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2001/6/27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney] UID:21641 Activity:nil 66%like:21770
6/26    Which one is kinney? http://www.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU/~kinney
        \_ well, which one of those is most likely to make it as a physics
           grad at cal, and a econ grad student at usc?
           \_ None of the above?  They all look like losers to me.
        \_ are kinney and tjb related? anyone have a picture of tjb online?
2001/6/27-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney] UID:21642 Activity:high
6/27    Why does everyone seem to dislike this kinney guy so much?  -mice
        \_ is this kinney?
           \_ No.
        \_ It's not kinney, it's the fact that paolo posts enormous amounts
           of his drivel for no discernable reason.
           \_ um, i taught how to use pico. because i thought you people liked
              this "open-community" on the motd. I mean, he's actually not just
              popping his mail from soda like (literally) thousands of other
              alums.   So i guess you only like people _you_ approve of in your
              "community".  Well, like i said, if you can't deal with opposing
             viewpoints then i can move your logins to wintermute or something,
              and you can have a great machine all to yourself!  (it's not even
              x86!) - paolo
                \_ it's not "opposing viewpoints", it's hundreds of lines of
                   \_ drivel is in the eye of the beholder.  i've seen much
                      drivel here pertaining on what you ppl think are normal
                      social behavioral norms, re: women && dating.  I dont'
                      think it's wrong for that to be here, as censoring any
                      one person's drivel leads us to a fascist state.
                      - Now, if you want a fascist state, then say you want
                      one, and I will provide you with one - paolo
                      \_ Hi Paolo.  Kinney's stuff gets deleted because he is
                            \_ Ah thought brevity was a gaping cunt that
                               Jaysis took a pish in.
                         an idiot.  There is nothing fascist in this, it's
                         natural selection.  To not get deleted, stupid entries
                         must be entertaining.  Kinney's are not.
                      \_ Old motd saying: Brevity is the mother of wit.
                         \_ I thought brevity was the mother of invention
                               \_ Old motd says: Necessity is the mother of
                                  invention. Yermom is the mother of motd
                         \_ I thought brevity was the soul of yermom.
                            \_ wit has no soul.  yermom has no panties.
2001/6/27-28 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:21643 Activity:nil
6/27    I want to do set union and set difference on some data that I have
        in mysql.  All of the items are integers, say up to 10,000,000 in
        value.  Union is easy, just select from both tables.  Difference
        is harder: mysql doesn't do "Delete from Table_X where Table_X.key
        in (Select key from Table_Y);".
        What's another good way to do it?  I'm thinking about using perl,
        with hashes for the data, and using DB_File to store the
        intermediate results.  Any other ideas?
2001/6/27-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:21644 Activity:insanely high
6/27    I'm looking for a programming field that very few people go into
        because it's very hard.  And of course, fewer people -> higher pay.
        Too many coding monkeys doing Java/C++ applications so that's a no.
        I've done network protocol development, embedded software development
        inside network devices and microcode for parallel packet processing
        ASICs.  I've heard programming for DSPs in parallel DSP arrays is hard
        as well.  Is that true?  What other stuff requires real intelligence
        instead of just coding monkey skills?  I'm asking for programming
        positions, not phd level math bullshit work.  That doesn't pay that
                           \_ ah, so you want to use your brain but you don't
                              want to use your brain...
        well.  Thanks.
        \_ you're a wanker, go away
                           \_ ah, so you want to use your brain but you don't
                              want to use your brain...
        well.  Thanks.
        \_ Quantum programming is hard.
           \_ quantum computation is a really exciting feild.  I know, because
              I am getting payed 18,000 dollars a year before taxes to work on
              a quantum computer project. This is just the field for you.
              if the amazing pay doesn't hook you in, check out the fringe
              benefits like spending your saturday nights in a cave-like
              enclosure using an e-beam writer. nont that i'm complaining,
              enclosure using an e-beam writer. not that i'm complaining,
              it's great for some of us, but it is a good way to be poor.
        \_ Solaris device drivers. Actually, it's easier than linux drivers,
           but very very few people are doing it.
           \_ The pay is not that great for Solaris device drivers. Most of
              the work is contract based for custom peripheral cards.
