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2001/5/23 [Uncategorized] UID:21327 Activity:nil
5/22    What are the best ways to get summer employment at this time?
        No McD jobs, please.
        \_ The best way by far is to be intelligent.  It's trivial to find
           a rewarding job if you are intelligent.
           \_ okay.  You are an intelligent person sitting there.  How do
              the job offers come at this present time?  (you have to look
              for them, but what are the best ways?)
              \_ Well, I am not looking for a job currently, because I am very
                 happy at my current job.  However, if I was, I would look on
                 the web for a company I liked, and send them my resume.
                 Given what is on my resume I would most likely be called in
                 on an interview, and given that I am intelligent, I would
                 most likely be offered a position.  It's really not very
                 difficult, the problem comes when hordes of idiots try to do
                 this, and then don't understand why it doesn't work.
2001/5/23 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:21328 Activity:nil
5/22    Well here's one for the eco nuts:
2001/5/23 [Science, Politics] UID:21329 Activity:nil
5/22    Why is there a power shortage you ask? Well, it seems that maybe
        the power companies are holding out on us:
        \_ Not a bad troll.
        \_ Nah, this is crap from last Friday.  Read the article.  It makes
           it clear from other state level officials that the power plant
           people were always helpful and friendly.  She's just a political
           hack.  If you're going to troll, the article shouldn't contradict
           your by-line.
           \_ Not all the power plant operators were friendly. Some of the
              out of state ones have been going off line whenever stage 1
              is reached.
2001/5/23 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:21330 Activity:nil
5/22    Any good date movies that has come out of hollywood lately?  It has
        been 10 years since "When Harry Met Sally".  I haven't seen anything
        good since then.  Thanks.
        \_ Wow. You must have a low standard of good if you consider that a
           good movie.
           \_ He just wants a chick flick.
        \_ Bridget Jones Diary
                \_ My wife hated it.
        \_ Chocolat.  4 out of 5 Turks recommend it for dates.
2001/5/23 [Uncategorized] UID:21331 Activity:nil
5/22    Bad news. Somebody set up us the bomb. Again.
2001/5/23-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:21332 Activity:insanely high
        \_ what a backwards and frighteneing organization
           \_ You and people like you make me ashamed to be affiliated with
           \_ Uh?  Did you *read* the top ten list?  You're just trolling,
              right?  You think firing people because they mock the
              PC agenda in academia and in the arts is what made this country
              great?  Even as a troll you're pretty scary.
              great?  Or the kid they had sent to the psych ward for being
              Christian?  Or walking around Berkeley nude is a reasonable
              part of a state sponsored education?  Book burning in Berkeley?
              Madness.... true madness.
              \_ You have made up your mind that this prof. was fired for
                 not being PC solely on the basis of a paragraph in this
              posting this link. And why do anti-left posts censored
              on the motd? Just let the discussion happen...
                 one article?
                 \_ You're right.  It's all a lie.  Thanks for keeping me
                    informed with alternative information sources.  None of it
                    happened.  It's just the VRWC.
                    informed with alternative information sources.  None
                    of it happened.  It's just the VRWC.
                    informed with alternative information sources.  None of
                    it happened.  It's just the VRWC.
                                  \_ That's what I'm saying.
                                     - Sen. H Clinton
                    \_ That's hardly what I said. Why are you so offended
                 \_ *LAUGH*  There's no evidence because it gets censored!
                       by someone requiring corroboration for an intreperation
                       of events?
                        \_ Offended?  Only the left gets "offended".  I object
                           to you choosing 1 thing of 10 posted and making it
                           as if that was the only thing said.  Go do your
                           own google search to disprove it.  No one has a
                           responsibility to do your counter research for you.
        \_ What exactly are you trying to accomplish by posting this
           link and the two below? Are you trying to show us that some
           people associated with the broad group that is the left
           engage in idiotic behavior sometimes? If so, we're all well
           aware of this, thanks. I think you'll be hard pressed to
           find a group with more than 10 people for which this isn't
           true. Are you trying to convince us that we should join the
           X-tian right? I don't think posting links to the motd is the
           path to success there.
           \_ more to the point is WHY you are so offended by someone
              posting this link. And why do anti-left posts get censored
              on the motd? Its good that the bad side of the left be
              exposed, just like the right gets hammered all the time,
              Just let the discussion happen...
              \_ I'm not offended, I just want to know what your goal is.
