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2001/7/15-16 [Recreation/Pets, Health/Women] UID:21803 Activity:very high
7/14  So the poor guy that rid this world of Leo got smacked with
      a 3 year jail sentence. I hope that judge that sentenced him
      gets mauled to death by a tiny little useless dog.
      \_ seriously. guy's life is screwed now...hope he gets parole
         \_ the said guy was a moron anyway.  why do you feel sorry for him?
            he's a social misfit who obviously can't control his anger.
              besides, now he's currently under trial for stealing equipment
              from PacBell.
            in addition, now he's currently under trial for stealing
            equipment from PacBell.
            \_ And this is what's WRONG with him?  Who the fuck are you?
               \_ Clearly his actions aren't civilized behavior.  He got
                  what he deserved.  What's your problem?
      \_ Look, when your casual drug dealer, who is doing nothing wrong
         to anybody, and in fact providing people with a service, gets
         10 to 20, you can't really expect me to be sorry for this
         \_ Not to say that that guy didn't deserve it, but shouldn't you be
            arguing against jailing the casual drug dealer instead of using
            him as an example of "oh well, the system's f*ed"?
      \_ First, he's not a moron. Don't tell me you've never stolen
         equipment from your school or work, and don't tell me you've
         \_ I have never stolen equipment from school or work.  If you have,
            you are scum, and I hope you end up in prison one day.
         never been outraged at an animal. Next, I feel sorry for him
         because the poor guy is gonna be locked away for 3 freaking
         years because he did away with a lowly animal. It wasn't a
         \_ bah, with good behavior, just 1.5 years
            \_ 3 months
         human baby or anything, but a #$%& dog! To me, it's the same
         thing as throwing out a houseplant. A dog's got a bit more brains,
         but it's still inferior to humans. => Fine him; that's all.
         \_ It doesn't matter if it's inferior to humans. Retards are inferior
            to me but that doesn't mean I can throw them into traffic. Besides
            animals have value to their owners that you can't calculate easily
            like a broken window. You can't just buy a new one and that's it.
            Animals have memories and personalities, some more than others.
            If advanced aliens come along they should throw you into traffic.
            \_ All men are created equal. Retards are not "inferior" to you
               or anyone else. They are full citizens in the eyes god and the
               law. - nitpicker
         \_ You obviously have never had a dog.
              \_ That's true, I never have. But, although I do realize
                 that people often treat their pets as companions, I
                 don't think that dogs/animals deserve the same status
                 as humans.
                 \_ they don't have the same status as humans.  If the guy
                    threw a baby named Leo into oncoming traffic, he'd have
                    gotten a lot more than 3 years.
                    \_ What if the baby was ugly, useless, and barked in
                       a really annoying manner?
                       \_ that describes every baby i've ever seen, only
                          replaced "bark" with "cry".
                       \_ Then I'd Leo its ass.
                       \_ it'd end up a motd poster just like you
         \_ I have never stolen equipment from school or work.  Just because
            you have no ethics doesn't mean I don't.  The dog owner dinged his
            precious SUV, so he walked over to her, grabbed the dog, and threw
            it into traffic.  Animal abusers are often sociopaths anyway, so
      \_ In PC-eco whack america today animals are as
         if not more important than humans.  Look at the farmers
         vs. the sucker fish in Klamath Falls, Or.
            it's a good idea to get these nuts off the street.
      \_ If you get mad at a dog, kill it and serve it to its owner.  If
         you get mad at a baby, do not kill it THAT IS WRONG!! just sew up
         its mystery hole and keep feeding it peas.  The End.
      \_ In PC-eco whack america today animals are as if not more important
         than humans.  Look at the farmers vs. the sucker fish in Klamath
         Falls, Or.
         \_ Save a farmer! Fillet a sucker fish!
         \_ Die farmers, die!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
         \_ Hey, this is America. Love it or leave it, dude.
            \_ The whacked PC eco nutcase liberalism is the complete
               antithesis of the principles that America is based on.
               We love America, its the whacked out PC eco nutcases
               who need to leave.
2001/7/15-16 [Computer/Networking] UID:21804 Activity:insanely high
7/14  I just learned that our tech writer makes $110K a year, is
      my company stupid or do tech writers really deserve that much?
      \_ who hired it? is it sleeping with a VP?
                          \_ is it h07 4zn ch1x?
      \_ is (s)he actually any good?
                               \_ esp. in bed?
      \_ is someone feeling a little jealous?
      \_ Go and find out how much the sales guys/gals make. The good
         can make 2x-4x what mid-level engineers make.
           \_ Sales is a little different, its base + commission.
              Usually base is quite low.
            \_ Spoken like someone who has been told this but never seen
               actual figures. What's "low base" to a sales person is often
                  \_ at cisco the base was 55K to 65K - cisco alum
               "quite high" to an engineer. Salespeople are EXPENSIVE. AND
               they frequently suck ass.
                  \_ at cisco the base was 55K to 65K. Engineers
                     made about 75K to 100K + bonus (10-80% of
                     salary depending on grade and performance).
                     Sales didn't get the same sort of bonus.
                     - cisco alum
               \_ Of course, ass suckage is not limited to sales people.
               \_ Sun offered a coworker $110K + commission to do technical
                  sales. I know someone at Cisco who is entry-level (to
                  tech - he sold other stuff before then) who was offered
                  $80K + commission + $20K signing bonus. The good salesmen
                  make over $200K and sometimes $300K. They also have a
                  clear path of advancement. --dim
               \_ I overhear people at work "yeah, but when he was signed
                  on he was here for the commission; they were paying him
                  some crappy salary like $75k"  I sighed.
        \_ This seems a little high. At cisco the doc writers used to
           make about half of that. - cisco alum
      \_ It seems a bit high, but not by much, from what I've seen.  --chris
      \_ You company is stupid. Good companies do not pay the
         people who write the manuals more than the people who
         write the software.
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