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2001/4/25 [Uncategorized] UID:21090 Activity:very high
389/4   Stupid Yankees. using some non-global system of month then day
        \_ April Never Ended.
        \_ Ya, like we really want to emulate anything about the rest of the
          \_ I like mussels.
             \_ quit rattlin' yer bone box
2001/4/25 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:21091 Activity:insanely high
4/389   I want to find out how much a StorageTek Timber Wolf 9730 tape library
        costs i don't want to have to wait for their sales person to get
        back to me.  Is there a website that has the approx. cost of big ticket
        items like this?  Or/also can someone tell me how to get google and the
        other search engines to search on the character $ ?
        \_ I found a price 8,250 Lira.  Conversion anyone?
                \_ google.  Duh.  Why can't people use a friggin search engine
                   anymore?  They're easier to use and more accurate than ever.
                   \_ kids these days are weak and pathetic.
2001/4/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21092 Activity:high
4/24    What's up with Soda guys and Asian girls.  Are there non-Asian
        fish in the sea?
        \_ wouldn't know; my wife's Japanese.  -erikred
        \_ Most sodans are asian and hence prefer asian girls. I personally
           fall into this category.
           \_ Counterexample:
              one girl out of the last 9 i dated was korean. 1 was white/mix.
              All the rest were white. - paolo
              \_ I said most not all. You are the exception not the rule.
                 Though most sodans prefer asian girls, they don't actually
                 date asian girls, because they don't actually date.
        \_ D00D 4ZN CH1X R H07!
        \_ i think asian girls are seen as being docile and stuff, and
           hence are less threatening to the fragile, chickless geek.
           \_ D00D 4ZN CH1X R H07 ! L355 7HR3473N1NG!
              \_ yep, just helpful little fuck receptacles, appreciative
                 of wealth, and compatible with geek interests.
2001/4/25 [Health/Dental] UID:21093 Activity:high
4/24    I have medical insurance coverage through work. Whenever I go to
        the doctor, they ask for my medical insurance card and a $10 copay.
        Then a few weeks later I get something in the mail from the
        insurance company saying that 80% (or something like that) of my
        visit was covered and the other 20% (which is more than the $10
        copay) is not covered. At the end of the statement there's usually
        something like "Patient Pays: $50" which seems to be saying that
        I still owe my doctor $50 (or at least $40, if you count the
        copay). But I almost never get a bill from my doctor for that
        $50 / $40, so I never end up paying it. This seems to be how it
        has happened as long as I can remember, even with different
        doctors and different insurance companies. So what happens to
        that $50? Why don't the doctors try to collect it? Am I cheating
        my doctor by not sending them that money? just curious.
        \_ are your visits supposed to be covered 100% after co-pay?
           are you sure your doctor is "in plan"? sometimes some
           of the bill says "not covered" when it means "not charged,
           because we struck a deal with the insurance company".
        \_ My doctors always bill me for that amount. Always. It sometimes
           takes them a few months, but they will (minus the co-payment).
           If they haven't billed you then don't worry about it. --dim
        \_ It could be that your doctor is being nice and charging the
           insurance company extra to make up for whatever they're not
        \_ yawn.
           charging you.  My dentist does that.
           \_ This is also a reflection of the quality of service you
              are getting.  Good doctors/dentists don't need to do this.
              You get what you pay for.
                \_ This is not true.  How does the dentist working the system
                   on your behalf make him a bad dentist?  Ethics and dental
                   maintenance skills do not have a 1:1 correlation.  The
                   system is fucked.  I don't see anything wrong with
                   *everyone* working it.  You already paid for full service
                   care through your paychecks.  The medical insurance industry
                   is worth billions but they don't improve medical care.  They
                   only leech off the doctor/patient relationship.  Please
                   explain how paying too much to buy someone in the insurance
                   industry a new yacht improves my dental/medical health care.
              \_ I firmly believe in the concept of "you get what you pay for"
                 when it comes to goods and services. But I can usualy
                 differentiate between my choices. A lot of people seem to
                 either not care or don't have the time to care to
                 notice the differences and thus always go for the lowest priced
2001/4/25 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21094 Activity:nil
4/24    Any ideas what's up with <DEAD><DEAD>? Seems to be down
        for several days now.
        \_ It's down.
           \_ Did their FreeBSD server crash after some many Linux ISO
              downloads or what?
2001/4/25 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21095 Activity:high 50%like:22658
4/24    what's up with putting linux ISOs on Soda???
        \_ D00D GN00/11NSUX RUL3Z! 50D4 W111 500N B3 RUNN1NG 11NSUX!
        \_ um, just because _you_ don't use linux, doesnt mean other
           people don't use it either.  afaict, the .isos are on
  (not soda) - if there
           are any other iso's floating around these aren't the ones
           i put up - paolo
           \_ why'd you pick red hat and not, say, Mandrake 8?
              and why not a FreeBSD download?
