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2001/4/23 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:21058 Activity:very high
4/22    I have some data in an HTML database. I want to display some of it
        in a mysql table. what's the fastest, easiest way to do this? I
        don't need to be able to enter data, or do anything fancy.
        \_ HTML database -> display in MySQL table.  Whew.  Good thing you're
                \_ why do you keep deleting references to perl?  -tom
           not using something like HTML for presentation.
        \_ go find some sample php code.
                    \_ PHP bigots can't stand a real language like perl or
                       \_ Oh my God!  You mean there's a "language" even
                          more pathetic than Perl?!
                          \_ There are many languages more pathetic than
                             Perl: Active-X, VBScript, J[ava]Script, PHP,
                             ASP, JSP, C#, Pascal, Lisp (and derivatives).
                             \_ Young troll, you will become more effective
                                if your arguments are plausible.  Now what
                                plausible argument were you going to use for
                                \_ lisp? lisp is useful? Please demonstrate
                                   a use to me. And no emacs customizations
                                   isn't a valid use.
                                   I've written a expert system in lisp
                                   before and let me tell you that it is
              severely deluded.
                                   a slow useless POS.
                             The list is practically endless. About the
                             only decent languages in existence are C/C++,
                             Perl and Java (and even that is debateable).
                             \_ Without starting a Perl flamewar--why did you
                                list Active-X as a language?
                                \_ LOL, I think he meant COM.
                                   \_ I meant (D)COM, which I believe is
                                      called ActiveX Contorls or some bs
                                      like that. Strictly speaking its
                                      probably not a language.
           Is a pretty good bare bones tutorial on the Perl DBI module.
           Leaves out lots of details, but it should do for your needs.  If
           you need something more detailed, go to Cody's or B&N and page
           through the Programming the Perl DBI (O'Reilly) book. -dans
        \_ PHP made me quite a bit of cash 1 day. - paolo
        \_ My chevy rules over your Ford.
           \_ Dude, unless you're talking about your 'vette, you are
              severely deluded.  Chevy > Ford?  That's funny.
              \_ chevy suburban vs. ford expedition. suburban wins
                 hands down. Same can be said for camaro vs. probe
                 and metro vs. aspire.
2001/4/23 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:21059 Activity:nil
4/22    In document, how do you save the Lynx to the local directory?
        \_ P)rint to a file
2001/4/23 [Uncategorized] UID:21060 Activity:nil 60%like:21064
4/22    bugs 2.95.3 installed, gcc to mconst.
2001/4/23 [Uncategorized] UID:21061 Activity:nil
4/23    1337 Haxors wanted for top-secret research
2001/4/23-24 [Computer/SW/Apps, Finance/Investment] UID:21062 Activity:moderate
4/22    I need something to keep track of my stock purchases, sales,
        gains, loss, splits, dividends, etc.  Should I just use Excel?
        \_ Quicken would probably be better than Excel.
           \_ not to mention quicker
           \_ Not to mention you can then transfer your data to TurboTax.
           \_ not to mention excel is a general use tool not designed for
        \_ On a related note, anyone know of a service where you can
           track foreign currenies and various other non-US financial
           instruments? My Yahoo! lets you get quoted prices for most
           of the ones I'm interested in but it doesn't do anything more.
           There are no histories, graphs, news items, etc...
                \_ You want to go into arbitrage like the guy in 9 & 1/2 weeks?
                   BTW, the original story didn't end with her 'empowerment'.
                   That was the Hollywood PC feel-good-about-being-a-woman-all
                   -men-suck version.
                   \_ forget arbitrage. Do Options now.
        \_ agreed.  Quicken is better.  But I believe if you want to
           customize your own analysis of your portfolio, Excel may be
           more flexible.
        \_ ObLinux: has anyone used GnuCash? 1.5 series looking good?
           \_ BOOT TO THE HEAD!!!
                \_ And he RIDES BIKE!
        \_ For those of you using Quicken for stocks, do you use
           their transaction download (from broker) feature.  I
           tried it with E*trade and it was full of mistakes.
                \_ You should be using Excel.
        \_ Is there somewhere where I can get a Excel worksheet
           already customized for stock tracking purposes?
2001/4/23 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:21063 Activity:nil
4/22    Summary: To save a document to local file in Lynx, use
        P)rint to a file.  Thanks for the info.
2001/4/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:21064 Activity:nil 60%like:21084 66%like:21057 60%like:21060 66%like:21017
4/22    gcc 2.95.3 installed, bugs to mconst.
