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2001/5/21 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:21305 Activity:nil
5/20    Need to alter a designer suit. Can anyone recommend place/tailor
        in 415/510?
        \_ Phashions by Phil. (510)642-7453
        \_ Jim the Tailor
           \_ I wouldn't trust my designer suit to Jim the Tailor.
              Had a pretty bad experience there a couple years ago.
              Find a store that sells this brand and have it tailored there.
              \_ Best to go by word-of-mouth. I know an excellent tailor in
                 the LA area who used to head the tailoring at Armani and
                 he said that he was always too rushed there to do the job
                 he wanted to do. Store tailors won't do you wrong, but
                 they won't be the best either due to circumstances.  --dim
2001/5/21 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:21306 Activity:very high
5/18    My cell phone 1 yr. commitment runs out in a month. So what's the
        best cell phone plan to get these days?
        \_ I'm getting 1500 min/month almost anywhere in the bay area for
           $49.  AT&T.
           \_ What's the night vs. weekend minute breakdown? do you have long-
              distance? Where did you sign up for the plan? Thanks.
              \_ 1500 anytime.  415/510/925/650/etc are all 'local' to me. I
                 can make LD calls but I have no idea what the charge is. I
                 don't use LD.  I signed up at the local bestbuy.
        \_ Mine too. Any suggestions? Any plans with free CA long distance for
           \_ if you're willing to only use your phone at night and weekend,
                you can get unlimited local for $30 or unlimited nationwide
                for $40 with Cingular
        \_ quality-wise, AT&T (nee cell-one) is usually nearly as good as a
           land line.  Cingular also seems good, but no personal experience.
           \_ My AT&T is land line quality... when I use land lines.  My AT&T
              cell doesn't come close but it's ok enough.
           \_ Yes, quality may be good.  However, TDMA means less bandwidth
              compared to CDMA (SprintPCS, Verizon) resulting in higher prices.
              \_ In theory that would be true. But Sprint is so thinly spread
                 out that the level of congestion you would find on a TDMA
                 network is better than Sprint.
                 \_ I am not sure if I understand you.  You want your network
                    to be highly utilized right?  If it isn't, the carrier will
                    usually reduce price to get more customers.  From the
                    carrier's perspective, unused capacity is a total waste.
        \_ I use sprintpcs $26 for 1500 minutes with nationwide long distance.
           coverage and quality not very satisfactory but it' cheap.
        \_ I had Sprint, CellOne (now AT&T), Pacbell (now Cingular), and
           Verizon.  I think AT&T is the best in terms of network coverage.
           In terms of price and features, Cingular is probably best.  Sprint
           is the worse of all.  Currently, I still have Verizon.  They're
           plan is pretty good.  Again, it all depends on personal preferences.
           Verizon offers a really good plan no roaming fee within 5 states
           for a reasonable rate.  Cingular often drop calls but otherwise,
           offers really good plan and has very good voice quality.
                \_ Cingular service in SF has quite noticably degraded in the
                   last two months.
                    \_ Often I get "all circuits are busy" when I call
                       my friend who has Cingular.
                    \_ Agreed... I had few problems for the past year, but have
                       had terrible quality and many dropped calls in the last
                    \_ Me too.
                    \_ Call them up and they'll take $15 your bill.
2001/5/21 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:21307 Activity:very high
5/18    In emacs20 on X11, if I started "emacs" without the "-fn" option, how
        do I find out the name of the current font?  Thanks.  -- yuen
        \_ hasn't anyone posted a reply to this question (besides me)?
           \_ Hmm, is emacs20 not very popular?  -- yuen
                \_ You *know* what the STANDARD editor is....
                      \_ You have confused emacs with ed.
                         \_ Ya!  Screw those gn00 c0mmie guys!  ED all the way!
                            emacs doesn't even have full ED compatibility!
                   \_ MS Word
                        \_ MS Word is not the standard editor.  Unless you mean
                           Word 4.x on win 3.1.
2001/5/21 [Politics] UID:21308 Activity:high
        \_ The future is here!
        \_ pixie dust
        \_ IBM makes disk platter material with increased density.  Ok.  You
           couldn't just say that with the URL?
2001/5/21 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion] UID:21309 Activity:nil
5/21    Isn't it strange that the liberals support abortion but oppose death
        penalty?  "We can kill the unborn but we can't kill the murderers."
        \_ Isn't it strange that conservatives will do anything to help
           the unborn, but bitch and moan about any kind of government aid
           for actual born children?
        \_ Isn't it strange how the same old troll posts get recycled?
