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2001/3/18 [Computer/Networking] UID:20832 Activity:high
3/17    linksys router, only allows port 80 to be forward.
        none of the other ports are forwarding. (ie: i have 2
        pcs that both connect when i use port 80, test both
        pcs and both work but only port 80. anyone had problems
        like this? thanks
        \_ Uh... say what, huh?  I'd help if you made sense.
2001/3/18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:20833 Activity:high
3/17    Are there any perl modules to handle command line flags simply?
        I want something like "if (Flag1.value == foo) then {...}"
        \_ man Getopt::Std
        \_ Search for 'getopt' on cpan, there are lots.
        \_ It's perl.  Of course.
2001/3/18 [Uncategorized] UID:20834 Activity:nil
3/18    Scumbag Mulhern bashing the poor again.  Wants to take away their
        right to vote because they don't make as much money as he does:
2001/3/18-19 [Consumer/Audio] UID:20835 Activity:nil
3/18    Any recommendations for a good minidisc player?
        And where to buy from?
        \_ By player I'm assuming you mean a portable player and not
           a player/recorder deck or a portable player/recorder.
           I have two Sony portable players, one that came with my deck
           another one I bought a Fry's for $99. Both of them are pretty
           good (ie they sound fine in my car) and are pretty sturdy. I've
           dropped them several times without damaging them or the MDs
           they had inside. I also carry them around in my backpack and
           haven't damaged them to date (I've had them for ~ 2 yrs).
           The one that came with my deck has more buttons and a bigger
           display but it needs two AA batteries and it can only play for
           about 8 to 16 hrs before having to replace the batteries. The
           $99 one can use either the power stick or a single AA battery
           and can play for about 12 to 16 hours before needing a new battery.
           My brother has a Sony portable player/recorder and its okay, but
           he had to get it fixed within 3 weeks of buying it. Its been about
           six months since then and he says that it works pretty well for
           recording CDs and lectures. Just by looking at it, I'm pretty sure
           that its not as sturdy as mine and it probably couldn't survive a
           fall from a desk or a backpack.
           Several people at work have the cheap sharp players and they seem
           to work fine, but they are pretty big compared to the Sony players
           (about 2x or 3x as thick depending on the model).
           I'll post model numbers tomorrow morning.
           If you are looking to buy one I'd recommend checking out
 , and along with Fry's. If
           you don't mind driving to Folsom, you should also check out the Sony
           outlet, they  usually have good deals on new and refurb players and
            \_ thanks, the URLs are especially useful.  Anyone used MDLP?
        \_ I would recommend the MZ-E90.  I've had it for about 3 months and
           really like it.  It's the second smallest player on the market and
           is really about the size of a MD itself!  The only caveat is the
           40sec shock doesn't work as advertised, kinda ranges from 10-30.  See
           reviews on MD's at, pretty accurate.  The MD community
           has websites in which people post problems they have had with
           specific units (  All resources
           for MD can be found at:  I got mine for
           $200 from  Haven't tried MDLC, the ATRAC
           compression is the most I want my ears to handle.
        \_ I have a Sharp, one of the funky looking ones with the jog dial.
           I primarily use it for live music recordings, and it works very
           well.  I chose it over the Sony because of reports of its
           reliability.  It *is* fairly thick compared to the other MD
           players out there, notably the Sony, but I was looking only for
           something good to record with, not portability.  One other thing
           of note, the Sharp I have doesn't have a belt band, so I've had
           to have guest speakers have fairly loose pockets to hold the MD
           player when they speak.  -chaos
2001/3/18-19 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:20836 Activity:high
3/17    Does anyone think the housing market will crash like the stock market?
        I heard housing prices are already down some 4%
        since beginning of the year.
        \_ No.  It's only going to get worse.  Look back at 1998's prices, the
           last time the housing market "crashed".  Prices now are way higher
           than before that so-called crash.  If you have some fantasies about
           buying some jobless dotcommer's house for a song, forget it.
        \_ 4% is peanuts.  They're still going up in my area.  The town houses
           are now up to where the low end houses were a year ago in my area.
        \_ In my area the housing prices are up. Last fall houses like mine
           (okay my parents) were going for ~ 750K - 900K, today my mom and I
           went walking and we saw several houses for sale with the prices
           ranging from 950K - 1.1M.
