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2001/5/14 [Uncategorized] UID:21263 Activity:insanely high
5/13    Hello -- we've bought all new everyday place settings (dishes, etc.)
        and we have a _bunch_ of our old place settings (in fine working
        condition, just a bit worn) -- where can we donate this stuff?
        \_ yeah. do you by any chance have a small kitchen table? round
           one preferred, but will take any.
        \_ Goodwill or Hope
2001/5/14 [Recreation/Activities, Uncategorized/German] UID:21264 Activity:insanely high
5/13    --- Forwarded Message ---
        > From:
        > To:
        > Subject: new holiday
        > ---
        > Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to invent a new holiday to
        > keep our business up and running through the summer
        > months. Something warm and fuzzy, like "Love Day," only
        > not so lame.
        \_ what dumb sodan thinks quoting the simpsons over and over is funny?
           \_ D'oh!
              \_ A deer!
                 \_ A female deer!
                    \_ A female beer? Where?
                       \_ Schnell! ist es die Familie Von Trapp, abschafft sie!
           \_ Does it matter?  It's like reposting slashdot links but worse.
2001/5/14 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:21265 Activity:high
        Why does the plot sound like a cross between Entrapment and
        GoldenEye? Is Hollywood really that far out of ideas?
        At least they said "crackers" instead of "hackers".
        \_ yawn.
        \_ wow a remake of sneakers.
           \_ No, a remake of sneakers might be cool.
        \_ AMERICAN PIE 2???? what the fuck?
           \_ what the fuck? fuck the what?
           \_ so we won't be able to call that loser "piefucker" anymore?
        \_ Yes. Hollywood has been out of ideas for a long time.  Sex, action,
           and special fx.  Nothing else is left.  Oh yeah, sappy rehashed
           shit, too.  Nothing remotely original.
2001/5/14 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:21266 Activity:nil
5/13    Who is linden@Eng?
        \_ he's just this guy, you know?
        \_ I think it's Peter van der Linden at Sun, author of Just Java
           and Deep C Secrets.
           \_ yes it is. -alexf
           \_ Correct.  He works in the building next to mine. -alan-
        \_ One of the greatest C programmers ever born and sometime
           humorist on sun.junk.
2001/5/14 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Religion] UID:21267 Activity:very high
5/14    I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the
        sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate
        me, but showing love to a thousand [generations] of those who love me
        and keep my commandments. -Exodus 20:5-6
        \_ Didn't someone try to pass a bill or something to punish Americans
           for the sin of their fathers to the third and fourth generations of
           those who enslaved African Americans, and even Americans whose
           ancestors immigrated after that era, by paying some amount of
           compensation to all African Americans who live today?
           \_ attempt to troll, DENIED
        \_ man whatever, within a few generations all us immigrants will have
           our genes mixed out with white genes.
           \_ HOT AZIAN CHIXS!!!1!
              \_ Please spell it correctly: H07 4ZN CH1X
                 \_ Houw about "42N"?
              \_ Please spell it correctly: H07 42N CH1X
                 \_ How about "42N"?
                    \_ 5P3111NG C0RR3C73D!
           vicious cycle.
           \_ Hot Asian Chicks!!!
        \_ That's why a child who got abused by his father would very likely
           be an abuser himself when he grows up and has a kid.  Sin begets
           vicious cycle.  Also read Deut 24:15-17:
           sin.  Evil begets evil.  Accepting Christianity would break the
           vicious cycle.
        \_ Also read Deut 24:15-17:
           "Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor children
           put to death for their fathers; each is to die for his own sin."
           \_ So I guess the real question is, which religion abuses their
              children the most. Is it time for another one of those polls?
           \_ where does Christianity say anything about not abusing kids?
2001/5/14-16 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:21268 Activity:high
5/14    AMD announces mobile chips. Yay for competition.
        \_ Whatever. x86 is for girls and kids, Real Men
           use RISC!
           \_ What do women use then?
              \_ women don't use computers, they are barefoot and pregnant
                 and in the kitchen fetching men beers.
                  \_ Where's *my* barefoot, pregnant, beerfetcher?
                     \_ you've got to be capable of getting a woman pregnant
                        first. I hate beer. Mine's in there cooking and
                        \_ hehe, i make mine work, so I can stay home and
                           chill all day. =)
                           \_ Which corner of what city?  I've got $5 burning
                      pure RISC or CISC chips but cam the stupid
                              a hole in my pocket and want to do something
                              nice for a homeless guy.
                              \_ Get out there and make me some money, bitch!