2001/4/23-24 [Transportation/Car] UID:21065 Activity:insanely high
4/22    Let's argue about the gas is cheaper than food thing some more.
                \_ it's really how much additional food you eat which is
                   the issue.  Also, if you bike and don't own a car at all
                   you save money on car payments, registration, maintenance,
                   insurance, as well as merely on gas.
                        \_ And your job choices are limited to where you live
                           or your housing choice to where you work.
                   \_ And you life is in the hands of soccer moms driving
                      80 MPH on local roads in thier SUVs. Personally,
                      I'd rather be in a car, at least I will *survive*
                      an accident. But then again, if you RIDE BIKE and
                      get killed, its not a big loss since you are no
                      longer in the gene pool to spread your stupid
                      luser genes.
                        \_ In terms of per exposure hour, you are much more
                           likely to die in a car than on a bike.  But
                           this will be my only response to this troll. -tom
                           \_ Hey tom, I'm genuinely interested in this --
                              do you have a URL or anything?   -mice
                                \_  Rock!  Thanks!  -mice
                           \_ okay this pro-bike page is flawed. the statistics
                              they use are based on national figures. i believe
                              riding a bike on silicon valley or city streets
                              and expressways is far more dangerous than riding
                              country roads or what have you. i don't put any
                              faith in those statistics. certainly not to the
                              point where i would spout them as if fact, as
                              tom is doing. i mean think about it. bikes aren't
                              going to be on freeways, where some large portion
                              of auto fatalities happen. nor will they be in
                              the most dangerous traffic patterns, in general.
                        \_ The soccer moms only do 45-50 in the 25 zones where
                           I live.a
        If you really believe that riding a bike for 20 miles will cost
        you more in increased food consumption than a gallon of gas you
        are quite retarded. For another thing, what food are we talking
        about? A bowl of rice or pasta is cheap, and bread is $1 a loaf.
        For a third thing, gas has pollution costs not captured in the
        pump price.
        \_ So does food production.  Anyway, who put you on the water and
           bread diet?  Last I checked, this isn't a Soviet prison.
        \_ This is stupid.  Biking takes longer than driving -- my time
           is valueable.  The added trip time * $/hour >  cost saved by
           not using gas.  If you're a burger flipper or some pathetic
           fryalator-operating schmo, then this may not be true for you,
           but in a general sense your argument is specious.
                \_ Or work for UC.
           \_ okay fine, you win. i don't ride bike either fwiw.
              except, i do for exercise/fun. so if you want regular
              exercise biking gives you that as a freebie. the problem
              is that our infrastructure makes biking the streets
              pretty unsafe and tedious.
              \_ On that point, I certainly agree.  The infrastructure
                 is absurdly skewed against bikers (and pedestrians, for that
                 matter) & etc....
                 \_ You make it sound like a conspiracy.
                    \_ It's not.  It has more to do with one simple little
                       fact: not enough people give a damn.  Deal with it.
                      between home and work, driving to/from work costs more
                      than biking.  (Of course time and safety is another issue
                      that varies between situations.)
        \_ BOOT TO THE HEAD!!!
           \_ YERMOM GAVE ME HEAD!!!
              \_ BOOT TO THE HEAD!!!
        \_ riding 100 miles will probably cost you a hotel stay. That's
           more expensive than the gas involved.
        \_ Plus driving also has car maintenance cost not captured in the pump
                \_ Which is why if you've ever been reimbursed for driving,
                   you'd know you get paid by the mile (usually about 25-35
                   cents), not for what you put in your tank.  Can you multiply
                   .3 x miles traveled and fill out a form?
                   \_ Exactly.  But since you don't get reimbursed for driving
                      between home and work, driving to/from work costs you
                      25-35 cents per mile while biking is a lot cheaper.
                      (Of course time and safety are other issues that vary
                      between situations.)
                        \_ If I didn't own a car or insisted on biking to work
                           I would need another million dollars to buy a house
                           near my job or I'd have to take a $40k pay cut to
                           work near my home.  Driving is cheaper than biking
                           if you don't work at McDonald's.  Here's some math:
                           I drive about 20k miles to/from work each year. At
                           $.35 per mile that's $7000.  Another $500 or so for
                           the bridge.  Driving is cheaper by far.  I can't
                           afford to ride a bike to work.
