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2001/5/13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21260 Activity:high
5/12    Yet another WTF from Paramount. Star Trek : Enterprise (aka series V)
        starring Scott Bakula, and other WTF like Korean chick playing
        a Chinese chick.
        \_ according to the website, the Korean chick is playing a Japanese
           chick.  Fair enough, since there has been a history of
           other Asian ethnicities (Chinese/Japanese/Filipino) playing Korean
           characters too (M*A*S*H, All American Girl are 2 examples). --chris
           \_ and of course an American would never play a British person,
              or a Spaniard an Italian.  -tom
              \_ can we see branagh playing otello?
        \_ who cares?  and what's wrong with Scott Bakula?
2001/5/13-14 [Health/Disease/General] UID:21261 Activity:very high
5/13    What if cigarettes were fortified with vitamins?
        \_ Yeah, but what if someone shoved a sharp stick up your butt?
        \_ You'll have very healty cancer cells!
        \_ hi vadim
        \_ Researchers attribute Japan's lowered lung cancer rate(33% less
           than western countries) to sushi.
           \_ ie. lower lung cancer rate despite higher smoking rate.
           \_ I wonder if it is sushi or just fish in general.  How do you
              do the control group for that?  Another culture with high
              fish consumption but no sushi consumption?
                \_ Maybe it isn't food consumption at all?  Maybe it is
                   genetic?  Maybe it has to do with the air, the water, or
                   proximity to Monster Island?
              \_ The radio news I heard about this study said that the effect
                 is specific to raw fish only, not cooked ones.  So I guess
                 the study already included a control.  -- yuen
2001/5/13-14 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:21262 Activity:high
11/7    This is a very, very proud day for us!  Especially me, George W,
        beat Al Gore!  It's just like David and Goliath, only this time,
        David won!
        \_ More like the Battle of Marathon. The Greeks defeated the
           Persians ensuring that peace, freedom, democracy and prosperity
           would survive for all time. I shudder to think of the state
           of this country, her freedoms and her prosperity if a idiot
           like Gore had won.
           \_ Yeah, it would have been great. Instead we now have to deal
              with an even bigger idiot named George.
              \_ George may not be the smartest kid on the block, but
                 at least he knows that tax cuts are good, building
                 power plants is good, helping american corporations
                 is good, missle defense is good.
                 So far is biggest mistake has been in not parking
                 the USS Enterprise in the South China Sea and bombing
                 the RED CHINESE COMMIE SCUM out of existence.
                 Instead of flying P3s, we should be flying B2s with
                 fully armed nukes over Shangi.
                 \_ Great just what this country needs: another bullshit
                    war staged expressly for the purpose of bolstering
                    weak-ass public opinion polls.  *sigh*  Might help
                    the economy I suppose.  I mean, what's a few million
                    chinks mean to anyone, right?
                    \_ "bullshit war"? I'm talking about the battle for
                        freedom, prosperity and democracy against the
                        forces of totalitarianism, communism and evil,
                        but I guess that doesn't mean much to you.
                        \_ troll harder.  Faster!  Harder!  Shove that troll
                           in me and make me scream like the whore I am!
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