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2001/7/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:21697 Activity:high
7/2     What are knee braces used for? If I have something like a cramp in my
        knee (hurts a little when I bend my knee), would walking around in a
        knee brace help?
        \_ Go see a doctor. In the meantime, wear the brace and drink
           more water.
        \_ ice and heat. rinse repeat.
        \_ A brace is for more serious injuries...for now, do what they
           said wear one of those cuffs made from that thick spandex-like
           stretchy stuff.
           \_ I never understood what these did. What is the benefit to my
              knee of wrapping it in some tight material?
2001/7/2-3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:21698 Activity:high
7/2     Is run by a CSUA'er?
        \_ As per below, bsii@rescomp is "affiliated" -- he's the author's
           boyfriend. To the best of my knowledge, neither is CSUA-affiliated,
           although several people on soda know bsii@rescomp in person.
        \_ No, and you'll never be on it.
        \_ Well, (admin contact for the domain)
           doesn't seem to have a CSUA account, so probably not.
        \_ it's by some cog sci student.  I can't remember her
           name right now, but it's not a CSUA thing
           \_ You're full of it. She's a BioEng person.
           \_ Eve?
           \_that was her pseudonym in the daily cal story, so
             go ahead, call her eve if you want
             \_ You can call me Al.
                \_ I can call you Betty?  Can you be my bodyguard?
                   I can be your long lost pal.
             \_ Eve Kendall?
             \_ Eve S. Dropper.
        \_ Cog Sci Students Assoc, maybe.
           \_ hehehehe.  -- cog. sci. #1 fan
2001/7/2 [Finance/Shopping] UID:21699 Activity:very high
7/2     From
        "Alfred and Trish moved from Queens, N.Y., to San Diego this
        year. Housing is slightly cheaper, but property crime is higher."
        Isn't Queens, NY a very bad neighborhood?  I can't imagine San Diego
        being worse than Queens.
        \_ Queens is very ethnic. There are, of course, parts that
           are bad, but for the most part, it's not.
        \_ tons of people live in queens.   that's like saying
           "the bay area is a very bad neighborhood"
           \_ I see.  I've never been to Queens.  Based on the impression I got
              from movies I thought it was just a small district in NY with
              many bad people.
        \_ nyc has 5 buroughs.  each burough has nearly a million
           people, and in the case of brooklyn, nearly 2 million people.
           so statements like "all queens is bad" is really broad,
           there are hundreds of different neighborhoods in nyc,
           some bad, some good.  neighborhoods you only know
           about from rap songs are probably bad.
        \_ Depends on where in San Diego they moved. If housing is slightly
           cheaper then it's not one of the best parts of San Diego. --dim
        \_ New York city has gotten significantly better in the last five or
           ten years, and this goes for both Manhattan and the other
           \_ Thanks to the NYPD's shoot first, ask questions later policy
              \_ Isn' it plunge first, ask questions later?
              \_ No problem with that. Population control!
                 \_ anyway it's better than a situation where the police
                    tell someone to stop or they'll shoot, the person doesn't,
                    and the police don't shoot.
           \_ you can really hurt a guy with a pager if you put
              your mind to it
              \_ Actually, the improvements predate Guliani's arrival in
                 office, which is when the police started to get really bad.
                 \_ I'm sure it has to do with the good economy. LA didn't
                    have near as many gang problems for many years, too,
                    but now it's getting worse as the economy is slowing. --dim
2001/7/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:21700 Activity:very high
7/2     new ricochet asynch plan: 64Kb down/32Kb up $40/mo bay area only.
        Granted, for that price, you get the full 128Kb in san diego.
        \_ this is because San Diego natives have a healthy sense of
        \_ They just filed for bankruptcy.
        \_ That's not much faster than a 56Kb modem.
           \_ But this is better than the previously available speeds.
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