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2001/6/25 [Uncategorized] UID:21614 Activity:very high
6/24    I'm looking for one word that have the same rough meaning as
        "making a difference".  Meaning making a difference in the community,
        environmentally, etc.  I thought of "helpfulness" or "benevolensce",
        or "charitable" but they don't quite capture what I mean.  Thanks.
        \_ altruism?
        \_ The reason you are having difficulty is because the term you trying
           to capture is meaningless.  You are trying to logically define the
           centerpiece of leftist propaganda.  You are either a very
           sophisticated troll or a moron.
        \_ humanitarian?
        \_ Republican?
2001/6/25 [Computer/Networking] UID:21615 Activity:nil
6/24    D00D!!!1!  WHUT HAPP3N3D 2 SLASHD0T???/??  D1D TH31R 3L33T BAND UV
        LUN1X HAXORS END UP G3TT1NG 0WN3D BY S0M30N3 ELS3????/??  HA HA!!!1!
        \_ what the fuck are you talking about?
           \_ /. had been down for the past two days.
        \_ Um, dude, their router (brought to you by the good folks at
           Cisco) died.  Linux had nothing to do with it.
2001/6/25-26 [Computer/Networking] UID:21616 Activity:nil
6/25    I'm considering switching from DSL to Sprint Broadband (wireless).
        Does anyone have Sprint Broadband? If so, how is the service? Thanks.
2001/6/25 [Uncategorized] UID:21617 Activity:nil
6/25    RIP Alpha:
        \_ I guess the future now belongs to x86-64, PPC/Power4 and US3/4.
           Personally, I'm betting on AMD.
2001/6/25 [Uncategorized] UID:21618 Activity:moderate
6/25    God fucking dammit people get it right. It's 1337, not 7337. If you want
        to see some 7337s, go ask yermom.
        \_ i dub thee motdwanker.
        \_ As I understand the "cyper", shouldn't it actually be ELITE -> 31173?
           (E -> 3; L,I -> 1; T -> 7)
           \_ [ Followup inadvertently deleted, something to the effect
                that 31337 people don't use I's ]
           \_ no, it should be 1337.
2001/6/25-26 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:21619 Activity:high
6/25    After years of having "Godel, Escher, Bach" on my bookshelf,
        I've finally picked it up to read.  Unfortunately, I'm not much
        Bach fan so I haven't heard the examples referred to in
        the book. Given that it has been around for awhile, I'd think
        that someone must've been geeky enough to put together a compilation
        of the music? Does anyone know of a CD set or audio file collection
        of the pieces in this book.
        \_ Just go buy Art of Fugue.  My favourite is still St. Matthew's
           Passion, but I am not sure if it was mentioned in the book.
           \_ pretty much everything from the book is from Art of Fugue or
              The Musical Offering.  You can get 2-CD sets with both.
              (and they're worth having whether or not you're reading the
              book).  -tom
           \_ [ Tom's comment deleted.  He knows why. ]
              \_ [ No, Tom, because you censor people. ]
                \_ yes, I do know why...because anonymous cowards like you
                   insist on removing any actual information that manages
                   to make it into the MOTD.  The comment was, almost all
                   of the Bach information in the book is from Art of Fugue
                   or The Musical Offering, which are available as a 2-CD
                   set, and which you should have whether or not you're
                   reading GEB.  -tom
        \_ Have you lost your Y chromosome?  Jaysis, yer such a cunt.
           \_ Perhaps one of the fabled sodan females posted this.
              \_ nah, the sodan femmes have more bollicks than this wanker.
                 \_ I just looked up this book on Amazon. It doesn't seem
                    that fruity. Is it any more fruity than say, The Tao
                    of Physics?
                    \_ I read part of it and thought it was good, but that
                       was when it just came out (back when I was in high
                       school?). I don't know if I would still find it as
                       interesting today.
                 \_ bollocks.
                    \- GEB is insufferable. ok tnx.
2001/6/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:21620 Activity:nil
6/25    Why does Win2k include both mplay32.exe and mplayer2.exe?  Isn't the
        latter a newer version of the same app?  Is there anything that the
        former can do but the latter can't?
