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2001/6/14-15 [Science/Physics, Computer/Theory] UID:21510 Activity:kinda low
6/13    Long lived quantum entanglement of 2 macroscopic objects has been
        Food for thought.  -- ilyas
        \_ Thaumaturgy scheduled for teaching at UCB in year 2011
           \_ We will teleport your gonads into the icy environs of deep space!
        \_ Eh. Note that this has only been submitted to Nature and thus hasn't
           passed peer review yet. The results they claim do sound impressive,
           but I'm holding off on the party for time being (and I'm not nearly
           enough of a physicist to evaluate actual procedure used and the
           consequent claims' validity). -alexf
        \_ .5 milli seconds is longlived? not useful for engineers yet..
           \_ for quantum computation, that is wuite long.  If you could
              get that kind of lifetime for a 10,000 qubit system,
              you would have a real quantum computer.
              \_ Even 200-300 qubits at that speed should kick the crap out
                 of the current state of classical machines. -alexf
        \_ 0.5 ms is long for all scientist/engineers.
           \_ that's not what their sexual partners think.
2001/6/14-15 [Computer/Networking] UID:21511 Activity:high
6/13    Does the open source business model work?
        \_ open source is NOT a business model dammit!  There are a variety
           of business models that can incorporate open source, and some of
           them work and some of them don't.
        \_ have you seen an "open source" company that had reported healthy
           and steady profits so far?
        \_ if "open source" == "linux" then at least one company managed
           to get the model to work (hint they were acquired by sun)
           \_ it almost seems like the way to make open source work is to
              be bought out by another company.  Another company I know
              was bought out by Cisco.
              \_ What company hasn't been bought out by Cisco?
                 \_ Cisco's acquisition rate was about 1 company every
                    two months from 1998-2000. Cisco passed on most
                    companies and mostly only purchased winners, linux
                    was not a winner in cisco's eyes. - cisco alum
                    \_ You talk about Cisco as if it was a good thing.
                       \_ Cisco is a great company with good engineering
                          and great management and sales. The corporate
                          culture was excellent as was the compensation
                          package. I would say that Cisco was probably
                          one of the best companies to work for and I
                          wouldn't mind returning in the future (once
                          my options vest at my current company).
           \_ Cobalt is a hardware company. Yes, Linux hardware companies
              will manage to make some money. What about the software
              companies? Promisses, promisses ..
              \_ Not all linux hardware companies make that much money.
                 Most of cobalt's competition (also linux based) went
                 under or are struggling (va & neteng). In any case
                 sans sun, cobalt would probably be in the same boat
                 as va or neteng, perhaps even worse.
        \_ Cygnus was around a reasonably long time weren't they? Oh wait,
        \_ It works for hardware companies (Sun, SGI, IBM, Cobalt, etc.)
           with decent products - saves them on software development costs.
                \_ Sun and SGI have decent products?
                   \_ Sun has decent products. The entire netra line
                      and the enterpise line (450 and upto E10K) are
                      very good and much cheaper (inital investment
                      and lifetime cost), much more so than the equivalent
                      from HP, IBM and Compaq. SGI used to be good,
                      but all they've got now is BlueMountain.
                      \_ SGI still makes decent products. They've been
                         a disaster, financially because they didn't
                         have a catchy slogan like "We're the Dot in
                         dot com" crap. That, and they flirted with NT
                         and Cray for a while
                         \_ NT was a disaster, but now they are peddling
                            Linux which is agruably worse for a niche
                            vendor like SGI. SGI also has problems in the
                            high end, since most of the clustering and
                            massively parallel technology came with the
                            cray acquisition which was subsequently sold
                            to sun. SGI was floundering as early as 96
                            and thier failure had little to do with
                            Sun's marketing and much more to do with a
                            unreliable os (irix has thousands of patches
                            and is a headache to maintain and develop
                            software for), properitary expensive hardware
                            and a weak/non-existant enterprise story.
                            Unlike apple, whose price points are low
                            enough for customers making up for a weak
                            enterprise story, SGI's prices were way too
                            high for most individuals and even most
                            companies, forcing them into the niche
                            of ultra high end graphics and scientific
                            computing, both of which are not long term
                            growth industries from a revenue standpoint.
                            \_ No shit. SGI isn't in the consumer market.
                               Of course it's too expensive for most
                               individuals, the same way a 747 is too
                               expensive for most individuals for Boeing
                               to sell to.
