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2001/5/15-16 [Consumer/Audio] UID:21278 Activity:high
5/14    Any good web radio stations you listen to? I used to listen to, and sometimes radio xcf, but they're both gone now.
        \ --mars
        \_ next semester.  radio xcf baybee.
        \ --mars
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ I like  Register.  Pick an artist you really like.
           Listen to that artist's fan station.  Rate songs/albums/artists.
           Skip songs you don't like or rate them badly.  After you've rated
           a good number, switch to your personal fan station that's been
           created from your previous ratings.  Good stuff.  Professional.
        \_ duh!
        \_ Aussie radio rules! -erikred
        \_ (FM 91.1)
2001/5/15-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21279 Activity:insanely high
5/14    Proof that women are evil:
        \_ women != time x money. it would be time + money, right?
           unless the money spent is proportional to the time spent.
           but even then it would be time + (money x time), which would
           mean girls are evil + time/money. but where does sex factor
           into the equation?
           \_ sex = time * money => girls = sex.
           \_ if your brain really works like this, then nowhere, 'cos you're
           \_ no.  women = time AND money.  We all know that in Boolean math,
              AND = * and OR = +
              \_ a woman isn't a bool. a woman is a float.
                 \_ my woman is a double (and i'm a long long)
                    \_ *pshaw*  on a 4-bit architecture, maybe.
                    \_ :-)  I wish my woman is a double too.
                 \_ floating point numbers are rational.
        \_ This whole thread is the most stupid geeky shit posted on the motd
           in a long time.  It's no wonder so many of you are still virgins or
           close to it.
           \_ I concur.  Childish too.
           \_ And you must be a fat ugly sodan who can't get a date
              from any sodan virgins?
                \_ No, I mustn't be.  The entire thing is shamefully stupid.
                   \_ no, *you're* shamefully stupid! so there! nyah nyah!
                      mister cooler-than-thou. you know, it's possible to
                      get laid and still be "geeky." who are you to impose
                      your little judgements? i find it pretty stupid you
                      feel the need to spout your worthless opinions where
                      obviously some people found it humorous.
                        \_ If you call *that* humor, ok.  I'm proud of you
                           that you can stand up for your geeky stupidity.
        \_ male soda non-virgin:
           female soda non-virgin:
        \_ male soda virgin: ..
           female soda virgin: ...
           \_ Give *me* the virgin! .
              \_ Give *me* the Chinese girl.... -DU
           \_ pix please!
2001/5/15-16 [Computer/Networking] UID:21280 Activity:high
        \_ She looks much better in "Private Parts" or in
           \_ users who went csua porn surfing in tpc's directory:
              \_ My name was listed _before_ I started porn surfing. -abe
                 \_ Maybe it confused you with mjm.
                \_ Well at least i know my roomate isn't gay.
                   \_ Cable modem doesn't work with gays.
                 \_ Real men simply cd to ~tpc/public_html/grrls to open the
              \_ Real men decode their porn by listening to 300 bps
                 modem carrier
                 \_ Real Men grow their own. -ausman
                  \_ hey jim, wanna go make some porn? -aspo
                 \_ Real men simply go to ~tpc/public_html/grrls to get the
                    files, duh.
              \_ And you are ......?
              \_ Where is this information stored?  Thx.
                 \_ /var/log/httpd
                    \_ How did you figure out the user names from the IP addrs
                       in access.log?
                       \_ Probably by matching IP address against shell
                          \_ precisely why my ip address login to soda is
                            a nice and consistent box that is !my home computer.
                          \_ My name was listed before I saw the URL.
                             \_ It could have been a coincidence, like your
                                roommate using your computer with your IP to
                                surf the web or if you were using some
                                dynamic IP like HIP or the reshall DHCP and
                                someone else swipped your IP. Or you could
                                have been using a public terminal in one
                                of the on-campus computer labs and someone
                                else went CSUA porn surfin after you did.
                                \_ And thus we see the problem with trying to
                                   make person <-> IP matching and other such
                                   schemes.  It's that much worse that some
                                   clown posted it and half the list is wrong.
                                   \_ It's called plausible deniability.
2001/5/15-16 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/Tax] UID:21281 Activity:kinda low
5/15    How long does it tax for the CA State to cash my tax payment check?
        It's been almost one month. The IRS cashed it in a week.
        \_ You'd think Davis would want your money as fast as possible these
        \_ usually very fast like within a week.  maybe your CA return
           is lost in the mail.
        \_ I mailed my CA forms on the 15th and the check was cached on the
           24th.                                        indeed _/
2001/5/15 [Uncategorized] UID:21282 Activity:high
5/15    Poll: Should Brazill (the 14yr old Florida boy who shot his teacher)
        be convited of 1st deg murder?
        Fuck Yes!:      .
        Yes:    .
        If he's a minority and the teacher is white, then No: .
        This is the fault of society.  We should do it for the children!:
        Kill em all and let God sort it out: .
        \_ Why do people still bother with conducting polls on the motd? As if
           this will give anywhere close to an accurate representation of
           opinions on the motd. And when's the last time you saw more than
           4-5 votes for any poll anyway?
2001/5/15 [Uncategorized] UID:21283 Activity:nil
5/15    What song did Bob Dylan sing live at this year's
        (Grammy|Emmy|Peabody|Darwin) Awards?
        \_ "Things have changed" for which he won the Academy Award
        \_ he sang "I am a hippie, can anyone remember where i put my
2001/5/15-16 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:21284 Activity:nil
5/15    I've been out of college for 4.5 years and I plan to go back to
        grad school. Although I have two awsome letter of rec from two
        awsome profs, they are kind of stale right now. What is your
        recommendation? Just replace them with industry letter of rec?
        \_ Academia is slow.  Use the Prof's recs first and use your best
           industry ones if they want 3+.
           \_ Agreed.  Use the Prof's recs.  They'll understand if you
              say you were out in industry.  All these profs really want
              are bright, non-psycho, semi-non-lazy students who will
              play nice with their other grad students.
        \_ 666
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