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2001/5/24 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:21340 Activity:nil
5/23    A well-reasoned argument about why socialist economists are silly.
        \_ a well-reasoned argument from not bloody likely
           \_ Changing what someone else wrote and then responding to it is
              not impressive. --Galen (!top)
              \_ He didn't change anything. -- top
                 \_ Yes he did. (I changed it back.) --Galen
                  \_ this is the liberal mentality, suppress free speech
                  and replace with what you believe is right. fucken commie bitch
           \_ Wow you must be a fast reader.
           \_ So without reading the article you entirely dismiss everything it
              might say because of where it was posted?  Okey dokey!
2001/5/24 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:21341 Activity:nil
5/23    I was playing around with the PG&E calculator.  I realized that
        my kitchen is consuming over 1/3 of the energy.  Should I shutdown
        my kitchen and start eating out in efforts to conserve energy?
        \_ lie in bed all day in the dark and eat carrots.  grow the carrots
           on your roof.  if you get bored, smoke weed. grow the weed on
           your roof.
        \_ A bite-covered troll rises from the dead.--More--
        \_ Yes if you're not driving to the restaurant.
2001/5/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:21342 Activity:high
5/24    ~ilyas/pub/listcompression.txt.  Anyone have insight into this problem?
        (I am nowhere near the answer myself).  -- ilyas
        \_ in what real life problem did this come up? -ali
           \_ This comes up in rule-processing.  But I hope the problem is
              interesting in its own right. -- ilyas
              \_ [banter deleted]
              \_ [blather restored]
              \_ it's not interesting. -ali
                 \_ yes it is. --ilyas
                    \_ no it isn't. -ali
                       \_ are you prepared to explain why? --ilyas
                          \_ are you prepared to suck my dick? -ali
                             \_ is that an objective insult? --ilyas
                                \_ no it's a contrived one. -ali
                                   \_ don't you mean, contrived to you? --il
                                      \_ no, i mean contrived in an absolute...
                                         \_ how do you plan to suck my dick? -
                                            \_ ... [etc.]
              \_ oops, you were wrong  -- someone else's name
              \_ [blather removed again] (you know it's alright to try to be
                 funny, but please don't sign someone else's name).
2001/5/24-25 [Recreation/Humor] UID:21343 Activity:high
5/24    All you soda geeks, your prayers have been answered:
        \_ That's funny, I read that as:
           "Gentle, Strong Woman Seeks Chivalrous Agnostic or Atheist for
            Love Deposit"
        \_ this is not as good as pixieboy, asian prince, or hoyt, please post
           websites of lower caliber humans, thank you.
           \_ you may like, which links moronic web pages
              and is pretty funny to boot.
           \_ please post links to asian prince and hoyt... have not yet seen
           \_ this could have been a lot funnier than it is.
                \_ I agree.  Still, its a good thing.  I like the
                   massagepalor.mp3 prank, but the rest are not funny.
        \_ with your bitch slap rappin' and your cocaine tongue
           you get nothing done. - a.r.
2001/5/24-25 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Academia/GradSchool] UID:21344 Activity:high
5/24    I'm looking for a laptop to do a project with... doesn't need to have
        working display, even. It does need to be functional. Looking to
        beg/borrow/steal... -chialea
        \_ Does it matter what OS it's running?  -mice
          \_ I'd really like linux, but if I can have/buy it, anything x86 is
             \_ Hmm.  I might be willing to loan it to ya' -- it's a
                win-something box -- if you give a tiny bit more info
                what you're going to do to it.  Feel free to email....  -mice
        \_ what else you gonna do...heh heh heh.
           \_ She said she is trying to avoid becoming a whore to support her
              math habit.
              \_ aww. don't dissapoint shac like that.
              \_ thus the whole grad school thing, yes. if I don't get in, I'm
                 going to live in a trailer park, become fat white trash, and
                 go on Jerry Springer at least once a year. only problem is
                 that I'd have to actually learn some slang. pity, that.
                 - chialea
                 \_ you'll have to buy a tube top, tight jean cut offs, and
                    drink mdg lite.
                    \_ One of three ain't bad.
                       \_ Chia owns tight jean cut offs!?
                          \_ drinks
                 \_ Why are you so obsessed with grad school?  If your will
                    is strong, you just tell the company you work for why
                    what you do is good, and then just do it.  Contrast this
                    with your advisor dictating what you will work on and when
                    you will sleep.
                 \_ dude, you've been published already.  you're going to
                    grad school.  just relax, sit back, and enjoy the ride(tm)
                    \_ you're a junior and you're worried about grad school?
                       you must be some kind of asshole. let me guess, you
                       are also a proud member of hkn? -ali
                       \_ awww, be nice to the ugrad college punk, ali.  he
                          doesn't know any better yet.
