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2001/4/27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:21114 Activity:high
4/26    Does the average soda user bother even reading the public motd?
        \_ you mean motd.public?  or the stuff in motd.official?
           \_ either one.  I bet most just skip it.
              \_ "soda user".. there are > 2k "soda users".. 90% of them never
                 log on... so you're right.  I'd say a decent chunk of the
                 rest read this.
                \_ soda [63] last | awk '{ print $1 }' | sort -u | wc -l
                   (since April 14th)  -tom
                   \_ unless I'm mistaken that includes POP (and IMAP?) users
                      I don't consider that "logging in" --dbushong
                        \_ you're mistaken.  That includes only tty-based
                           logins.  -tom
                      \_ But then, you don't have to log in to read the motd.
                         I read it via "finger motd@soda" far more often than
                         I log in to soda (and you can also read it at
                also without
                         logging in to soda).
           \_ Then they are missing out. The motd is the best thing about
2001/4/27 [Uncategorized] UID:21115 Activity:kinda low
4/26 Cool stick figure fu fighting
        \_ This was posted two days ago already.
2001/4/27 [Transportation/Car, Recreation/Food] UID:21116 Activity:high
4/26 :: ??:Electronics
        What is ??
           \_ Is as good as let's say Fry's electronics in terms
                of electronic selection?
                \_ dunno, but i bought my playstation there.
                \_ Better, since Amazon sells new products, not the 90%
                   returns that Fry's offers.
2001/4/27 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:21117 Activity:nil
4/27    Which Bush daughter is the lesbian?
        \_ The straightforward application of Murphy's Law implies that
            it is the prettier one.
        \_ It's Cheney's daughter that is the lesbian.
2001/4/27 [Health, Health/Men] UID:21118 Activity:high 76%like:21127
4/27    In workouts, why are free weights better than machines even if I'm
        using the same weight?
        \_ More muscle groups are brought into play controlling the weights,
           and you have MUCH more control which muscles get worked.  With
           machines, since the movement is completely static, you have to get
           really creative to hit some of the more obscure muscles.  Also,
           if you're a muscle-bound moose, you can generally get higher
           weights on free weights, whereas most machines run out at around
           250-300 pounds.  -mice
        \_ Because free weights give you the widest range of motion possible;
           that you are not limited only by the mechanics of the machines.
           Which is why folks using free weights are more prone to injury, if
           they're not careful in picking the correct weight. They often
           forget to take into account gravity, free weights going anywhere
           they please while in your hands, etc. Most novice are encouraged
           to start with machines first beore graduating into free weights
           starting out light. - jthoms
           \_ But don't machines offer more variations in resistsnce?
              Resistance from free weights only goes one direction (downward)
              and is constant.  Resistance from a machine can follow
              a curved path like on a chest machine which you bring two handles
              from left and right together at the front.  And the amount of
              resistance can vary according to the shape of the pulley guiding
              the wires, e.g. eclipse shape.  I'm new to weight training BTW.
              resistance can vary along the path according to the shape of the
              pulleys guiding the wires, e.g. eclipse shape.  I'm new to weight
              training BTW.
                \_ You're correct that machines offer more var. in resistance.
                   I personally use both machines and free weights as I am
                   slowly graduating to free weights myself. What people
                   mean by free weights are "better" is because not only they
                   bulk up your muscles, but also they train your muscles to
                   be more alert and flexible. Free weights are closer to
                   everyday application than machines. I don't know the exact
                   scientific expl. but that's the closest I can think of.
                   Also, what avid gym-freaks usually do is use free weights
                   to "puff up"/sculpt their muscles with slow repetitions on
                   one day and use the machines to define/tone their newly
                   build muscles with fast repetitions. Those men with ripped
                   muscles can't get what they have by using machines alone.
                   But if you're just doing weights to tone yourself, machines
                   should do the trick. Have a great workout. - jthoms
                   \_ So do you mean machines alone can't bulk up my muscles?
                      Gee, I think I've wasted all that time I spent on those
                \_ I have seen some very big people who use only machines, so
                   those men with ripped muscles _can_ get what they have with
                   just machines.  Machines and LOTS of steroids...
                   That said, a good reason to use free weights is to work
                   all of the little stabilizer muscles that aren't used as
                   much with machines.  Another is that machines usually
                   add friction to the exercise, usually making the positive
                   (contracting) part harder and the negative part easier,
                   which is the opposite of what you want.  There are many
                   other reasons that you can come up with (free weights
                   allow you to cheat a little more, for example), but I think
                   it's mostly a matter of personal preference
        \_ I'd go with free weights. I was using this bench press machine
           (like a standard bench press machine except with a harness), but
           never really gained any strength (ie, never moved up in resistence).