                               \_ You missed the point. Boeing is a
                                  market leader in an industry of 1.
                                  SGI is a market trailer in an industry
                                  of several giants and they don't have
                                  price or technology advantages in
                                  order to grow.
                            \_ SGI's main problem is being king of a market
                               that shouldn't exist: large-scale numa SHM.
           \_ sun has not "opensourced" their software in any way that
              is saving them money.
              It would save them more money if they kept all the
              internals secret, but actually released APIs for the
              currently black-box areas.
2001/6/14 [Uncategorized] UID:21512 Activity:nil
6/13    Where did go? Where is that sucker when I need it?
2001/6/14-7/20 [Computer/SW/Database, Finance/Investment] UID:21513 Activity:nil
6/13    I am now assuming all you .commers/tech gods have more money than I-
        Thus I can finally be a financial consultant.
        1. ENRON they have gotten a lot of bad press recently and the
        stock is in the tank- but fundamentally they are still sound with
        a very good management group. They are right now basically
        pulling out of low margin old school projects to instead focus
        the entire company onto trading and management of utilities.....
        This is a wise business decision and will pay of sooner or later-
        2. GE 80% of their product is sold out for the next 5 years. nuf
        said Half their profit comes from GE Capital ( low interest rate
        helps them a lot ). Ie they already have huge lease agreements
        providing airplanes.  They just refinance their loan but the
        lease contract is already existing and has a lifetime of 10
        years.. a no brainer 10% easy
        3. Level 3/ MFN This is a competitive hedge position- long level3
        short mfn- given the recent tank of MFN this would not be a good
        entry point for this position but the position is still valid and
        good for at least 15% of you portfolio
        4. Sybase Oracle is fucking up big time- sybase has very strong
        financials and a depressed valuation- you could look at SEBL but
        they are way to overvalued. You could turn this position into a
        competive hedge against SEBL 15% easy maybe more
        5. Verizon I don't like what the FCC is doing to hamped Verizon
        but it doesn't change the fundamentals- they control the end user
        - nuf said 15%
        6. ATT I love the cable assets of att. They are pursuing a nice
        road to greatly reduce debt load and shoveling off useless
        assets.  15%
        7. CAT There is a current worldwide boom in heavy construction-
        CAT is the only supplier of major heavy equip. Add to this their
        generator business and they are golden 10%
        This would form a very nice portfolio assuming you have around
        40K to invest- it is really tough to build a real portfolio with
        less you can shovel off a few lines but make sure that each
        investment is at least 5K.
        \_ Please sign your name so we can have you arrested for giving
           financial advice without a license.
2001/6/14-7/20 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:21514 Activity:low
6/13    Note that sprint just cancelled ION- who the hell knew what ION was
        anyway???? They had all these commercials but never once showed the
        product or what it does.  Teledesic rocks!
        \_ I never saw an ION commerical, but I had read about it
           on several ng's. I was looking forward to migrating from
           1.5 DSL to ION, but I guess that's not possible now. BTW,
           the ION web page doesn't have any info on the cancellation,
           though the check for service now says that the service is
           unavailable in my zip code (it was available last week).
           Teledesic looks good, but they won't be in wide service
           till 2005. I considered WildBlue for a bit, but they
           don't seem like they are *nix friendly (PC/Mac only).
           That leased line is looking better all the time.
2001/6/14 [Uncategorized] UID:21515 Activity:nil 54%like:20987
6/13    PARTY ANNOUNCEMENT: 2415 Dwight way apt #23, Berkeley.
        \_why don't you just say "fenwick, apt #23"?
          \_ it says that above the address on the flyer.  wouldn't
             the address be more useful?
             \_ You know, one of these days I'm going to go to one of
                these parties and see what's really going on.
                \_ davebrok went to the last one, he had a good time.
2001/6/14-15 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:21516 Activity:moderate
6/14    Are high-tech companies required by law to hire minorities (African
        American or Native Americans)? If the law requires Southwest and
        United Airline to hire fat ugly women, why doesn't the law require
        IBM or Intel to hire non-Asians? Or such law is already underway?
        \_ the law requires that you can't reject an applicant  because
           s/he is ugly and fat, unless someone who is not ugly or not fat
           also applies for the same job.  In that case, the law requires
           that there is a reason why the ugly is not preferred or that
           the fat is not preferred for reasons other than for the sake
           that the fat is fat, and the ugly is ugly.