        \_ Become an Oracle DBE. That should be quite sufficient to
           distinguish yourself.
        \_ if you were really smart, ppl would be offering the hard jobs
           to you, lamer.
           \_ If I interview at MSFT, will I get a job programming parallel
              DSP arrays?  You need to determine a field first and then look
              for it.  My main drive is money and few people involved.  E.g.,
              there are only a handful of people in the world that can
              implement BGP4 compatible and scalable with Cisco's BGP4.  They
              get paid very very well.
              \_ Try the fields of medicine or dentistry if you're
                 concerned so much about a big pay day for minimal
                 work/intelligence. A pediatrician can clear over $250,000
                 without overtime working for an HMO. A specialist in
                 private practice... --dim
        \_ you could claim to do your job well, and you'd get paid higher.
           for example, you could say i do web backend developent and deliver
           something that runs on $3000 worth of hardware instead
           of $300000. coding chained DSPs is hard but I have a feeling
           people don't do that kind of shit outside of academia. if you
           like that stuff, you should loook into coding for multimedia
           chips like from Ccbue and Equator and TI. Also, you could get
           a clue and become a compiler writer.
        \_ I followed my interest and did CS.  Now I thought I should
           have gone into medicine.  They pay is better and the babes
           are hotter.
           \_ if you just want $$$ (like I do) then getting a MD now is
              definitely not worth the investment in time.  The money
              you can save working 10 years as a peon programmer is way
              more than the time+money it takes to get a MD.  After 10
              years of slavery I plan to retire.  What will you be doing
              in 10 years?  Just getting out of med school and paying off
              your student loans?  Gimme a break.
              \_ Ten years at $120,000/year is $1.2 million. Cost of
                 medical school is $200,000 (say). Even if you don't make
                 a dime the entire time you are in medical school and
                 residency, you'll be ahead after 18 years from now at most.
                 That's not a bad proposition if you're under 35. Your
                 idea of retirement must suck. --dim
                 \_ I guess you've never heard of compound interest or
                    captial appreciation. 120K/yr with a savings rate
                    of 50% or higher and a modest growth rate of 10%
                    per yr will amount to several million over the
                    course of 10 yrs. Investing this in say short-term
                    bonds gives you a solid income of 100K to 200K per
                    yr. Considering you don't need to spend most of that,
                    your net worth will continue to rise, while you sit
                    around doing what you want. The guy who went the
                    Med School route will get out around age 30 and
                    will spend the next 5 yrs earning ~ 30K while
                    he does a residency, and then he will spend another
                    2 to 5 yrs paying off his debt and will only
                    really start to earn money around age 40. By then
                    your smart coder will be semi-retired living on
                    easy street. If you add in options, the peon coder
                    has a much better life than the MD, as you can
                    use your options to buy a home, thus avoiding a
                    30 yr mortgage that the poor sappy MD has to get
                    in order to affort a home. (We will forget for
                    now that the average MD doesn't make that much
                    more than the average code thanks to the HMOs)
2001/6/27-28 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:21645 Activity:insanely high
6/26    I'm going to enroll in a test prep course. What's better, Kaplan or
        Princeton Review?
        \_ Kaplan - paolo (doing mcat at kaplan)
           \_ What the hell are you taking the MCAT for? Are you one of
              those premed-CS guys?
              \_ well, it's good to get a different perspective on things.
                 if all i studied was eecs i'd have a limited appreciation
                 of How Things Work. - paolo
           \_ I agree. I took the kaplan GRE course and it helped me
                 \_ Physics. -- ilyas
                    \_ i prefered chem @ caltech. it was fun. - paolo
                       \_ Physics is the standard.  Perspective. -- ilyas
                          \_ heh, you know how well i do with "standards",
                             ilyas.. - paolo
                   \_ I second that. Unfortunately EECS puts bread
                      on the table. Once I retire, I'll get my PhD
                      in Physics.
                      \_ Physics grads make more money than grads of any
                         other discipline. --dim
                         \_ Physics grads have been out of work ever since the
                            funding for that big accelerator fell through.  I
                            have interviewed a LOT of physics PhDs looking for
                            UI monkey work.