           \_ Isn't it true that there's no such thing as true RISC or true
              CISC anymore, that they're both converging?
                \_ Yes.  This knowledge makes it safe to ignore the kids who
                   think they're kewl because they use RISC chips and not a
                   recent x86 or clone which is basically a RISC chip.
                   \_ You're an idiot. x86 chips are not RISC (yes, I know
                      RISC/CISC is a stupid gradient and that there are no
                      pure RISC or CISC chips but can the stupid
                      technicalities) they have a CISC ISA. In this case,
                      it's because their instructions are non-orthogonal
                      and of variable width. They also have non-symmetric
                      pipeline orders which makes it difficult to employ
                      modern microprocessor techniques to speed up processors.
                      As a result, most modern day x86 processors employ a
                      decode stage microcode expansion to make it execute
                      much like what a RISC processor would. The goal of
                      the designers is to design a RISC-like chip but history
                      prevents them from straying away from their original
                      CISC ISA so they now have to implement this kludge
                      which works but is not very ideal. By the way,
                      those of you who still think that RISC means "few
                      instructions" while CISC means "many instructions"
                      are morons who don't read the book or pay attention
                      in class.
                                \_ So what does RISC and CISC mean now ?
                      \_ don't forget the 8 general registers instead of
                         an yother architecture's 32+ registers.
                   \_ The fact that x86 clones dumb down the RISC core speaks
                      volumes. Real men use RISC not RISC with CISC on top.
                      \_ but even RISC uses RISC with *ISC on top
                   \_ It's nice that you can babble out a bunch of stuff about
                      RISC/CISC in an effort to sound smart, but you really
                      should have stopped at the part about the gradient
                      between the two and that lack of true CISC or RISC chips
                      today.  Then you might have sounded smart.  But, no, you
                      just had to continue on and counter your own best point.
                      Where was I?  Oh yes, you're an idiot.
                      \_ Oooh, you're so cool because you obviously have no
                         clue and are one of those loud-mouth morons who
                         just like to insult other people without having the
                         balls or the merits to back it up. "I'm cool because
                         I read the CISC/RISC article posted on Slashdot. I'm
                         technically competent because I work at a b2bi
                         startup doing ASP programming".  You're a moron.
                         You're fucking clueless because you obviously didn't
                         even attempt to refute a single thing I said.
                         \_ You refuted it yourself just fine.  I pointed that
                            out already.  Thanks for making it so easy.
        \_ real men fab their own chips, and run them on potatoes.
           \_ real men don't use terminals either, they whistle 300 baud
              tones down the telephone line.
              \_ feh! real men program by yelling series of ones and zeroes
                 into the cable.
                 \_ Real men are somewhere else and not blathering about baud
                    rates and the CiSC/RISC gradient on the motd.
                    \_ like me! .... oh wait...
2001/5/14-16 [Industry/Jobs] UID:21269 Activity:insanely high
5/14    L&S graduation schedule:
        Prof. Patterson is scheduled to speak.
        Kevin Fong is the Key Note Speaker
        These are the student speakers:
        1. Minh T. Nguyen
        2. Ha Nguyen
        3. Tal Garfinkel
        4. benson limketkai
           \_ has anyone TA-d the 61 series more times than benson?
              \_ yes. dan garcia. but benson is still a Really Cool Guy (tm).
                 \_ who is now teaching 61a....
        \_ Where?
           \_ Zellerbach.
        \_ When?
        \_ What happens at L&S graduation? Do they show you how to
           cut your L&S diploma into long strips so that you can use
           as toliet paper for a week? Or do they show you the tricks
           to make it as a pan handler? - Engineering Alum
        \_ Where, what, who, when?
           \_ for full
        \_ What happens L&S graduation? Do show they you to how
           cut L&S diploma become long strips so you use as toliet
           paper for week? Or they do show you tricks to make be a
           pan handler? - Engineering Alum
                \_ it teaches you how to interview engineering alums and
                   give them the least compensations.
                   \_  I guess L&S barely teaches literacy.