        \_ the law requires that you should read this:
           \_ and i thought i'd never see the word "downloadeth"...
           \_ holy shit that is hilarious.
              \_ yeah. i thought you guys would get a kick out of the 7 eyed
2001/6/14 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:21517 Activity:high 73%like:21523
6/14    The most anoying misspelled word its deanitely their below:
        definately (definitely)   ..
        it's (its)                ..
        they're/their/there       .
        mispelled                 .
        lose/loser (loose/looser) .
        micro$oft                 .
        your/you're               .
        rediculous                .
        pr0n                      .
2001/6/14-15 [Academia/OtherSchools] UID:21518 Activity:very high
6/14    "10 toughest colleges"
        Hmm, we're not on the list. :-(
              \_ Kalamazoo?? Basically, in order to assess
                 toughest colleges you probably have to distinguish
                 between technical and non-technical. Among
                 technical schools, I'd include MIT and Cal Tech
                 and then add the millitary academies (real curriculum +
                 millitary training). Among liberal arts schools,
                 I'd probably put the schools that take seriously
                 great books and foreign languages: St. Johns,
                 Deep Springs and then maybe Chicago, Swarthmore.
                 After that, you would add schools have tough majors -
                 if you want to take them: Berkeley, Michigan, the Ivys
                 and places like Amherst.
        \_ "MSN"?  gee.
        \_ Any list headed by CalTech, I don't want to be on.  -tom
           \_ Thus spake the wise one, whose widsom was not good
              enough for admission into the high temple of science
              and learning.
        \_ they smoke a lot of crack at Reed
           \_ they smoke pot.  especially at "Ren Faire".  Portland is nice
              tho.  Rains a fuckload of a lot.  Lotsa hippies and burrowood
                \_ What's the name of the festival where they do
                   do the most digusting thing imaginable, and then
                   you get the cute girl next to you to do something
                   worse, like eating mealworms out of someone's
                   \_ CU73 42N CH1X W0U1D ! D0 7H47!
              \_ That's just 23rd Ave, Portland's version of Haight-Ashbury.
                 \_ and the Reed Campus.  I was there.  No, Really, I was.
                    were you?  Did you live in the mac-only dorms?  Did
                    you see your roommates make bongs from soda cans and
                    drink microbrew peach ginger ale?  Or are you a sodawanker?
                    drink microbrew peach ginger ale?  Or are you a motdwanker?
                    \_ Yes, I've visited Reed. But I had more sense to go
                       to Cal than to go to a school like Reed. Portland's
                       not exactly the place to go for higher education
                       unless you want to go to OHSU and become a doctor.
                       Most of Portland is pretty well maintained. It's
                       a fairly liberal city but it's nothing like Telegraph
              \_ I feel gritty already just by reading this!
        \_ what?  did you really expect Berkeley to be on this list?  are you
           \_ i'm glad berkeley is n't on this list.
        \_ there's a world of difference between "10 toughest colleges" and
           "10 colleges with students who whine the most". sure, mit and
           caltech are most likely on both lists. the rest look verrrrrry
           \_ The Coast Guard Academy is on the list. That tells you all
              you need to know. --dim
              \_ What's wrong with the Coast Guard Academy?  Thx.
                 \_ It's not exactly West Point, not that West Point is
                    all that. For fun, find out where celebrities went:
           \_ MIT and caltech _AND_ Swarthmore.  Swarthmore is a pretty tough
              driven place. --chris
        \_ Swarthmore I'll buy.  Reed, KZoo (Kalamazoo), Grinnelle?  Yeah,
           right. -dans
                \_ Swarthmore.  Anywhere else it would have been an C-
        \_ I think basically these colleges run real curriculums but accept
           average students, who have to work at a killer pace juts to keep up.
           \_ Caltech and MIT have killer curriculums and admit only the
              best of the best and then work them to the bone. The other
              universities have average curriculums but accept shitty
              students, the kind that would find Cal hard (hint Cal is
              not hard).
              \_ well, what is our criteria of hardness? if there are some
                 really hard classes but most people don't take them, what
                 does this mean? if most people are L&S weenies, then what?
                 if you do 16 units or more a semester of solid technical
                 classes, is that "easy"?  or even less, since in the end
                 it comes down to time. is it hard because your peers are
                 smarter than you and set high standards on the exams?
                 is it hard because the material itself is hard to learn?
