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2001/3/16 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:20810 Activity:high
3/15    What does Akamai's policy say will happen if I Akamaize my web site
        images (e.g.,
        and not tell them? Will I get in trouble big time? Small time?
        Not at all?
        \_ You're an Akamai customer, right?  Read your contract.
           \_ No, I'm not. -- original poster
        \_ IIRC, when you do this, you are pretty much stealing someone else's
           Akamai bandwidth, and they will be billed accordingly.  There was
           some discussion of this on the mailing list of Peacefire, a group
           opposed to censorware.  Since Akamai has deep pockets, censorware
           vendors won't block it, and, consequently, you can use Akamai sites
           to view blocked URLs.  Peacefire published the exploit.  Though
           the morality of this is suspect, thus far, I have not heard of
           anyone being punished for using it. -dans
        \_ I used to work there, if you want the scoop contact me. --aaron
2001/3/16 [Uncategorized] UID:20811 Activity:nil
3/15    Commercial is right: Why are only the dumbest people abducted by aliens?
2001/3/16-17 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Academia/GradSchool] UID:20812 Activity:high
3/15    What's the best way to study for CS Subject GRE? Thanks.
        \_ Take CS61ABC, CS162, CS164, CS170, CS...
                \_ Yeah right.  Like those teach you anything practical.
                   \_ What are you talking about? I solve NP-complete
                      problems all the time.
                   \_ The issue is not practicality. The issue is prepping
                      for the GRE.
                      \_ Almost none of which is the theoretical crap you get
                         from Berkeley CS.
        \_ take lotsa practice tests, review your 172/164 material, and
           know enough 150 to build a shift-adder - paolo (who took the GRE
        \_ last i recall, CS GRE isn't required for many graduate programs.
           but hey, doing well can look good on a resume too!
           \_ a lot of the top programs seem to require it.
2001/3/16 [Uncategorized] UID:20813 Activity:moderate
3/15    Poetry for the People invites you to attend a night of poetry and
        \_ [ purged ]   Next time sign your shit.
        \_ Uh, who the fuck are you and why are you not addressing the spam
           that you have sent to csua@csua properly?
        \_ you have 1 hour to sign this or it gets purged
                \_ get a fucking life.  who appointed you motd god and
                        required everyone to read the motd every hour?
2001/3/16-17 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:20814 Activity:high
3/15     Wanna get free room and board, plus free fitness club membership?
        Commit a crime and go to jail!
        \_ And all the free sex you could ever want!  Anal that is...
                \_ Hey!  That's not true! You get to suck cock, too!
                   \_ And you know this how, Anthony?
                    \_ Anthony doesn't suck cock.  That's a lie.  Maybe a
                       little nibble or a long lick but no sucking!
                    \_ cause your dad taught me how
                   \_ and toss salads
        \_ They should just do tai chi. It's cheap!
        \_ Sure. You can also play basketball, read books in your spare time,
           and get a law degree on the side while you're there.
                \_ Only in criminal law.
2001/3/16-18 [Computer/SW] UID:20815 Activity:low
3/16    Want extra money? A friend of mine is looking for a good web
        programmer for  small projects. Could be be short-term or ongoing.
        Email him at ALEX@MU.COM with your resume and/or telephone contact
        and best time to call.
        \_ Is anyone looking for a bad web programmer?  Anyone ever seen
           that on a resume?
        \_ Is he trying to get someone for $15/hr or willing to pay real
           rates (>$50/hr)?
           \_ Does the $15/hr rate for a programmer exist anywhere outside
              the state institutions?
              \_ Poorly paid interns. But maybe the guy figures he can pay
                 $15/hr because he's getting work done by students.
2001/3/16-17 [Reference/Tax] UID:20816 Activity:low
3/16    Thinking of e-filing your Taxes? Think again:
        \_ The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!
        \_ Sorry, I already did.
          \_well after reading the article, you see that was stupid.
          no need to apologize, though.
2001/3/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:20817 Activity:very high
3/16    Slow motd/news day today. Come on, find something interesting to post.
        \_ want an interesting job in the field of m-commerce? is hiring!  If you have java/c/c++ experience
        Adjectivity is looking for a qualified FT programmer.  No
        degree necessary. for info drop a line to
        \_ Hi Paolo!
        \_ I just took the most gratifying dump. What have you done today?
        \_ No clue required.
        \_ Once again, we're not here to entertain you, idiot.  Go away.
           \_ it's not an entertainment, it's a job! doesn't ajani@soda
              work there?
              \_ yep, so does njh@soda.
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