           \_ This doesn't even qualify as a troll.  This is freshman year
              late night dorm room "debate" material.  The rest of us have
              long since outgrown it.  Except I guess for the lefty above who
              got caught.
              \_ Okay, I haven't seen it on the motd before myself.  What was
                 the opinion when this "troll" last appeared?
                 \_ That it was a troll then and a troll now and will always
                    be a troll.  Nice try at recovery.  I applaud the effort.
                    It's still a troll.  Please delete this thread when you've
                    got the message.
2001/5/21 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:21310 Activity:moderate
5/21    What is a personal information organizer on *nix?  Any
        cross-platform ones that run also on Window and MacOS and can
        synchronize and/or allows roaming access?  I need to organize
        not mainly contacts or appointments but ideas and notes.
        \_ Notepad/vi/whatever-default-text-editor-the-mac-has plus a file
           structure hierarchy
        \_ have you considered Netscape or Mozilla?
        \_ have you tried
        \_ Carve it on yer wrist.
2001/5/21 [Health/Women] UID:21311 Activity:high
5/21    Can someone explain to me exactly wtf happened in the climax of season
        finale of X-Files last night? It made absolutely no sense.
        \_ Not really.  It's the xfiles.  What'd you expect?
        \_ as if any of the episodes make any sense?  Scully had a regular kid.
        \_ it was like Mary and Joseph and Jesus, 3wisemen = lonegunmen bearing
           gifts, the star followed was a spaceship, the angels where the
           aliens, mulder was joseph, mary was scully, the baby was jesus.
           \_ So it was mulder and scully's kid? Was it a virgin birth or was
              it implied that mulder and scully did the deed? Also was the baby
              human or alien?
              I gave up watching X-Files after the movie came out. My favorite
              character, Cancer Man, didn't have a big enough role.
           \_ Wait, so Billy Myers went around killing everyone but really
              wanted to protect the kid? Why try to kill the other protectors?
        \_ was the baby switched? maybe they didn't realize it...
2001/5/21 [Uncategorized] UID:21312 Activity:high
5/21    'tsort' on linux core dumps on a circular dependency. how pathetic.
        \_ What's tsort?
           \_ man tsort
        \_ U53 7H3 5RC D00D!
           \_ if i was joe hackerboy and this was my box, sure
2001/5/21 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:21313 Activity:very high
5/21    I got a mail from PG&E saying that if I adjust the timer on my pool
        I'll get a $20 rebate.  Anybody else got that?  My pool timer is
        already set to after 8pm and I already run it for only 2 hours a day.
        \_ You run your pool during one of the hottest times of the year?
           You greedy over-consuming pig!  You drive an SUV dont you?  I'll
           bet you don't even *own* a bike and don't USE LINUX! either.
           \_ plus i bet 5 families could live in the house he's hogging
              to himself. down with the bourgeois! power to the workers!
              \_ Hi Paolo! <- paolo signs his posts, remember?
              \_ 37337 GN00 11N SUX H4X0R5 0F 7H3 W0R1D UN173! U H4V3
                 N07H1NG 2 L053 BU7 UR M$ 3UL45!
              \_ 5 families?  Are you nuts?  10 to 15 easily!  And you call
                 yourself a Friend of the Peoples?
           \_ Since when did "Ride bike, use Linux" become "Own bike, use
              Linux"?  Owning is wasteful!  Go for bikepool and bike sharing!
2001/5/21 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:21314 Activity:nil
5/12    A brief discussion of energy usage in the us:
        \_ For those interested, there's at least one renewable electric
           provider here (Commonwealth Energy) that's still taking new
           customers.  I just switched over.  5% lower than PG&E rate.  -- yuen
           \_ learn to format
              \_ Sorry, my Java SSH client defaulted to 90 cols instead of 80
                 for some reason.  Now fixed.  -- yuen
2001/5/21 [Computer/Networking] UID:21315 Activity:nil
5/21    Anyone know if they are going to make it home on wednesday?
        \_ What the hell does this mean? Does _this_ have anything to do
           with cable modem?
           \_ _this_ doesn't work with cable modem.
2001/5/21 [Science/Electric] UID:21316 Activity:high
5/21    How to save 20% off the energy cost: turn off AC, and if that is not
        feasible, block your window with aluminum foil. That'll save 20%
        on the AC. Oh, and screw the home owners association.
        \_ This isn't Arkansas.  We don't put foil on our windows like some
           sort of third world white trash.  How about you turn off all your
           computers,monitors, and other hardware so I have more power for
           my AC?
        \_ foil??!? you wasteful pig! you need to use solar panels.
        \_ How to save us all some time.  Shoot yourself and 3 other people.
2019/02/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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