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2001/7/1 [Recreation/Travel] UID:21690 Activity:high
6/30    Is it safe to assume that you'll find cheaper plane tickets
        using online companies than by using travel agents?
        \_ No, online companies are often travel agents themselves.
           I got a really good deal to Europe on short notice through
           travel agent. Plus my itinerary was complicated enough that
           I couldn't trust the online agencies to give me the right
        \_ the best is if there's a travel agent whom you trust that
           you've worked with for long enough that they know you
        \_ My advice is to shop around. In the past, the travel agencies
           helped me to get tickets for less than buying direct from the
           airline companies and viceversa.
2001/7/1 [Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:21691 Activity:high
7/1     Anyone know where I can sell all my used computer books?
        \_ ebay, amazon, deanza/college bookstores, used-book-stores
           in Berkeley/SF, .market newsgroups
2001/7/1 [Uncategorized] UID:21692 Activity:high
7/1     Dude...the kit kat club ROCKS!
        \_ Is this the one near Mathilda? I'm going to Vegas tomorrow,
           maybe will check out this place  called Olympic Garden or sumthin'
           Anyone know if there's sucha place?
2001/7/1 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:21693 Activity:nil
7/1     For the person who was asking about Kaplan vs. Princeton Review
        for GRE (?) classes: From Oct 2002 the GRE will have a essay
        as part of the analytical section. Try and take your GRE before
2001/7/1 [Uncategorized] UID:21694 Activity:nil
7/1     screen v3.9.9 installed as screen-3.9.9+idle; please try it out,
        and let me know if anything goes wrong.  The new version of screen
        will become the default next time soda reboots.  --mconst
2001/7/1 [Uncategorized] UID:21695 Activity:nil
2001/7/1-2 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:21696 Activity:insanely high
7/1     SERIOUS QUESTION.  What are the performance differences between
        Postgre and Oracle? Now I know there are a whole lot of other
        things to take into consideration but here is what i am think
          Fluor spend a tonne on Oracle liscenses. Some of our mission
        critical database apps are only used by 100 users and probably
        never more than 10 concurrently. These apps utilize a good deal
        of space. ie lots of tables and lots of records.
          I want to put together a proposal to evaluate using a different
        database platform and need to know if using postgre is feasible.
        And what the conversion and maintance costs would be if we do
        convert. Take notice that this is going to be a very big field in
        consulting in the coming years.
          The fucking IT group probably will not even let me get to first
        base on this- but I can at least plant the seeds with some hard
        core numbers.  Anyway it will give me a good reason to bug out of
        here when I get the cold sholder for adancing such thoughts
        \_ hey you dumbass, mission critical means mission critical.
           Postgres MIGHT be good enough, but the fact is when it comes right
           down to it Oracle has a much more proven track record, Oracle does
           the job well right now, and (most importantly) if something goes
           wrong there are people at Oracle to help and to blame.  Stop being
           such an idiot by trying to cut corners like this.
                \_ i'm cheap and use postgres.  to impress
                   the investors we got support through
                        \_ Given the number of dotcom burnouts, they're
                           foolish to be impressed.  Oracle is far too
                           large to disappear completely - greatbridge
        \_ Suggestion number one: learn how to spell "Postgres".
           Suggestion number two: drop out of your "I am an omniscient
             superbeing" mode.  Do some remedial work in spelling, grammar,
             and rhetoric.  Otherwise, don't be surprised when your super-
             brillant proposal gets (circular) filed without comment by the
             "fucking IT group".  There's a reason why paolo is the only
             person on soda who's sycophantically worshipping you and your
             pearls of wisdom.
                           could easily be the next Eazel.
           \_ He is just your typical programmer.
              \_ Back to the game grid, program!!
        \_ ingres!!!!
        \_ Postgres RoX Mah NuTz!!
        \_ If you are interested in the best performance bang for your buck
           take a look at the sleepycat database.
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