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2001/7/14 [Uncategorized] UID:21796 Activity:nil
7/13    More proof that Europeans are [...]: look at the cheesecake vs
        rating correlation on
2001/7/14 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:21797 Activity:nil
7/13    Slashdot's starting to get pretty lame, is there anything else
        like it?
        \_ There are many things like it.  This is, of course, the problem.
        \_ I like Far fewer articles, but more interesting.
           And the people who run the site are generally more intelligent and
           make more informed comments, unlike CmdrTaco.
           \_ More hardware oriented:
           \_ The Register can be as witty as The Onion but it's all true.
        \_ --Galen
2001/7/14 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:21798 Activity:insanely high
7/13    What are the restaurants/food places you miss most from UC Berkeley?
        \_ Chez Panisse. Honey wine at the Ethiopian restaurant (Blue Nile?)
           \_ Wasn't this place extrodinarily overpriced for small portions?
           \_ My sole experience with Blue Nile involved cockroaches.
        \_ Santa Fe Bar and Grill, TC Garden, and Yokohama Station.
        \_ There used to be this place in Durant Square commonly referred to
           as "The Greasy Burger Place".
                \_ Originally that was Nation's - until sometime in the
                   early 90's.
                   \_ and then it became Golden Bear Burger before it
        \_ flint's
           \_ where and what kind of food?
              \_ bbq on shattuck
           \_ didn't they close down?  flint's on south san pablo was better
              before it burned.
        \_ barney's
           \_ where and what kind of food?
              \_ shitty, dry, and overpriced hamburgers
                \_ well you CAN ask for the medium rare which helps a lot
                   \_ The last time I went there, I did, but was told that
                      they can't cook it any rarer than medium.  I haven't
                      been back since.  God save anyone who orders a well-
                      done Barney's burger.
                      \_ I thought they just wouldn't do rare...
                \_ They didn't _use_ to be this way.  And their milkshakes
                   actually used to be generous.  Ah.. the old days.
        \_ zach's
        \_ intermezzo
        \_ that korean bbq place and japanese snacks in same location
           \_ steve's house of charred meat?
           \_ I miss it for the H07 4ZN CH1X I used to eat there with.
        \_ do people miss sun hong kong?  I know, the food isn't that great,
           but do you miss it anyway?
           \_ I miss it for the H07 42N CH1X I used to eat there with.
                                \_ 5P3111NG C0RR3C73D
                                    \_ 5P3111NG C0RR3C73D [ 4ZN -> 42N ]
           \_ i only miss the mongolian beef chow fun and the seafood chow fun
           \_ I miss being able to get jook at 1:45 AM. -oj
           \_ yeah, open till 3am.
              BTW, there is a restaurant or two open near Ranch 99 pretty
              \_ have you tried the food at CSP? well, at least they're open
                 pretty late
              \_ Which Ranch 99?
                 \_ the one near Central Ave. off highway 80.
           \_ It's truly amazing how far that place fell considering
              how reasonable it was when it first opened.
        \_ fat slice and bongo burger (they had cheap yet decent tasting falafel)
           \_ bongo rocks.  was in the area a short time ago.  just had to stop
              in for old time's sake.
              \_ Bongo kicks ass!
                \_ Bongo burgers #1!
        \_ Anyone ever missed Stuffed Inn?
                \_ yes! I also miss Top Dog and reasonably priced crepe places.

                   and La Mediteranee (the Berkeley one is way better than the
                   SF ones), Nakapan, Cheese Board Pizza, and of course Zach's.
                \_ Yes & High Tech Burritto
                         \_ In four years of school, I never once ate at
                            High Tech. I regret it because my brother and
                            his friends keep telling me how good (and cheap)
                            it is.
                       half the salary. for a while anyway.
           \_ Stuffed was OK, but I actually liked the sandwiches from Seven
              Thieves on the corner even better.  Their seeded rolls are
              just amazingly tasty.
        \_ i miss IB's Hoagies and La Burrita. LB because it was so cheap and
           decent and open late, and IB's because it was cheap (at first neway)
           and it's not easy to find that type of hoagie. What's a good hoagie
           place in south bay? the one in mccarthy ranch doesn't cut it.
           \_ if you want good hoagies all the time, cheap , move to
              the east coast.  you will quickly realize, however that you
              have been screwd badly as far as fast food goes, though
              since all burritos are about ten dollars and totally suck.
              \_ What's a hoagie?
                 \_ hoagie == grinder == sub == hero;  regional differences
           \_ Yeah I miss La Burrita. It was cheap and had decent food. Best
              of all it was across the street from Bongo Burger. So I could
              have one for lunch and one for dinner.
                 \_ man, you peasants ate some shitty food in your time
                    at Berkeley.  Me...?  I miss little Chicago deep dish
                    pizza in its prime as a competitor to Zachary's.
                    Tasty deep dish, and cheaper than Zach's too.  It's
                    still there on University, but they've gone downhill.
                    Don't know about West Coast pizza as a favorite
                    late night delivery hole (they operate out of the same
                    ahh...the good old days.  and not so long ago.
                    working life, aside from the money, hella sucks,
                    don't you all think?
                    \_ well it's not so much the working life, but more that
                       i have to actually pay for everything and hence work.
                       i work more than i want jobs are hard to do
                       part time. i wish i could just work half the time for
                       half the salary. for a while anyway. that would rock.
                       or even 60%...3 days work, 4 days off
                       \_ Your wife might not appreciate your lackadaisical
                          ways, especially if it affects the amount of alimony
                          she gets after the divorce.