                 Though I don't see evidence of the censorship you are talking
                 \_ *LAUGH*  There's no evidence because it gets ______ed!
                    Must such an obvious concept be spelled out?  Were you
                    just trolling?  Ow, my sides hurt from laughing.  I love
                    the motd.
                    \_ My stuff gets "censored" all the time. Please look
                       up the word "censor" and try again. Truth is fiction.
                       War is peace. Welcome to the Brave New World. -ausman
                       \_ Ok.  Here it is from
                                v. tr. cen7sored, cen7sor7ing, cen7sors.
                                To examine and expurgate.
                          I don't think censor means what you think it means.
                        \_ censor:
                           1.A person authorized to examine books, films,
                           or other material and to remove or supress what
                           is considered morally, politically, or otherwise
                           2.An official, as in the armed forces, who examines
                           personal mail and official dispatches to remove
                           remove information considered secret or a risk
                           to security.
                           3.One that condemns or censures.
                           4.One of two officials in ancient Rome responsible
                           for taking the public census and supervising
                           public behavior and morals.
                           5.Psychology. The agent in the unconscious that
                           is responsible for censorship.
                        The only definition that makes any sense at all with
                        your problem is number 5, and I don't think you are
                        either clever or self-aware enough to be referring
                        to it. Please speak English, not NewSpeak. -ausman
                        \_ hey dude, you looked up the wrong entry. you
                           want the definition of censor the VERB. the
                           other guy had it right.
                           \_ It's only ausman.  What did you expect?  Like I
                              said, it doesn't mean what he thinks it means.
                    \_ Uh, dude -- we are discussing a URL you posted right
                       now.  And this is not the first time in the last
                       several weeks that there has been a lengthy discussion
                       about an article from a conservative news source.
                       \_ Yes.  Some sneak by.  Most get deleted within a few
                          minutes.  The more solid the info in the URL, the
                          more likely it is to get chopped.  But you knew that.
                    \_ A lot of students go to Cal for the Liberal/Radical rep,
                       get bummed out when they meet actual radicals and
                       reactionaries, and leave as NIMBY moderates.
                       Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.
                        \_ I came to Cal at 17 as a blank slate.  Never thought
                           anything about politics of any sort before college.
                           I was inundated with PC-ism and left Cal as a
                           conservative because what they said made more sense
                           than the book burners and hypocrites on the left.
                           \_ Now see here, this is a pity: if you'd gone to
                              BYU, you'd be batting for the other side!
                              \_ The truth is the truth.  I didn't come away
                                 from Cal as a bible thumping social
                                 conservative.  I came away from Cal thinking
                                 the entire PC agenda was a crock of shit.  Had
                                 I attended BYU, the illogic of the left would
                                 remain the same.
              \_ Liberals *know* that they are correct, from thier point
                 of view, censoring a non-liberal statement is the act
                 of making sure that incorrect information is not spread
                 around. After all, what would the world come to if people
                 didn't all agree on the liberal point of view?
2001/5/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:21333 Activity:very high
5/23    "What Fresh Hell Is This?  A Guy Marooned in Women's Studies"
        The "iwf" is the Independent Women's Forum.  Here's their Mission
           \_ That's essentially what Eve does in Paradise Lost.  It's the way
              God ordained things to be!
        \_ ow.  Thanks for posting the first url.  The second url is refreshing
           \_ I didn't post the url.  Never visited the site.
              The main reason I posted the women's studies one was all the
              head nodding.  I've experienced the exact same thing at Cal and
              found it really disturbing.  Anyone else been in this sort of
              class before?
2001/5/23-24 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21334 Activity:high
5/23    A friend recently told me that Internet radio is worth listening
        too.  I downloaded realplayer for my UNIX system and it seems to
        suck especially when combined with netscape.  Any recommendations
        for decent UNIX (preferably open source) Internet radio players?
        \_ Real sucks. Streaming mp3 is much better (xmms is one option)
           but it still sucks over DSL. Get a T1 or something other than
           PacHell and you'll be fine.
        \_ use windows
        \_ Maybe it was bad traffic from that particular station?  Try a
           different station.  I use RealPlayer on NT and for some stations
           it loses connections all the time.
        \_ Find someplace that streams mp3s and run xmms (need to have decent
           net though)
2001/5/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:21335 Activity:very high
5/23    I saw an ad for a cordless anti-static wrist strap.  The ad says it
        "[utilizes] the Corona principle to harmlessly rid your body of
        static electricity...".  What is the Corona principle?
