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2001/4/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:20882 Activity:nil
3/31    Trying to install some games on FreeBSD4.2  I installed SDL 1.0.8,
        & 1.1.6-devel from ports, and 1.2 from source; I've run
        ldconfig -R, and a 'configure' script STILL reports that it can't
        find the SDL library.  What am I doing wrong?
2001/4/1 [Uncategorized] UID:20883 Activity:nil
3/31    If I have a non-empty directory and I try to mount a another
        partition on that directory, what happens?
        \_ read the man page for mount; pay attention to the -o "union" flag.
        \_ by default, what was in that directory (and below) becomes
           \_ making it a good way to hide things on the filesystem...
2001/4/1 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:20884 Activity:nil
3/30    The Macintosh Computers often set a "Do not Fragment" bit on outgoing
        packets.  Back in the Day, I had to get a third party app to turn
        this off.  I hear that nowadays you don't need to do that.  So how
        do you turn it off with the OS?
        \_ just check the setting
2001/4/1 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:20885 Activity:nil
3/30    Can someone recommend a spam filter?  What does soda use?
        \_ A well-configured sendmail.
           \_ I use RBL blocking with my sendmail. It works very well
              for my purposes.
                \_ especially if your purpose is to automatically shit-can
                   legitimate mail at times completely outside your control.
                   Use SpamBouncer if you have to.  -tom
                   \_ Legit mail such as?
                        \_ such as all mail from AOL, or,
                           or uunet, to name three sites which have been
                           blackholed in the past.  -tom
                           \_ You consider mail from AOL to be legit?  And
                              frankly, you're missing the point of the RBL
                              anyway.  The message RBL users are sending out
                              is that we'd rather not get *any* mail from you
                              if you're going to have open spam relays.  Fix
                              your shit and you're welcome to play in the same
                              sandbox as everyone else.  Run a stupid server
                              that is the source of a million spam and we
                              consider your regular mail not worth receiving
                              when compared to the burden of carrying the rest
                              of the spam crap.
                                \_ fine, stand on principle all you want.  I
                                   prefer to get my mail.  Spam is hardly even
                                   an annoyance.  -tom
                                   \_ More RBL = fewer open relays.  The open
                                      relays probably want others to get their
                                      mail as much as you want to receive it.
                                      The RBL puts the burden on the open relay
                                      servers not the rest of us.  The fewer
                                      open relays, the less spam, the less
                                      annoyance for everyone with the ultimate
                                      utopian goal of no spam for anyone.  Your
                                      answer "just do client side filtering and
                                      hit delete a lot" only drags us back to
                                      the era of getting more spam than email.
                                      It isn't about principle, it's about
                                      increasing the mail to spam ratio.  The
                                      RBL does this without forcing every user
                                      or local mail admin to setup white lists,
                                      black lists, and other crap.
                                        \_ spew all you want, but as I said,
                                           I prefer to get my mail and leave
                                           the high-minded principles to
                                           morons like you.  As long as any
                                           person on the net can send mail to
                                           any other person on the net, for
                                           free, there will be spam.  Get
                                           over it.  -tom
2001/4/1 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:20886 Activity:nil
3/30    Optical mice. Good? Bad? Just a fad?
        \_ gr8.  Logitech is coming out with a wireless optical one that
           lasts 3 months on batt.  it could suck, but i wanna hear about it.
        \_ good.  how would they be bad?
           \_ if you're a super 7331 G@M3|2 it's possible the optical sampling
                                \_ my girlfriend is an 7331 DiabloII G@|\/|3R
              rate isn't as good as regular mice, or could be less deterministic
              when you make quick sweeps, again mostly sampling rate issue.
              another thing is, without the ball, the mouse could be too light
              which could make it more susceptible to the cord moving it etc.
              the wireless one sounds supa fly ill sick phat dope.
                \_ the wireless I used had very poor tracking, though it
                   was from a previous generation.  -tom
              \_ Actually optical mice are great for games. I have an Apple
                 mouse and I recommend it highly over the regular kind.
                 I used to have a Logitech mouse which constantly got crap
                 in it which screwed up my aim. I could never clean it completely
                 and the surface got crapped up too.
                 \_ bleah.  I dislike the apple optical mouse for games... with
                    the whole thing one big button, I found it too easy to
                    hit accidentally.
                        \_ Remind me not to be on your team in team games.  I
                           don't want to get shot in the back when you meant to
                           jump or switch weapons.  :)
        \_ Optical mice are nothing special.  Wireless means replacing the
           batteries.  Wired means no battery replacements but you still have
           to deal with having "just the right surface" for it.  If you work
           in an ideal environment, sure.  If your desk looks like my floor
           when I was in 3rd grade, stick to trackballs.
           \_ Uh.  What does wired/wireless have to do with the surface you
              use the mouse on?
                \_ Nothing.  I didn't say it did.  I was saying that wired
                   optical mouse have one less issue than wireless ones.  That
                   issue is the surface problem common to both.
        \- Optical mice can be really good, if you get the right one. Im using
           M$ optical, wired and its great (I know, we all hate M$, etc, etc, but
           their optical mouse is really good). Really good sampling and great
           resolution. I get much better precision than I used to using a ball
           mouse. You can use it w/o a mousepad, but with it, the results are
           \_ So why the hell didnt you buy the Logitech one for the same
              price? and format your message properly next time.
              \_ Logitech has an annoying habit of putting crap in your
                 'doze system tray that just won't go away.  Quite annoying.
                 \_ Young D0ze Jedi, you must increase your M$ Registry Fu!
                    \_ honestly, where can I find out info on cleaning
                       out my registry?
                 \_ Ijut. It's a STANDARD PS/2 (and USB) mouse! You dont
                    need to install any extra drivers/software!!!
                    \_ yeah, that's kind of like the drivers for the M$
                       mouse... 29 mb? how about 0 mb since I don't need
                       the stupid side buttons?
                 \_ won't go away?  uh, go your mouse properties and uncheck the
                    option about having an icon in the system tray.
        \_ I've got a Logitech USB optical mouse.  I've been pretty happy with
           it.  Works fine via USB, works fine with PS/2 adapter (included).
           I've used it on a bunch of different surfaces, and have yet to use
           it with a mouse pad.  Fine for first person shooters. -dans
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