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2001/7/6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21722 Activity:high 70%like:21721
7/5     Beware the "f-word" in casual dating:
        (The right side bar full of URLs is also very useful.)
        \_ All women are bitches and hos. The deserve the lower rung of
           society for the shit they put men thru in their underhanded attempt
           at dominantion (aka as "equal rights").
           \_ Are you a bitter geek that can't get laid?
              \_ Please I've been over this all before. Women -> Marriage
                 -> Divorce -> Lifelong slavery. Its simple. Its happened
                 to me and it *WILL* happen to you. Don't ever get attached
                 to a woman, she will screw you. Love 'em and leave 'em.
        \_ why is this surprising? Would you want to date someone who wasn't
           really a friend? What would be the basis of such a relationship?
           \_ the type of relationship you will have with a woman you sleep
              with who becomes a genuine friend (whom you still sleep with)
              and one who is a friend first and sleep with later are not
              the same
        \_ what a stupid fucking article
           \_ wrong "f-word"
        \_ Was that the main link on
        \_ i am alimony man csua member fan #1!
2001/7/6-7 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:21723 Activity:moderate
7/6     pentium 4's are dirt cheap now. should i get one? how are they better
        than p3's?
        \_ Butt memory expensive.
        \_ no.  they are broken wrt multiplications. - paolo
                \_ URL please?
                   \_ Why use a wimpy old URL when you can talk to Demmel
        \_ so is it better to get a P3 1 GHz or pay $100 more for a P4 1.3 GHz?
           \_ No, buy an Athlon 1.3Ghz for < P3 1Ghz.  Using a P4 has two major
              problems: #1 The P4 has a piddlingly small cache.  This will
              require a major design revision, and probably won't happen until
              the next process shrink.  #2 One word: RAMBUS.
              Oh, yeah, while I'm at it, the current P3 design will NEVER go
              faster than 1Ghz.  Intel already has the next revision ready,
              and it will run faster than 1Ghz, but the current speculation is
              that they won't release it for a while because it will tank the
              already mediocre P4 sales.
              \_ P4 isn't MP compatible either AFAIK. Go with AMD. Athlon
                 is much faster than P4 and there a reasonably priced MP
                 \_ Yeah those are P4 Xeons. ($$$)
                 boards for them as well.
                 \_ Yeah those are P4 Xeons. ($$$)  Don't you have to buy
                    special Athlon multiprocessor CPUs also?
                    \_ Right now you have to buy a Athlon MP part, but
                       its not that expensive (~ $100 for 1.4 GHz). Its
                       supposed to get cheaper in August since there are
                       new Athlon MP parts and mbs coming out. I'm waiting
                       till then before deciding on what system to buy.
        \_ If you want to buy a P4 the 1.4 GHz part is the sweet spot
           at $195 retail.  This compares to $165 for a retail 866 MHz P3.
           Notice how the Athlon 1.4 GHz stands up.
           \_ Notice that the P4 is a fledgling product with a lot of room
              for growth. Buy a P3 1.0 GHz now or wait until the P4 grows
              up. Don't bother with AMD. --dim
              \_ This applies to all AMD CPUs.
                 \_ The AMD Elan series are pretty good for their prices.
        \_ The P4 is an abomination.  Avoid it until it gets fixed.
        \_ By the way, I have a GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 3
           800MHz.  Is it a Pentium II, III or 4?
           \_ 3.
              \_ Hmm, I have a 6-5-1 which is a P-II.  So Intel didn't up the
                 family number when it went from P-II to P-III?
2001/7/6-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:21724 Activity:high
7/5     Any way around windows 2k and XP forced registration?
        \_ where does win2k force you to register?
        \_ Use non-Microsoft OS!
        \_ get a corporate version of XP
           \_ and then get a buddy to log on with a scout marauder with -32625
              holds, and then get a planetary T-warp
              \_ heh heh heh... man, those were the days...
        \_ it is the answer to all your problems
           \_ bigredh better find another name.
              \_ why?