        \_ I take the shuttle between Hayward BART and Foster City to go to
           work.  Parking at BART is free.  Shuttle is free and is open to the
           general public.  Saves me gas money, car maintenance, bridge toll,
           and the time to wait in line for the toll booth instead of riding
           on the carpool lane.  Plus I can take a nap.
           \_ There aren't shuttles everywhere.  There isn't BART to/from
              everywhere.  There isn't always BART parking.  However, I am
              glad this works for you.  It doesn't work for many people.
2001/4/23-25 [Uncategorized] UID:21066 Activity:nil
4/387   Anyone here used PIC Basic? Is it cool? Easier/cheaper than FPGAs?
2001/4/23-24 [Finance/Investment] UID:21067 Activity:nil
4/22    nweaver-- I'm sure you've seen a lot of undergrads in Soda looking
        at the stock ticker. Does that bother you?
                \_ And I should care WHY? -nweaver
        \_ C'mon, leave poor Nick alone.  Enough is enough.  There's only
           so much poking you can do and then it isn't funny anymore.
        \_ Yes, they should instead be using the computing facilities at Haas
           to do their Business Investment 101 homework.
        \_ What is Nick's response to people who say he should be the last
           person talking about who should/shouldn't be in industry because
           he himself has never left academia?
2001/4/23-25 [Uncategorized] UID:21068 Activity:nil
4/22    anyone know the correct ipchains incantations to  forward wins
        server info to a private subnet ?
2001/4/23-25 [Science/Battery, Science/Electric, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:21069 Activity:high
4/22    Windows device driver engineers needed.  -jeffwong
        \_ With this posting, transmeta is now officially in the
           "We've given up competing, we are now trying to sell out to
            microsoft/intel/amd" category.
            \_ How does having Windows drivers constitute selling out?
               If they expected all of their users to use Linux, they'd
               be out of business already.  Look how successful the Linux
               distro companies have been.
               \_ because one of the claims was that they could
                  just transparently replace (from a software point of view)
               \_ D00D R3D H4T RUL3Z! 7H3Y W111 D357R0Y M$ 4ND 7H13R
                  U53R5 4ND RUL3 7H3 W0R1D! 1N5T411 17 B3F0R3 17'5 T00
               \_ because one of the claims was that they could just
                  transparently replace (from a software point of view)
                  an intel chip for massive gains.
                  Seems it's not such a perfect replacement if they need
                  custom drivers, eh? Start looking for a new job, jeff.
                  I give you 1, maybe 2 good years there.
                  \_ Average length of employment of an engineer in the valley
                     these days is between 18 and 24 months.
                     \_ That average is skewed because of the high
                        concentration of dot-bombs in the valley. My point
                        being that transmeta looks to be another one.
                     \_ Really? I was at Cisco for 4 years and I was
                        still a "junior" in terms of years of service.
            \_ Perhaps because their "low-power" designs were not so
               spectacular after all. TM chips ran at lower power at
               the expense of performance and we all know that what
               matters isn't power but energy (E = P*t) consumed
               by a laptop. If a chip consumes energy at half the rate
               of another but runs at half the speed, which one would
               you buy?
               \_ D00D CRU053 15 7H3 B357 CH1P 3V3R M4D3! 11NU5 541D 50
                  0N 11NSUX.K3RN3L! CRU053 B3475 7H3 P4N75 0F 1NT31 4ND
                  4MD, M070R014 4ND D3C! 37337 R3D H4T GN00/11NSUX 15
                  W1CK3D F457 0N CRU053!
                \_ What percentage of your apps are CPU-speed limited?  -tom
                   \_ A process doesn't have to be CPU bound to benefit
                      from a faster processor tom.
                        \_ It has to be CPU bound to use the same amount of
                           power in the equation above.  I think for the
                           vast majority of real-world applications, a slower
                           chip is better in a laptop.  -tom
                           \_ Why? So you have IE running as an I/O bound
                              process. Now a user clicks on a button and
                              something happens. IE executes a short task.
                              On a TM it takes 2 seconds while on another
                              processor it takes 1 but for the most part
                              they consume the same amount of energy
                              because TM's power consumption is half of
                              the alternative. The TM loses in this case.
                              EDP (energy delay product) is a better metric
                              for power efficient devices like this because
                              it factors in performance and not just power
                              and energy.