        \_ The Corona principle doesn't work with cable modem.
        \_ Never heard of it.
        \_ Corona of your ass.
        \_ Corona beer. Drink enough and you won't get static electricity.
        \_ The CP is related to the phase coil distortion caused by the
           flux capacitor in the temporal modification thrusters in the
           warp core shielding.  If you over apply CP effects you're certain
           to plunge the entire quadrant into an alternate dimension.
           \_ is this a joke?
              \_ If you had to ask.....
                 \_ no seriously... can I get one of these special
                    capacitors at Radio Shak?
                        \_ You need to pre-order as they're almost never in
                           stock.  Very popular.
        \_ Maybe Mr. Corona is the owner of the company?
        \_ so is this thing totally bogus?
2001/5/23 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:21336 Activity:high
5/22    Anyone played black & white?  Is it good?
        \_ Multiple friends tell me that it's the bees knees.
           \_ I think it sucks.  Gets real boring real fast.  Get Kohan
              instead; it's a better AOE.
              \_ that's what I heard from two of my co-workers.  they say it
                 starts off being good but gets really repetitive.
                 \_ How many games have you played for the PC that aren't
                    like that?  I can only think of two, offhand:
                    Evercrack, Nethack.  Both start off being really
                    repetitive and get really good.
                    \_ Bob, is that you?
                    \_ get Skillz, play Netrek
                    \_ After 20 or so hours of EQ it was still boring as hell.
                       Why do I have to play a game for more than 20 hours
                       before it starts to get good?  And no, most games start
                       off fun and eventually play out but not before you've
                       finished it once.  Here are my choices for games that
                       start off fun and stay that way for a *long* time:
                       Civ (1 & 2), MOO, MOO2.  I've got about 8 other recently
                       published games installed right now but didn't bother
                       finishing any of them.  A hint for any of you working
                       on games right now: fuck eye candy, make the game fun!
                       \_ well if you like shooters, I found quake and
                          counter-strike to stay fun for years. if you
                          get bored of mindless deathmatch there's teamplay,
                          and in a league situation it's pretty exciting.
                          many good games are just single player experiences
                          and it's not really their fault if they have limited
                          replay value. the whole concept of black and white
                          never appealed to me in the first place.
                          \_ I think you answered my question about gameplay
                             and fun.  I don't play FPS.  I suspect most of
                             the hardcore development time is being spent on
                             FPS these days and other game genres are getting
                             the short end.
                             \_ well, since you're only interested in turn
                                based strategery, you can look forward to
                                Civ 3 and MOO 3. I used to play that too,
                                but they suck too much time away. There's
                                also things like Age of Wonders 2, HOMM 4,
                                Europa Universalis. I take back what i said
                                about not really their fault for limited
                                replay though. I remember coming back to
                                old NES games time and again because the
                                actual gameplay was fun even after beating
                                it or whatever.
        \_ Play AOE the original.  It's still fun after a few hundred games on
           the zone.
        \_ can you say overhyped? try it before you buy it.
2001/5/23 [Uncategorized] UID:21337 Activity:nil
5/22    Anyone know of a web site or a good book about breeder
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
2001/5/23 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:21338 Activity:very high
5/22    Vous etes l'homme maintenant chien!
        \_ qing bu shuo fa yu zai motd.  Wo men zhi you shuo zhong wen.
           \_ Mandarin?
              \_ dang ran!  duo shao ren zai CSUA hui shuo guang dong hua?
                 \_ ni shi ge xiao ben dan. (you are a little idiot.)
        \_ Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble, tres bien ensemble.
        \_ Sean Connery is huge in france, doncha know
           \_ Je suis l'homme chien! - S Connery
        \_ Is this French?
        \_ Kimochi!Kimochi! chichirin ga hoshi
           \_ anta ga hentai. yameroo.
                -\- omanko mo hoshii
           |---- What no girl talk ?`
2001/5/23-24 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:21339 Activity:high
5/23    Can someone recommend a cruise line or agent for cruises along the
        California or west coastline that is trustworthy?  I just don't know
        which ones of the hundreds listed on Yahoo conduct honest business.
        Thanks for any info.
                -- Gay or straight ?
                   \_ Straight.  With my wife.
                      \_ Swinging or Non-Swinging?
                         \_ Huh?
        \_  - if you and your wife are trekkies
        \_Carnival Cruises was inexpensive and quite enjoyable.
2019/08/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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