           \_ I don't think you want to know...
2001/5/24 [Uncategorized] UID:21345 Activity:nil
        \_ I guess we know what the tda is doing in 311 Soda.
2001/5/24 [Science/Space, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:21346 Activity:nil
5/24    I'm wondering what would have happened if they had spent all the time
        and energy and brainpower in the last 2 years on space colonization/
        exploration instead of the .com stuff.  Would we have moon colonies
        by now?
        \_ Whatever. Space exploration is just a commie liberal thing anyway.
             \_ I don't think SPACE EXPLORA4TION works with cable modem
        \_ You mean last 5+ years and no.  We wouldn't.  Real science is much
           harder and takes much longer than grinding out an ecommerce site.
           \_ i'm not talking about ecommerce tho, that's just marketing crap.
              i'm talking about advances in process fabs, chip design, etc..
              much money was thrown into that all of the last 5 yrs.
              \_ That's not considered '.com' stuff. '.com' stuff IS the
                 fake engineering stuff like e-commerce and B2Bi.
              \_ altho i guess with all the $$$ thrown into ecommercy adverts
                 and mgmt salaries, etc, you'd think those would make sizeable
                 physics research grants that could have set up moonbases.
                 \_ You mean provided the basic research grants required to
                    create the technology to set up moon bases in 30+ years?
2001/5/24 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:21347 Activity:very high
5/24    Buh-bye Gray Davis!  Don't forget to turn out the lights on your way
        \_ typical americans, blam everyone but themselves.
           \_ I love this guy.  He sits around quoting lines from "Die
              Hard" about how much the US and its citizenry suck, but never
              actually says what nation he's from.  Personally, I think he
              knows that the hypothetical 'superiority' of his nation is
              based on the fact that he allows no one to actually scrutinize
              it on the motd allowing him to make up whatever little fantasy
              makes him happy.  What a fucking coward.
                \_ I am from Sweden.  You have a problem with that?
                   \_ Hej-hej. Sweden's nice you know but it isn't perfect.
                      Its socialist policies have made it uncompetitive in
                      the global marketplace. I'm glad I don't live there
                      and lose most of my income to supporting lazy bums
                      who get free apartments and health care and child
                      support without having to do a thing to earn it.
                      (only some of it does).
                      \_ Hmm ...  Is that why our Ericsson is kicking
                         your Lucent's arse in wireless infrastructure,
                         and our Finland bretherens' Nokia is kicking
                         your Motorola's arse in mobile phones?
           \_ Maybe so.  It depends on who you blame for not building more
              (or any) power plants in CA in the last 10 years.
              \_ Los Angeles is surviving this crisis just fine.  Maybe
                 it's just a bay area thing. (bay area people being what they
                 \_ You haven't seen the June bill, yet.  Let us know in
                    mid-July how fun it was to pay that one.
                 \_ _City_ of Los Angeles runs it's own municipal utility,
                    LA Department of Water and Power.  They generate a surplus
                    of electricity.  Too bad we dont have one of those here.
                 \_ And how many times did the Bay Area and the rest of
                    California bail LA out of bankruptcy?
                    \_ I must've missed this one. --dim
                    \_ i'll write you a thank you card. right after i turn
                       up the A/C and the spa heater.
                       \_ We should cut off the Sierra water supply to these
                          ungrateful pigs!
              \_ I blame the love of money.
                 \_ Sure. Ok.
2001/5/24-25 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:21348 Activity:low
5/24    Hi.  Who here has played Red Faction?  I'm dying for a good
        game while waiting for gt and mgs2.  If you've played it
        please send me your comments since I can't read the motd
        through the firewall at my company.  I've got it on hold
        right now and am trying to figure out whether or not I want
        to shell out the $50 after work.  --
        p.s. who's Janeway?  and Buffy died?  Noooooooo!
        \_ If you can read your yahoo mail, you can probably read the motd.
           Have you tried and/or
            \_ who can log onto soda with just a browser? you can read yahoo
            email with a browser, i'm not poster but you are a clueless twink
                \_ You don't need to logon to soda to read the motd.
                   Insert witty Latin phrase about the dangers of a short
                   temper here.
                \_ Hmm, I'm logging on with just a browser right now.
           -- yuen
               \_ woops.  Still though, out of all of you, nobody
                answered except aspolito.  Thank you sir!
           \_ [a lot of idiots posting stuff contradicting the above deleted.
               the above is correct, and so is yuen. go fuck yourself.]
              \_ you need help. there was one person without a clue,
                 and then three people telling him he's wrong.
