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2001/5/16 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:21285 Activity:moderate
5/15    Was there no 128-bit encription in IE before 5.5?  I just got a Win2K
        machine with IE 5.5, and it says 128-bit is only introduced in the
        latest version.  (I usually use Netscape browser.)
        \_ There was 128 bit in 5.0 and I think 4.x had it too if you filled
           out an online form promising you weren't a terrorist.
        \_ For Win2K you need to download a separate encryption update. W2K
           ships with 5.0, but you don't have to upgrade to 5.5. Just
           install the update. --dim
           install the update.
2001/5/16-17 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:21286 Activity:low
5/15   anyone know how to produce a linker map file in vj++?
        \_ What exactly are you trying to do?
2001/5/16 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:21287 Activity:insanely high
5/15   Estimated 260 hours of CA blackouts this summer.  This will be fun.
        \_ Please help conserve!  (Yeah, I know demand is not the only cause of
           the problem, but still.)
           \_ conservation is the only thing *we* can do *now*.   There's
               nothing else we can do  about the power crisis to help the
               supply -- certainly we the consumers can't generate our own
               power on a significant scale.
        \_ we should all invest in solar panels and bicycle-power generators
           \_ just like Gilligan's Island!
              \_ 'cept we've got H07 42N CH1X!
        \_ anyone know if using fresnel lenses to focus intense sunlight would
           be more or less efficient than just having the equivalent area of
           \_ Why would you want to be efficient? Efficiency is bad. It's a
              commie liberal thing and is bad for our economy. Wasteful and
              inefficient is good.
              \_ Huh?  This is really out of left field.  Maybe you can
                 explain for the slow stupid people like me wtf you're trying
                 to say?
               \_ Nice try at trolling. No one, not even VP Cheney suggests
                  that conservation is bad, the problem is that conservation
                  in not enough. Its not nearly enough to solve the problem.
                  The only possibilities are increase supply or drastically
                  reduce demand. Conservation only reduces demand by a small
                  amount, to drastically reduce demand we basically need to
                  undo the entire 20th century and all the progress of modern
                  civilization. Most californians are not ready for that, thus
                  the only reasonably long term alternative is to build more
                  powerplants, preferably nuclear (lower cost of maintenance
                  over its lifetime, more power per dollar spent on construction
                  and maintenance, better for the environment).
                \_ he didn't say it was bad, but he didn't push it
                   when he easily could have.  actually you know what,
                   i think he did say conservation was bad.  lame
                        \_ Bullshit.  People drive SUV's.  we have cars which
                           are 3x more efficient.  Same with most other things.
                           We can't get a factor of two, but we can get
                           30%, which is enough to vanish the current crisis.
                           \_ how does driving SUV's affect the supply of the
                              electric power grid?  You want to argue against
                              cars, argue against the electric ones.
                           \_ It's like this.  To me, imperceptibly higher risk
                              of dying in a nuclear accident is worth more than
                              shivering without heaters, fainting from lack of
                              AC, and going without lights.  This
                              'convervation' bullshit sounds like Russia, where
                              they regularly turned off hot water, gas, and
                              other niceties of modern civilization.  You don't
                              want to end up like Russia, learn from their
                              mistakes.  Don't trust dodos like Davis to run
                              your economic machine for you, let businesses do
                              \_ Uh thats what got us into this mess.
                               Businesses reducing supply to game the market
                               and drive prices up.
                  \_ Once again, you are full of shit.
                        \_ How so? Despite the very large start-up cost,
                           nuclear is cheap power. It's also cleaner than
                           coal, even if you only consider radiation
                           dosage per capita - unlike fossil fuels where
                           any radiactive material in the fuel goes out
                           the smokestack with the smoke, nuclear is
                           self-contained. If you worry about where to
                           dump spent fuel, there are any number of
                           schemes to do it cleanly. The most notable is
                           to just dump it in a subduction zone. Rads end
                           up in the earth's core. No Prob.
                           \_ Yeah, I am a tree hugger but I like nuclear
                              too.  However, I disagree with the conservation
                              bit.  You need to plan and invest in
                              conservation early, not when you run into
                              an energy crisis.  I thought I read that a
                              report by scientists also vouched for
                              very significant savings from conservation.
