriate to
        refer to yourself as [motd formatting service]?
        \_ how about [ motd fmt svc ]?
        \_ Don't change my name in vain. -God
        \_ shouldn't the [ motd formatting god ] really be the
           [ motd formatting daemon ] in keeping with the BSD
2001/7/19 [Uncategorized] UID:21860 Activity:nil
7/19    what's this mumbo jumbo about people not being able to read while they
        dream?  I've done it (or I think I've done it) numerous times.  Heck,
        I even had dreams about parsing when I took 164 with Hilfinger.
        \_ Never heard of that one, but one thing I can't do in dreams is run
           fast. It always seems like I'm running through molasses.
           \_ Same for me!  I didn't know this is common to everyone.
        \_ I've dreamt of reading quite often. I didn't know that
           I couldn't do that.
        \_ I think the issue is that there's no text permanence in dreams;
           you can read but if you read the same thing twice it won't say
           the same thing.  they say it's one test you can use if you're
           trying to lucid dream.  -tom
           \_ This is not true. I remember reading Julius Caesar in my
              dreams and the text is always the same. The same is true
              for passages from Deep C Secrets, TCP/IP Illustrated etc.
2001/7/19 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:21861 Activity:moderate
7/19    Okay I was stupid, I accidentally did a "cvs rm; cvs commit" and now
        the file only exists in $CVSROOT/.../Attic/OldFile.c,v. How do I
        read it or recover it? I already rtfm. Thanks.
        \_ cvs update -r<INSERT_PREVIOUS_VERSION_NUMBER_HERE> <filename>
           cp filename foo
           cvs update -A <filename> -- file goes poof
           cp foo <filename>
           cvs add <filename>
           cvs ci <filename>
2001/7/19 [Uncategorized] UID:21862 Activity:moderate
7/19    How do daemons like sshd get/store their own pid?  Does XDM/KDM
        do something similar, and if so, how can I get my hands on that
        \_ getpid()?
2001/7/19-20 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:21863 Activity:nil
7/19    Whats up with the new hotmail- its like they have 1000
        programmers dedicated to continual changes. Its one thing to
        change the look and feel- but these guys just totally revamped
        the site
          "Much of the work in putting together things like amplifiers,
        filters, lasers and switches is done by hand and there are few
        standardized assembly processes. So much manual labor and
        customization also drives up costs along the assembly line"
          Ya and everyone thought machines were going to replace man..
        Problem is that the machines became to expensive and to complex.
          This new hotmail interface isn't that bad- the only thing I don't
        like is the word tool bar
          All I want is for them to take the damn word toolbar off... I
        guess they did some test to integrate this with messenger and it
        crashed messenger..
          REGARDING no JAVA in XP- THIS WAS MY STANCE like 6 or 7 years ago
        when I first saw the web and wrote an anlysis about Netscape v
        MSFT. The idea was that IE is going to become the desktop and all
        apps are going to be written for the web. The far extension of
        this is as long as you build an OS with IE capability- you are
        set. Where does java fit- ??????
        \_ I guess this is Kinney drivel.  Only the 2nd time I've seen it
           not deleted in the motd.
           \_ it was deleted earlier but someone restored. this particular
              one is shorter than most. frankly, i'm disappointed with it.
2001/7/19-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney] UID:21864 Activity:high
7/22    [ Die, KinneyDrivel(tm), Die ]
        \_ I guess this is Kinney drivel.  Only the 2nd time I've seen it
           not deleted in the motd.
           \_ it was deleted earlier but someone restored. this particular
              one is shorter than most. frankly, i'm disappointed with it.
        \_ does anybody ever bother reading kinneydrivel?
           \_ I usually read about the first third before I scroll far
              enough to realize what I'm doing... then give up.
              \_ First third? I get to the first "..." before I'm lost.
        \_ Next time before you delete the kinney drivel, can you at least
           do something like cat motd.public >> /csua/tmp/kinnel.drivel ?
           I've only been lucky enough to catch kinney drivel like once or
           twice. It's like archiving tjb's 61c tirades or kchang's twinkness.
           \_ yes, someone please do this; alot of people are curious.
2001/7/19 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:21865 Activity:nil 75%like:21885
7/19    In /usr/include/stdio.h on SunOS 5.7, there's this line:
        #if __STDC__ - 0 == 0 && !defined(_NO_LONGLONG)
        Why does it need to do "- 0"?
        \_ perhaps __STDC__ is defined to 0?
2001/7/19 [Uncategorized] UID:21866 Activity:nil
7/19    Anyone know where I can find "The List"... that list of shows
        in the bay area? I used to read all the time about 4 years ago
        but I'm not sure if it still exists or how to find it. thanks.
        \_ Do people even bother looking stuff like this up themselves before
           asking? It popped right up in a search:
2001/7/19-20 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:21867 Activity:high
7/19    I want to host a basic website running on my home computer. Any
        recs on a DSL provider that will let me have my own domain, whose
        service doesn't suck, and is under $100/mo?
        \_ First world has a 192K/1.5M line for $69/mo. The line comes
        \_ Firstworld has a 192K/1.5M line for $69/mo. The line comes
           with two static IPs and they don't care what domain name you
           register for those IPs.
           Alternatively you could try sprintbroadband (wireless). The
           "line" is 256K/2M for $49/mo and comes with one static IP.
           You need line of site to Monument Peak though.
           \_ Hey genius, Firstworld is dumping their DSL customers on
              Earthlink with no guarantees as of August 31st, so...
              \_ Where did you read this? I can't seem to find it on
                 their web page, but if its true, I need to switch my
                 line soon.
2001/7/19-20 [Computer/SW] UID:21868 Activity:insanely high
7/19    code red worm strikes at 5pm pdt.
        \_ hey man nuthin happened and laura bush is still welcoming me to
           her web site
           \_ Is Laura Bush's federal protected wetlands now also open for
              public drilling?
           \_ The worm tries to open a connection to before
              it begins flooding.  Unfortunately, was moved
              to and .91 was removed.
              \_ Sigh..  can no one even write a decent worm any more?
                \_ those stupid chinese hackers!1!!
2018/11/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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