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2001/7/18 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration, Computer/SW/OS] UID:21830 Activity:moderate

        For example, it can identify those Web sites whose audiences are
        most tilted toward Asian-Americans. Many will be surprised to
        learn that, leaving aside domains specifically aimed at
        immigrants or Asians, the most Asian-oriented general interest
        site is Its visitors are 25.1 percent
        Asian-Americans, even though Asians make up only 4.6 percent of
        online Americans.  Other hot-rod Web sites with audiences that
        are highly Asian include, and
        \_ "surprised"...
        \_ obvious , to make for their lack in size..
           \_ which MF red-neck soon-to-be-dead hairy whitey wrote this?
              \_ defensive, are we? sensitive issue? seek therapy.
        \_ And if you still don't think the author is a moron...
             "After my wife and I spent 15 enjoyable minutes at
    looking at pictures of cute babies and
             funny monkeys and trying to answer riddles about fruit
             ('Q. Why did the melon get married in a church? A. She
             can't elope!'), she said, 'Maybe people with graduate
             degrees just don't know about these sites.'"
2001/7/18 [Uncategorized] UID:21831 Activity:nil
7/17    Does anyone here run squid in a chroot jail? I'm trying figure
        out how to get this running, but the docs are not too helpful.
2001/7/18 [Uncategorized] UID:21832 Activity:nil
7/17    Polling the newgrads who graduated in may.  Were you able to get jobs?
        The market is cooling and and I've been hearing CS/EECS majors looking
        for work after graduation. As opposed to getting 10 offers before
        you graduated.  Is this true?  Thanks.
        \_ I graduated a year ago and only got one offer. But unlike those
           who got 10 offers, I still have my job in addition to generous
           raises and bonuses. It pays to avoid the dot-coms.
2001/7/18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:21833 Activity:high
7/17    "Perl is like chewing on chunks of broken glass, only without the tasty
        blood sauce to go with it."
        \_ Uh..
        \_ Ok, I'll bite. How do other programming languages taste like?
           \_ C is like an IV drip.
           \_ Lisp is like a New York steak hand fed to you gram by gram by a
              large breasted supermodel.  Fun and filling, but slow.
              \_ And then the model takes off her mask, and underneath
                 it's . . . RICHARD FATEMAN!!!!!
                                \_ Why, he does make me horny, baby!
                 \_ That's one image I could have done without...
2001/7/18 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:21834 Activity:low
7/17    A Russian cryptographer was arrested in the US for giving talk on
        ebook security:
        \_ Clever. The First Amendment only applies to Americans.
          \_ ... that don't violate copyrights, or tell you how to make
             bombs, or ....
2001/7/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:21835 Activity:low
7/18    Death isn't fatal <TM>.
        \_ go to the cemetary on dia de los muertos.  See the crying
           widows.  Tell them of your wisdom.
2001/7/18 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:21836 Activity:high
7/17    ranga,
        is 404 today, but was there yesterday.  What gives? - new guy #2
        \_ Take a look at: (go google.  fight the power).
        \_ Actually all you really need is:
           Isn't web caching wonderful? I've also preserved a copy of just
           the text at:
           \_ Is it?
        \_ downright scary.
        \_ re ssh (not google cache) it seems that ssh1 is fine iff
           1. you do not use RC4
           2. you have valid host keys
           \_ There is also an intercept attack, but I'm not sure if
              that was covered in the cert stuff.
2001/7/18 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics] UID:21837 Activity:very high
7/17    Which of the current issues do you think will be UC's biggest
        reason for their downfall? 1) Creating UC Merced, 2) Abolishing
        the SAT, 3) Allowing them to consider race in admissions, or 4)
        Automatically accepting the top 4% of high school students?
        \_ Blatantly loaded question. First present a definition of "downfall"
           and hard evidence that the UC is undergoing "downfall"
        \_ 3 and 4.
        \_ True, it's loaded, and true there's no hard evidence I can give
           to prove it. But a hand-wavey explanation would be that
           the prestige of the UC system is going down, especially Cal's.
           Especially wrt Cal, they are riding on the high laurels that
           they used to have. Next, looking at Cal graduates (from ugrad
           and grad), they aren't as successfull/productive as those from
           other schools. Next, look at the intelligence (or whatever
           you wanna call it) of incoming students. Half are getting
           smarter (due to a more selective admissions process) and the
           other half are even dumber than before (due to automatic
           admissions, and most of all, our favorite: affirmative action).
           That latter half will help bring UC down even more.
