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2001/7/5 [Politics/Foreign] UID:21714 Activity:very high
7/4     Silly americans, celebrating freedom from taxation by watching
        re-enactments of the last challenger liftoff.
        \_ err.. 8 million lbs of fuel blowing up and taking 7 lives
           is not the same thing as watching gunpowder explode with colors.
           that's pretty insensitive statement. you try being an astronaut
           or find a better country, else shut the fuck up.
           \_ An insensitive Republican? Why, I never would have thought that.
           \_ I think the said comment is in very bad taste, but leave
              it up to a liberal to bring in emotion and 'how I feel' into
              politics.  Government is not meant to make you feel good,
              or be nice to you.  See a shrink if you need dignity and
          \_ it's pretty simple, either love this country or get the fuck out
             \_ I am no country.  I have no style.
2001/7/5-6 [Finance] UID:21715 Activity:high
7/4     What is a good way to get a credit report without having to use the
        subscription services that charge you monthly or yearly fees?
        \_ you can pay a one-time fee for yourself for like $8
           \_ aren't they free from the credit agencies once per year?
                \_ not in CA.  Check out or for a
                   list of current prices.  It's $8 in CA.
        \_ Apply for something you know you'll be refused for.
        \_ I typed in "free credit report" in google. came up with this:
2001/7/5-6 [Consumer/GPS] UID:21716 Activity:high
7/5     Looking for personal experiences with various GPS systems.  Can you
        tell me what brand you have and how you like it?  And how much it is
        of course.  Thanks.
        \_ dude get a REAL GPS receiver. Get a PLGR.. oh wait.. it's a federal
           felony to have one.. oh well.
           Good comparison of the models commonly used in field research.
           \- as usual: how much do you want to spend, what do you want to
           use it for [hike, car, boat, plane] and any non-negotiable, must-
           have features? if PNO/hiking/everything, garmin iii+. --psb
2001/7/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:21717 Activity:nil
4/5     [Crap deleted.  Happy post July 4th.]
2001/7/5-7 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:21718 Activity:high
7/5     Does MFC/STL provide functions for quick extractions of word/line
        counts of a textfile?
        \_ in STL, open the file using a stream iterator. then use
           std::count() in <algorithm>. two lines of code. -ali
           \_ C++ is an evil tool of Satan.
              \_ uh huh.  and i suppose you're either a C purist or
                 one of those "Pee-Ell" people who like ML.  Well,
                              \_ Learn ML before spewing idiocy.
                 when /usr/src starts shipping with ML stuff in it, i suppose
                 you'll be right.  Until then, you're a motd-wanker!
                 (apologies if you are a C purist, but eventually you will
                 be phased out along with fortran).
                 \_ This will take another 10 to 20 years, by which time
                    I will be retired. - not the original poster but still
              \_ and you're a stupid unoriginal troll. -ali
                    not a fan of c++
              \_ and you're a stupid unoriginal troll. learn to code
                 c++ before before you spew idiocy. -ali
                 \_ Ocaml and SML are faster than C++:
                    \_ those tests are seriously flawed
                       \_ Show me one test where C++ beats Ocaml.
                       \_ Tell me about it, java beats C++.
                          Only if you run java on a E10K and
                          C++ on a M68K
                 \ Is C++ really that much better than C? I mainly
                    \_ I compare it to the English language:  Difficult
                                bullshit, language learning curve _/
                                depends entirely on your first language and
                                others you may know.
                                \_ I know C well.  C++'s virtual stuff,
                                   STL extensions, and iostream.h classes
                                   are hard to memorize.  I don't mean to
                                   argue ...
                                   it's not really that important, anyway.
                                   I mean, really, do you think I want
                                   to waste more time on C vs. C++ wars?
                       to learn, but very useful if mastered - relative
                       to other languages.
                    write network servers/clients, utility daemons
                    and such and C seems to serve me well. I'd consider
                    switching to C++ if I could figure out how it
                    would make my life eaiser. URL okay. - NTOP (not
                    the original poster)
              \_ Bjarne Stroustrup musings:
2001/7/5-6 [Consumer/Camera] UID:21719 Activity:high
7/5     An olympus stylus camera accidently went overboard during
        river rafting yesterday.  Water was too cold/deep for normal
        recovery with the gear we had, so the camera has been
        submerged a day already.  It's supposed to be "weatherproof";
        I was wondering if it's worth going back with scuba gear
        to recover the film (don't care about the camera, but the film
        has pictures from a previous trip) - does anyone know what the
        effect of water on exposed film is? Thanks... - mds
              \_ you dumbass...why would you take that camera on a rafting
                 trip in the first place?  Just because it's weatherproof
                 doesn't mean it's submergable.  Besides that, the
                 activity of rafting should tell you you need to bring
                 a water camera and to hold on tight....
        \- i would only bother in the "here's a crazy thing to try" scenario
        rather than the "i want by camera and film back" motivation. --psb
        rather than the "i want by camera and film back" motivation. btw,
        i have fallen into a river with a camera before and the pix were
        sort of washed out but developable. --psb
2001/7/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/California, Computer/SW/Security] UID:21720 Activity:nil
        \_ Computer security consultant and confessed cyber intruder
           Max Butler will serve out his 18-month prison term at the
           privately-run Taft Correctional Institution in central California,
           sources say.
2001/7/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21721 Activity:nil 70%like:21722
7/5     Beware the "f-word" in casual dating:
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