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2001/6/5-9/2 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:21423 Activity:nil
5/30    The CSUA now has a Debian mirror, which should be nice for
        those of you on campus net. See ~galen/sources.list for apt thingies.
2001/6/5 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:21424 Activity:nil
6/4     May be a dumb question; how do I configure Pine to point to a Cyrus
        IMAP server? Let's say the path to my mailbox is /var/imap/user/my_name
        and Pine is running at the same machine. I know I can't simply point
        my inbox-path to /var/imap/user/my_name since it's not a valid mail
        spool file. Thanks in advance!
2001/6/5 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:21425 Activity:very high
6/4     Anybody have a credit card that promises airline miles from any
        airline?  Do they really hold up?  I'm thinking of getting one.  There
        are a lot that are tied to one airline.  I'm wondering if those that
        say they'll get your miles from any airline really work.  Thanks.
        \_ I don't think so.
           \_ What do you mean "miles from any airline"  Points racked up
              on the credit card can be converted to airline miles not the
              other way around.  Diners and AmEx are two cards that allows
              you to convert the accrued points to any airline frequent
              flyer programs.  They also allow you to buy stuff for the points
              Most Visa and MC cards are only hooked up with one airline
              frequent flyer program.  Diners Club only works for hotels,
              airfares, car rentals, and some restaurant.  Otherwise not
              generally accepted.  AmEx pretty good, but usually charges
              a yearly fee to generate the points.
       \_  I am using Quicken Platinum Visa (which is actually by
           Travelers/Citbank) card.  Spend $8000 and you get a $100
           certificate.  4 $100 certificates and you get a US flight.
           You have to buy tickets through their Travel Center, which
           I found to be friendly and reasonably cheap.  I just used
           3 certificates for an upcoming trip (SF <-> Chicago) ticket
           for $367 (paying the $67 difference).  The price is slightly
           cheaper than what I see on the United Airlines website ($397).
           You can fly any airlines, and also you still get your
           frequent flyer miles.  The annual fee is $39.  I average
           about $15000-$20000 on the credit card.  I try to charge
           everything on it.  That comes out to about $200 for the price
           of $39.  Certificates expires in 2 years.   It's not the
           main reason I got the card.  Main reason is I use Quicken
           and like to download my credit card transactions to it.
2001/6/5 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:21426 Activity:very high
6/4     If I get a modchip for my PS2, can I play games on backup CD-R game
        that I copied from video rental places?
        \_ I thought modchips were specific for Japanese versions of PS games.
           It shouldn't have any effect on whether it can play CD-R or not.
        \_ gee, it's awfully nice of you to backup these games for the rental

           places.  I assume you're backing them up so that when you play them,
           you don't risk damaging the rental disc, and then give the backup
           to the rental place afterward?  why don't you just come right out
           and say "pirate games"?
           \_ "backup" is the proper lingo for "pirate" in PSX land. Just like
              "pirate" is the proper lingo for "illegally copy" in the PC world.
2001/6/5 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:21427 Activity:nil
6/4     Can anyone suggest some good interview questions (oriented toward
        technical, customer service, and troubleshooting) we can ask
        Solaris system administrators (junior & senior level?). Got
        13 interviewees in next 5 days. Thanks!
        \_ You notice your co-worker typing non-sensical comments
           about "42N chic" and "tjb" into what appears to be /etc/motd.
           Do you (a) smack them with a bat, (b) look for any advice
           that may be applicable to you, or (c) inform your supervisor?
2001/6/5 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:21428 Activity:nil
6/4     I take it everybody who has posted a message today lives somewhere
        east of England...
        \_ Nope.  Sorry.
        \_ reminds me of the time gang members here were beating up each
           other over streetfighter 2 "cheating"
           \_ well it was bloody well easy to cheat in sf2.
2001/6/5 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:21429 Activity:high
6/5     Awhile ago, somebody posted here that NASA Ames does much
        of its coding in Fortran95 or 99 (was that you, Matt?). I
        was wondering what OS and development toolset they use. I'm
        about to work on a Corps of Engineers hunk of code written
        in Fortran95. They ported it to MS/DOS but I doubt anybody
        would actually develop code under MS/DOS. -ulysses
        \_ When I worked at Nasa Ames (1992-1996), we were using
           Fortran 77 & 95 on SunOS 4.1.1 and IRIX 4.x (or maybe 6.x
           I don't remember). We used g77 and SunPro and whatever
           SGIs compiler is called. I think that we had one person
           using MPW Fortran a PowerMac under MacOS 7.x. We had a
           fft toolkit and a graphics toolkit (powercenter?).
           \- what i worked at ames, we used basic and turbo pascal on dos--psb
              \_ Which division did you work for? I was in code AA and IC,
                 which have pretty good computing resources.
2001/6/5 [Uncategorized] UID:21430 Activity:high
6/5     must read!  C:\WINDOWS\The Attacks on GRC_COM.htm
        \_ How?...
        \_ More MOTD entries like this one, please.
        \_ The man is writing his own B-tree in assembly. Clearly he is
                insane yet cool, kinda like Cliff Stoll
                                    \- cliff stoll is an immature moron
2001/6/5 [Politics/Domestic/California, Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney] UID:21431 Activity:nil
6/5     What happened to AmIHotOrNot?
        \_ they changed the name to for marketing purposes
        \_ who is this person?
           Administrative Contact:
              James Hong
              229 Heartwood Lane
              Mountain View, CA 94041
           \_ That would be James Hong, who lives in Mountain View.
              Really, what kind of answer are you expecting? --Galen
           \_ That would also be jhong@{csua,hkn}, Cal EECS class of '95,
              one of the two founders of the company (other one being
              jimy@hkn, Cal EECS '94). What kind of answer are you expecting?
           \_ duh. - kinney
              \_ If we ignore you, will you go away? -- kinney #1 fan
                 \_ no, i'm bored and waiting for grad school to start in USC.
2001/6/5 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:21432 Activity:high
6/5     What are the pros and cons of running sendmail from inetd.conf?
        \_ You are limited to something like 40 connections per minute
           and you have the additional overhead of a fork exec for each
           \- i dont know if solaris 8 inetd still has a limit on how many
           args it passes ... it used to be 4 or 5. this can be a debugging
           nightmare if you dont know about it. basically this lobotimzes
           sendmail, esp on a big mailserver. only real reason to do this
           now that sendmail has fancy access control is to run as non-root
           and still bind to port 25. ok tnx ---psb
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