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2001/5/31-6/1 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:21393 Activity:moderate
5/31    I have this netscape problem on w2k.  If I visit a site with
        some javascript sometimes netscape would hang.  I kill it and restart
        it, it does not seem to recover.  It will now hang on all sites.  It
        cannot even bring up a blank screen.  Is there any file I should
        delete when this happens.  Don't tell me to disable javascript.  That
        is not an option.
        \_ ctr+alt+del to get the processes window and stop anything that
           looks suspicious (like netscape-javascript-hanger-upper.exe)
        \_ For some reason this reminds me of that Zero Effect movie.
        \_ What version of Netscape is that?
           \_ it's netscape 4.76.  And I tried process killing.  I didn't see
              anything remotely related to netscape or javascript in the
              process table.  I suspect it must be a file related issue.
              \_ Try clearing your memory and disk cache. You may need to
                 rm -rf (or win equiv) your disk cache directory manually.
        \_ give it up.  use IE for that particular page.
        \_ What does java console show (just curious, may not be relevant)
           \_ you mean the javascript console?
2001/5/31-6/1 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21394 Activity:high
5/30    infocom games on java:
        \_ there are also infocom games by telnet, and you can't save/restore
           in the java applets, right?  bah
           \_ for the curious: telnet://
              \_ name/password?
                 \_ login as zork, you dingbat
                 \_ what's the password?  can't let ya in without the password!
                    and don't try 'swordfish', because I KNOW it's not that.  I
                    tried 'swordfish' years ago, and -I- couldn't get in, so I
                    KNOW it's not that.
              \_ telnet://
2001/5/31 [Uncategorized] UID:21395 Activity:moderate
5/30    \_ you can't run arbitrary executables--not even locally--unless you're
           running a web server and making the executable a cgi.  otherwise
           people might try linking to "c:\windows\command\ /s c:",
           \_ so since when do we date replies?
              \_ we don't.  someone deleted the original post and didn't delete
                 the reply.
2001/5/31-6/1 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21396 Activity:very high
5/31    I'm looking for a good page on benchmark between FreeBSD 4.1 and Linux
        2.4.  Everything from networking to file access.  Please do not troll
        this post.  I just want a URL.  Not a pissing war.  Thanks.
        \_  oh, come on.  You're either trolling or an idiot, or more likeley
            \_ I bet the troll above can spell better than you can, troll.
               \_ you don't know what a troll is, idiot.
                  \_ and i can piss hotter than your weak-ass flame, troll.
                  \_ He is a trolley good fellow.
2001/5/31-6/1 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:21397 Activity:very high
5/31    So what is it with Eric Raymond, anyway?  How'd he get to be Mr. Open
        Source Free Software?  I don't find his essays to be particularly
        well-written, he looks like something that crawled out from under a
        bridge, and he hasn't written any notable free software (I may think
        that RMS is a loon, but I can at least respect him for writing
        EMACS, et. al.)  Why is ESR the idol of a million geeks?
        \_ c'mon... the cathedral and the bazaar? What an f'ing brilliant
           analogy. ESR is my hero!
           \_ F'ing brilliant analogy?  "Closed-source commercial software is
              like . . . a small group of people working on something, in
              seclusion!  Open-source software is like . . . a *lot* of people
              working on something -- and *not* in seclusion!"  Good thing we
              have ESR, the first person who was courageous and insightful
              enough to notice that.
              \_ The comment you responded to is dripping with sarcasm.
                 \_ same holds for you
                    \_ same holds for you
                 \_ be kind to the sarcasm- and intelligence-impaired.
                    they have feelings too.
                 \_ Well, when you're dealing with zealots, sometimes it's
                    hard to tell what's real and what's sarcastic.  I mean,
                    there are people out there who *REALLY DO* think that
                    "User Friendly" is *THAT* funny and don't hesitate to
                    tell you about it.  At length.
                    \_ "User Friendly"?  Funny?  Ugh.
                       \_ Keep your snobbery to yourself, dumbfuck.
                          \_ Hmm.  I think you just proved the other guy's
                    \_ No one thinks User Friendly is funny. That would
                       be like thinking that SlashDot was informative or
                       Microsoft was innovative.
        \_ ESR wrote fetchmail.
           \_ The poster might have known that and posted her post anyway.
              fetchmail doesn't really match up to emacs.
           \_ The jargon file is a much more impressive work of ESR's than
2001/5/31-6/1 [Industry/Startup] UID:21398 Activity:high
5/31    My company has raised the lab temperature from 70 to 84. If I get a
        heat stroke, can I sue the company?
        \_ Damn, you are one whiny little bitch aren't you?
        \_ You must be a frail little creature to get a heat stroke at that
           temperature. I feel sorry for you.
        \_ if you have computer's in there. raise the temp some more and blow
           em up
        \_ Your company is just trying to help reduce electricity usage.
           \- ^help reduce electricity usage^cut pge bill
              \_ actually, that's not exactly true. we have to curtail usage
                 or we get blackout. here, they just conducted a drill where
                 they reduced company wide energy usage by 30% within 5 min.
                 \- you have to cut use because your company agreed to do
                 so to get cheaper rates. the marginal extra load doesnt
                 contribute significantly to blackout probability ... unless
                 perhaps you are intel or an aluminum company. ok tnx
2001/5/31-6/1 [Uncategorized] UID:21399 Activity:high 61%like:21408
5/31    I think this is one of the more absurd ebay things I've seen in
        \_ people actually bid on it at $50.  Could just be one person that's
           doing it?
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