           \_ gee, Cal managed to get along with affirmative action for 30
              years...was it "riding on high laurels" then?  (Whatever that
              means).  -tom
                   \_ lameness.  why don't you realize this.  Cal sucks
                      for different things.  if you like people to hire
                      for a cube farm who will work hard and never complain
                      until they get strokes from overwork, then cal's great.
                      But if you want leaders and people who will inovate
                      and come up with new ways of thinking, then look
                      elsewhere.  I'm not even sure cal grad school has it.
                \_ That's when it was making an effort providing
                   high-quality professors (i.e. people who could do
                   research AND teach; you don't find the teaching
                   component part of the criteria anymore,
                   unfortunately), recruiting high-quality students,
                   and not let the bullshit politics and political
                   correctness interfere with its mission. So, despite
                   the affirmative action, it was successfull enough
                   in the other areas.
                   \_ really, what evidence do you have that teaching
                      isn't part of recruitment criteria?  I'm sure that the
                      L&S Deans would be very surprised to hear that, seeing
                      as how they're the ones actually doing the faculty
                      searches.  Oh wait, you're just an anonymous cowardly
                      troll with no real point.  Sorry I said anything.  -tom
                      \_ a friend of mine applied for a fulltime faculty
                         position on the math department.  he was working
                         as soft-money part time faculty, and he told me
                         all the department wanted was a list of publications
                         and research qualifications, and did not even ask
                         about teaching.  perhaps the math department
                         is worse than most cal departments, though.
                      \_ Tom's right (throughout this thread), here are some
                         URLs to support him; you come up with some evidence
                         that contradicts below, THEN we'll have a argument.
                        \_ Anonymity is irrelevant here. do I
                           know teaching isn't part of the recruitment
                           criteria? Tell me you aren't that oblivious.
                           Haven't you taken a course at Cal? Don't you
                           see firsthand the quality of the "teaching"?
                           So tell your L&S deans to do a better job, if
                           you wanna keep playing that card.
                           need to apologize for saying anything.
           \_ Translation: "Cal was DAMN GOOD right up until I graduated.
                (Just like *me*!)  Then it all started going to hell.  Kids
                these days . . . "
                \_ Nah, it was already on the downhill while I was
                   there. But now it's gonna plummet now, due to reasons
                   1-4 from above, though. That stuff DID happen after
                   I graduated.
                   \_ Cal engineering will be fine. There are a lot of
                      poor bright people like me who prefer going to
                      public school because its cheaper which allows us
                      to graduate without being saddled with debt.
        \_ It has nothing to do with race.  When I was in L&S CS, most of
           the students were oppurtunists who cheated on tests and did
           the minimum to get by.  And most of these people were Asians.
           I'd say it has more to do with people who are unable to enjoy
           learning.  And BTW, I'm also Asian who made it out with a 3.5
           so it's not a jealously thing.
           \_ You graduated from L&S with only a 3.5? Damn you must have
              been slacking off. There is no excuse for graduating from
              L&S with under 3.8 since there is no real course work
              (except if you were math or physics, which you weren't).
              \_ I did REALLY bad freshman year.
           \_ The issue is that these people, myself included, didn't go to
              college "to learn." They go because you need it to get the big
              bucks. But really they just want to have fun and don't
              particularly give a shit about Scheme or n-channel mosfets
              or the OSI reference model. I liked learning about history.
              There's an inherent problem with my knowing history though:
              it's not particularly useful to ANYONE ELSE WHO WILL PAY ME.
              \_ I'll bet alot of history majors are making double your
2001/7/18-19 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:21838 Activity:nil
7/19    Human rights + CS:
2001/7/18-19 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:21839 Activity:low
7/18    Why is that most "so-called software architect" I have ever
        worked with are idiots?  Most of them are all talks and don't know
        anything about coding.  It almost seems like they have only read
        the first chapter of every book and now are directing people how
        they think the software should be architected.  Case study:
        most people I know have no clue about EJB but many of them are
        serving as architect roles on EJB projects. Sigh.
        \_ a middle manager by any other name...
        \_ It's a leftover from the 90's high-tech boom when you may know a
           tad about computers and all of the sudden you're a somethin-somethin
           engineer, or somethin-somethin manager. They won't last too long. I
           work with a few of them here. - jthoms
2001/7/18-19 [Academia/GradSchool/MBA, Academia/GradSchool] UID:21840 Activity:high 50%like:22540 50%like:22762 50%like:23518
7/18    How can I get into grad school?
