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2001/5/17 [Uncategorized] UID:21291 Activity:nil
5/16    No Wireless Screen Is Too Small for Porn
2001/5/17 [Uncategorized] UID:21292 Activity:nil
5/16    Look at these two frightened little girls! hilarious.
2001/5/17 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21293 Activity:nil
5/16    How do NAS devices store files in different formats?
        \_ What do you mean by "different formats"? They normally
           use a single custom fs that is exported via NFS, SMB
           and AppleTalk.
2001/5/17 [Uncategorized] UID:21294 Activity:nil
5/16    Bush'Akbhar!
        \_ They might say that in Kuwait I suppose.
2001/5/17 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:21295 Activity:high
5/16    How is Netscape 6.01 compared to 4.76?  Is it really more stable,
        faster, and requires less RAM/disk space?  I'm trying to see which
        one to download, and I think such radical re-design as in 4.76->6.0
        always means tons of bugs.  Thx.
        \_ I installed it for a friend on a brand spanking new
           win2k machine.  it installed all sorts of crap,
           ads everywhere, and it fucked up a lot of the handlers
           for types of data like html, jpg, gif, etc...
           (of course it made netscape the default viewer for
           these things, but when opening them it would complain
           about errors).  I was very sad while uninstalling it
           \_ why were you sad? wtf is wrong with you?
                \_ it makes me sad M$ has taken over the world
              \_ i don't know.  it makes me happy.
        \_ 6.0x is a total POS. There are no words in the english language
           to describe how bad it truely is. It is less stable, slower and
           required much more RAM and disk space. Every UI widget is described
           by a different XML file and each time it needs to render a widget
           it re-reads and reparses that XML from disk.
           \_ a big thanks to all the morons who want skin support.  I'd rather
              have a clean, usable, and responsive UI.  and yes, skinning
              could have been done a lot better than the way NN6 does it, but
              from my experience, skins seem to be an excuse for UI designers
              to ignore usability.  and plus, obviously NN6 needs improvement
              in a lot of other areas, so they should have spent their
              programming efforts elsewhere.
        \_ It's sad to see how far Netscape browser has fallen.  I'd love to
           support Netscape, but MSIE is now a better product on Win32, uses
           less resource(that's REALLY saying a lot about 6.0), faster
           and not crashing as often.  On Unix, you are better off with 4.76.
           \_ On Unix, you're better off with Konquerer.
              \_ I compild it, and it kept saying 'cannot open text/html view'
              \_ this is true.
              \_ Opera is supposed to be good on Linux!
              \_ Not true. On MacOSX you are better off with OmniWeb or iCab.
                 \_ hey dumbshit, how does "you're better off with omniweb"
                    make "you're better off with Konqueror" untrue? hmm?

                    \_ You are not better off with Konqueror on UNIX, only
                       on UNIX systems with X-Windows (which is required to
                       run Konqueror). Not all UNIX systems ship with the
                       wretched POC known as X.
                 \_ OmniWeb is not a UNIX app.
                    \_ It runs on UNIX (MacOSX is BSD UNIX).
              \_ Anything but netscape 6.0.....
        \_ not only does it have a crappy and sluggish UI, but it Netscape broke
           JavaScript.  NN4 ran some JavaScript stuff way faster than IE
           (e.g., switching lots of images).  This was one of the few
           advantages of NN4 over IE.  Naturally NN6 breaks a lot of JavaScript
           that used to work with NN4.
           \_ Glad that I asked.  I'm using both NT and Win2k.  Now I'll have
              to decide between NN 4.76 and IE 5.50.  One thing I don't
              like about my IE 5.50 is that when I bring up the "Properties"
              dialog on a web page, the Created and Modified fields always
              show today's date, while with NN 4.76 on another machine
              the Page Info dialog shows the correct date for the same page.
              Does anyone else experience that in IE?
              \_ Install both.  I use IE most of the time but every once
                 in a while something wouldn't work on IE.  It's nice to
                 have something else around as backup.
        \_ LYNX!  LYNX!  LYNX is the STANDARD!
           \_ But w3m is better.
              \_ Just saw this. It kicks ass.
              \_ w3 on emacs is better than w3m as it renders frames and
                 tables better.
              \_ Does it interface with libjs (javascript) yet?
2001/5/17 [Uncategorized] UID:21296 Activity:nil
5/16    What can you do with a degree in English Lit?  Have a profound
        influence on the subconscious minds of geeks everywhere:
        \_ *LAUGH* having an English Lit degree does not make you into a
           Douglas Adams.  If that were so, HHttG wouldn't stand out.  Books
           and series of similar quality and humor would be everywhere.
           Instead, we have fry dunkers and burger flippers everywhere.
           \_ j00 are just bitter, elyt hax0r, that you had to work for your
     opposed to reading fun books and writing stuff.
           \_ why do geeks admire Douglas Adams so much? also, was that reply
              of his to someone criticizing his anecdotes and dismissing them
              as urban legend supposed to impress me?
2001/5/17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21297 Activity:nil
5/16    What is the proper closing salutation when you write a letter,
        email, or greeting card to a friend of the opposite sex? When
        a girl (not a significant other) writes to me they usually end
        with a "love" or a picture of a heart. But I heard that it's
        inappropriate for guys to do that to girls and you should just
        end with a "Sincerely," or "your friend,". Any thoughts?
