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2001/7/10 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:21751 Activity:moderate
7/9     Is it normal for shareholders meetings to be held on wednesdays
        at 4pm in some faraway hotel?   (the office is in Berkeley, but
        the meeting is being held in palo alto).
        \_ Yes. Don't you own stock in other companies? I've seen a lot of
           meetings in the Midwest and in Las Vegas, even though headquarters
           was somewhere else entirely. If you own enough stock to need to
           be there the distance and the time shouldn't be problems. --dim
        \_ Rickey's in Palo Alto?
2001/7/10 [Industry/Startup] UID:21752 Activity:moderate
7/9     I founded a startup 1.5 yrs ago.  I have prefered stock in it,
        but have since gone back to school and left the enterprise with
        some business vultures.  They are currently teetering on the edge
        of bankruptcy.  Can I be liable for any of this?  I have officially
        left the corporation since Feb.  I realize the motd isn't the
        official place to air this out, but I had to start somewhere
        non $500/hr.  Should I get a lawyer?
        \_ Hello Adjectivity founder.
        \_ sounds like a gamer luzer
2001/7/10 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:21753 Activity:moderate
7/9     I accidentally clicked on "remember my password".  How do I reverse
        this security mess?
        \_ click "forget"
        \_ what program?
           \_ internet explorer (application/login asked for it)
        \_ if it was "Remember my password" on a web page, delete your cookies.
           if it was the IE autocomplete thingie, Tools > Internet Options >
           Content > AutoComplete, uncheck the user/passwords box, click on the
           Clear Passwords button.
           \_ thx
2001/7/10 [Uncategorized] UID:21754 Activity:high
7/10    I was talking to some of the other engineers in my group
        today and happened to mention that one of them reminds me
        of that luser Stephen Daedalus (sp?) (Portrait of an
        Artist). Not a single one of them had heard of Portrait or
        of James Joyce. I was shocked. Joyce, Hemmingway, and other
        "modernists" were required reading when I was in HS, but
        no one else had ever read a single book by any modernist.
        Was my HS just wierd (I went to school in the south bay)
        or are the other engineers in my group simply uneducated?
        \_ I was reading some post on the motd from some engineer today, and
           he happened to misspell a common word such as "weird."  I was
           shocked.  Learning how to spell was a requirement when I was in
           school, but apparently no one else uses a dictionary (or even the
           "dict" program).  Was my school just weird, or are these other
           engineers simply uneducated?
           \- well there's always a certain amount of ratcheting involved in
           these kinds of situations. i doubt most sloda users could tell you
           without context who stephen daedalus was ... and for all i know,
           neither could half the english majors. i suppose this is partially
           a consequence of not assinging "the classics" because for fear the
           students "cant relate" to the classics and instead assigning things
           like batman graphic novels and star trek novels [i am not making
           this up] in ucb english classes. i am surprised they havent heard
           of joyce, although not surprised they haent read him. these people
           are a major find however; it is fun to have conversations with
           them like "what do you think is the greatest novel of the 20th cent"
           i think you will find a good number of people out in the real world
           who dont read 3 books in a year. ok tnx --psb
        \_ how can anyone place joyce and hemingway in the same category of
        \_ Actually most engineers have heard of Hemingway and Joyce.  Most
           have even read a book or two by Hemingway, and usually find them
           a little silly.  As for Joyce, he is just a good con artist with
           a very large vocabulary.  Engineers see through that right away.
2001/7/10 [Health/Women] UID:21755 Activity:high
        \_ Asian women with big breasts are ugly. Cute Asian
           Girls have small breasts. This is the way of things.
           "'Just 10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well-
            endowed female is equivalent to a 30 minute aeorbics
            work-out.'" uh-huh.  Who says Sodans don't get exercise?
            \_ D00D U R S0 R1GH7!!!! D/L'1NG PR0N 15 H4RD W0RK!!!!
        \_ this site is so sick and demented
            \_ yeah but the fetishers always got better pix than those
                porn sites.
        \_ Firm Bs are perfect.
           \_ hear hear!
2001/7/10 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:21756 Activity:high
7/9     What is the most annoying song you have heard (current or older).
        \_ put my hand on your hip when we do the dip we dip etc.
                \_ Dude, that song was awesome! Thanks for reminding me!
        \_ That Moulin Rouge, Lady Marmalade song.
        \_ Anything by Soundgarten, especially Black Hole Sun.
           \_ Si
        \_ Facts of Life Theme Song
           \_ you take the good you take the bad, you take them both
                and there you have...
              \_ [ sick url purged - motd good taste god ]
        \_ the Star Spangled Banner
        \_ Speaking of songs, I just started listening to Denis Leary's
           "Asshole", and its really good. Anyone else heard the asshole song?
        \_ Who let the dogs out?
        \_ Anything by NewOrder/JoyDivision
        \_ any Hootie and the Blowfish song (but at least their tapes are
           cheaper than blanks)
        \_ anything by morrissey/The Smiths
        \_ "I love you, you love me..."
        \_ "Oops I did it again," or at least people who think they're
           being witty by using it in their e-mails.
2001/7/10-11 [Politics/Domestic/California, Health/Men] UID:21757 Activity:very high
7/10    Men become obsolete:
        \_ did a woman post this?
        \_ remember that women outnumber men. Therefore, they have
           Prepare for all men to now be voted into ghettos in the US.
           \_ Women won't take over the world. Dolphins will. Either
              that or a couple of lab rats.
              \_ My vote is for the cockroach.
           \_ The rights of the one outweigh the rights of the many
              in this country. Thank god we are not a democracy.
           \_ I knew the 19th Amendment was a bad idea
              \_ After that, in the first election women get to vote, they
                 help elect arguably the worst president of all time - Warren
                 G Harding, who had the first cabinet officer convicted of
                 a felony while in office. Poll after poll rate him as the worst
           \_ Gimme a fuckin' break.  I'm so sick of hearing about men
              acting like a bunch of whiny victims.
                \_ Excuse me woman? That's because you and your race
                   have made it all but a felony to even look at a girl
                   improperly. So stop YOUR whining; we gave you what you
                   \_ Women complain when we look at them, but they complain
                      even more when we don't look at them.
                   and that's another warning!
        \_ where is /etc/motd.authenticated?
           \_ In my pants. -geordan
              \_ Ah.  No wonder no one can find it.
              \_ Well, pull it out and share. Stop sitting on it.
2001/7/10 [Uncategorized] UID:21758 Activity:nil
7/10    I need to send a plain text email attachment with a command
        line tool.  Recommendation?  (mpack didn't work, as suggested
        \_ What happenned when you tried mpack?
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