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2001/6/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:21606 Activity:very high
6/22    John Woo doing TMNT!
        \_ Face/Off and MI2 both sucked raw sewage. John Woo is on thin ice
           for me.
           \_ Face/Off and MI2 both rocked.  Sure, they weren't anything like
              Harboiled, Hard Target, or Broken Arrow, but hey, they were
              entertaining and over the top, and that's why I go to see John
              Woo films.  If JW's doing TMNT, he's got my $8.  --erikred
        \_ They are going back to the "grittier" comics. This is going to
           suck. I liked the cartoons more, the turtle van, Rockstead and
                    we (and yes, it's a we) have come up with the people who
                    are actually posting to the motd; enough so that we can
           BeeBop, the evil aliens, etc.
                    poster's login.  soon to come: /etc/motd.authenticated!
           \_ BeeBop?  Is that like a BeeBoy?
           \_ Jaysis, yer a cunt.
              \_ paolo is that you?
                    \_ No I worte this. I liked the cartoons much more
                    \_ wow.  that really sucks ass.  Now the motd is going to
                       be boring and lame.  This is going to kill the best
                       part of motd.  Everything changes, I guess, and not
                       always for the better.     -mice
                    \_ I am unable to parse this post. "ya know what we
                       have come up with the people who are posting; enough
                       so that we can write a script..." huh?
                       than the comic books (I had original copies of 1-32
                       when I was in HS). The only one I liked was the
                       one where they go to china, I think it was #18.
                 \_ no.  i have the balls to sign my posts.  Ya know what?
                    We (and yes, it's a we) have come up with a way to id
                    the people who are actually posting to the motd - so we can
                    write a script that will annotate each post with the
                    poster's login.  Soon to come: /etc/motd.authenticated!
                    - paolo
                    \_ R.I.P. MOTD                           --mice
                    \_ This is really missing the point of the motd.
                       Except for people who censor and delete, why
                       do you care who did what to the motd?
                    \_ This is a terrible idea that will ruin the motd.
                    \_ who's we?  Anyways, it seems like the tool would
                       be more useful if it were not widely released to
                       sodans, but rather accessible by a limited cabal of
                       \_ The cabal already have an id method. This new script
                          is being developed by us for use by everyone else.
                   \_ Weren't you the one aruging for unrestricted and
                      possibly anonymous posting on the motd just a few
                      days ago?
        \_ I think I've seen both TMNT movies the first week they were
           released and liked them pretty much.
2001/6/23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21607 Activity:moderate
6/22    Are you intimidated by a significant other who is smarter or has
        more education than you?  will you date someone smarter or has
        more education or is more accomplished than you?
        \_ I'm unlikely to find a chick smarter than me.  But if I do
           find one, and she's funny, and we make good conversation,
           it would be cool.
           \_ just the kind of attitude I was expecting from this group.
              or at least from some of the motd responses.
        \_ pussy is as pussy does. why would it matter? we're all college
           educated. if she wins the nobel prize then good for us, more
           money for me.
        \_ if she's truly smart, she would go out with me and only me babaay
        \_ Save your money, save your life, save your future. Do not date
           women. They are evil and will suck the very life from you.
           \_ Are you saying all men should be gay? This reminds me, I
              just saw 'Keep the River on Your Right' tonight. I thought
              it was a great movie. Anyone else like it?
        \_ Women do that all the time. But they often won't respect a
           man who is less intelligent or wealthy than them.
        \_ Women date up.  Men date down.  It all works out.
              \_ that kind of attitude means that the dynamic will never
                 change for the better.   =(
                 \_ What makes you say this 'dynamic' needs to change for
                    the better, or indeed that a better 'dynamic' exists?
                    Maybe this state of affairs is optimal.
              \_ i used to only date geeks who were as smart or smarter than
                 me. then i figured out that even though it sounds like a
                 good idea in theory, two very smart geeks in a relationship
                 isn't necessarily a good thing. now i'm in a great
                 relationship with a non-geek who's reasonably intelligent
                 but not brilliant. -chick who's "dating down"
        \_ My very smart friend with a Stanford engineering masters and
           high tech industry management experience not to mention a rich
           parents married a Berkeley dude with education degree who is a
           school teacher.  I always say Berkeley guys are the coolest.
           I just met two more pretty Stanford babes married to Berkeley
           geeks, and another pretty one who digs me.
           \_ spareH074ZNCH1Xp?
2001/6/23 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:21608 Activity:high
6/22    Is there a utility that helps you decode a hex dump?  I want a tool
        that lets you enter each field and the size of each field.  Then it
        takes in an ASCII hex dump and then decodes it according to the
        field information.  I'm getting a headache reading all these hex
        dumps.   Thanks.
        \_ perl is your friend.
           \_ Perl is the jism of satan.
              \_ is that a bad thing?
                 \_ I didn't know Saddam Hussein had a csua account.
                    \_ Get off my dick.
                       \_ I'm the hot gay dragon.
                          \_ What kind of a Marine are you???
           \_ indeed.  try "perldoc -f pack"
        \_ scanf("%x", ...)?
        \_ listen guys, I do not want to write any code to do this.  I'm
           looking for an application already written.  Free or shareware
           would be nice.   thanks.
           \_ An application to do this would require you to specify the
              format of your particular dump in some kind of detailed
              manner.  Jeez, just write the 5 or 10 lines of code it will
              \- possibly emacs hexl-mode --psb
        \_ what platform?  if Windows, frhed will let you do something like
           this, although it's a bit limited (byte/short/int/long/float/double
           fields only; can't specify bit-fields, can't specify arrays, etc.)
              \_ exactly.  you could specify a text file with type/size
                 information with each field, etc.  ok, making a custom program
                 to do it wouldn't be hard, but an already-existing, general
                 program would be still be easier.
2001/6/23 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:21609 Activity:high
6/22    I have a select() and read() question. I'm using select() in order to
        figure out whether or not a given socket fd has anything to read within
        the timeout. If the socket doesn't have anything to read, then I close
        the connection, as I'm trying to prevent a dos connection attack.
        Now my problem is this: if select() returns a given socket fd I try to
        read from it, read() will block if there are less than the specified
        number of bytes available on the socket, which is bad because someone
        can still do a connection based dos. What's the standard way of dealing
        with this problem? Threads? Alarm timers?
        \_ the solution is to make the fd O_NONBLOCK using ioctl() after you
           open the fd. subsequent reads will not block if there isn't
           enough data. instead, they read as much as is available and
           return it. -ali
           \_ Thanks. I'll try it out.
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