                                \_ CPU is almost always starved for data
                                   these days.  The speed of Netscape/IE is
                                   virtually unaffected by CPU speed
                                   difference--they're always waiting for
                                   disk or net.  The difference between
                                   200 Mhz and 400 Mhz is enormously larger
                                   than the difference between 400 Mhz and
                                   800 Mhz.  Why do you think people stopped
                                   buying PC's?  -tom
                                   \_ At least on PIII there is a noticeable
                                      difference between 400, 550 and 600.
                                      Beyond 600 I tend to agree with you.
                                      An athlon 1.2 GHz is not that much
                                      faster than a 600 because you can't
                                      give it enough work to do in most
                                      cases or it blocks on device io.
                                      I believe that the future belongs
                                      not to single fast procs but to
                                      multiple cheap slow procs. MPP
                                      is the way to go.
               \_ It dynamically lowers its voltage and frequency according
                  to your workload.  Why would you want to be running at
                  the maximum clock rate when you're typing or reading a web
                  page?  That is a waste of energy. Besides, a PIII laptop
                  can't go very fast when it's batteries are dead.
                  \_ I'm not defending the Pentiums either. Personally, I
                     think Intel sells crap. But most processors today
                     (at least those concerned with power savings) employ
                     power savings features during idle periods like clock
                     gating or disabling input latches to unused units.
                     Power consumption during idle periods by the CPU is
                     rather inconsequential compared to power drawn by a
                     spinning disk, LCD monitor, DRAM refresh, and other
                     crap running. I doubt TM chips fair much better during
                     idle periods than other alternatives.
                     \_ I'm not defending the Pentiums either. Personally, I
                        think Intel sells crap. But most processors today
                        (at least those concerned with power savings) employ
                        power savings features during idle periods like clock
                        gating or disabling input latches to unused units.
                        Power coproperly phrased question.   here, I'll put
                        you out of your misery:
                     \_ D00D U R 50 WR0NG! CRU503 R0X! R3P3N37 UR B45PH3M35
2001/4/23-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21070 Activity:nil
        Which story is more reflective of porn $ on the Internet today?
        \_ Both.  The latimes is human interest drivel.  The zdnet one is
           about cold hard facts.  Put them together and it reads that the
           money making sites are stoked at the cheap high quality talent
           they can now recruit from Hollywood and ex-dotcoms.  This influx
           of talent will drive out the lesser talent from the online porn
           industry and allow porn sites to make better sites for less.  This
           is important because as the zdnet article said, customer numbers
           are flat or declining but this is also seasonal as the zdnet article
           says.  It comes down to too many porn sites and not enough workers
           at dotcoms available to surf that many anymore.  I read somewhere
           else that there were 75,000 dotcom layoffs in the last few months.
           Sorry if you weren't expecting a serious answer.
2001/4/23-24 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Functional] UID:21071 Activity:high 75%like:21076
4/22    reviewP on Tripplite, APC, and others, thanks.
        \_ t
        \_ For the eternally clueless for who think whateverP is a generic
           form of asking any question... it isn't.  If memory serves, the P
           stands for "P"redicate.  This comes from the c60a (and maybe 50?)
           days where everything in the A&S book was thisP and thatP for all
           the true/false routines.  thus: isnumP and isdigitP and foodP are
           good.  reviewP will only get you #t/f.  Now please just stop
           misusing shorthand in attempt to fit in.  English works perfectly
           most of the time and if you don't know that Engrish does ok, too.
           \_ Why is it "#t" but not "t"?
              \_ probably meant #t/#f
                 \_ Yes.
           \_ usage defined meaning.  trace the etymology of many many
              common expressions and you will find that they started out as
               something compeletly different, and alot of  ignorant idiots
               missused the language for several decades, and now it's in
               the dictionaries.
           \_ nil is also acceptable in place of #f
              \_ #t
                \_ More precisely, in older lisps, the convention is P for
                   predicate, eg, isdigitP, with true and false being t and nil
                        \_ Yep.  I knew someone would come up with the full
                           real answer if I started in that direction.  Thanks.
                   \_ you mean "digitp"
                   (more precisely, nil is false and everything else is true).
                   The scheme convention is ?, such as isdigit?, with #t and
                   #f being boolean types returned.  I don't remember what
                   r4rs says about nil in control flow, but #f != nil
                   \_ Even more precisely, older lisps only had upper case, so
                      you had things like ISDIGITP.
                      \_ Why would you ever have ISDIGITP instead of DIGITP ?
                   \_ !#t?  I think I got schooled.
                      \_ the more interesting question is when to use
                         eg digitp vs digit-p
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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