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2001/7/4 [Politics/Domestic, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:21711 Activity:insanely high
        but we should be setting them on fire, not just powering them off.
        \_ Why can't we just build more power plants in their state?
           Personally, I would be really happy to buy electricity from them
           knowing that they'll have their money _and_ emphysema.
        \_ Texas is responsible for California's problems like I'm
           responsible for you being a complete liberal fuckhead.
           \_ the fact that morons exist who will defend the "right" of
              faceless corporations to gouge consumers just because they
              can, is a great reason to be a liberal.  -tom
              \_ wow this particular argument is even stupider than all the
                 others on this subject. the problem isn't the gouging
                 it's the stupidity that led to the lack of competition.
              \_ You are a moron, Tom.  Unlike the government, corporations
                 do not force (i.e. at gunpoint and threat of jail) people to
                 give up their money.  They are providing goods and services
                 in exchange.  Compare and contrast with the government, which
                 takes your money simply because it can, to spend on things you
                 may, or may not, approve of.
                 \_ spoken like a true sarariman.  Tell me, do you really
                    believe corporations do things for the wellbeing of
                    humanity? That aside, the point is that utilities are
                    shared resources.  It would be a bit silly to put
                    you and your whole family on a spacestation and then
                    have a corporation charge you for air without putting
                    any regulations on what that corporation can do.  Have
                    you taken econ 1?  Maybe you should look up from the
                    cubicle you somehow managed to getyourself squeezed into
                    at whatever bullshit geek fuck-hole place hired
                    you.  Get a life, and look around.  Life's not the 2nd
                    floor lab of soda, son. But it's useless to argue with you
                    isn't it, you're all about the Ideology of the Oppressor.
                    Yeah i bet you think that the indians were put on
                    reservations for their own good, and LBJ had the democracy's
                    interests at heart in vietnam.   - paolo
                    \_ The corporations are trying to make money, generally
                       honestly.  LBJ's exploits and reservations are
                       government's doing.  Corporation are amoral, the
                       government is generally evil.  You need to stand in
                       DMV lines more, or get (randomly) audited, Paolo.
                    \_ what interests did he have at heart? and what's a
                 \_ You have a fairy little idea about the altruistic
                    nature of corporations.  The goal of corporations
                    is to rake in as much money as possible. Ideally,
                    in a capitalist society, that desire should promote
                    people to create better products or services. But
                    if there's a legal venue to make money by screwing
                    other people over, a corporation would not hesitate
                    to think twice. You're right, corporations don't
                    have the ability to force people, if by force you
                    mean brute force, police power, and jail time. But
                    they have the ability to gouge you of the basic
                    necessities of life (yes electricity is a basic
                    requirement for most people) which is just another
                    euphemism for "force".
                    \_ Corporations are not altruistic, they are selfish,
                       and selfishness is a good thing.  One illusion I do
                       not have is that the government is altruistic.
                       Corporations merely want money, and they are willing
                       to earn them honestly (by providing you with
                       something).  The government wants money and power,
                       and they use force to get both.
                 \_ Oh yes, people could just stop using electricity!  We
                    should have thought of that!  -tom
                 \_ Ha! And public services don't count?  How about your
                    roads, police, fire departments, libraries, schools,
                    (blah blah blah).  And don't forget corporate bailouts!
2001/7/4 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21712 Activity:insanely high
7/4     I'm running win2k.  when i leave my computer alone
        for a while and I come back, I have to enter in my password
        to "unlock" it.  How do get rid of this?
        \_ M-X install-linux
        \_ disable the screen saver password.
         \_ no it's something else
            \_ works for me.  dunno what weird config you have.
        \_ Control Panel -> Power Options
        \_ Repartition, install !win2k.
2001/7/4 [Reference/Religion] UID:21713 Activity:nil
7/4     From an IMDB summary of "Family Matters":
        Summary: I weep

        I weep for the cast of Family Matters, who have besmirched their lives
        by taking part in this horrible drivel. I weep for the writers, who,
        should they be shameless enough, to include this show on their resume,
        will ruin their careers forever. I weep for the English language,
        which, God willing, will someday recover from the wretched blemish of
        the word "Urkel." I weep for the countless children who watched this
        show and laughed; it's a human tragedy.  Above all, I weep for God.
        Having seen Family Matters, I know that He does not exist.
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