2001/7/6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:21725 Activity:high
7/5     The U.N. is your friend.
        \_ I cannot believe that any rational patriotic american
           would wish to abandon the principles of the revolution
           and the constitution for UN lead global government.
           The first thing we need to do is to get that shitty
           organization of american soil and then we need to see
           how well they can survive without our money. And the
           only way the UN is going to get my guns is to pry them
           from my cold dead hands!
           \_ yes! we must sotop soil from organizing! an organization
           of American soil could be devastating for aggriculture in this
           nation!! ...or did you mean "off american soil?"
           \_ It's a joke son.
2001/7/6 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:21726 Activity:nil
7/5     Kill Texas!
2001/7/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:21727 Activity:high
7/6     Thanks to whoever posted that URL. It's nice to finally
        see what sick twisted sadistic things women are really thinking.
        \_ Hear hear! Spent past 5 hours reading that site. Get past the
           BS commercial pitch, and they sure have some interesting shi
           to say.
           \_ here, here. women should realize they are nothing more than
              baby factories.
              \_ Why don't you turn off that 90% of your brain that's been
                 brainwashed by berkeley liberals and try to use that one
                 last brain cell to see what the guy has to actually say.
                 \_ go the gay way
        \_ more interesting:
           \_ read any penthouse letters recently?
        \_ OK, you guys are morons. Obviously, you've never been to a grocery
           store. How can you explain all of those headlines which say, "How
           to Drive Him Wild." or look "10 Sexual Secrets You'll Need to Keep
           Your Man." For those of you who got divorced and had to pay
           alimony, she probably realized that watching you playing Baldur's
           Gate all of the time was cramping her style.
           \_ Learn to format to 80 columns. And make your point. You've failed
              to do so thus far.
2001/7/6-7 [Recreation/Activities] UID:21728 Activity:low
7/6     Question about Maildir: Looking around on the net, the Maildir vs. mbox
        debate seems to be high on religious zealotry and low on actual
        content.  I'm wondering if anyone here has run up against limitations
        of Maildir, in particular, I'm curious there are problems running out
        of inodes when using it.  Suggestions and advice on the matter would
        be much appreciated.
        \_ I have used maildir with millions of files, but only when running
           VxFS as the underlying filesystem. -ausman
2001/7/6-7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:21729 Activity:high
7/6     Any good cigar shops in/around Berkeley?
        \_ Andronico's sells cigars.  I don't know how good they are though.
           \_ Is there any value to this post whatsoever? If the poster
              wanted places to buy cigars, couldn't he/she have simply
              looked in a phone book?
              \_ It's a troll, dumbass.  He was expecting an answer like
                 "just get the cigar from Lewinsky's pussy" or something
                 like that.  Anybody tried the clinton move with your GF?
                 That is sticking a cigar into your GF's pussy and then
                 tasting it.
                \_ Out of curiosity, what kind of responses are you
                expecting from this question?
                Allow me to examine it. Let's just say, for the sake of
                discussion that one of you guys did in fact pull a
                clinton. Do you think any of you would actually admit it?
                Hells no...people here aren't getting that sort of play,
                so only in their dreams would they do that. Shit, people
                here probably don't even know how to smoke a cigar. Now
                let's look at the flipside. Let's assume the more likely
                scenario where no one here has pulled a clinton. What's
                even more likely gonna happen is that John Q. Poser is
                gonna say that he has pulled a clinton maneuver, and
                make up all sorts of ridiculous, gory details about how
                how he executed with grace and success and shit. He'll
                think others'll think he's a pimp; and he'll feel pimpy for
                coming up with a great narrative. But, sorry, it's all
                bullshit. So, bottom line...don't believe a word other
                than "no, sorry I haven't" that anyone writes. Bye-bye.
        \_ Yes.
2001/7/6-7 [Recreation/Humor] UID:21730 Activity:low
        \_ funny.  is that due to the recent threats of armed guests?
        \_ "Acceptable...:  Underage posession of alchohol"  Yeah.  Right.
           This is fake.
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