                - depressed undergrad going into last semester
        \_ you sick fuck.  why don't you to kossovo and have something
           REAL to be depressed about.  Fuck your angst.  Maybe you
           should have thought about this a year ago.
        \_ Why you wanna go there? Apply to some whack school in England.
           then come back here and people will be all like, wow, a Master's
           from some school in England.
           \_ ok, the above two posts are humorous, but I'm serious.
              \_ ok you weasel, are your parents rich?
                 \_ more than our friends in Kossovo... but not enough to
                    buy me into grad school. But I did have to pay my
                    own way through undergrad and even took a year off
                    to work full-time... does that count for anything?
                    \_ [ note to motd editors, the following is not
                         kinneydirvel(tm). please don't delete it. ]
                       Work doesn't count for much for grad school unless
                       If you really want to get into grad school try a
                       second tier school
                       you worked on something outstanding (ex you worked
                       on BGPv4 for Procket under the direction of Tony Li).
                       If you really want to get into grad school here
                       are somethings you might want to try:
                       1. Get a good score on the general GRE (2200+) and
                          subject GRE (700+).
                       3. If you are under 3.0 apply to state school,
                          otherwise apply to one of the less prestigious
                          public schools (rutgers, ut austin, uci, etc)
                          or private schools.
                       4. Assuming you haven't worked for a famous prof.
                          or other well known person in your field already,
                          consider going to work for such a person. If
                          you do a good job, you will get a good letter
                          of rec improving you chances.
                          A variation on this theme is to go to work at
                          a startup where a prof. works. If it goes
                          somewhere you are rich, otherwise you use the
                          prof. as you ticket to grad school.
                       5. Join a company like Sun, Cisco, IBM, HP,
                          Lockheed and go to the farm on the SITN program.
                          This is the cheapest way to get a degree since
                          the company pays for your classes, and the company
                          pays you to work, so by the time you finish your
                          degree you've gained valuable work experience at
                          a well known company, you have some cash/options
                          and you have a degree from a well known university
                          \_ For #5, is it easier to get in thru SITN than
                             thru regular admission?
                             \_ The farm maintains that it is just as hard
                                to get into SITN as with regular grad school
                                but in reality it is easier if you go the
                                SITN route. SITN is a big money maker, so
                                virtually no one is refused. (okay if you
                                were 2.0 at eastern wisconsin adjunct teachers
                                college and you try to go the SITN route
                                you won't get in, but if you are ~ 3.0 @ Cal
                                it shouldn't be too hard)
                          \_ I have done some "research" for a professor of
                             both IEOR and CS... do you think his letter will
                             count for much for a CS program? And I have one
                             semester left at Cal... how can I go about trying
                             to get more research experience?
                             \_ This all depends on what sort of "research"
                                and which IEOR prof. Unless the research is
                                unique or gets published/patented its not
                                going to help you that much, but if the prof.
                                likes you and you get a good letter of rec.
                                it will improve your chances of getting in.
                                The bad part is that you will need three
                                letters of rec so getting in good with one
                                prof. is only 1/6 of the battle.
                                Unless you are over 3.0 in Eng, SITN or
                                similar at SCU or USC is your best/cheapest
                \_ Hold on, the original poster did not specify which major he
                   wants to get in to. For MBA, work experience DO count, along
                   with your GRE/GMAT scores. I agree with the above poster
                   that you could try to get your company to pay for at least
                   half the cost. - jthoms
2001/7/18-19 [Health/Sleeping, Health/Women] UID:21842 Activity:high
7/18    sky, what's the optimal way to work out? Max weight (till muscle
        failure) with minimal time, medium weight with maximal time, or
        somewhere in between? And what's the best recovery period?
        \_ max weight 3x per week.  recovery/stairmaster for the rest
           of the time.
           \_ I've tried a million different workouts and apart from
              the really stupid 2 hour work outs I did in high school,
              it doesn't make that much difference.  The most important
              thing to do is eat right, sleep right, minimize stress,
              and make sure you work out with enough weight to challenge
              your muscles.  In the 4 months I was following this advice
              I got to benching sets of 6 at 320 lbs.  Of course now that
              I have a life I'm nowhere near that strong. -emin
        \_ I've found the best way to work out is *variety*. Take bench press
           for instance. One week, just do 3 sets of 10-12 at the same weight.
           Next week, try incline presses and/or decline presses. Another week,
           do 3-4 sets, increasing 10 pounds per set, to exhaustion. Your
           muscles are highly efficient at adjusting to the same routine, so
           you have to constantly surprise them with a different routine.