                   \_ Non-engineers never do interviews of engineering
                      prospects that anyone else cares about.  Yes, as a tech
                      you sometimes have to talk to some moron in HR but just
                      smile and pretend to be interested in what they're
                      saying and HR-Bot is satisfied.  Even if they're not,
                      the hiring manager is an engineer and has the final say
                      so anyway.  Take your history diploma to the
                      unemployment line.  Compensation itself is competitive
                      or the candidate walks and your company is left with an
                      empty chair or a lesser employee.  Good thing you saved
                      $5/month on staffing on the way to headlines over at
                   \_ Non-engineers do never interviews with engineeringers
                      of which anyone else cares nothing about.  Yes, as tech
                      you sometimes have talk to moron in HR (very wacky) smile
                      like good sarariman and pretend be interested what they
                      saying and HR-Bot is satisfied.  Even they not,
                      the hiring manager is engineer-bro too and has final say
                      so anyway (very wacky).  Take history diploma to
                      unemployment line.  Compensation itself competitive
                      or the candidate is going and happy kiretsu is lef wit
                      empty chair or lesser sarariman.  Good thing you saved
                      $5/month staffing way to headlines over
                      Then you go fight the bear!  Make sure your children be
                      a doctor and play violin or piano!
                      \_ Whoa. Is someone playing around with Philip's RantBot
                         (tm) technology again?
                         \_ Truth hurts, eh?
           \_ a degree in Lit paved the way for me to live abroad for six years,
              surfing mornings, working afternoons, and partying nights.  how's
              that Engineering degree treating you?
              \_ you could have dropped out of high school and done that. or,
                 you could live in santa cruz and do that, i knew a couple
                 engineers who did. and "made bank".
              \_ Its treating me just fine. I'm a millionare.
              \- er what "advantage" did a lit degree (over and eng) give you
              to obtain this lifestyle? inquiring psb wants to know --psb
                 \_ if you have to ask, you don't know. - !psb
                    \_ No Such Association
                        \_ Duh.  Is this what a lit degree got you?  Any idiot
                           can get stoned and hang out in Europe.  It doesn't
                 \_ I a millionare sarariman. hahaha my stock is like penis!
                           take a degree in anything.  You still stoned?
                           \_ heh, any idiot but you, apparently
                                \_ Yeah I lack the special skills required
                                   that only lit majors get in college. I
                                   don't have the special training required to
                                   get stoned and sit in a park all night
                                   shrooming myself into another galaxy.
                                   \_ you make this sound like a bad thing
2001/5/14-15 [Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript, Reference/History] UID:21270 Activity:high
5/14    In Acrobat 5.0 Javascript, how do you break out of an if statement in
        a particular mouse action? 'break' does not seem to work. Thx - jthoms
        \_ can't you restructure it so you don't need to do this? like a while
           loop around it or nested ifs?
           \_ Let me rephrase the question. Suppose I have a button-pressed
              event that has the following code in it:
                if (some_field < 0) {
                   app.alert ("Please enter some_field that is >= 0");

                if (some_field2 < 0) {

                What should <break> be? In VB, you can simply do an 'Exit Sub'.
                \_ if it's in a function or method or whatever, can you just use
                   a return?
                  \_ No, that's the thing, it's not really a function. It's an
                     event. I did try 'return' and it says 'return undefined'.
                     \_ I'm not familiar with Javascript in Acrobat, but how
                        about something like:
                           {  ...
                              if (...) { break; }
                           } while (false);
                        Also, how about putting all your event code in a real
                        function instead?  have the event call the function,
                        where you should then be able to use "return".
                        where "return" should be valid.
                  \_ does your stupid language not provide an else construct?
                     if(cond1) { .. }
                     else if(cond2) { ... }
                     else if(cond3) { ... }
                  \_ First of all it's not MY stupid language. Second of all,
                     you're missing the point... I have no problem breaking out
                     of an if statement; the problem is to break out of the
                     entire event. Thx.
                     \_ it would be easier if we better understood your problem.
                        what do you mean break out of an event?  how is that
                        different from, say, having Foo() called in response to
                        eventX, and then having Foo() return prematurely under
                        your specified conditions?  is there some other event
                        handling code that will be run afterward that you want
                        to avoid?  are you trying to prevent subsequent events
                        from being generated (like preventing a mouseup after
                        a mousedown)?
                        postprocessing you're trying to avoid?  are you trying
                        to prevent subsequent events from being generated (like
                        preventing a mouseup after a mousedown)?
2001/5/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:21271 Activity:moderate
5/14    Shinjan Majumder, 1988 - 2001:
        \_ we give a fuck why?
           \_ #t
              \_ i believe the question was meant as "we should we give a fuck?"
2001/5/14-15 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:21272 Activity:high
5/14    Timothy J. McVeigh, 2001.
        \_ Shut The Fuck Up!
           \_ Is that stronger than just "Shut the fuck up."?
        \_ Uhm, dumbass?  He's not dead yet.