        \_ If she ends in "love," I do the same.
        \_ love, (don't forget the comma)
        \_ I've gotten a lot of tail with "spank you later"
           \_ oohhh, spanking nubile young college girls *shivering with
        \_ How about your name?
        \- end with "ok tnx". ok tnx
           \_ ok thnx.
        \_ has "Yours," died?
           \_ Hopefully, yes. "Yours" seems like a medieval degenration
              similar  to "thank you" -> thanks.
              "Yours [truely, sincerely, flatulently,...]"
        \_ really depends on the level of formality and frequency of
           writing.  "take care," "later," "sincerely," or any number
           could work, depending.
        \_ I like to put "Regards," on mail.  --PeterM
        \_ "miss you"
           \- "ok, i have to go now" "ok bye" "ok i have to do some jobs now"
        \_ do the english thang:  Cheers,
        \_ Amen and may God bless you as he has me.
           Yours in the glory that is our Lord Jesus Christ,
           <your name here>
2001/5/17 [Computer/SW/Database, Industry/Jobs] UID:21298 Activity:nil
5/16    How much should an Oracle DBA with 3 years experience be paid in
        the Bay Area?  I have a friend that's thinking about relocating
        to the Bay Area.  Some real figures would be nice.
           \_ Tried that, it wasn't specific enough.
        \_ $75k
           \_ Really?  Post a URL to their resume.  My company will hire them
              *immediately* at that rate.  Of course that's just a totally
              made up figure.  In the real world, it's much higher.
                \_ There's should be plenty right now in the market willing
                   work for that figure.
                   \_ No one worth hiring.  That's a junior level salary.
                        \_ Isn't 3 year experience still considered junior
                        \_ I wouldn't expect Oracle DBA salary to be high
                           considering there many Oracle DBA out there.
                           The training to be a Oracle DBA is highly
                           available.  Heck, we just trained our sys admin
                           to be Oracle DBA.  He is doing just fine.
2001/5/17 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:21299 Activity:nil
5/16    OpenSSH 2.9 is released! And it supports rekeying, and all those other
        ssh2 features that people have been bitching about. When's soda going
        to upgrade?
        \_ Only tom's been bitching, the rest of us use OpenSSH and have no
           \_  I have problems using OpenSSH. I keep getting these constant
               stream of emails from some guy named Tom Holub telling me to
        \_ Hm, I suppose I should look into that upgrade to 2.5.2p2 that
           someone suggested a while back. --root
        \_ What's wrong with openssh?  I'm using it and it works perfectly.
           \_ unless you are tom there is no problem
           \_ Prior versions of opensshv2 sucked when connecting to the non
              "open"ssh. even openssh2.5. I'm happy to report thta 2.9 has
              fixed my (20-40)-second delay problems.
2001/5/17 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:21300 Activity:nil
5/15    Dick rides in SUV to press conference to tell everyone about his new
        energy plan:
        Conservation, indeed.
        \_ For those too lazy to read, this is Dick Gephart, "Ecofriendly"
           DEMOCRAT, not Dick Cheney.
           \_ Doesn't matter.  They're both idiots.
           \_ Of course the article said nothing about how many people
              were in said SUV.
              \_ Probably four to six: driver, one or two aides and one
                 to three secret service. The SUV was probably also a
                 "hardened" version with light armored skin, bullet proof
                 glass, run flat tires and armored under carriage. All
                 in all less than 10 MPG. I'm not saying its a bad thing
                 that he drives in such a vehicle, its just a little
                 hypocritical that he thinks that I shouldn't be he should.
                 Its not like he's any more of a citizen than I am.
                 \_ He's a commie and thinks he's a member of the politburo.
                 \_ The article says the SUV is a Chevy Suburban police car.
        \_ My 5yr old 6-cylinder 4-litre "SUV" does better gas mileage than my
           \_ You think that's what Dick rode in?  Your 5 y/old car?  And your
              gas mileage still sucks compared to a car built for high mileage.
              Comparing it to a luxury vehicle is a cheap strawman.
              \_ Yes, but people only blame SUVs for burning too much gas, but
                 people don't blame big sedans (and even the not-so-big ones
                 kinds should be blamed.  -- yuen
                 \_ BS. I've paid my gas-guzzler tax and my luxury tax, but
                    most SUVs are exempt from those taxes because they are
                    classified as "trucks". I've paid my unfair share already,
                    no one has a right to blame me for anything. - Luxury Car
                    \_ Oh, I'm not sure if I pay those taxes or not.  In any
                       case, I take public transit to commute.  It takes 1 hr
                       longer each way (1.5hr vs. 0.5hr), but it helps save
                       gas.  -- yuen
                        \_ If you paid the luxury tax you'd certainly remember
        \_ Anyone who owns a car with less than 20mpg has no right to complain
           about gas prices.
           \_ unless (s)he commutes with public transit.  -- yuen
           \_ Who said anything about that?  Where'd this comment come from?
2001/5/17 [Uncategorized] UID:21301 Activity:nil
5/17    What's the best cheapass domain nic provider out there?
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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