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2001/4/8-9 [Recreation/Food] UID:20898 Activity:very high
4/8     I want to be adventurous and make my own sushi (actually, I just
        want sushi and am too cheap to go to a restaurant). Is there a
        market of some sorts in the Silicon Valley that sells very fresh
        fish free of tape worms and other nasty parasites?
        \_ How do you know if you are hosting a parasite?
        \_ why stop at fish, you should try pioneering chicken sushi!
        \_ There's no safe way to make your own sushi.  You do not own a fridge
           that freezes to zero.  Do not do this.  You're going to get ill.
           This is a terrible idea.  Do not do this.  What is up with all the
           cheapo sodans trying to save a buck who then come up with some
           stupid hairbrained scheme to get themselves killed for it.
        \_ Berkeley bowl has fish that's fresh, but the selection isn't that
        \_ Stick to salt water fish and you should be fine. -ausman
                \_ You actually have to be fussier.  Ahi tuna is usually
                   OK, salmon is BAD BAD BAD.  The biggest rule is never
                   eat a fish which is eaten regularly by mammals, as that
                   enables mammal->fish->mammal parasites to be happy. -nweaver
                <DEAD><DEAD>  _/
                Six years of eating home-made sushi in Japan and still
                tapeworm-free; let's hear it for wasabi. --erikred
           \_ You mean like puffer fish?
              \_ mmm... tiger fugu...
        \_ Hmmm... If someone told you of a certain market sold fish that was
           of tapeworms, would you trust them and "give it a taste"???
           I dont know if they invented a tape worm detector beyond
           making sushi out of it and seeing if you get sick or not.
           \_   What?  There are tapeworms in fish or sushi in particular?
                More info. please!  I love sushi but not tapeworms.
        \_ Ranch 99 typically sells things for sushi.  You don't even
           have to make it presentable.  Get some raw tuna, some seaweed,
           wasabi, Ginger, and soy and put it over rice. (well, put the
           wasabi and soy and ginger on the side)
           \_ Theirs is also not the world's freshest.  It's never made me
              sick, but it has 4+ day expiration dates, and they keep
              refreezing and thawing it.
           \_ Or start with sashimi. No work needed.
        \_ I don't know your case in particular, but the relative cheapness
           of some single engineers with relatively large salaries is
2001/4/8 [Reference/History/WW2] UID:20899 Activity:nil
4/7     Sign the petition to end DST!
2001/4/8 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:20900 Activity:nil
4/7     After receiving a $190 PG&E bill last month, I and my roommates
        started conserving energy and look, this month's bill is only $75!
        You do can this too.
        \_ What specific conservation techniques did you use?
           \_ Actually, my roommates were the ones who were conserving
              the energy for me.
           \_ Turned of all the heaters and unplugged all the appliances
              and ate the flesh of my roomates and burned the leftovers
              to stay warm.
2001/4/8 [Uncategorized] UID:20901 Activity:nil 53%like:20902
04/07   nweaver talk on 4/17, 7pm 306 details on
2001/4/8-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:20902 Activity:nil 53%like:20901
04/07   nweaver rants 7pm-4/17,306 Soda details:
        \_ is there a <DEAD><DEAD> and an <DEAD><DEAD>?
           what about staff.csua and faculty.csua?  what does the u in csua
           stand for?
                \_ If u have to ask...
                   \_ perhaps he/she was trying to make a point.  He/She
                      probably know what "u" in csua means.
                      \_ what does the "u" in .edu stand for?
                         \_ what does the "o" in "education" stand for?
                                \_ Same thing as the "u" when you're in the
                                   deep south.  its optional.
                                   \_ What does the "d" in "Bush" stand for?
                                        \_ Democrat?
                                           \_ Why is the "p" silent in
2001/4/8-9 [Consumer/Audio] UID:20903 Activity:high
4/8     Which is "better"?  MP3 Players, or MP3/CD players.  I know it
        depends on many factors, but it would be nice hearing some
        constructive opinions.
        \_ better for what?
           \_ any general use.  I don't plan to be running or jogging
              that much with it.
        \_ the rio volt.
           \_ where can I buy it?  (not mail-order)
              \_ I've seen plenty of them at Fry's
        \_ tape deck.
           \_ fucking moron.
        \_ Get a minidisc unit and you'll be much happier.  See:
2001/4/8-9 [Recreation/Media] UID:20905 Activity:kinda low
4/9     Wow, such a thoroughly entertaining movie is "Momento".  I made
        the right decision following a New Yorker movie critic's advice.
        It's a shining example that a review dripping with wet freshly-
        splitted-out sarcasm can actually give good advice.
        \_ You're talking about Memento, right?  Is it showing at the
           California theater yet?  Last I checked, the only place it was
           showing in the Bay Area was at Embarcadero.
           \_ now playing at the California
           \_ Memento sounds vaguely like Planescape Torment.
        \_ "Wow, such a thoroughly entertaining movie is Momento" sounds
            pretty darn sarcastic, or do you just talk like that?
                \_ It also sounds like someone making a fool of themselves
                   trying to show off their english skills and failing
                   \_ Just what exactly is meant by "wet freshly-splitted"?
                      Damn.  You just made me cough and I have a sore throat.
                   \_ Good movie this is.  Much from it you will learn,
2001/4/8-9 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:20906 Activity:high
4/9     I have CD's that replay perfectly on my CD player but generate
        very annoying "clicking" noise signal when I extract from it
        digitally.  I heard this is because my program does not handle
        audio CD error correction.  Is there a program for Mac that does
        the exact digital audio extraction properly?  I have an UltraPleX
        40max CD driver.
        \_ What do you mean by "DAT"?
           \_ Corrected.
        \_ dude.. it's your Mac. I have the same drive for PC I get 24X+
           rips, clean, no pops, full volume even on scratched up CDs.
           \_ I know exact digital extraction software exist for PC
              but I need a mac program, which is why I post the question.
        \_Would anybody mind answering this for BSD/IDE CD/dagrab too?
        \_hey, do you folks realize it's still 4/8?  anyway, i wonder if
          this is a result of the newest anti-copy stuff the industry is
          trying out.  is it a brand new CD?
          \_ Not necessarily new, but tend to be from CD clubs like Columbia
             House or BMG, I suspect.
        \_ I've used both SoundJam and iTunes for audio extraction
           successfully. Works perfectly on both B&W G3 and Pismo PB.
           \_ I've used iTunes and TrackThief on a G4 and a Pismo PB,
              both work fine. I've tried a Toshiba 4x cdrom instead
              of the builtin DVD-ROM on my G4 and it works fine with
              TrackThief as well.
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