           Then I switched to dumbbells. I've increased the weights I can do by
           20 pounds (each arm) in just over a month, exceeding what I could
           do on the machine.
           \_ I agree with the recommendation.  I don't think that machines
              prevent you from getting stronger, but I think that it's easier
              to push yourself with free weights.  However, I think that the
              comparison above is faulty.  There is not a simple linear
              relationship between the weight you can use on a machine and
              what you can use with free weights.  Also, when you switch
              exercises (from machine to dumbells) you tend to gain strength
              more quickly than normal as your body and mind adjust to the
              new exercise.
2001/4/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:21119 Activity:nil
04/26   Starting 5/9 (after instruction ends):
        pres: paolo vp: galen sexy: chialea money: twohey liberator: ajani
2001/4/27-28 [Industry/Jobs] UID:21120 Activity:high
4/27    Dot com failure means:
        more Asians in CS:
        less Asians in CS:      ...
        more Asians in EE:      .
        less Whites day trading: .
        \_ Number-wise or percentage-wise?
        \_ Nothing.  Dotcoms have been failing at the same rate since the
           beginning.  The only difference is that now there's no more easy
           money to start a new one.  Don't buy the hype.  Even in the dotcom
           hey day, 9 in 10 never even got close to going public.  I hope it
           really means the press will go away and let small companies do their
           thing without the insane pressure to grow big and public in 6 months
           or less so maybe some quality people working on quality ideas can
           actually make quality products people with money will want to buy,
           while all the content production SF freaks and losers who should've
           gone into insurance company middle management will just die and stop
           pretending to be VP of <Insert_Fuzzy_Thing_Here>.
                            \_ Our company had a VP of Customer Satisfaction.
                               Guess who got downsized first?
                               \_ the customers?
        \_ fewer, you idiot.
        \_ fewer, not less you idiot.
2001/4/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:21121 Activity:nil
2001/4/27 [Recreation/Dating, Finance] UID:21122 Activity:high 75%like:21123
4/27    When judging men, what is more important to you: face, body, brain,
        personality, and hygiene.  Give percentages in that order.
        \_ what about personal wealth? I'd date/marry a ugly fat dumb dull
           rich guy.
           \_ I agree. - Mrs. Gates.
           \_ point taken. but then that works for gals too. okay:
              wealth, looks, brain, personality, hygiene, abilities in bed
              \_ I don't think that most guys care that they are dating
                 a rich or a poor girl. Abilities in bed are probably
                 orders of magnitude more important.
                 \_ I'd date a rich girl over a poor girl if her daddy had more
                    real wealth than I was likely to have.
        \_ what about genital size?
           \_ size does matter, but money matter more than size.
              - A. N. Smith
                \_ cmlee? is that you?
2001/4/27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21123 Activity:high 75%like:21122
4/27    When judging women, what is more important to you: face, body, brain,
        and personality.  Give percentages in that order -like 30/30/20/20
        \_ a girl can be a 10 in each category, but my decision is based
        on these percentages. 40/30/30/10 (but she has to be a 10 in each)
        \_ I only go for the best: 100/100/100/100/100.  My woman has to be
           5x any other woman could be!
           \_ Why would a woman like that date a troll like you?
           \_ Too bad a women like that would not date you.
                \_ Both of you are stupid.  It was a joke, kid, see?  A joke.
                   Let me explain for the "specially gifted" among us today:
                   since we're dealing with percentages, the total must add
                   to 100.   Now maybe you can take the next small step on
                   your own.  Test is on Monday and will be graded based on
                   your increased level of self esteem.
        \_ don't forget, "and asian".  10/10/30/30/20
        \_ "I am not paying you to talk."
        \_ 10/80/0/0 -- figured little brain is like no brain at all. And no
        brianers are easier to get.  Use most of the stats for the important
        stuff first because it's always easy to get other no brainers when
        I can't deal with the personality no more. hahaha
        \_ 20/40/10/30/0
        \_ 20/50/0/20/10  (Of course I don't mean she can be mentally
           challenged.)  -- Asian
           \_ So you're willing to go out with a girl with Chelsea Clinton's
              face, the body of Anna Kornakova, the brains of George W. Bush,
              and the personality of Al Gore? You must have some low standards
              \_ Not the body of Kornakova.  I'm thinking more along the line
                 of Cindy Margolis and Aria Giovanni.  (Neither have implants,
                 I think.)
                 \_ Asian AND body of Cindy Margolis?  HAHAHAHAHAHAH
                    \_ Check out Saori Nanami.  Supposedly she's all natural.
                        \_ Just Another Asian Chick.  JAAC.
