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2001/5/29-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Startup] UID:21374 Activity:low
5/30    Wanna go to JavaOne? A small company needs people to man their booth.
        \_ should've said: "Wanna be a monkey at JavaOne?"
           \_ Yeah... well... you get to go. And you get enough cash to cover
              a few movies... and you get some free food and drinks... and you
              get to meet the booth babes. What are you looking for? A
              technically stimulating job at a trade show?
2001/5/29 [Consumer/Audio] UID:21375 Activity:high
5/30    Are Monster cables worth it?
        \_ no.
        \_ do you have a kickass stereo system?  Where kickass == alesis
        monitors, JBL, bose angle speakers, high end reel2 reel for input
        \_ do you have a [consumer's idea of a] kickass stereo system?
        Where kickass == alesis monitors, JBL, bose angle speakers,
        high end reel2 reel for input
        if so, then yeah.
2001/5/29 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:21376 Activity:kinda low
5/29    I'm looking for a list of 512bit or larger primes I can use
        for a diffie-hellman implementation I'm working on. Google
        didn't produce many workable matches. Anyone know where I
        might be able to find a list?
        \_ How many do you need?
           \_ A dozen or so should be more than enough. My understanding
              of dh (which is quite weak) is that you don't need the
              primes to be different for each client and server thus
              I believe I can make do with very few primes.
              \_ A dozen!?  You are incapable of entering 'prime list' or
                 'large primes' into google?  Are you a moron?  Do you speak
                 English?  Do you understand how to query a search engine?
                 'Google didn't produce many workable matches' indeed.
                 The world is full of lazy idiots, and you, sir, are one of
                 \_ Any large prime won't do, it has to be a sg prime.
                    I've managed to find a few 3 or 4 that are 512bit or
                    smaller. Most of the other matches are 1024bit or
                    greater and I can't use those.
                    \_ You want to use template meta-programming to generate
                       a sufficient number of primes at compile time, and store
                       it in a table for run-time use.
                 \_ One would think google is easier (and more user friendly)
                    than the motd and people might figure this out but....
2001/5/29 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:21377 Activity:high
        The Davis plan to solve the energy problem.  Gray is a true leader.
        The energy crisis will be over any day now under his guiding hand.
                --reiffin, anonymous censoring coward
        \_ great job repeating Moonie propaganda!
        \_ great Moonie propaganda!
         \_ What do they Moonies have to do with this?  Sure, ok, I agree.
            It's all Moonie propaganda.
                \_ The Moonies own the Washington Times.  Yeah i know
                   it's impossible to have unbiased journalism,
                   but the washington times is way out there
                   \_ does anyone know of a list of moonie owned businesses?
                      I used to work in the fishing industry, and i know they
                      own alot of canneries and do some pretty nasty
                      stuff in that business.
        \_ The times is a good paper, ever bother to read it?
2001/5/29 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:21378 Activity:high
5/30    tom, why are you adding "anonymous coward" and attributing every new
        post this morning to me?  You're even adding "anon coward" to things I
        signed.  And you're also attributing things to me posted by others.
        You're one weird dude and you also need to get your facts straight.
        As far as censoring goes, that's a funny accusation coming from you,
        someone who obliterates without comment numerous things you don't
        agree with.  Just so you know, I've got to get on with my day now, so
        you're free to libel and misquote me for the next few hours. Have a
        pleasnt morning. -reiffin
        \_  I would also like to take this oppuortunity to tell you
           to go to hell, Tom, for the posts of mine you've cowardly deleted
           past.  -lafe
        \_ that's just tom's way.  Him and his "RIDE BIKE TO THE THIRD REICH"
        - he's like Hitler on cheap weed. (perl and a cronjob, tom.)
        \_ go, reiffin! --anonymous coward
        \_ go, reiffin! --anonymous coward (!reiffin and
           !anonymous cowards below)
        \_ go tom! - not tom
        \_ I'm a part-time student and full-time staff member at U.C.
           Berkeley. I'm studying Computer Science, and working doing
           computer support for Letters and Sciences Computer Resources. I am
           active in the Computer Science Undergraduate Association and am
           on CSUA machine staff on a volunteer basis. --anonymous coward
           \_ I am an anonymous coward.  -- anonymous coward (!reiffin, in this
        \_ Just believe everything reiffin says and you will be okay. -!!psb
           \_ !!!!!!!
