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2001/6/8 [Consumer/Audio] UID:21454 Activity:nil
322432.3 Hey nobody told me where i can get an mp3 if the kirk-spock
         ritual battle music!  What kind of geeks are you!?
2001/6/8 [Uncategorized] UID:21455 Activity:nil
6/8     "Sodan, what is best in life?"
        "To crush your bugs, read code written before you,
                   \_ this is not best
         and download naked pictures of the women!"
             ObCliche: sub H07 42N CH1X here _/
         \_ D00D U M155P3113D N3KK1D!
2001/6/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:21456 Activity:nil
6/8     Where can I get statistical data on cities, specifically, amount
        of people from 18-30, (or av. age will do), and percentage of
        females in the population? - (serious request for statistical
        analysis of population modelling).
        \_ Have you tried yet? I don't know
           how detailed their data is, but it seems like a good place
           to start.
2001/6/8-9 [Recreation/Celebrity/MichaelJackson] UID:21457 Activity:moderate
6/8     Wow, Sequel to 1987's The Lost Boys, called "The Lost Girls." got
        corey feldman involved.
        \_ Wow, Corey Feldman's still alive? I hope he's still dressing
           like Michael Jackson
           \_ i had such a crush on corey feldman when i was like 11...
              \_ gayP femaleP
                 \_ moronP
                     \_ I think the low point of his life was this late-
                        night show where he had a mullet, looked like
                        a weird drug dealer, and started prancing around
                        singing "What's - up - with the youth?  What's up
                        with the youth?" straight after rehab.
        \_ If you check coming attractions, this has been nothing but vapour
           & rumors for years (thank god).
2001/6/8-9 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21458 Activity:high
6/8     Why does find find files that don't exist?
        \_ Example?
        \_ you have file and no file at the same time?  the true sign
           of intelligence.
           \_ to have file and no file is truly impressive.
        \_ What makes you think that those files don't exist? Does "ls"
           not show them? Then probably you were hacked and your ls binary
           has been replaced. You're lucky that your find still works.
            \_ I have NOT been hacked.  and ls doesn't show them and i can't
                grep them.  Specifically this is what happens...
                I type: find ./ someflag -print | xargs grep someword
                then i get a bunch of can't access this that and the other
                + whatever it was i was looking for.  I say "why can't i
                access tt&o, so i go to look at it but it's not there.
                However, if it's not there, why does find find it?
                \_ And you know you "have NOT been hacked"... HOW?
                \_ use find ./ ... -print0 | xargs -0 grep -l someword
                   if you still have a problem, tell me
                \_ Because you are a dumbass. Read the man pages.
                \_ Can you post the exact command and examples of filenames
                   you could find but don't exist?
        \_ Existence is of transitory nature. To exist at this moment,
           does not mean to exist in the next moment. With find,
           it helps you contemplate this idea. Once you understand why,
           you will be closer to enlightenment.
           \_ hmm, master.  But to flash out of existence so quickly?
              I shall observe the world further and see if your wise
              words can lead me to understanding.
              \_ This is easy enough to check. Are you seeing the same
                 files each time? List the mtime, file contents, etc. --dim
2001/6/8-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:21459 Activity:very high
6/8     I am moving to Geneva from New Jersey and would appreciate
        recommendation of shipping/freight companies, preferabbly with
        storage options.

Microsoft windows 2000 DNS RULEZ!f
        \_ How many sodans have moved from Geneva to New Jersey and can
           offer such advice?
           \_ John?
              \_ Who the fuck else would it be except that freak?
        \_ what's in Geneva? tech company? research?
              \_ Well CERN is in Geneva. A job a CERN would be a chance
                 of a lifetime, esp. for a experimental or theoretical
                 phyiscist. The still have a lot of ee/cs research there
                 but its not as interesting as the phyics.
                 Other possiblities include the UN or a Bank. Lots of
                 banks have CS guys and math guys.
           \_ better to ask what's in New Jersey? tech company? research?
              What is in Jersey that would make you leave Geneva? Grad sch?
              \_ well yeah, that's kind of my point. is Lucent doing stuff
                 in Geneva? or is this fellow *gasp* not in ee/cs?
                 \_ Bet he's (no chance a she) not ee/cs.
                    \_ Could be ee/cs. CERN has a lot of ee/cs.
              \_ NJ has Bell Labs, Princeton, Rutgers and IAS. A job at any
                 of those places might be worth moving to NJ.

Microsoft windows 2000 DNS RULEZ!f
        \_  Vadim Kogan: "Think Different"(tm)
            \_ Is this guy related to kahogan?
                    \_ where is Andre Cogan?  The man is such a goofball.
                       His sister, Oana, is absolutely HOT.
                       \_ pix please!
        \_ It's not called "DNS", is it? It's got some M$ version name.
                \_ it IS DNS and it is fully compliant. of course some
                    things won't work with BIND 8, but if you get BIND 9
                    you can be cool and work with MS.
           \_ are you thinking of WINS?
2001/6/8-9 [Finance/Investment] UID:21460 Activity:nil
6/8     NYSE trading stopped for one hour due to software glitch.  Who
        provided the software?
        \_ I did. -phil

322432.3 Hey nobody told me where i can get an mp3 if the kirk-spock
         ritual battle music!  What kind of geeks are you!?
         \_ Just buy a Star Trek soundtrack album...  What's the problem?
2001/6/8-9 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:21461 Activity:very high
6/8     "Judge orders 19-year-old guy: No more sex"
        \_ I just had sex last night, but didnt come.
           That guy should learn some control.
           \_ you are obviously a girl though.
              \_ girls are on soda?
                 \_ This response does get old after awhile, y'know.
                    \_ L1NUX. R1D3 B1KE. H07 AZN CHX. ED is the STANDARD.
                       get used to it.
                    \_ I have never met any of these girls that are
                                yer not missing out _/
                       supposed to have accounts on soda. I suspect that
                       the accounts were create by root in the days before
                       psb in order to keep the poor geeks hopeful.
                       The motd posts signed by women are obviously
                        \_ You need to get out more.  There have been many
                           confirmed sightings of soda females at past
                           general meetings or in the distant history when
                           the volleyball court was regularly used.
                           \_ Confirmed by who? The politburo? Root?
                              Can we really trust these sources?
                              Since most sodans have never seen these
                              so called "girls", it is safe to assume
                              that they are a figment of a distrubed
                              mind. And if these "girls" exist, how
                              come we never get a chance to date them?
                              What is the point of allowing "girls" to
                              use soda if these "girls" can't be put
                              to good use helping poor geeks.
              \_ I am not a girl or woman.
                 \_ then you didn't really "have sex". --bill
                 \_ she's a man, baby!
        \_ You know what sucks more than not being able to have sex?
           Not being able to think about sex without doing it intentionally.
           \_ what the hell does this mean?
        \_ Guess he can join the wankers club, just like the average sodan.
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