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2001/7/16 [Recreation/Humor] UID:21805 Activity:high
        This is a funny sun ad bashing Compaq.  --PeterM
        \_ What ever happend to the "We are the dot in .com" in slogan?
           \_ Here at HP, we have a poster with Scott, a big red dot on his
              nose, and the caption, "Where's the dot now, Scotty?"
        \_ That's not a guinea pig, that's a rat.
2001/7/16 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Computer/Theory] UID:21806 Activity:nil
7/16    I'm new to CSUA. Can somebody tell me who the following people are
        (one sentence per user please thanks):
        tjb- trevor j. buckingham. controversial republican that complains
        about being oppressed and spouts lots of harsh remarks on newsgroups.
        smokes a lot of pot and is into turntablism.
        paolo- ???
        tom- grouchy bike Nazi
        kchang- ???
        nweaver- (what is "I partied with nweaver?")
        ilyas- russian guy who talks about physics and "AI" and "hard"
        theoretical problems.
        ali- arrogant Irani who knows C++ well. but no one cares.
2001/7/16-17 [Reference/Tax] UID:21807 Activity:nil
7/16    I'm looking for a book on the mechanics of how to start a business
        from home.  License requirements, overview of taxes, sole
        proprietorship or LLC, etc.  Thanks.
        \_ Envelope stuffing is not a respectable business.
        \_ And I am a SHM looking for an attractive, 20-something SF that
           works part-time as a model and does technical contracting on the
2001/7/16 [Reference/Tax] UID:21808 Activity:kinda low
7/15    doerr repents!
        \_ "Too little, too late" comes to mind
        \_ so he knew it all along...
        \_ Yeah, he repented so he could ask for more tax breaks.
2001/7/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/TJB] UID:21809 Activity:high 66%like:21486
7/15    Has anyone read the lastest tjb post on What
        is that all about?
        \_ As of a month ago, our friend Mr. Buckingham has made
           the transition from certifiable to certified. QED.
                \_ that's just nuts.
                \_ Is this true or just rumor?
                   \_ The correct answer is "who cares?" -geordan
                        \_ I care!  it's much more interesting then
                           the recruiting spam to @csua
2001/7/16 [Uncategorized] UID:21810 Activity:nil
7/16    KinneyDrivel(tm) deleted yet again.
        \_ No match for "KINNEYDRIVEL.COM". -geordan
2001/7/16-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21811 Activity:insanely high
7/16    I'm new to CSUA. Can somebody tell me who the following people are
        (one sentence per user please thanks):
        \_ hi troll!
        kchang (is that you)-
        seano - see fucker
        fucker - see seano
        lila- she's just zees gal, you know?
        kchang (is that you)- twink
                \_ hello!       -kchang #1 fan
        tjb- trevor j. buckingham. controversial republican that complains
             about being oppressed and spouts lots of harsh remarks on
             newsgroups. smokes a lot of pot and is into turntablism.
                \_  he's a victim of the Jews.  Plus he denied a girl
                    \_ not just any girl, but a playboy playmate.
                       TJB was also involved in the notorious Han-Shen,
                       Tom Clancy CS61x incident.
                       Mike Clancy CS61x incident.
                       \_ In which he defected to the United States in
                          a Typhoon-class submarine. -geordan
        tom- grouchy bike Nazi
                \_ Tell us about the stars!
                \_ wait, I thought I was a communist.  -tom
                   \_ Okay you're a grouchy bike Nazi Communist eco nut.
                      Are you throughly ticked off yet?
        ilyas- russian guy who talks about physics and "AI" and "hard"
               theoretical problems... and is completely insane
                                                         \_ Hey! -- ilyas
                                              \_ Hey! -- ilyas
                                                 \_ Fine.  Incompletely.
        ali- arrogant Irani who knows C++ well. but no one cares.
        muchandr- strange slav who talks to aliens. or maybe he is an alien
        sky- recovering speed fiend
        psb- !psb, 'nuff said.
                \- ok. thnx.
                   \-for the second time, that's "ok tnx". ok tnx, --psb
                     \- ok tnx. -!psb 'nuff said.
                        \_ why all the thanking? they've done no service worthy
                           of thanks. call them bitches and slap their asses.
             \_ The origins of psb are shrouded in the mists of time.
                Legends speak of psb's presence in the hallowed halls
                before the first motd and the mark I.
                \_ Not that shrouded. See: /csua/archive/adm/aliases/members
                   That file pinpoints date of psb joining csua as Sep 30 1987.
                   \_ the dates on list the are inaccurate.  --!psb
                \_ There is always Partha, and there will always be Partha.
        dbushong - ?
                   --Alan Coopersmith
                   \_ psb is like the Tom Bombadil of the CSUA.
                      \_ except grouchier
                         \_ Doesn't Tom Bombadil have great powers that were
        kinney -- ?
                            never exactly explained?
                            \_ Well, he could do shit to trees, and he had
                               lots of food.  He also sang alot.
                               \_ Wasn't PSB supposed to be The Emperor in the
                                  CSUA Star Wars?  Isn't it strange to make
                                  him TB in the CSUA LOTR.  How about a Nazgul.
        uctt - The Rock
        asshole anonymous motd poster - me. plus you, it seems.
        \_ You should probably also learn about:
           \_ I know all about yermom
              \_ I know all about your gf
        bh - ?