                   \_ Too much pizza is *very* unhealthy as I discovered
                      sophomore year. That's when I switched to La Burrita
                      and Bongo Burger. They were about all I could afford
                      as I was working to put myself through school.
                      As far as working is concerned, I rather like it, but
                      I've probably been quite lucky (I was with cisco during
                                         \_ before my time, $0.99 for one
                                            slice of cheese was the cheapest
                                            I remember (I guess its sub one
                      the boom years and one of the companies I worked for
                      was acquired by sun) so I haven't developed a dislike
                      for working.
                      \- anyone miss Heidelberg [chinese-german]? i guess i
                      miss the silver ball and the comic book store that was
                      across the street. how can you seriously miss sun hk or
                      la burrita? i miss sub one dollar arnell's slices. --psb
                                         \_ before my time, $0.99 coupon for
                                            a slice of cheese at Fat Slice
                                            is the cheapest I can remember.
                                            (I guess it is technically sub
                                            one dollar)
                                            \_ it's hard to jusdge inflation
                                               by fatslice prices, since i
                                               think they only increase in
                                               25 cent increments.
                      \_ That's like over 15 years ago! Sheesh, youre OLD.
                         \_ Old Motd Saying: PSB is older than OCFs equipment
        \_ what about those baked potato huts on sproul plaza?  Do they still
           have those today?
        \_ I'm surprised no one has mentioned Fat Slice or Blondie's.
           \_ Fat Slice is mentioned above (along with Bongo Burger)
           \_ You are?
           \_ My sole experience with Blondie's happened the second
              day of freshman year. I was about to walk into Blondie's
              when I bumped into my cousin. I asked her if she wanted
              get a slice of pizza at this place and she said she
              didn't care much for cockroach as a topping. I never
              set foot in that place. Years later I was told by a
              friend that he found a cockroach shell in a slice of
              pizza from Blondie's and I was glad I never ate there.
        \_ Top Dog... also Misha's from Durant Square (back when they served
           their spicy chicken sandwich)
2001/7/14 [Recreation/Food] UID:21799 Activity:kinda low
7/13    Is it bad luck to post to the motd on Friday the 13th?
        \_ Yes.
        \_ I don't know, but don't order sashimi on Friday the 13th. Ug.
           \_ shouldn't you stay away from sushi on the 4th instead of the
           \_ why not?  getting sick from sashimi?
              \_ worms!
                 \_ which restaurant so that I don't eat there?
              \_ i don't know, i feel better after using the john. i'm kind of
                 new to sashimi and kind of didn't seem that fresh.
                 i never had chewy or fishy-tasting sashimi before. but maybe
                 today is not the day to tempt fate at a mediocre lunch strip-
                 mall on north 1st street sj.
                 \_ you just like the pain... come on.. admit it.
                    Try Kazoo Sushi in san jose japantown.
                 \_ minato in japantown rocks
2001/7/14 [Uncategorized] UID:21800 Activity:nil
7/14    Who has been teaching cs186 the last few years?  has Stonebraker
        ever taught cs186?
2001/7/14 [Uncategorized] UID:21801 Activity:high
7/14    Only the federal government can own land.  Bye bye America....
        \_ you've got to love words like "protestations"
        \_ The government is getting to be a too big for its own
           good. Perhaps its time for another revolution.
2001/7/14-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:21802 Activity:very high
7/14  bay area jobless rate stands at 4.2.
        \_ Sounds like some of the english majors who are expert
           coders in vbscript still have jobs or have managed to
           get employement in their main field of expertise, food
           \_ I don't think I've every heard the words "expert" and
              "vbscript coders" used in the same sentence before.
      \_ [deleted for obvious trollishness]
           \_ [ restored (sortof) for humor value ]
                 wireless 3g broadband b2b web portal architecture
                 leveraging opensource internet technologies such
                 as xml, jsp, servlet, vbscript, active-x, cgi, html,
                 soap, wap, ldap, asp and linsux for enabling synergized
                 highly available 24 by 7 interbusiness commerce in
                 the emergent online global village's bazzar?
           \_ [ restored (sort of) for humor value ]
        \_ I guess the english majors who are expert vbscript still
           have jobs or have quickly converted from the "high-tech"
           or "internet sector" to a sector of the job market they
                 ldap, asp, perl, ssl, ipv6 and linsux for enabling
                 highly available 24 by 7 e-commerce business and
                 customer relationship synergies in the new economy's
                 emergent online borderless global villages' bazzar
                 and marketplace?
                 Where have you been since 1996? Hiding in the great
                 unexplored eastern darks of africa? Grad school?
        \_ [deleted for obvious trollishness]
           are better qualified for: "food service".
           \_ I'm never seend "expert" and vbscript used in the
              same sentence.
              \_ You never had to deal with "entreprenuers" who were
                 developing a scalable clustered worldwide distributed
                 wireless 3g broadband b2b, c2b, b2c and c2c web
                 portal architecture leveraging proprietary opensource
                 microsoft internet technologies such as xml, jsp,
                 ldap, asp, perl, ipv6 and linsux for enabling highly
                 servlet, vbscript, active-x, cgi, html, soap, wap,
                 ldap, asp, perl, ipv6 and linux for enabling highly
                 available 24 by 7 e-commerce business and customer
                 relationship synergies in the new economy's emergent
                 online borderless global villages' bazaar and
                 \_ Whoever wrote this: you're a genius!
               \_ That's you... right, geordan?
                  \_ Sadly, no.  I wasn't able to leverage a scalable,
                     future-proof component-based architecture for this
                     time-critical opportunity.  -geordan
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