        \_ why are you asking sky? Shouldn't you be asking ax?
                \_ this gets more to the point:
        \_ I'm not sky, but I can confirm that no more than 3X a week for
           weights is a good rule of thumb. The secret to your muscle endurance
           and agility also involves cardiovascular activities. Stairmasters,
           treadmills, escalators, etc., so you want to make sure you balance
           your weight-lifting with such exercises. Also watch your diet too;
           and your day-to-day posture. (no slouching when you sit coding 8-10
           hours a day) And a touch of positive mental attitude to get your
           arse to the gym religiously. For more info, check out
  Plenty of good make-sense tips on variety
           of workout you'd ever need. - jthoms
           \_ Is it 3X a week on the same muscle group or 3X a week overall?
              I'm confused because I also heard that the best is to have a
              5-day cycle, where you work on one separate muscle group on each
              of the first four days and then rest on the fifth day.
                \_ It depends on your purpose. (btw, this was covered on motd
                   a few months ago, if you want to see the archive). Get big
                   on a certain muscle groups (chest, shoulder or arm), focus
                   on each group each time you work out. You're less likely to
                   tear a muscle if you pace yourself though. If you just want
                   to get toned, or have limited time to spend at the gym, do
                   comprehensive workout that works different muscle groups.
                   You may alternate chest, then butts, then shoulder, then
                   upper back, etc. to prevent fatigue. - jthoms
2001/7/18 [Uncategorized] UID:21843 Activity:nil
7/17    tom, have you graduated?
2001/7/18 [Uncategorized] UID:21844 Activity:nil
7/18    [no, "bang" is not a comment, even if you think the url name
         is descriptive. it is not descriptive. url deleted.]
        \_ You idiotic BASTARD. It was a GREAT URL, the URL name IS
           descriptive, and you're a total ass for deleting it. The
           description is: Swedish Bikini Team participates in sport
           shooting events, and the URL is:
           Delete THAT, you chump.
2001/7/18 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:21845 Activity:high
7/19    I have a mysterious problem with a cgi program.  It was working
        well.  Then, I moved it to a different computer.  Now, some of the
        screens will give 500: Internal... errors, but will work after
        hitting reload several times.  What kind of server (apache)
        misconfiguration could cause a program to work only part of the
        time, given the same input/state?  I'm mystified.
        \_ Possibly you moved it to a machine that's behind a load balancer,
           and you're only getting your machine 1 out of N trials?
           \_ There is only one machine, but I have been wondering if
              it is making a difference which of the apache child
              processes handles the request.
                \_ there are a million things that could be wrong.  Check
                   the apache error logs.  -tom
                   \_ Tried to do that, but logs have been intermittent.
                      We have mod_cgi, and a ScriptLog directive.  Many
                      errors don't produce anything for the %response
                      or the %stderr sections.  So, all I get is the
                      request, and an entry in error_log that says
                      "Premature end of script headers."
                      \_perhaps set up an http proxy to view what's
                      happening, or send the GET request yourself via
                      \_ Do you have mod_perl enabled?  You may be stepping
                         on variables.  I'd disable ScriptLog, it's really
                         not intended for production environments.  Check
                         your suexec log if you have suexec enabled (and you
                         should).  -tom
        \_ race condition
2001/7/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:21846 Activity:nil
7/18    Thanks Yuen.  My load average is back to the .57 is should be.
2001/7/18-19 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:21847 Activity:kinda low
7/18    Anybody work on yahoo mail?  What is the algorithm used to decide
        whether a particular piece of mail is "bulk mail".  I've gotten
        junk mail in my inbox when it should be in the bulk mail box.  The
        mail doesn't have my address in the mail header.  Thanks.
        \_ Worse, it sends email from my sister to my bulk mail folder...
           \_ She probably runs a pornspam company on the side. Featuring,
              of course, yermom.
2001/7/18-19 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:21848 Activity:nil
7/18    I'm new to ClearCase.  In Perforce there's something called a
        changelist which carries a description and which guarantees that
        submitting a group of files is atomic.  Is there something similar to
        this in ClearCase?  Thanks.  -- yuen
2001/7/18-19 [Recreation/Activities] UID:21849 Activity:very high
        \_ self-commenting url restored. don't be an asshole.
        \_ sport shooter or sports hooter?
           \_ spurt shooter
        \_ They were on E! Wild On several weeks ago, in bikinis.
2018/11/13 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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