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2001/6/22 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:21596 Activity:moderate
6/21    Does Berkeley have a CS MS program?
        \_ EECS MS.
           \_ Nope. You're under the EECS dept but your degree will be in CS
              or EE, not both.
2001/6/22 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:21597 Activity:moderate
6/21    How do I make Emacs format a block of text to fit within a certain
        number of columns (by inserting newlines, etc)?
        \_ M-x set-goal-column 70, M-x fill-paragraph.  See C-x C-n and M-q.
           --- yuen
        \_ ^X^Cvi !$^M!}fmt 70 75^M
           \_ How do I get vi to automatically color code and indent C
              files without using the default 8 position tabs? How do
              I load up multiple files under vi so that I can juxtapose
              them. How do I get gdb to automatically bring up the
              source file and mark the location under vi? vi isn't the
              damn panacea to all things. I use vi when I need to edit
              things quickly but I don't use it to write mail or write
              very large code.
              \_ color, autoindent: vim
                 set sw=4
                 map! ^V^I ^V^T
                 multiple files?  :E in nvi; probably something else in vim
                 gdb inside?  vide
2001/6/22 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Computer/Rants] UID:21598 Activity:nil
6/21    David Copperfield, a magician in the US, is a master of supernormal
        abilities who once performed the feat of walking through the Great
        Wall of China. When he was about to pass through the Wall, he used a
        white cloth as a cover, pressed himself against the Wall, and then
        proceeded to go through it. Why did he do that? Doing it that way
        would lead many people to consider it a magic show. It had to be done
        like that since he knew there are many people in China with great
        supernormal abilities. He was afraid of interference from them, so he
        covered himself before he went in. When coming out, he raised the
        cloth with one hand and walked out. As the saying goes , With it done
        this way the audience thought it was a magic performance. These
        supernormal abilities are called magic because they aren't used for
        cultivating the human body, but for stage performances in order to
        display unusual things and to entertain. From a low-level perspective,
        qigong can change the condition of one's body, achieving the goals of
        healing and health. From a high-level perspective, qigong refers to
        the cultivation of one's original-body (benti).
2001/6/22 [Industry/Startup] UID:21599 Activity:very high
6/21    Anybody in a startup right now?  How is it like?  layoffs and money
        running out?  I keep getting calls from startups and I'm wondering if
        I should leave my cushy job to risk it all.  Thanks.
        \_ make sure they pay cash.
          \_ up front.
            \_ and ask for 2 forms of ID
        \_ wait till market gets better?
        \_ Some startups still have plenty of cushion, but do not approach
           them with the same attitude one would do in 1999 (i.e. the infinite
           cash supply, etc.) Other than that, I still believe startup
           companies with clear business model and non-mediocre product still
        \_ this is the best time to be working for startups. come on, what've
           you got to lose?
           \_ your stable job that you had before.
        \_ Depends if they have the right product people and processes.
           If they do, then it may be worth it (but that's the case even
           when the economy is "good")
        \_ Slightly off topic, but what recent startups have actually become
           established companies (ie, you wouldn't call 'em startups anymore
           and they actually are stable).
           \_ In this market, no startup (new or otherwise) is stable.
        \_ In a nutshell, here is what you should consider before going to
           work for a startup:
           1. How much cash do they have, and, given this, how long can
              they survive with NO FUNDING and still pay your salary.
           2. How much will they pay you?  Stock is NOT a substitute for
              salary.  That said, due to the incredibly poor market
              conditions, you should be able to get more stock because
              of it's (perceived) decreased value.
           3. Make it clear that, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, will you take
              a pay cut, or lower your salary for more stock after you
              are hired.  It is the responsibility of the management
              to budget for your salary for the forseeable future.
              If you are hired at rate x now and the company tries to
              decrease your salary to some value y < x, you are being
           4. You will not IPO in the next 12 months, the market is too
              bad right now, no company with sane management would even
              consider it.  More likely, you will not IPO in the next
              24 months.  Beyond that, the outlook is hazy.  Worst case
              scenario, the economy will continue to suck for the
              remainder of the Bush Reich.  Greenspan is a miracle worker,
              but improving the economy during the Bush presidency would
              probably constitute vulgar magick, and result in a paradox
           5. VCs are being pretty tight with money now, but they have
              a tremendous amount from the boom.  Don't be fooled into
              thinking that the recent downturn has put a remotely
              significant dent in their coffers.  In their typical,
              brain dead herd mentality, the in thing to invest in are
              companies that are stable, profitable, and show potential
              for significant long-term growth.  This is in contrast to
              the earlier herd philosophy of invest in any company on
              this internet thing and tell them to splurge money to get
              big really fast, and then figure out how the hell to turn
              a profit.