                            \_ probably theorists.  the average theory grad
                               student is very very smart, has solved very
                               hard but useless problems using lousy code
                               that no one will ever read or use, and is
                               just right for a lame monkey job.  experimental
                               physics is very different. overall, the cancelat-
                               tion of the SSC has had little effect on
                         \_ what?  really ?  including ChE and EE? do you
                            have a source to back that up?
                            \_ "Physics Today" is where I read it. They publish
                                rankings periodically. Most of the highly-paid
                                physics grads are not doing physics for a
                                living. If they are, they own the company.
                                Physics grads are most successful in fields
                                outside of physics. Also, many physicists have
                                a lot going on outside of work. This link
                                references what physics majors made in
                                1993 (#5) but an actual article clarified it.
                                IIRC, physics folks started slowly and
                                gained steam so that by the time they reached
                                age 50+ they were tops.
                                \_ Yes but they were working at age 50. I
                                   intend to be retired quite a few years
                                   before that. EECS means not having to
                                   work past age 40 (unless you want to work)
                                        \_ Dream on.  Retiring that early
                                           is very unlikely.
                                           \_ I will be living the dream
                      \_ Kinney is a physics grad from cal.
           \_ I agree. I took the Kaplan GRE course and it helped me
              increase my score by more than 200 points. I looked at
              the PR materials and they were not as complete for the
              new computerized GRE as the stuff Kaplan had. ----ranga
              \_ Princeton review says they *guarantee* an improvement of
                 200 points. How many points did you increase by?
                 \_ Almost 300. Princeton's guarantee means that they
                    let you take the class again if you don't improve.
                    I don't think that they give you your money back.
                    You also have to prove that you did all the work
                    or they will give you nothing.
                    The main benefit I found in taking the class was
                    that it forced me to study and practice for the
                    GRE. I think the practice helped more than the
                    "in class" work. ----ranga
                    \_ i also got about a 300 point increase from early
                       practice tests to the real thing, but I used the
                       Kaplan CD.  very very useful, and only 50 bucks.
                       I think that makes alot more sense, and i got some
                       pretty hight scores(my scores would have sucked
                       bad without the studying). the cd comes with some
                       book that's not so useful.
                       \_ I could probably have pulled it off just using
                          the CD, but I didn't want to take the chance.
                          It was $800 and if my GRE score helps me get
                          into a decent school, the degree will more
                          than make up for the cost of the class.
                    \_ PR=$850, Kaplan=$999. So you think it's worth it?
                       \_ you're going to be a doctor.  what's $150?
                       \_ Kaplan and PR were both about $800 when I
                          took the class. Unless PR has really upgraded
                          thier computer tests, I'd pay the extra $150
                          and take Kaplan. Say you take PR and you get
                          2000 which means you might have to go to SJSU
                          vs. say 2200 with Kaplan which means you can
                          probably go to Cal or the farm. Your degree
                          from Cal or the farm will more than make up
                          for the $150 you spent. ----ranga
        \_ Too bad GRE scores don't really matter for EE/CS grad school.
           You guys are wasting your time and money. Work on the rest of
           your app.
2001/6/27 [Uncategorized] UID:21646 Activity:nil
6/26    Overdue library books? Better return 'em quick!
2001/6/27 [Uncategorized] UID:21647 Activity:nil
6/26    Oh well!  No more 20% discounts at amazon.... guess i'm not
        shopping there anymore.  Barnes & Noble all the way!
        \_ but free shipping
2001/6/27 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:21648 Activity:nil
6/27    Anyone know where I can get a Suntour XP shifter?  The shifter
        on my bike was damaged during a ride and I need to get a new
        one but the local bike shops in SJ don't seem to carry Suntour
2001/6/27-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:21649 Activity:high
6/27    Anyone know how to read Shift-JIS encoded email in Lotus Notes 4.x?
        \_ download njstar communicator for windows. - keithyw
        \_ you can try to import into  notes - it will probably give you
           some username and password BS or unrecognized database format
             so the answer is probably NO you can't read it- but you can try
           Why is it that all these companies think the database is the
           proprietary thing when it is the VB code or data handling
           function. We just ran through some engineering apps that we
           wanted to hack appart and none of them allow data access. All the
           data is encoded in some weird ass formet we can make head or
           tails of. Like if everyone just used XML it would be so much
           easier- or even beyond that- notice how people have quitely
           forgotten about EDI. Now there would be some cool govn project-
           converting gov app over to XML specs instead of existing EDI
           specs. - kinney
           \_ Look Paolo.  Non-idiocy is not deleted.
