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2001/7/13 [Computer/Networking, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:21790 Activity:high
7/13    I have an offer from a company that does SCSI over fibre channel.
        I'm curious about the viability of this market.
        Who are the key players in this market?
        What competing technologies are there, and what are the relative
        \_ is a good SAN info site. SCSI over
           fibre channel is the FCP protocol; it's the dominant protocol for
           connecting storage devices on SANs. iSCSI is an emerging competitor.
           Brocade and EMC are big Fibre Channel players. Cisco and some
           startups are moving into IP storage. There is a lot of activity in
           the industry. Saying you "do" FCP is pretty vague. The downturn has
           companies cutting back on IT spending but it's considered a growth
           area. Data explosion and all that.
2001/7/13 [Politics/Domestic] UID:21791 Activity:very high
7/12    Why are democrats so stupid?
        \_ The guy who wrote this is a democrat??? You are right, he
           sure is stupid.
           YOU GO TO TEXAS!
                \_ Wake up and realize dems are screwing you
                   and this country.  WAKE UP! ALL YOUR PROBLEMS
                   WILL BE SOLVED IF YOU WAKE UP!
        \_ Yet another "I'm bored, I'll think I'll go googling for
           anything anti-Democratic and post it on the motd even
           though it may be full of logical fallacies and inundated
           with nothing but ad hominems" post.
2001/7/13 [Uncategorized] UID:21792 Activity:high
7/12    Final Fantasy SUCKED, but it was pretty.
        \_ was it the lack of motion capture or plot?
        \_ Bad things: All human animation (some looked motion captured,
           most didn't), story, plot, writing and dialogue, cheesy
           sound f/x & score, non-sensical actions taken by characters.
           Good thing: Really Pretty.
                \_ Thanks for the advance review.  I knew it was going to
                   suck.   If anybody already has it as a big mpeg, please
                   post the ftp site below here:
                \_ actually with the exception of the hands on the models
                   it was entirely mocaped
2001/7/13 [Uncategorized] UID:21793 Activity:kinda low
7/12       \_ Hey tom, why is it unsafe to move logs out from under Apache
              if you restart it?  Also, restarting Apache takes something
              on the order of seconds, so the disruption of service is
              nigh-invisble, is it not?
              - Rotates logs manually and restarts Apache
                \_ It depends what you're serving.  If someone is downloading
                   a big file, for example, either their download will hold up
                   the server respawning, or the download will be killed when
                   you restart.  If you have only small content and don't
                   care if you occasionally serve broken images or pages,
                   it's not so bad.  Still, it doesn't cost much to do it
                   right.  -tom
                   \_  I ran an app that was using jserv, and stopping and
                       restarting apache was a major pain.  rotatelogs was
                       the best solution.  -ERic
                       \_ Oh god yes.  Also, if you have 5k connections at
                          once, it sucks.  I like cronolog better, though.
2001/7/13 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:21794 Activity:nil
7/13fri beijing takes the games!!!
2001/7/13 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:21795 Activity:nil
7/12    How come doesn't let you register subject test
        on-line? Or perhaps I missed it?
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