           \_ 2001 isn't over yet either.
              \_ yermom, 2001.   And your lameass point is?
        \_ He won't be dead anytime this year unless he falls on a spoon in
           prison or hangs himself or something.  No zap this year for Timmy.
           Maybe they have electricity supply problems also and this was a
           form of conservation?  Or was this going to be by injection?
        \_ tie his ass to a bomb, if he can get out in 2 seconds he lives
           \_ are you retarded?  did yermom drop you on your head as a baby one
              too many times?   *sheesh*   That's the dumbest thing I've
              heard all day.
           \_ And thus another martyr was born.
           \_ Nah, that's too saddistic. I'd say the most humane way of
              executing mass murders like him is to drop him from a flying
              airplane, somewhere at the the altitude of 3000m.
              \_ that's too fun. if i had to pick a death, i might pick that.
                  \_ The fun part is if you somehow survive. Then they
                      scrape you off the ground, fly your ass back up, and
                      drop it again.
2001/5/14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:21273 Activity:nil
5/13    "troll"
        \_ "meta-troll"
           \_ I never metadata I didn't like
              \_ I demand an apology for this...
                 \_ "yermom"
                    \_ i'm sorry...
        \_ Has it come to this?
2001/5/14 [Uncategorized] UID:21274 Activity:nil
5/13    Your goal is fame. The more you get, the longer you'll be remembered.
        Accomplishing great tasks, righting wrongs, or just participating in
        significant activities can improve your fame. To see your current fame,
        money, and other information, tap F6 for party information.
        \_ Anti-fame or infamy is much more powerful than fame. For example,
           how many people will remember FDR or Truman in 200 years? That's
           right, zero, zip, nada, null! But me, they will never forget me!
           - Adolf
           \_ FDR?  A positive force?  Creating a welfare state of dependent
              slackers forever?  Ask not what your country can do for you.
              \_ I totally agree. FDR was way overrated. Did he ever make
                 the trains run on time?!? - B. Mussolini
           \_ Yeah, make a few heads roll and you will never be forgotten!
              - Mary Q of S
           \_ and yet they all remember me after 2000 years. - J. C.
                \_  infamy.  Think about it godboy.  And besides the
                    Buddha said most of what you did 500 years earlier.
                \_ They remember me, too.   -Brutus
                        \_ Et tu?
              \_ but *every day* people are murdering each other in your name!
                 \_ infamy, JC is infamous. Most of the world hates the dude.
              \_ Who are you?
              \_ They will remember me much longer! - Lucifer
           \_ I am not so sure.  Who the fuck knows who is Tamerlane?  Or Mengke?
              \_ Counterpoint, Geghis Khan is still reviled, so is Rasputin and
                 Pope Urban and King George etc.
                 \_ actually your average person probably has no clue about any
                    of these people except maybe genghis. and in that case,
                    i wouldn't say he's reviled, everything i ever saw gave him
                    respect and stuff, even admiration. funny how these things
                    work. kill a man, you're a murderer, kill a million, you're
                    a conqueror...
                    \_ Of course I know Rasputin!  He owns that record store
                       down on Telegraph ......
2001/5/14 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign] UID:21275 Activity:nil
5/13    Wanted : US military/trade secrets.
        \_ yermom is fat and ugly
           \_ !secret
                \_ now that's just wrong - it's mother's day!
                   \_ every day is yermom's day
        \_ Check the LBL website or ask a foreign visitor.
        \_ contact your friendly local chinese scientist, they are
           more than willing to sell thier souls and this country
           to the dregges of humanity
2001/5/14 [Uncategorized] UID:21276 Activity:high
5/14    You and your talk of hot asian chic make me sick to the stomach.
        \_ Would talk of hot asian guys make you feel good then?
2001/5/14 [Reference/Religion, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:21277 Activity:high
5/14    My rant of the day:  What is wrong with you Korean bible bangers?
        Stop harassing me... just cuz I'm reading by myself on the lawn
        doesn't mean I'm spiritually lost or need salvation.  so fuck off.
        \_ Korean bible bangers?
           \_ Ever been to Golden Bear at 6am?  I have (to do some last minute
              futile cramming for an 8am exam), and there were a large group
              of Koreans doing some sort of bible study.  I got the impression
              they do this regularly.  Seems like every Korean is part of one
              of a trillion churches in the neighborhood.
              \_ as long as they don't harass you to love Jebus, who cares?
        \_ Just call them traitors to shut them up. Ask if their ancestors would
           approve of them pushing some white religion.
2021/06/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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