           \_ Why would they (convert EDI to XML)? It seems that the EDI
              stuff is working fine.
2001/6/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:21650 Activity:nil
6/27    Our own nweaver gets coverage on Yahoo!:
        Its too bad he didn't metion something cooler like JunkBuster
2001/6/27-28 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:21651 Activity:moderate
6/27    diabloII expansion, Electronics boutique, hilltop mall, richmond.
        available today. - paolo
        \_ is diablo II the best role playing game right now?  What are the
           best ones for loyal AD&D fans?
           \_ baldur's gate, bar none.
              \_ what about the new Pool of Radiance?  Is the new Pool
                 of Radiance the same plot as the old gold box POR?
              \_ godamn fuckin-a baldur's gate 2 + expansion illustrates
                 the principle of "i have no time"
                 \_ i agree, plus I hate that infinity engine they use for all
                    those games. load times are slow, the real time combat sux,
                    and the graphics don't justify it. If you want a quality
                    game, look for Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura,
                    from the designers of Fallout. Not AD&D exactly but the
                    game mechanics should be much more solid and interesting.
                    \_ my comment about bg2 taking too long was not a
                       critique of the engine (although I actually upgraded
                       my computer for it) as much as just not having much
                       time.  I also played the Arcanum demo and thought
                       it sucked rocks - ambitious, but poor execution.
                       \_ ah. that sucks. well did you like fallout? i based
                          my enthusiasm on that. oh well. i got the cd images
                          off the newsgroups so i'll try it out.
                          \_ fallout ruled.  fallout tactics, however, once
                             again demonstrated "i have no time"
2001/6/27-28 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:21652 Activity:high
6/27    2 days ago, annouced he was working for apple (a
        company 10% owned by bill gates).  now:
        "On Wednesday, Microsoft announced plans to release what amounts to a
        shared-source version of its .NET infrastructure for Windows & FreeBSD"
        \_ WTF is CLI?
           \_ "Common Language Infrastructure"  it is NOT Command Line
              Interface.  It's M$ renaming XML so they can patent it.
              \_ they should have called it "Common Language Infrastructure
                 \_ How about "Common Language Infrastructure
                    Technology - Generic"?
                    \_ did you miss the "clit" reference or are you adding
                       a G-spot reference?
                       \_ The latter.  I couldn't think of a better word to add
                          that starts with a G.  "Gold" was my first thought.
                          \_ "Global" is also an overused tech word starting
                              with G.
2001/6/27-28 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21653 Activity:high
6/27    VA gets out of hardware:
        \_ "As part of this strategy, VA Linux will exit the systems
            hardware business." - RIP, valinux.
        \_ Yet another linSUX company bites the dust. The hype is over,
           linsux is dead, long live BSD!
        \_ Yet another linux company bites the dust. The hype is over,
           Linux is dead, long live BSD!
              How's your hero?
              \_ Let's see, the worlds biggest software corporation
                 decides to ship thier flagship architecture for BSD
                 while yet another linux company dies. Hmmm. I wonder
                 whose winning today.
                 \_ it's great when a supposed open source architect
                    turns to the darkside.  with betrayal, of course m$
                    will win.
                    \_ all of which just goes to prove that "open source"
                       is not a business model; it's a hobby
        \_ Richard French, the eVP & GM over there has a history of
           cratering companies.
           \_ Yet another reason to avoid Linux and derivative companies:
              poor and/or inexperienced management in addition to shitty
           \_ such as?
              \_ All the companies he worked at that are not listed on
                 his bio at VA Linux.
2001/6/27-28 [Transportation/Car, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:21654 Activity:nil
6/27    Find the cheapest gas in your area:
        \_ ADODB.Field error '800a0bcd'
           Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been
           deleted. Requested operation requires a current record.
           /includes/priceupdate.asp, line 6
           go go microsoft.
           \_ It seems to work fine under Netscape, but I just get
              a blank screen on OmniWeb :-(
2019/05/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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