              \_ 4.3, redhat, debian, slack are there.  mandrake upcoming.
                 - paolo.
                 \_ Why is soda wasting disk space on this 11NSUX crap?
                    If we have all this "disk space" lying around increase
                    the damn quotas to 100 MB or something.
                 \_ How about mirroring OpenBSD as well? Some of us use
                    real OSes not this toy crap you are talking about.
                    \_ try v4d1m claims to have
                       it mirrored there.  I leave it to you, the obsd
                       afficionado to check for yourself - paolo.
                       \_ man, you don't spell so good.
                       \_ what is the url for the mirror page?
              \_ because despite mikeh's work for the csua in making
                 freebsd available and advertising this to the vp, the
                 vp doesnt care about anything that isnt what the vp runs.
                 \_ the vp will run what the vp believes is best for the CURRENT
                    interests of the UNDERGRADS in CS/EECS to run. Needless
                    to say, the fact that the machine in question is
                    being actively used by 162 and research code now,
                    whereas is was unused before, proves my point.  Seriously
                    guys, you guys are alums (mikeh included).  You have
                    your own boxes at work or at home, which are much
                    more powerful than ours.  Why begrudge a current students
                    their choice in OSes, for the projects that they want to
                    work on? - paolo
                 \_ soda will be converted to linux eventually, probably
                    redhat too.
                    \_ Bad troll, bad.
                 \_ um. there is a 4.3-install iso on there, You know
                    what?  if you have an issue with my work, email me,
                    Anonymous complaints will be ignored.
                    - paolo
2001/4/25 [Transportation/Car] UID:21096 Activity:nil
4/25    Test. "Vadim"
        \_ if this test works, the above entry should be auto-deleted shortly.
2001/4/25 [Uncategorized] UID:21097 Activity:high
4/24    What's the name of that online comic thing with the plastic looking
        rabbit characters and stuff? Where he's in SF and doing QA and shit?
        \_ sluggy freelance?
           \_ thanx.
2001/4/25 [Uncategorized] UID:21098 Activity:very high
        Stick figure martial arts
        \_ also check out
           (there are three animations per set)
           Is there an actual game coming out from this?
        \_ also check out
           Is there an actual game coming out from this?
        \_ excellent!  stick around long enough for the Matrix bit....
           \_ actually, i thought that was the weakest part... too many
              matrix spoofs out there already.
              \_ it was still more entertaining than CTHD...
           \_ Can people identify all the "references"?  The flexible
              staff stuff was in "Tai Chi Master", as might have
              been the kicking-while-pushing-off-the-ground-at-an-
              acute-angle bit.  The double-take replay on the smash-
              down was perhaps from Romeo Must Die, but definitely
              Jet Li in any case.  Were there non-Jet moves on the part
              of the "hero", other than the Matrix silliness?
              \_ These were completely generic moves.  You can find all of
                 them in many, many movies.
2001/4/25 [Industry/Jobs] UID:21099 Activity:high
4/24    nweaver, you're an FPGA chip kinda guy. What's yer take on PIC
        Basic for prototype development vs. Xilinx/Altera solution, in
        terms of cost, ease of development, time to demo, debugging
        facility, etc?
        \_ Don't ask in the motd, send email.
        \_ dude, coding a PIC takes infinitely less time than coding
           an FPGA. you code your PIC in C or in basic. you get up to 20
           IO pins depending on what pick you use. coding an FPGA requires
           IO pins depending on what PIC you use. coding an FPGA requires
           C. if pin count and speed are not an assue  and price is, then
           most definitely go for the PIC. -ali
           you to write your shit in an HDL which is way lower level than
           C. if pin count and speed are not an issue and and development
           time price are, then most definitely go for the PIC. -ali
2001/4/25 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:21100 Activity:high
4/25    Where can I get the web based ssh stuff soda is running?  I want to do
        the same thing at home to get around some workplace lame network setup
        issues.  Thanks.
        \_ /usr/local/www/htdocs/ssh
        \_ or dl it  from mindbright yourself:
        \_ you do realize that it's just an ssh client in java, right?  it's
           not ssh over http or anything, so if your network doesn't allow
           ssh packets to go through, it won't help you.
           \_ That can easily be remedied by having sshd listen to a port
              that the firewall allows instead of 22.
                \_ Ok, I dug further into it (I'm remote so this is all through
                   email with the other person) and it appears they're doing
                   http proxying.  Nothing goes directly out.  The workstation
                   IP is 10.x.y.z.  There is a unix box though, so I'm having
                   them install sshd on that, running it on a high port, and
                   then doing ssh NT->unix->home.  The unix box has a real IP
                   but only runs telnetd right now.  You were right about the
                   mindbright stuff not being what I wanted.
           \_ Hmmm... didn't know that.  I'll have to check it out.  Thanks
              for all the links and paths.
        \_ Ok, I found httptunnel.  There's source, RPMs and a windows binary.
