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2001/7/17 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21815 Activity:high
7/16    How come
                some_program | sed 's/.*/&abc/'
        works, but not
                echo `some_program | sed 's/.*/&abc/'`
        in tcsh?
        \_ Try this:
                echo `some_program | sed 's/.\*/&abc/'`
           --- yuen
           \_ Doesn't work...
              \_ No idea.  Actually your original form already works for me in
                 tcsh.  -- yuen
                 \_ Turns out to be some output of some_program that
                    screwed it up.
2001/7/17 [Computer/Networking] UID:21816 Activity:nil
7/16    The administrators of domain refuse to ad an MX record
        for it, citing RFC 974 and claiming that ISPs should default to
        the web IP when sending to People trying to send to get their mails bounced because of lack of MX. ISP
        admins say "sorry, no MX, no mail". Neither side will reconfigure.
        Who's right?
        \_ is right. ISP admins should take their heads out of
           their respective asses and read said RFC.
           \_ I've had "MSCE"s tell me the same bullshit about machines
              at Cal.  They're full of shit.  If there's no MX record you
              deliver to the A.  -tom
           \_ Is it really the *web* IP?!
              \_ Alright, is right modulo the incorrect
                 term "web IP", probably due to the motd poster, not
        itself, and clearly meant to refer to the A
                 record. -- original responder
2001/7/17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:21817 Activity:high
7/16    Did the motd-nukers go on vacation? Retention seems up since last week.
        \_ Wait a second... was it really Paolo?
        \_ defcon.
        \_ paolo was caught deleting the motd every 3 minutes; he's laying
           low for now.
           \_ Paolo is a moron.  Paolo's reasoning: if people delete stupid
              shit like kinneydrivel, then I will delete EVERYTHING.
              Typical commissar thinking.
        \_ Didn't you see my constant nuclear warfare on KinneyDrivel(tm)
           earlier today? i think you can still feel the fallout.
              \_ how did you guys know they were by kinney? he doesn't sign
                 them. i can now identify this kinneydrivel on sight but i
                 wouldn't have known who wrote it.
                 \_ It's kinney.
          \_ I know this has been covered before, but why are kinney's
             posts deleted? Is it length or content? I personally don't
             like the posts attributed to him as they are quite long,
             but I just skip past them. Deleting them seems quite harsh,
             unfairly abriding kinney's first amendment rights.
             \_ You seem a little confused.  First amendment does not apply
                to WORLD WRITABLE FILES.
                \_ its the principle of the thing. if you wish to have
                   they you should not engage in censorship either.
                   access to a medium of free and uncensored expression,
                   then you should not engage in censorship either.
                   do unto others and all that.
                   \_ The definition of censorship is very broad, it means
                      'deleting parts of something.'  Proofreading would fall
                      under that definition too.  I prefer to think of deleting
                      kinneydrivel as proofreading the motd (proofreading for
                      semantics is as important as proofreading for syntax
                      and spelling errors).
                      \_ It's not only semantics, it's community standards.
                         interesting to anyone except paolo.  It's just not
                         MOTD posts tend to be conversational, less than 10
                         lines.  kinneydrivel is lecture, 20+ lines, not
                         appropriate for the forum.  -tom
                         \_ I feel obligated to say something about Tom
                            Holub, because, as the Talmud says, "Silence is
                            akin to assent." As this post will make clear,
                            Tom truly believes that he can make my stomach turn
                            and get away with it. It is just such wrongheaded,
                            nasty megalomania, mindless egoism, and intellectual
                            aberrancy that stirs Tom to let advanced weaponry
                            fall into the hands of repressive New Age bottom-
                            feeders. It may be soothing and pleasant for him to
                            think that all major world powers are controlled by
                            a covert group of "insiders", but his politics
                            always follow the same pattern. He puts the desired
                            twist on the actual facts, ignores inconvenient
                            facts, and invents as many new "facts" as necessary
                            to convince us that he would sooner give up money,
                            fame, power, and happiness than perform a brain-
                            damaged act. Even if I agreed that Tom's hopeless,
                            testy editorials were of paramount importance, it
                            would still be the case that I resent being exposed
                            to disaffected hell-raisers. Do I blame society for
                            this? No, I blame Tom. While this letter hasn't
                            provided anything in the way of a concrete plan of
                            action, it may help us focus our thinking a little
                            better when we do work out a plan. For now, we must
                            investigate Mr. Tom Holub's intemperate principles,
                            ideals, and objectives. I, hardheaded cynic that I
                            am, will certainly be happy to have your help in
                            this endeavor.
                            \_ Did anyone bother to read this?
                               \_ yes.  it wasn't worth it.    -mice
             \_ this is a self-policed anarchy. i think most of us don't want
                long, badly-formatted, rambling drivel on the motd. as others
                have said, the signal to noise ratio is pretty low for him.
                i wouldn't delete them, myself. but it's not just him, anytime
                someone rambles on excessively they get de-
                \_ people don't read the motd for SNR or useful technical data.
                   I read it for entertainment, and the shitheads who keep
                   deleting anything remotely funny are just that:
2001/7/17 [Industry/Jobs] UID:21818 Activity:high
7/16    So how many luzers are still working at dot-com/start-ups that
        has yet gone IPO?
        \_ And they are losers when compared to people who worked at
           start-ups and then have been laid off how?