        \_ Brian Harvey the faculty?
        alanc - lurks newsgroups at night, helping those in need.
        dbushong - he's just zees guy, you know?
        alexf -
          \_ WHOOHOO!!! I _AM_ The Most Anonymous MOTD H0zer! Ph33r
             my an0nym0us 1337n3ss. To quote a well-known source,
             "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"  -alexf
        Galen - guy who uses a capital G.
        \_ What about phillip?
        ranga---- actually posts useful information. wrote a book or two.
                \_ isn't that against the CSUA convention? What book(s)?
                   \_ Wow:
                       its abit surprise for me no one ever pointed out the
        \_ What about phillip?
                       amount of typos in the book. i found many typos esp.
                       from the chapter 12 in both explanations and
                       examples. well... no complex examples are presented
                       in the book so you may easily correct the errors but,
                       \_ I'm not very happy about the typos. The original
                          manuscript contains few of the errors in the
                          finally printing. The converstion process the
                          publisher used involved Word which "corrects"
                          things that it things are "wrong". Also, there
                          were "readability" changes just before printing
                          that I was not informed about.
                       it is not something i expected from the 5 star rated
                       book from many guys. so i give it 2 stars to be fair.
                          with very little familiarity to UNIX. It was
                          some what difficult to come up examples for
                          this audience.
                       you are gonna end up spending extra times to correct
                       the errors.
                       \_ I'm not very happy about the typos, as the
                          manuscript contained very few of the errors
                          that were present in the printed version. The
                          conversion process used by the publisher involved
                          Word which "corrects" things that it thinks are
                          "wrong". There were some "readability" changes
                          just before printing that I was not informed
                          about as well. All of this contributed to
                          defects you mentioned.
                          Anyway, the examples are simple because the
                          intended audience is beginning computer users
                          with very little familiarity with UNIX. It was
                          somewhat difficult to come up with examples
                          for this audience.
                          I'm not sure where you got the "five stars"
                          bit though.
                          \_ hmm, you have enough errors right here on motd.
                             "familiarity to", "some what", "converstion".
                             \_ yes, I see your point. The manuscript was
                                was proofread by three or four people in
                                order to catch these types of errors (esp.
                                in the examples). In general my motd
                                postings rarely receive that much attention.
                                \_ dude, better quit while you're ahead.
                                   (btw, i before e except after c)
                                   \_ I should have had you proofread.
                                      \_ next time, slap the whole manuscript
                                         on the motd and let us have a go...
                                         \_ not a bad idea. I could post
                                            urls for the ascii text versions
                                            of each chapter.
        kinney -- [ Kinney's drivel deleted. ]
2001/7/16-17 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:21812 Activity:moderate
7/16    Dear motd, is it true that the gnu implementation of C++ lacks
        <sstream>?  What gives?
        \_ see below on the bit on ali.  C++?  who cares.
           \_ what should we care about, java? eiffel? mh?
           \_ what should we care about, java? eiffel? ml?
              \_ Ocaml.
                  \_ All of a sudden i keep seing Ocaml referenced.  Is
                     it really all that?
                     \_ It's a version of SML concentrating on real world
                        usefulness: it has a full object system, good interface
                        to C, useful libraries, regexp handling, lex/yacc
                        tools etc.  It also has a very high quality compiler.
2001/7/16-17 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:21813 Activity:high
7/16    I tried the mips3-sgi-irix6.2 and the mips4-sgi-irix6.2 versions of
        SETI@home on the same IRIX64 machine, and the latter only gives about
        5% higher speed over the former.  Anyone knows why a 64-bit version of
        such data-intensive program as SETI@home doesn't give much higher
        performance over its 32-bit counterpart?

        BTW, my 250MHz R10000 IRIX seems to be able to complete a work unit in
        about the same time as my 1.2GHz P4 NT.  Wow!
        \_ Why would it? A 64-bit architecture would only save you on a
           few instructions as you attempt to load the register file with
           64-bit values. That's about it. So even if SETI was using
           64-bit it wouldn't run much faster. SIMD extensions like AltiVec
           and MMX can derive some sub-word parallelism but MIPS isn't a
           SIMD extension. 64-bit versions of IRIX also have a newer ABI
           (n64) which could theoretically be more efficient (with register
           allocation rules and such) but I'm sure it'snot significant
           \_ But wasn't the selling point of 32-bit apps/CPUs over 16-bit
              apps/CPUs in the industry years ago that "your data-intensive
              applications will run much faster it can process thirty-two bits
              of data at a time instead of sixteen bits"?  The same doesn't
              apply to 32bit --> 64bit?  I understand that there are certain
              instructions that doesn't benefit from a bigger data size (like
              testing a boolean), but I was still expecting a difference bigger
              than 5%.
              \_ Probably because 16-bit programs attempted to mimic a 32-bit
                 computation by breaking it up into two parts and merging
                 the results together somehow. Plus, in the x86 world you
                 were limited to 2^16 bytes which meant that if you had
                 programs larger than 64K it would require that you use the
                 segment:offset addressing which isn't very efficient itself.
2001/7/16 [Computer/Networking] UID:21814 Activity:nil
7/16    Can you connect 2 dsl modems to one DSL line?
        \_ No.  Some DSL modems have dual hardware in them, so you can plug
           two lines (usually IDSL) into one modem to bond them for double
           bandwidth, but you cannot plug two DSL "modems" into one line.
        \_ why are we letting stupid gamers into the CSUA, who ask such
           stupid questions?
        \_ what? actually, the answer is "yes."
           \_ Why would you want to? --dim
              \_ i was just saying you can physically connect them...ha ha groan
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