2001/5/29 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:21379 Activity:kinda low
5/30    Some good news in the world as the Israelis and Palestinians agree to
        meet again for the first time in... months? More than a year? A long
        \_ did the israelis offer to stop settling in the west bank and gaza?
2001/5/29 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:21380 Activity:nil
5/30    AMD Dual mb shipped or soon shipping:
2001/5/29 [Science/Electric, Politics/Domestic, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:21381 Activity:high
5/30    Third try: Great read on government (from a democrat even)
          --reiffin, anonymous censoring coward
        \_ very interesting read; I drew different conclusions, to wit:
           reform the IRS, don't abolish it, and use the proposed Director of the
           Fair Justice Agency position to investigate price-fixing, oil-
           and Big Biz ties as well as foreign national ties to the Pres. and
           members of Congress --erikred
           reform the IRS, don't abolish it, and use the proposed Director
           of the Fair Justice Agency position to investigate price-fixing,
           oil- and Big Biz ties as well as foreign national ties to the Pres.
           and members of Congress --erikred
           \_ Not. I agree with the implied sentiment, which is:
               The only way to reduce corruption in american beauraucrasy
               is to reduce the bearaucrasy. and also to rename it to
               something that people can spel, too.
           \_ I encourage you to read it again.  I would argue that
              current energy problems are due to supply contraints,
              not price-fixing.  The return on new refineries, for
              example, is not high enough - so none have been built.
              \_ Clarification, please: by "current energy problems," are
                 you talking about the current price of gas at the stands
                 or are you talking about the energy crisis as a whole?
        \_  i wonder how this Tauzin-Traficant bill he talks about differs
            from the Fair Tax or National Retail Sales Tax bills that
            already exist? or is it the same thing?
            i don't think they'll be able to pass that. there's too
            much ignorance and misinformation, and momentum of the
            status quo. plus, it's not clear how they will prevent
            black market, off-the-record, or foreign sales that will
            surely grow to circumvent such a large sales tax, especially
            on expensive items. all talk I've seen on this avoids this
            issue. it's very good in principle though.
2001/5/29 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:21382 Activity:high
        Stanford dot-commers go back to school.  Any Berkeley people do the
        \_ yes, me.
        \_ Save time. Never officially graduate like me. That way you can
           re-enroll whenever you want. And get senior priority on ACE/
2001/5/29-30 [Industry/Jobs] UID:21383 Activity:low
5/30    If you're still looking for a summer internship, try  They are across the street from Au Coquolet and
        hire Cal EECS/CS students for the summer.
        \_ I interviewed there, but they weren't hiring.  Maybe it was
           just me, but I thought they weren't hiring anyone.
           \_ Maybe they didn't like you.
           \_ I don't like you either.
2001/5/29 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:21384 Activity:nil
5/30    How is C function filelength() implemented?  Does it actually do byte
        counts of a file (slow) or simply read file attribute (faster?)
        \_ OS?  Library?  I see no filelength()...
          \_ there is no C funciton filelength(). there is probably sone
             microsoft bullshit or some turbo c leftover. you want to use
             stat(). -ali
2001/5/29 [Uncategorized] UID:21385 Activity:very high
5/30    I met this girl at a "rave" party over the Meorial Day weekend. Now I
        have this rash in my private area down below. What is going on?
        \_ it could just be from dancing in sweaty underpants.
           vive le chafe!
        \_ Hahahaha.
        \_ I hope you got some, but either way you're screwed
        \_ Troll? Flamebait?
           \_ Either way, an excellent post.
        \_ depends on what you mean by "met." genital contact?  uh-oh.
           otherwise, perhaps it's poison oak, or just a rash.  get thee
           to a medical doctor! -i love trolls so cute
        \_ what kind of rash? have you seen this before? itchy? smelly?
2001/5/29-30 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:21386 Activity:very high
5/29    I started a summer job at Analog Devices today (maker of
        DSP chips and competitor to Texas Instruments).  My boss
        told me that most of the DSP tools are now made for Windows.