           \_ They are because obviously the poster is bitter about being
              one of those laid off
        \_ i am because some loser VCs are still throwing big money at us
        \_ did you mean to say "have yet to go IPO"?
2001/7/17 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21819 Activity:low
7/16    How do I setup sendmail to deliver mail locally only to those with
        local accounts, and use a remote mail server for those with NFS
        mounted home dirs ?
        \_ give them different mail domains.
2001/7/17 [Computer/Networking] UID:21820 Activity:very high
7/16    ranga-- impressive resume. How did you go from a material sci
        geek to a computer geek?                #1 ranga fan
              \_ he was basically studying two majors as the same time.
                 He is almost a legend of our school year.  -- swings
                 \_ His reputation among H07 4ZN CH1X was no less
                    \_ In the words of Feynman: 'Have you got the right
                       fella?' ----ranga
        \_ I've been a computer geek most of my life (at least since
           the day my dad brought home a TI 99/4A from kmart). Most
           of my family has degrees in ME or MSE and I just went into
           that without really thinking about it too much. (I probably
           couldn't have got into EECS anyway).
           There are bits of MSE that are interesting (the physics more
           so than the engineering) but it is hard to find a MSE job
           that pays a decent wage. Thus I became a coder. I was very
           lucky to end up at cisco, etc. ----ranga
           \_ you should have attended Nick Weaver's talk on not going
              into CS for the money!  -tom
              \_ I didn't go into CS for making big bucks on IPOs,
                 options etc. I went into CS because it was the only
                 job I could get (cira 96) that paid a reasonable wage
                 and had decent working conditions.
2001/7/17 [Uncategorized] UID:21821 Activity:nil
7/16    Gee, someone deleted the Paolo-motd-deletion discussion.  Is Paolo
        really that insecure and transparent?
2001/7/17 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:21822 Activity:high
7/16    I'm also new to the csua -but not as "social minded" as the previous
        poster.  What problems have you had using ssh1?  I hear ssh1 is
        very vulnerable to certain attacks, but I've never been able to
        get someone claiming this to point me to urls/papers about ssh1
        vulnerabilities.  Is it something inherent in the ssh1 protocol (but
        not in ssh2)?  Googling for "ssh1 vulnerabilities" doesn't seem to
        turn up much.
        \_ Not this all over again.
           \_ No. I don't want flammage about openssh vs ssh1 vs ssh2d.  I
              want facts and urls to papers.
        \_ Take a look at:
           It has a summary of the cert warnings associated with ssh v1.
           \_ thank you! - OG poster
2001/7/17 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:21823 Activity:nil
7/16    Employee in Germany "borrows" plutonium from nuclear plant:
2001/7/17 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:21824 Activity:high
7/17    Does mysql have jdbc drivers? If so, for which platforms? [I'm
        presuming that each database needs its own jdbc drivers
        for each platform?]
        \_ Google: mysql jdbc (
2001/7/17 [Uncategorized] UID:21825 Activity:nil
7/17    What happened to ~sky's homepage?  It's all different now and his gf's
        pics are gone.  Is this a different ~sky from before?
        \_ He's moved on. So should you.
2001/7/17 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:21826 Activity:nil
7/17    Go Lance!
        \_ Tour de France?
2001/7/17-18 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:21827 Activity:high
7/17    Does Exchange 2000 use any proprietary mail protocol? (what?)
        or does it really just use SMTP? I'm getting conflicting reports.
        \_ It _sends_ mail using SMTP...
           \_ and what does it _receive_ mail using.  I telneted in and
              spoke SMTP to it and it received my mail fine, also it SAYS
              that it is " Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service"  Is it lying?
        \_ It uses the defacto industry standard Micro$oft Windows ready
           proprietary opensource hardware accelerated 3D directory enabled
           extensible object oriented internet communication protocol
           mechanism know as Active Direct Visual M$MTP++ version
  Unless of course you have SP 4 installed...
2001/7/17-18 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:21828 Activity:insanely high
7/17    why is suicide a crime?
        \_ It's a capitol crime in kentucky....
        \_ It's a capital crime in kentucky....
           \_ fixed.
        \_ [ drivel deleted ]
        \_ why are people morons?  Why do people suck?
        \_ It is a sin, so it is a crime. As is gambling, drugs and sodomy.
           \_ How come actors/actresses in porn movies having sodomy don't
              get prosecuted?
              \_ only homo sodomy is a sin
              \_ Capitalism Uber Alles.
              \_ It's not something that gets prosecuted in all states
                   \_ cool.  good link.
                        \_ pervert
                           \ :*
                             \_ Here is a better one:
        \_ Heard of a case where a murderer, surrounded by police, tried to
           commit suicide. The police stopped him. He was sentenced to death
           by the judge.
           \_ that never would have happened in Megacity.
           \_ As it should be!  I'm tired of my RTS fodder quitting out
              the second I mount my counterattack on their futile rushes.
           \_ that's just too funny...
              \_ Nothing funny about that. If someone murdered someone I
                 knew, I'd want him prosecuted to the fullest extent of
                 the law first.
                 \_ Nah, I'd just chop off their penis
2001/7/17-18 [Finance/Banking, Finance] UID:21829 Activity:high
7/17    economy derives benefit from dad smokers:
        \_ Economics is sometimes a cruel filter to apply to your vision of
           the world.
           \_ Only sometimes?
2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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