        \_ yes.  the old mplay32 allowed you to select a section to copy, which
           for some reason or another mplayer2 does not (most likely because
           it's almost totally useless, and anyone who wants to do AV
           editing wouldn't be using WMP)
2001/6/25-26 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21621 Activity:high
6/28    How can I get my printer driver (bsd) to be more quiet?  syslog is
        logging stuff like "/kernel: T 80 sts 80" every centisecond.  On a
        related matter, how does one discover the severity/origin of a given
        message in the log?
        \_ man syslog -ali
           \_ [ obMotdStupidity purged ]
          \_ I removed all syslog.conf references to /dev/console and I'm
             still getting inundated w/ the same messages.
             \_ reboot
                \_ don't reboot, kill -HUP syslogd.  But that's probably not
                   what you want to do anyway--you want to direct lpr.*
                   to somewhere intelligent.  -tom
2001/6/25-26 [Computer/Networking] UID:21622 Activity:nil
6/28    I am interested in writing some applications for J2ME/CDC,CLDC,MIDP, what
        kind of celluar phone/mobile equipment should I buy?
        \_ Well, Motorola has been claiming their Java-enabled phones are only
           six months away for the last 24 months.
        \_ How about a Palm with an Omniski? Not a phone but a CLDC/MIDP
           platform nonetheless. A Handspring with an 802.11 SpringPort card
           also works.
2001/6/25 [Uncategorized] UID:21623 Activity:nil
6/25    alpha, r.i.p.
2001/6/25 [Recreation/Music] UID:21624 Activity:nil
6/25    So maybe one of you knows this: in the game Civilization 2, when you
        built one of the wonders (perhaps newton's college?) you see this
        movie with Bach music playing. The music is some kind of organ and
        harpsichord thing, kind of dramatic sounding. Anyone know what piece
        that is?
        \_ "Oops, I did it Again - in G"
2001/6/25 [Uncategorized] UID:21625 Activity:nil 50%like:20289
6/25    [url with useless comment "discuss" delete.]
2001/6/25 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:21626 Activity:nil
6/25    I once walked by 306 Soda and saw a lecture on Lambda Calculus. Is
        that like the SF Lambda Gay Society, where gay+geek people meet and
        do each other?
        \_ no.
2001/6/25 [Uncategorized] UID:21627 Activity:nil 50%like:23332 66%like:20383 66%like:20289
6/25    [url with comments deleted]
2001/6/25-26 [Health/Disease/General] UID:21628 Activity:very high
6/25    Seeking advice on wetsuits.  I'm learning how to swim but the water
        is too cold so I want to get a full bodied wetsuit.  Anything I should
        watch out for when getting one?  Particular brands somebody can
        recommend?  Thanks.
        \_ Learn to swim in a pool? All you need is a swimsuit. Duh. --dim
           \_ I am trying to learn in a pool in my backyard!  The water
              is still too cold for me this time of the year.  I'm too skinny,
              can't float easily and get cold easily.  :-)
        \_ You should decide on thickness first. I have one for surfing
           that is "3/2" (I don't even know the units - mm?) meaning 3
           in the torso and 2 in the arms. If you are doing a lot of
           swimming you will probably want not-so-thick arms. Mine is
           good for Santa Cruz about 6 months a year, but not in the winter
           and not in summer.
           Anyway, you want it to fit tightly in the arms. You should also
           think about getting a rash guard to wear underneath. You want
           it as tight as you can get it and not need someone to zip it
           up for you. It will not really stretch. They come in regular
           sizes (s/m/l/xl) and also tall/regular/short. Buy the right size
           for you.
           I have O'Neill which is great. Body Glove is also popular. I
           would rather invest in a pretty good one from a name brand rather
           than something cheapo. Santa Cruz has a lot of surf shops, but
           I got mine at Tri-City in Fremont. Cope & McPheters is also a
           big place you can probably get them.
           \_ This rash guard, it is worn all over the body?  Or just
              particular spots like arms or knees?
           \_ I second O'Neill and Body Glove.  But wetsuits in general are
              better for ocean sports like surfing and diving.  If you want
              to learn how to swim, I really suggest taking a class or at
              least swim laps in the gym or at school.  UCB offers great
              swimming classes.  If you HAVE to swim in your backyard, I
              suggest getting a dive skin, which is basically a stretchy
              nylon full body suit.  It's much more flexible than wetsuits,
              and provides more warmth than a swimming suit.  You can get
              them at dive shops, like Captain Aqua's in Fremont.  Don't
              go to Steel's in Oakland.  -- alice
2019/06/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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