        Only a few years ago they were mostly UNIX based.  I can
        understand people using Windows for games or people who don't
        know about computers using Windows for Word/Excel etc., but
        engineers?!  What is the world coming to? -emin
        \_ The guy below is right. Most HW tools are for Suns and I bet
           that TI uses Sun/Synopsis tools to actually design the DSPs.
           It's just the users of those DSPs that frequently use a
           Windows computer to reprogram the processor. Don't worry.
           We electrical engineers will never sucumb to an inferior OS.
           \_ most of these tools are available for Linux now. my company
              has like 1 Sun box for some reason or other but everything
              else is x86 Red Hat. we don't pay Red Hat anything either.
                \_ So your company is betting it's future on a product they
                   don't think is worth paying for and they don't care if the
           \_ You vastly misunderstand, friend.  ED is the STANDARD.
                   producer goes out of business?   Doesn't make much sense...
                   \_ just like redhat supplanted slackware years ago,
                      it is more likely a new, better distribution will arise
                      than that the existing one will vanish abrubtly. note
                      all the redhat-derivatives that will not vanish.  it's
                      a cultural effect, more than technological.
        \_ Most HW design tools are still unix based.  Actually Sun is the
           standard for CAD tools.  Floating point performance is better I
           guess.  Which DSP tools are you talking about?  I bet unix versions
           exists, but your company is not buying them because they want to
           "standardize" on PCs.
           \_ The problem is my company (Analog Devices) makes DSP
              chips and associated tools such as the development enviornment
              compiler, etc., so I can't convince them to buy something
              for UNIX.  I probably couldn't even convince them to make
              stuff for UNIX since they used to make tools for Windows and
              UNIX, but due to the demand they now focus on Windows.  So
              performance, highly optimized compilers, lack of good
              now I must use the abomination known as Visual C++. -emin
              \_ You will make a fine addition to our empire. -the emperor
           \_ the word I get from people who actually the software is that
              solaris is a far more sane development environment than any
              of HP-UX, Irix, or Tru64/OSF/Digital Unix.  Also, until
              recently, x86 PC's (at least on *nix, lets compare apples to
              apples) just werent a contender in the high-end CAD market
              because of relatively poor memory capacity as well as
              performance, lack of highly optimized compilers, of good
              floating point, and one could go on and on.  Currently
              available PC's are now at a point that they can be a real
              alternative; now you have tools like synopsys VCS on linux --Jon
        \_ i've noticed that the people doing DSP are suckers. they use
           UNIX awkwardly. i've noticed that they like to poiint and click.
           i think it's also true that most device programmers and anything
           that interfaces with a dongle used to come for DOS. windows came
           along and they upgraded to windows. DSP and micro programming
           was always something you did on a PC. and it started wtih DOS
           and migrated to windows. linux is a new fad. just wait for it to die
           and your problems will be solved. -ali
           \_ Here we go again. ali pretending to be an expert on something
              he knows nothing about.  I guess we can just wait for ali to
              die and our problems will be solved.
              \_ heh. you will find that i'm quite right about this. you'll
                 find that in general, i know a lot more than you about a
                 lot of things. in fact, i have had sex with your girlfriend
                 five times already and your mother wants to perform sexual
                 favors for me but she is too skank for me to let her. -ali
                 \_ You forgot about the hot gay sex -- mustn't forget
                    the hot gay sex, bitch.  - ali #2 fan
                 \_ Well, I did yer little sis last night. We did it anal,
                    oral, vaginal, and titular all night long.
                                       \_  You fucked her title?
                                           \_ If you have to ask,
                                              you don't know(TM).
                                              \_ Hint: titular doesn't mean
                                                 what you think it means.
                                                 Back to vocabulary boot camp
                                                 for you.
                 \_ You are a pompous fool, aren't you ali?
                 \_ you sure showed 'em ali! - ali #1 fan!!
           \_ Yeah, I was looking for a compiler / development
              environment for the embedded system PowerPC 8260, and a
              quick search this afternoon yielded only windows-based tools.
              I think most people doing DSP are EEs, and are less familiar
              with unix.  Of course there are people like me who are
              expert at both.  -- pompous fool but not ali
              \_ That can't be. ali is "THE" pompous fool.