              When evaluating companies to work for, think how the
              current VC herd mentality flavor of the month will
              influence their prospects for being funded when they
              need yet.
           6. VCs are generally dumb.  They make money because VC
              investing is more or less high-stakes gambling where the
              odds are incredibly in their favor.  If you want to see
              empirical evidence of how clueless VCs are, read up on
              the debacle that is arsDigita.  Keep in mind that the VC
              firms that invested in aD are some of the top firms out
              there.  If you can join a company that can sustain itself
              so it does not need VC funding, so much the better.
              That said, the one thing that the incredible amount of
              money and clout some VC firms carry can help with is
              taking a company public.  But, as point 4 mentions,
              that's not happening any time soon.  Also, the less
              your company actually NEEDS a VC stake, the less the
              VCs can devalue your stock, and munge the operations of
              the company.
            Anyway, hope this helped.
           [ Paolo's drivel deleted. ]  Get a clue.
             \_ Hi fucknut.  Remember, I, unlike you,have the balls to sign
                my posts.  Do you think I'm going to bother to give advice
                about this topic?  What would be the point of me arguing
                with the landed gentry of the motd? - Paolo (who knows there
                are only 5 people who actually really post on this forum)
           \_ What do you mean by stable? Stable like IBM or stable like
              HAND? --dim
           \_ Riverstone and Juniper
2001/6/22 [Uncategorized] UID:21600 Activity:nil
6/21    R.I.P. Archie Bunker
2001/6/22 [Uncategorized] UID:21601 Activity:nil
6/21    Chronicle made an interesting typo.  Instead of the chronicle system hyphenated the site
        to a raunchy porn site.  They got lots
        of unhappy readers.
        \_ tee hee hee!
           \_ Cheri?  Is that you?
              \_ tom? Is that you?
2001/6/22 [Recreation/Media] UID:21602 Activity:insanely high 66%like:21593
6/21    "Center of the World".  You love this movie.  You live this movie.
        [post restored... why deleted?]
                \_ Aside from the lollipop scene I thought this was a
                        terrible movie, incl. its DVness
                        \_  DVness??
                                \_ Digital Video-ness
                                   \_ Huh?
        \_ What's it about?
        \_ Sodans cannot live a sex movie.
          \_ it's a paying-for-sex movie.  -tom
             \_ Ahhh...I know those.
             \_ Old CSUA saying: Sodans would rather spend thier money on a
                new Athlon T-Bird than carnal relations.
2001/6/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:21603 Activity:nil
6/22    What's the word out there on FuckedCompany vs. VeryFuckedCompany?
        Which is better?
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
2001/6/22-23 [Academia/OtherSchools] UID:21604 Activity:kinda low
6/22    Sexiest Geek Contest:
        \_ Xena needs Zex.
        \_ Mr. Lara Croft?
                \_ Noo.. some Mills College CS professor. She didn't look
                   that hot. I like Cindy Margolis better.
                   \_ . I think the CSUA
                      can do better. --dim
                      \_ I agree.  You think you can beat some of them dim?
                         One of them has a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. from MIT.
                         \_ Hell, I work with PhDs (CalTech and MIT) who are
                            hotter than her. --dim
                                \_ would they actually show up for that
                                   stupid contest?   -tom
                                   \_ No. So I guess the title is deceiving
                                      since the sample was self-selecting.
                                      "Sexiest Geek Without A Life or
                                      Self-Respect" is a better name. Heck,
                                      Kathy Yelick (MIT) is better than
                                      the winner. --dim
                      \_ Aria Giovanni is good too.
                                      \_ Damn!!1!
                      \_ Aria Giovanni and Tara Patrick are good too.
2001/6/22-23 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:21605 Activity:moderate
6/22    What's the word out there on WebSphere vs. WebLogic?  Which is better?
                \_ Given that Websphere is still somewhere in EJB 1.0 land
                   the choice is quite obvious
        \_ Haven't used WebLogic, but WebSphere FUCKING SUCKS.  Install will
           give you headaches for months.  Tuning is a bitch, and is required
           for any widespread use.  It's still using Java 1 and EJB 1.0 and
           Servlet 2.1.  Unless you move to version 3.5, which I don't know
           of anyone using in production, then you're stuck with respect to
           third party software.  Oh, and their tech support is absolute shit.
           I've lodged 7 trouble tickets, and every single time I've come up
           with the solution days before them.  Did I mention WebSphere
           FUCKING SUCKS?
           \_ WebSphere JVM has a bug that causes bit shift operations on 64
              bit values to not work correctly.  e-mail me for details.
              bit values to not work correctly.  E-mail me for details.
                -- ilyas
           \_ websphere 3.5 is used by many large companies, like Schwab.
           \_ Hi, Ben!
        \_ WebLogic RULES!
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