           Thanks for the help and info.  Anyone bored is welcome to delete
           this thread.
2001/4/25 [Health/Women] UID:21101 Activity:nil
4/25    Just saw a poster: "Exotic is not a compliment".  In what ways is it
        not a compliment?
        \_ for when ethnic chicks (asian, mullatto) are called 'exotic'. They
           claim that 'things' are exotic, not people...
           \_ Only the annoying PC ones.  Real women understand that it isn't
              meant that way and don't spend too much time flipping through a
              dictionary for ways to be 'offended'.  Exotic just means, "not
              white and very attractive".  Ugly not-white chicks are never
              called exotic.  They're called ugly.
              \_ Agreed.
              \_ Your definition is wrong.  White chicks are often exotic.
                                            \_ Only 4 R1C3 B015!
              \_ do you mean this in the same way that "nigger" isn't an
                 offensive word? -ali
        \_ I wish I was exotic. -white boy
          \_ I wish I was white - broke and exotic
                \_ Go to Japan.  The women there will molest you.
                   exotic is in the eye of the beholder.  Of course, they're
                   mostly dumb women with the disgusting habit of smoking.
                   \_ Aren't the women in Japan well dressed, demure, shy and
                      slightly coy? - #1 anime fan
           \_ You are.
        \_ I am erotic.
           \_ People who post on the motd are not erotic.
2001/4/25 [Reference/Military] UID:21102 Activity:nil
4/25    Does anyone here still use Armor-All on their dash (cars later than '93)
        \_ I use it on my Camaro, after brushing my mullet.
        \_ nope.  it is not good for the dash -- it actually dries things
           out.  i forget what we use now, but it's not armor-all.
2001/4/25 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21103 Activity:very high
4/25    What's the syntax for searching the contents of each file with
        \_ why not use grep?
        \_ find /my/dir -name myFile -exec grep -ne myExp {} /dev/null \;
           \_ More elegant is find . -type f | xargs grep "search string"
              \_ how about : grep "search string" `find . -type f` ?
                 \_ You want xargs in case find returns too many files for
                    grep to process at once.
                    \_ How is using xargs better than using -exec?
                 \_ MAX_ARGS! What if there are more files than MAX_ARGS?!?
                    Think before you do something dumb.
                    \_ God forbid... xargs performs a separate grep on each.
                       this may not be what you want.  this can make it very
                       difficult to tell exactly which file the search matched.
                       Think before you give blanket answers.
                       \_ Uh, how does it make it more difficult?  And where
                          did you get this notion that xargs spawns a call
                          to grep per file, do man xargs and look up default
                          values of -n and -s.
                       \_ grep -H
                          \_ that's great.  How 'bout solaris?
        \_ Easy:   grep -r pattern .
           If no gnu grep: find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep -n pattern
           If no find with print0 and xargs -0:
           find . -type f -exec grep -n pattern {} \;
2001/4/25 [Uncategorized] UID:21104 Activity:nil
4/25    Wasn't someone keeping some sort of motd archive?
        \_ ~mehlhaff
2001/4/25 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:21105 Activity:nil
4/25    how to make emacs 4-space tab, not 2.
        \_ (setq default-tab-width 4)
            \_ thanks.
        \_ ED! --motdbot
           \_ BOOT TO THE HEAD!!!
        \_ learn how to ask questions properly. --motdbot
         \_ question is properly phrased in Slavic grammar.
2001/4/25 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:21106 Activity:nil
4/25    Does MS Office 97 include some version of MS Outlook?  Thx.
        \_ pro does.
2001/4/25 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/SW/Security] UID:21107 Activity:nil
        We should develop tech like this for the motd. Have a phantom
        "virtual sodan" bot that answers the dumb questions, and emits
        the obligatory RIDE BIKE and 'use google' remarks, and occasionally
        fetches useful info.
        \_ That's pretty useful for spreading rumors when you short a stock.
           \_ You mean getting sued and ruining your life?
        \_ It should also periodically initiate an Asian Chix post,
           post some obligatory trolls, insult tom, and accidentally
           overwrite some posts...just like a real person.
2001/4/25 [Reference/Tax] UID:21108 Activity:nil
4/25    Is there a govt agency that keeps track of how many people are moving
        in and out of a region?  I'm interesting the population growth
        patterns in the Bay Area.  Down to the county level.  And no, census
        data is no good because it happens once every 10 years.  I need
        year-to-year data.  Thanks.
        \_ Try DMV.  I think that's the agency which the most people are
           required to register (most adults have driver's license, some of
           the adults who don't driver get IDs), so that's most likely the
           agency with the most accurate data that exist.  Hmm, actually IRS
           may be better.  Most adults file with IRS, and most children are
           dependents of some adults.
        \_ The full census may be only every ten years, but the Census Bureau
                is constantly collecting and tracking data like this.
        \_ IRS.  They know more about you than the census bureau.  Also county
           tax recorder but not as accurate.
2018/11/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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