           I'm giving up my plan to move to Saratoga, San Jose is too expensive
           for me. Guess I'll have to start looking somewhere cheaper like
           Campbell or Freaqmont.
           I'm giving up my plan to move to Saratoga, as even San Jose is too
           expensive for me. Guess I'll have to start looking somewhere cheaper
           like Campbell or Freaqmont.
           \_ Fremont homes are about 630k-700k
                 \_ Uh no, homes in my uncle's neighborhood (Ardenwood) are
                    more like 350k to 450k. Still, I don't fancy living that
                    close to the riff-raff. Oh well, I guess I'll just have
                    to wait for my portfolio to recover.
                    \_ um. no, 600k for homes in aredenwood
                       \_ Well, the house two doors down from his is listed
                          for 425k. I just saw it today. Mind you he's near
                          880, Deep Creek and Paseo Padre and the houses in
                          his area are older ~ 15 yrs.
                          The nicer ones are about 600k, but I'm not
                          interested in paying 600k to live that close to
                    \_ but by then, everyone else's will recover too and
                       prices will go back up
                       \_ Well, its pay 400k for a house in freqmont now
                          or wait till my 400k becomes 1m and buy a house
                          then. In Saratoga, the prices for the houses I'm
                          looking at have hovered around 950k to 1.25m for
                          the last 5 years. Not many buyers on the high end.
                    \_ Ardenwood?  Ew.
              \_ I hear Modesto is still fairly cheap.
              \_ And Fremont is a pit, too.
                 \_ what's wrong with Fremont?
                 \_ is your head too big already?
        \_ anyone know a good contractor or architect?
           want to demolish a home, rebuild one w/ a basement
           \_ Are you in CA? If so, you probably can't get a permit to build
              a basement because of the earthquake zoning laws for residential
              \_ a number of new homes in the Bay Area have included basements.
                 besides, wouldn't it be okay with some sort of rolling
                 foundation (like in the Winchester House)?
              \_ my uncle did that with a new house after a teardown. Added
                 a whole other basement floor with office, big-screen movie
                 room, 2 bedrooms, pool-table and separate entrance
                 \_ which contractor did he use? can you email me- turin
              \_ actually houses w/ basements  are better to survive
                earthquakes because you have easy access to install steel
                support mounts on the main supports thus reinforcing them.
                \_ Well there are other problems with basements and earth-
                   quakes. I remember Prof. Chopra in CE explaining in some
                   class, something about standing waves or something. Wish
                   I had been paying attention. Oh well, it was almost 6 yrs
                   ago and I only took CE because of some stupid department
           \_ Going to pay 500k for a knock down and another 300 to build
              over it?
              \_ demo jobs are 20-40k and done in 2 days (demolition)
           \_ Just be prepared to wait 6-9 months for them to have time.
                \_ That's "to have to time to get started on it".
        \_ Depend on the price-range the house is in and location.
           I bet the most expensive homes will take a hit. More moderately
           priced homes, maybe not so much. Those in excellent school
           districts or easy know. I personally know of two
           recent sales, in Union City and San Jose, both got sold
           for slightly above asking price, but each only had two bids.
           But both i would consider sort of on the high-priced-end for
           this uncertain economic time. My aunt sold a Los Altos home
           about 1.25 year ago for an outrageous profit. The guy who bought
           it did some minor remodeling and 9 mos. later put it back on the
           market, asking $1,000,000 more than he bought it for. The
           house is still for-sale. Not sure if it even got any offers.
           \_ I have been house hunting in San Francisco for six months,
              and I can tell you that houses here have definitely gone
              down. About 10% for the 1M+ properties and a bit less for
              the "reasonable" 500M one bedroom condos. -ausman
              \_ 10% down for a million+ house isn't a big deal.  The numbers
                 on that end of the scale are semi-random anyway and much more
                 dependent on the details of that particular seller and
                 location than the market as a whole.  500k for a one bedroom
                 condo is insane even if it was 600k the week before.
2001/3/18-19 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:20837 Activity:low
3/18    Hotmail really running on NT now?
        Or is this just the front end logon?
telnet 80
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
GET / HTTP/1.0
HTTP/1.1 302 Redirected
Server: Microsoft-IIS/5.0
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 21:42:21 GMT
Location: <DEAD><DEAD>

Connection closed by foreign host.
        \_ They started phasing in NT many months ago, /. mentioned it --oj
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