2001/5/24 [Science/GlobalWarming, Recreation/Media] UID:21349 Activity:very high
5/23    Damnit, Janeway didn't die!
        \_ I don't understand how they got out of that transwarp tunnel.
           A borg sphere was on their back and so somehow they ended up
           behind or inside them?  What the hell?
        \_ There's one thing I want to know:  does the emergency medical
           hologram's sperm contain actual genetic material?
        \_ But the show is now over.  The syndicated episodes will show at
           worse and worse times until it vanishes.  Seen a Deep Space 9
           episode lately?  Didn't think so.  Expect nothing but a rare
                \_ UPN, weekdays, 2 p.m.
                   \_ "will show at worse and worse times...."  Weekdays at
                      2PM is a pretty lame time.  Only students and soccer
                      mom's are at home.
                      \_ I love the motd: I just posted the time, not an
                         \_ So did I?  And?  You had a point?
                      \_ TiVo, I love you.
           cameo and _maybe_ a single shitty movie and otherwise Voyager and
           the entire crew is now dead.  It'll be a bit difficult to justify
           any of the characters showing up on the new Enterprise show.
           \_ For the most part I agree, although I tend to think Robert
              Picardo (the Doc) might actually get a few roles. He's the best
              actor out of all of them, by far.
        \_ Why was Next Generation so much better?
           \_ It wasn't.
           \_ lets face it, TOS was better.  All the way.  But then again
              the older crew just had a better charisma.  Also, there's
              only so much "deus ex machina" the audience can stand.  In
              the 31st or 42nd or whatever the fuck century that Picard
              comes from, pretty much everything is a technologically solved
              problem.  Blah.  Boring.  All he makes is policy decisions
              this was great for the 90s but now a days we'll be returning
              back to jingoism and more conservative media - hence the new
              "back to basics" show with Scott Bakula.  Oh well i'll just
              have to watch more Tomorrow People.
              \_ if you want to see how incredibly futuristic technology
                 can coexist with interesting story lines and scripts and
                 great characters, you should watch the longest running
                 sci fi TV show in the history iof the world, which is
                 far better than star treck ever was.  yes.  i'm talking about
                 dr. who.
                \_ Conservative media?  Not on TV.  Not in the newspapers.
                \_ "running"?  I thought it was cancelled --oj
        \_ Well technically she did when the hub blew up.
                \_ But that's not very satisfying.  And let's not go into the
                   numerous logic flaws.  I think we should let it die.
        \_ i think the better ending would be that when they get to the aleph
           quadrant, they realize they created a huge paradox, so then
           Lazarus pops out of the coridor that Kirk put him in and high 5s
           himself and the universe ends. (which is why they have to go back
           in time for the next spinoff).
           \_ yeah, check out for details about Series 5
           \_ I like the "universe ends" idea.
              \_ They did that for the TNG finale already.
           \_ Slightly off topic, but in ST6, there was a line how the TOS
              crew saved the galaxy yet again. Thinking back, I can't recall
              them actually saving the galaxy all that often. Maybe they saved
              Earth a few times, but catastrophes on galactic scale?
              \_ Lazarus Effect, Corbomite Maneuver, etc... by their nature
                 60's episodes on tv had the whole "Federation saves the
                 universe" since the US had the whole "US saves the world"
                 mantra going on.  Jingoism.
        \_ I hate Star Trek but my beautiful but nerdy girlfriend loves it.
                                                \_ obviously you are joking
           I need some help from you trekkies so I know what the heck she
           is talking about.  What the heck is a Borg?  And what is
           "Seven-of-Nine" (I am not sure if I heard this right)?
           \_ No, her real name is Seven Breasts of Nine.
           \_ 7/9 is 33DD, 28? 33.  that's probably all you need to know.
              \_ Where can I find her pics?
                    \_ Yup, she's at least a D.
              \_ Nah, it's mostly just her uniform. I'd say 36D.
                 \_ Seven of Nine and her friends One of Two and Two of Two.
2001/5/24 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:21350 Activity:nil
5/24    What's the difference between grade school and grad school? Make it
         \_ i actually met some interesting people in grade school.
        -nothing, still have to kiss ass.
          \_ You kissed ass in grade school???
2001/5/24 [Uncategorized] UID:21351 Activity:nil
5/24    I don't want to resurrect the whole thread but I did want to express
        my sorrow for the poor dumb bastard from Sweden.
        \_ now, now...that was uncalled for.
           \_ No.  It's true.  I really feel badly for him.  I'm glad he's
              here now though so maybe he'll learn what a real country is like.
        \_ huh?
2019/05/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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