                           \_ Nuclear has huge dangers because it still isn't
                              understood, and a single failure (at the plant,
                              from an earthquake, or a transport trailer
                              getting in a car accident... whatever) can be
                              totally disasterous and have long-term costs
                              and damage 100's of times higher than any coal
                              plant could even begin to have. The url below
                              is actually mostly pro-nuclear, but there are the
                              anti-nuclear sentiments as well. It shows that
                              issue is complicated and requires lots of
                              discretion, but might also be the best thing
                              that we've got.
                              \_ Are you sure?  Even scientists feel that
                                 they cannot fully predict what dire
                                 consequences global warming may have, and coal
                                 plants contribute to global warming.
                  \_ How about geothermal?
                     \_ Too few sources, and the tree-huggers think that it
                        wrecks the natural ecosystem or some bs like that.
                        \_ another problem with geothermal is this:
                           it can be used up much like groundwater can.
                           1)  You pump water down
                           2)  The rocks heat the water into steam
                           3)  You turn turbines with the steam and
                           4)  Dump the heat somewhere up above.
                           5)  The rocks down below are now cooler.
                           6)  Surrounding rocks heat the rocks next to
                                the water back up.
                           7)  But eventually, thermal conductivity limits
                               of rock end up limiting how much power you
                               can extract--much like vespene gas in
                               starcraft....  You can get more out
                               but it doesn't really do much more than pay
                               for running the installation....
                        \_ What does using underground heat have to do with
                           \_ tree-huggers == environmentalist
                  \_ how come people seem to avoid calling him "Dick"?
                     \_ Who cares? Dick.  Dick Cheney.  VP Dick.  VP Dick
                        Cheney. Dick. Dick. Dick. "he said dick! uh uh uh!"
                        Happy now?  Grow up.
                        \_ Beat Dick and Lick Bush in 2004.
                           \_why not now?
                             \_ Maybe it is time, but I am not going to be
                                the one to say that.
                        \_ it's not "uh uh uh!" it's "uhuhuhuhuh!"
                  \_ Huh?  I see businesses leaving lights on at night for no
                     good reason.  I see people wearing jackets because the A/C
                     is on too high. People really don't give a shit.
                     \_ You leave some of the lights on at night in offices
                        in order to deter crime. Its much easier to spot a
                        prowler when the lights are on as compared to when
                        they are off. I don't know about A/C's, our company
                        turned off all the climate control about two months
                        \_ How about a motion sensor with an alarm?
                           Or, Hell, motion sensor on switches for lights!
                        \_ get dogs.  or bees.  or dogs that shoot bees out of
                           their mouths.
2001/5/16 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:21288 Activity:nil
5/15    Unionization ruined our schools:
        \_ bs, as usual. some union doesn't dictate politics. people voted
           down vouchers. people vote for the "corrupt polititians." if
           those are problems the people are to blame.
2001/5/16-17 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:21289 Activity:moderate
        (How to get 128-bit encryption from your Airport base station)
        \_ too bad you cant get 128bit from the builtin airport interface
           on their laptops. --jon
        \_ Rumor has it that 802.11b (including AirPort) are going
           to 54mbps w/128bit encryption in the coming months.
           Also, above url states AirPort has 64bit encryption,
           which is wrong, it's 40bit, which everyone knows
           you can pretty much break on the fly with your laptop
           and a little reciever.
           \_ 802.11b will never be 54 MBit. 802.11a will be. Its
              scheduled to be released in the fall/winter of this
              Most people say that you will probably need a new
              Airport card, but that you can probably upgrade
              your base station.
       \_ Uh, wtf is the point?  The Gold and Silver levels of 802.11b
          encryption have both been cracked.  Run IPsec with however many
          bits you want...
          \_ Its not "encryption" is Wireless Equivalent Privacy. The
             protection it provides is the same as what cat5 cable
             provides. No more, no less.
2001/5/16 [Uncategorized] UID:21290 Activity:nil
5/15    8:30am: Anyone else having exodus problems right now?  I'm wondering
        how wide spread my network issue is.
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