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2001/4/14 [Reference/Tax] UID:20972 Activity:nil
4/13    That's just like the motd these days. I finally got someone cornered
        in an argument and someone purges it. But since the guy is too lazy
        to figure out our tax code, I think it's my duty to educate him. A
        single person making $100k will pay a little over $31k in state and
        federal combined and not the 39.5% that some people claim. But we
        can see who stands to benefit from this upper class tax cut. Bush
        will get back about $40k from retroactive tax relief while Cheney
        is a whole other story. But I have sympathy for Cheney. He'll need
        that money for future heart surgery so he deserves the millions he
        sits on. Incidentally, the upper bracket relief is almost equivalent
        to the amount of their money that goes towards debt service (a little
        more actually). So instead of dealing with this issue which will
        guarantee future long term tax cuts we're giving a massive short-term
        tax cut mostly aimed at that 39.5% group.
2001/4/14 [Computer/SW] UID:20973 Activity:high
4/378   What's the difference between <DEAD><DEAD> and <DEAD><DEAD>?
        \_ % diff <DEAD><DEAD> <DEAD><DEAD>
           diff: <DEAD><DEAD>: No such file or directory
           diff: <DEAD><DEAD>: No such file or directory
           \_ No, this is not funny at all you retard
2001/4/14 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:20974 Activity:very high
4/13    For those who answered my earlier C++ question, I created
        /tmp/plato.cpp to illustrate. Am I a moron? Don't let me down easy.
        and stop overwriting me, tax ranter.
        \_ hi dcs!
          \_ yeah i had to break my veil of secrecy. yes i am normally
             extremely cowardly. -dcs
        \_ dude, you're refering to objects you haven't declared yet.
           just shift your definitions around until you don't refer to
           members before they're called!
           \_ are you joking? it's a circular dependency
        \_ the problem you're having is with the inline methods. declare
           them in the class, but define them out of class. -ali
           \_ I attempted this but got the same error.
           \_  look at /tmp/ you're not getting paid for writing
               c++ code, are you? -ali
                \_ don't be an asshole ali
                  \_ i give up the right to his gratitude in exchange for
                     the right to be an asshole. fuck off. -ali
                \_ easy horsey, easy
2001/4/14 [Uncategorized] UID:20975 Activity:high
4/378   Help! Am compiling a CD titled "nostalgic innocense", it includes
        songs such as "Season in the Sun" and "Try to Remember"... any
        recommendations on what else should go on there?
        \_ "Yermom never tasted so sweet"?
        \_ Innocence. God damn. What's the point of 'dict' if you don't
           use it? Are they letting retards into Cal these days? Do you
           think students at Harvard can't spell? Fuck. --dim
           \_ Everyone know the bad spelers go to Yail.
              \_ Do not pass Go.  Do not collect $200.
              \_ I prefer you not refer to Clown College that way.
           \_ There is actually a word "innocense." Maybe it was intended?
              \_ On the motd? Think again.
              \_ When she said "Stop calling me.  Haven't you realized by
                 now I don't want to talk to you?" she really meant she
                 wants you to call her again.
           \_ hey dim-wit, dict innocense isn't going to help you any.
              also, dyslexics aren't necessarily stupid. neither are lazy
              \_ dict sure will help, because you'll see it's not the
                 fucking word you intended, asswipe. Plus, I'm as lazy
                 as the next guy, but I know how to spell common English
                 words. How is it that people can score 740 on the verbal part
                 of the SAT and yet can't spell simple words or tell the
                 difference between "their" and "they're"? --dim
                 \_ Theirs just no pleasing dim when your a bad speller.
2001/4/14 [Uncategorized] UID:20976 Activity:high
4/378   The c++ standard on ugrad has been nazzied!! please put it back!
        \_ you must apologize first!
        \_ ah, email me and we can work something out - paolo
           \_ Try to see it my way, do i have to keep talking till i can't
              go on, while you see it your way, run the risk of knowing
              that our love may soon be gone. We can work it out!.
                \_ Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be!
                   There's a shadow hanging over me,
2001/4/14-15 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:20977 Activity:low
4/13    Marketing wants to keep all the apache logs FOREVER.  I just can't
        see holding onto 50 lines of "GET /some/dumb/graphic.jpg" per page
        view per person.  Anyone have any script(s) which will eliminate
        all that excess info and leave me with less log to archive?
        \_ grep
        \_ why do you care? let them do their stupid shit.
        \_ Yeah like this is so much work for you.  gzip *.log and tar it to
           tape.  Who cares how much is in the logs or that everything is
           crap or that no one will ever look at it again?  Who is to say that
           those 50 lines of GETs have no value to someone else?  Maybe someone
           will analyse the logs and determine they should be caching some
           stuff or build out a separate images server or use akamai or who
           knows?  You don't.  Just do your job and stfu.
        \_ Run samba on the webserver.  Mount their personal Vindoez shares
           on the webserver.  Give them the info.  -John
           \_ I think they want it "archived permanently".  The logs of any
              reasonably active site will outgrow disk space very quickly.
              \_ No they wont: do the math. 1M hits/day * 1k log/hit = 1GB.
                 1GB * .1 (compresses well) * 365 days/yr = 36GB/yr.
                 Just buy the disk. -ausman
                 \_ I did the math when I was in this position.  I used /bin/du
                    on my *.log.gz files and it was over 500m a day compressed
                    and growing (as traffic increased).  /bin/du on a real site
                    gave better numbers than your guesstimates.  Also, dumping
                    to tape means the low end tape monkey just swaps tapes as
                    usual when his email tells him to, as opposed to someone
                    having to bother buying a new disk every X many months
                    because someone decided "gzip *.log" was too hard to cron.
                    Oh yeah, the cron would actually have to remove the logs
                    after they hit the tape.  Yeah, it's a toughy.  Might take
                    almost as long to write that script as we've spent talking
                    about it.  -hates "sloppy-sysadmining-for-no-reason"
                    \_ toughy? doesnt it go away by itself? newsyslog, gzip
                       compressed DLT, if lucky down to .25 size (not .1)
                       not that bad, eh? I think we have some dumb sysadmins.
2001/4/14 [Uncategorized] UID:20978 Activity:high
4/13    It's Friday the 13th.
        \_ And tomorrow will be Saturday the 14th.
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