                 \_ The material covered is much more detailed and the
                    expected understanding of that material is much higher.
                    For example, you could not pass MIT's equiv. of the
                    7 series without attending a single lecture, section
                    and lab. At Cal it is trivial. Same for ld math. Its
                    harder to pass a ud or grad course with zero work, but
                    it can be done with a fraction of the work required
                    at CalTech or MIT. The Farm is no better than Cal,
                    and in fact its worse in some ways. (I've never seen
                    bigger bunch of whiners and sisses in my life. I keep
                    hearing things like, no fair, don't change the rules
                    half way through the course, we need extensions because
                    life is too hard when your dad make $1e6 a year, etc.)
2001/6/14 [Uncategorized] UID:21519 Activity:nil
2001/6/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:21520 Activity:nil
6/14    Defcon schedule up: <DEAD><DEAD>
2001/6/14 [Politics, Politics/Foreign/Asia/India] UID:21521 Activity:nil
6/14    Doh!
2001/6/14-15 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:21522 Activity:moderate
6/14    Is there a way to use procmail to send a bounce to spammers so
        that you are removed from their mailing list?
        [useful replies deleted. why? oh no reason. i just like the power.]
        \_ Just have a generate one of those phony MAILER-DAEMON 550
           recipient unknown messages.  Then have the mail sent to
           /dev/null.  It worked for me.  The rate at which I get spam
           has dropped 4-fold.
        \_ spamtrap rocks. It will auto-complain.
           If you know the people you want to bounce, something like
2001/6/14-15 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:21523 Activity:insanely high 73%like:21517
6/14    The most anoying misspelled word its deanitely their below:
        heresey                   .
        dumbenning                .
        embiggens                 .
        definately (definitely)   ..
        it's (its)                ..
        they're/their/there       .
        mispelled                 .
        loose/looser (lose/loser) .
        \_ What about luser?
        micro$oft                 .
        your/you're               ...
        cum                       ...................
        rediculous                .
        pr0n                      .
        seperate                          .
        potatoe (Hi Al.)
        \_ Hi Dan!
           \_ Spelling potato with an "e" was probably one of the
              smarter things he's said.
        then/than                 .
        \_ Not a misspelled word.
           \_ here in the United States it is.
              \_ Bullshite.  Don't make me kick your arse into realising how
                 stupid you sound.
                 \_ You are right. Colour is courrect.
2001/6/14-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21524 Activity:high 66%like:20289
6/14    Doh!
        [url without comment deleted. "doh!" is not a useful comment.]
        \_ wtf?  "doh" was a perfectly fine comment.  If you looked at the URL,
           it's clearly obvious what it meant.  For the apparently clueless:
           idiot. -- !original poster                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
           [reply without clue deleted.]
              \_ I'm not saying that "Doh" couldn't have been more descriptive,
              \_ I'm not saying that "Doh" could have been more descriptive,
                 but it WAS sufficient.
                 \_ it's not sufficient if it requires me to look up the
                    fucking url to understand the comment. the whole point of
                    the comment is to allow early rejection. get a fucking
                    clue, james.
                          \- in this case the humor value of the "naked doh"
                  justified the deviation from the "verbosity protocol" --psb
                                \_ I agree -- !psb's #1 fan
                                   \_ is that (!psb)'s #1 fan or
                                              !(psb's #1 fan) ?
                                      \_ unary prefix ! operator binds more
                                         tightly than the binary infix
                                         "'s # fan" operator.
                            \_ i'm willing to accept the url posting in
                               light of this new interpretation. but my
                               argument still stands. thank you.
                    \_ the point was, you don't need to load up the URL since
                       it's self-descriptive. It couldn't be more descriptive
                       if it said <DEAD><DEAD>
                       \_ sex-wtih-yomama is not descriptive comment either.
                          a better comment would have been "dangers of having
                          sex with my mom" or "my mom has had sex wtih 100
                          men" or "i like to have sex with my mom, here are
                          the details." let me guess, you're the kind of
                          guy who writes mail with subject "a question"
                          or "need help!". right?
                          \_ So you're that kid who's so dumb that he needs
                             Cliff Notes for everything he reads. It's not
                             my job to interpret things that are obvoius to
                             most people for you.
2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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