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2001/4/7-27 [Uncategorized] UID:20891 Activity:nil 71%like:20725
04/02   General Meeting 04/19 6:00PM in 306 Soda -- elections will occur
        \_ CORRECTION GM on 04/26
2001/4/7-8 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:20892 Activity:very high
4/7     I recently added a second processor to a win2k system.  although the
        motherboard recognizes it, win2k still says it's running on a
        uni-processor system.  do I need to do anything special to enable
        SMP? (and please no "Yes, install *BSD" or "D00D, US3 GN00 L1NUX!"
        \_ You need to re-install Win2K.  Win2K installs a different
           kernel depending on how many processors you have at install time.
           kernel depending on how many processors you have at install
           \_ You may have to also shell out more $s to Bi11 G4735 because
              the unprofessional version doesn't support 2 procs (at least
              my cd didn't, and no its not a w4r3z copy).
              \_ Win2K Academic Version or something?  Win2K Evaluation?
                \_ he meant the "Professional" version isn't professional.
        \_ Yes, install *BSD
        \_ , US3 GNU L1NUX!
                   \_ 2k Advanced server. Domain "forrests."- paolo
        \_ Yes, install *BSUXD
        \_ , US3  R3D H4T GNU/Linux! [ spelling corrected ]
        \_ DOOD! U N33D 2 US3 R3D H4T GN00/L1SUX! 17 RUL3Z!
           [ spelling and grammar corrected for  locale ]
        \_ the correct answer is to go to the device manager, select the
           \_ I don't see it there?
              \_ it's not on the Driver tab? it worked for me -- original poster
                 \_ All I see is ACPI.
                    \_ mine said "ACPI Uniprocessor PC"
                       \_ Hmm, that's weird.  Oh well, I guess I'll worry
                          about it when I get a second processor.
           Computer > ... Uniprocessor PC entry, and click the Update Driver
2001/4/7 [Uncategorized] UID:20893 Activity:nil
4/7     learn to use the date command.  sheesh.
2001/4/7-8 [Recreation/Food] UID:20894 Activity:high
4/8     does anyone know of a book about how to make indian bread?
        i have found lots of general indian cookbooks, but never one devoted
        to bread.
        \_ Indian bread?  As in "native american"?  Why would you want that?
           99% of indian food sucks.
           \- there are a lot of types of indian bread. you have to name the
           bread before chasing a recipie. --psb
        \_ are you talking naan or frybread? - paolo
        \_ indian as in india.  i don't want to pick one bread, and find a
           recipe, i want to have lots of recipes for different breads.
        \_ there's a restaraunt called Breads of India.
           \- The Breads of India phenomena is kind of fascinating. First, it
           should really be called "Comfort Food of India", secondly, it's
           not that good nor particularly cheap ... certainly not worth waiting
           outside inthe rain for 30 minutes. For some reason, the crummy
           location and the crummy decor or something has convinced people it
           is "authentic" and cool or something like that. Vik's also basically
           sucks but it is "cool" to go over to the other side of the railroad
           tracks and eat in a warehouse. In quality Raj on university is
           better than BoI and best chaat i know if in the bay area is at Dina
           Bazar in Fremont. --psb
           \_ How does Cafe Raj on Solano compare to Raja on University?
              \- the one on univ is a real restauarnt. the other one is a
              hole in the wall in a decent neighborhood. cafe raj is basically
              bad or went through the natural evolution of indian restaurants
              at an initally hyper accelerated pace. ok tnx --psb
              \_ Hm.  I didn't particularly like raja on university.  In
                 order, my preferences in berkeley are Vik, Chaat Cafe,
                 kamal palace, raja, viceroy.
                 \- well admittedly i havent been to raja on univ in a while,
                 and i provided some off-menu special instructions for how i
                 wanted some stuff prepared. does anyone else find the tables
                 disquietingly far apart there? --psb
                 \_ good thing your expert directions saved them from
                    fucking it up.
                    \- dont be stupid ... the point is "i was biased to like
                    it because they met me half way" not becuase i am a good
                    cook. it's like saying "i prefer place X to Y because you
                    can choose your burger toppings/how you want the meat
                    cooked." --psb
           \_ Bavika's (sp?) Chat House on El Camino Real in Santa Clara is
              pretty good if you like South Indian style Chat.
2001/4/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:20895 Activity:high
4/7     arnold scwarzenneger as CA gov?
        \_ wow teh Terminator is the gov. (R ticket)
        \_ Youu vill vote for mee! - Aunald
        \_ Can't be worse than the ditzbomb we have now.  I'd vote for an
           assassin robot from the future sent back in time to destroy all
           mankind before I'd vote for Governor Ditzbomb.
                   \_ If only we had a name by which to identify the mad
        fear of confiscation, then concentration camps. FREEDOM!!! will come
                      anti-Dem motd-bomber....
        \_ kewl, now i dig up the guns i have been hiding for
           fear of confiscation, then concentration camps.
           FREEDOM!!! will come
2001/4/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20896 Activity:moderate
4/7     Geekboy manifesto, or how to get laid, if you really want to:
        \_ I bet the vast majority of male sodans can relate to the
           following quote:
           "I can't even count how many times I would hear a friend
            tell me that he was "in love" with one of the two or three
            good looking girls in the CS program. Usually, they'd never
            even talked to them. Often, they were resentful that they
            couldn't get the girls to see how much they 'cared'."
2001/4/7-8 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:20897 Activity:moderate
4/7     If I wanted to stop paying rent until they removed me (2 months?)
        is that something that would show up on my credit history. Or could
        I avoid any real consequences?
        \_ Yes, it could. It might even become a judgement if your
           landlord goes that far.
            \_  do judgements go on your credit report? Does an eviction
                go get reported as an eviction or what?
        \_ Apps usually ask if you've been evicted before.  They also have
           the condition that if you lied on your application, you can be
           evicted. ;-)
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