          \_ i've been asked to clarify my position and my reason for
             posting what i posted. it was apparent to me that people replying
             to the question had no fucking idea what the original poster
             was saying and were talking about CAD tools for chip design
             instead of software tools for DSP. i noticed that none of the
             replies were relevant and became aggravated with the amount of
             shit motd posters are filled with. so i made a quick tempered
             post to point out that those replying are dipshits. i'm sorry
             i did not use the requisite amount of humility in my post. and
             please, when i say "get a fucking clue," take it as a kind
             suggestion, not vituperation. you should absolutely feel free
             to stay clueless and to keep spewing your uninformed bullshit.
             \_ The rod up that guy's ass must have a rod up its ass.
        \_ Windows PC's are cost-effective and do the job -ee grad
        \_ Summary: DSP programming is mainly done on Windows and everyone
           hates ali for some reason.
2001/5/29-30 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:21387 Activity:insanely high
5/29    To followup on my previous thread on CD-Rs.  I tried four different
        machines:  1 sun u5, 2 laptops, and 1 PC and I still cannot read the
        corrupted CD-R. I'm screwed.  So are CD-RWs any better?  They're
        more expensive hence "better"?
        \_ No, they are worse for archiving. --dim
        \_ What brand was the CD-R? (Just curious.)
           \_ I used TDK.  Anybody recommend a brand that they've had
              no problems with?
              \_ Mitsui gold-on-gold. It's not the brand, but the dye
                 used. All dyes except phthalocyanine are unstable. So-called
                 "platinum" discs usually use phthalocyanine, as do many
                 gold discs. Do not use green (cyanine), blue (azu), or another
                 color (hybrid) no matter whose name is on it. --dim
                 \_ wow, that's one of the most useful pieces of technical
                    information i've seen on the motd in a while.  cool.
                 \_ depends who you listen to. if you listen to mitsui,
                    who has a patent for phthalocyanine, they're going to
                    say phthalocyanine is the best. if you listen to verbatim,
                    who have a patent on metal azo, they'll say theirs is
                    the best.
                    the moral is to not do stupid things like leave cd's
                    in direct sunlight etc. no matter what kind it is.
                    \_ Gold costs more to manufacture and has a better
                       shelf life in spite of the fact that silver does
                       have higher reflectivity. Most unbiased sources of
                       information do in fact tout phthalocyanine dye as
                       the best. Personal experience with it is also very
                       good. If you read the claim on the URL you produced
                       you will see that they claim superiority based on
                       "lightfastness". That is an advantage, but not the
                       whole story. Dyes other than phthalocyanine "move"
                       during the burning process. In short, there are
                       advantages to each dye but for archival (stored in
                       the dark in a controlled environment) you want
                       phthalocyanine dye and a gold reflective layer. --dim
                       \_ hmm, I'd be quite interested in seeing one of these
                          unbiased sources for myself. in my travels such
                          things have been rare.
                          \_ Do a search on the web. --dim
                          \_ Do a search on the web. Sandia Labs did a
                             test. MIT Library decided to go with gold
                             phthalocyanine disks (Kodak). JPL is using
                             the Mitsui disks I mentioned earlier based on
                             experience. Here's another study which touts
                             phthalocyanine disks:
                             hivmedien.html . Believe what you will. --dim
                             hivmedien.html says "After aging, two media
                             types were completely unreadable--Taiyo Yuden
                             and TDK. These manufacturers use a cyanine
                             dye, which is less stable tha[n] the
                             phthalocyanine dye used by other manufacturers."
                             Believe what you will. You know best. --dim
                        \_ Andy McFadden's CD-R FAQ has a section on media:
              \_ Well, I've had no problems with anything except those "gold"
                 noname ones. One of those with my personal files on it
                 stopped being readable one day. But the weird thing was,
                 I kept it anyway, and months later tried it and it worked.
                 I've had good results with Imation and Kingston (phthalocy.)
                 but recently have been using Verbatim (blue azo) without
                 problems; azo is claimed to be as good as the gold/platinum
                 etc. but time will tell. Regardless, another possible issue
                 is: Did you write on the disc, and if so, using what?
           the entire site has tons of info
2018/12/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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