                           \_ Well, how about Yukimi Tohno?  Also all natural
                        \_ I guess all this breast fetish totally degrades women
                           and overlooks the power of a good smile and nice eyes
                           \_ If you like the face more than the body,
                              put your points there.  Not everyone likes
                              your ideal woman.  Pig.
                           \_ If you are *DUMB* enough to fall for a girl just
                              because she has a good smile and nice eyes, you
                              deserve to get taken to the cleaners in divorce
                              court. Your wife and her boyfriend will by might
                              greatfully for your stupidity.
                                \_ What's with the "all marriage leads to
                                   divorce" obsession?  Let it grow.  See a
                                   good therapist.  Choose better next time.
                                   Both your wife and your divorce lawyer.
           \_ yeah, you could always put a bag over her head. i like your
        \_ It depends.  Just some random on the street and "would I fuck her?"
           or someone I've just met and "would I date her?" or someone I've
           known for a while and "would I marry her?"
           \_ yeah the question was vague, in not specifying judging women
              for WHAT.
              CARES ABOUT THIS OR NOT?!?
           \_ this is for SCIENCE.
           \_ you must be a jealous ugly chick with NO body.
              \_ actually, I'm a guy with a hot girlfriend.  And frankly
                                            \_ PixP
                                                \_ T
                                                   \_ urlP
                                                      \_ #t
                 I don't see why other people opinions really matter.  Perhaps
                 you are so bored about fantasizing about women that now you're
                 fantasizing about the women that other men fantasize about.
                 \_ Where can I see pix of your girlfriend?
                        \_  She's the one with the tits.
                           \_ Yeah right.
        \_ face, body, personality,brains.
2001/4/27-29 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:21124 Activity:very high
4/27    Cubans on Cuba, Castro, and his people.
        I post this because I liked the point about 'freedom vs physical/other
        well being' about halfway down.
        \_ nationalreview.  Now there is a good impartial source.
                \_ It's an opinion piece dumbshit.  Back to English 1A for you.
                   This isn't a news article.  It is *supposed* to be partial.
                   Use the tiny shred of brains God put in your thick skull to
           have been involved in instituting death squads in Chile.
                   figure out some basics before posting.
        \_ This article is idiotic.  The same line of reasoning leads one to
           conclude that "the US is a great place which affords many people
           the ability to live well, but this is irrelevant because we
           were involved in instituting death squads in Chile."
           \_ What death squads in Chile?
              \_ in the '70's. Read up on what happened under Pinochet.
           \_ Commie alert... Get the fuck out of the USA if you dont like it.
              Maybe Red China would suit your fancy.
                \_ join the army and get the fuck out of berkeley you redneck.
                   \_  So now liberals equate patriotism with being a redneck.
                       This country is fucked and we have people like you
                       to thank for it.
                       Its simple: communism, socialism and facism, in any form,
                       are evil.  US foreign policy is predicated on this
                       doctrine.   I'm sorry if you do not understand this, maybe
                       one day you will.
                       doctrine.   I'm sorry if you do not understand this,
                       maybe one day you will.
                       \_ Bzzt. Thank you for playing. -actual veteran
                   \_  One more thing - only the lowest of scum would disparage
                       a military that fought with the lives of its soldiers
                        for the freedoms you so frivolously enjoy.
                   \_ When did berkeley seceed from the union? If you don't
                      freedom and prosperity GTF out of the US of A and go
                      live in a that 3rd world COMMIE ghetto called CHINA.
              \_ Sorry, let me clarify -- This line of reasoning leads one to
                 conclude that "the fact that the US affords many people a
                 high standard of living is irrelevant because we were
                 involved insitituting death squads in Chile."  I wasn't
                 Look at their GDP (absolute or PPP).
                                             \_ how do you know? i might be
                                                in chile right now.
                 expression my beliefs -- i was showing the absurdity of
                 the logic in the article above.
                 \_ Logic flaw: we're not in Chile.  Thanks for playing.
        \_ The reality is material well being is very difficult to
           achieve.  In the last hundred and fifty years, the only
           non-western countries that attained it were Japan, Hong Kong,
           and Singapore.  Hong Kong and Singapore are little cities,
           and Hong Kong isn't even a country.  All three attained it
           under non-democratic governments.  The truth is being close
           \_ what about Taiwan?
              \_ Taiwan and South Korea are close, but not there yet.
                 Look at their GDP (absolute or PPP).  They are and
                 have been close friends with the west for quite
                 some time, much longer than they have been democracies.
           friends with the developed west is a prerequisite for
           attaining material well-being.  Being democratic and free
           is not a prerequisite.
2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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