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2001/3/13-14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:20760 Activity:high
3/11    None of the "experts" are even picking Cal to get past Fresno St.
        Oh well, not like they'd beat Mich. St. anyway.
        \_ Cal sux.  Hopefully Cal > CSUN.
        \_ What are you talking about?
           \_ Oops, should've realized I'm in geekzone here. Talking about
              NCAA tourney.
                \_ uh, cal is favored by 1.5.  If you're talking about
                   "experts" like Dick Vitale, you should realize that
                   he spends all his time beating off while looking at
                   pictures of coaches like Jerry Tarkanian and Bobby
                   Knight.  (He's fun to listen to but he's a complete
                   moron). -tom
              \_ Oh. - weird alum who only plays/watches golf
              \_ Oh. - wierd alum who only furiously masturbates to slashdot
              \_ Sorry, too busy seeing the world to care or worry about silly
                 things like what the Cal basketball team is doing this year,
                 or any year.
                \_ but apparently not too busy to read and comment on MOTD
                   entries which you claim to have no interest in.  -tom
                \_ Looks like tom nailed ya' on that one, punk.
                        \_ Nailed me on what?  Learn English and re-read what
                           was said.  "Cal basketball" != read motd.  I know
                           why it has to be spelled out for tom.  Are you his
                           intellectual equal?
                           \_ nor did tom SAY that Cal BB = read motd. It is
                              YOU that need to learn english.  Jeez, just
                              ACCEPT that you were "nailed"  Fer Fuck's sake
                              you're ANONYMOUS even.  I can't imagine what a
                              twit you must be when you are worried that
                              people KNOW YOU were bested.
                              (above was restored.  the below, besides being
                              an anonymous coward, is also prob. the one who
                              deleted it.)
                                \_ Nevermind.  You're hopeless.  And no, I
                                   wouldn't bother deleting it.  If I was to
                                   write a cron job to delete all motd
                                   stupidity like yours, the easiest way would
                                   just be to cp /dev/null /etc/motd.public
                                   every minute.
                           \_ So reading the motd counts as "seeing the
                              world"?  Gerbil-boy, that's truly pathetic.
                              \_ Join the Army, they said.
                                 \_ Nothing wrong with that.
                           \_ Q: What do you call a tom falling from a ten
                                 story building?
                              A: Intelligence seeking its own level.
                              \_ Wow! Its been a long time since I've seen
                                 a good joke on the MOTD. This one is great.
                                 \_ What's brown and sticky?
                                    \_ uh.. ok.  I'll bite.  What's brown
                                       and sticky?
2001/3/13-14 [Computer/SW/OS/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:20761 Activity:nil
3/11    What features does an OS need to qualify as a soft-realtime OS?  I
        only know that it needs to be pre-emptive.  Thanks.
        \_ Take a look at:
2001/3/13-14 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/Languages/Functional, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:20762 Activity:moderate
3/11    Besides "my other car is a cdr", what's the best geek sticker you've
        \_ That's hardly a "good" bumper sticker.  It's completely lame.  Or
           maybe that's your point and you actually really do find it "kewl"?
        \_ FEATURE (on a new bug)
           and.. VRFY ME (frame says "my voice is my passport")
        \_ STFU
        \_ "Bus Error! Take the Train!"
        \_ This doesn't really count but my old math teacher's maxima had
           modified plates that read "dy/dx=0"
           \_ My HS chem teachers read "PV=NRT"
        \_    _
             |  x      n
             | e  = f(u )
        \_ I saw plates once that said 3BPD826.
           \_ What does that one mean?
                \_ Not a God damned thing.  It's a license plate.
        \_ Lamer in my complex with GO7 R3WT
           \_ I saw some dolt with "port 80"  Who would do this?
                     Tim Berners Lee perhaps? _/
                     But I believe he lives in
                     Geneva so its probably not
                     him. I've also seen "httpd"
                     as a license plate. Thought
                     that it was pretty lame.
                     I saw RFC1771 and figured
                     it was Tony Li's car.
                     I think that a plate that
                     said RFC1149 would be really
                     cool, provided you contributed
                     to it.
              Made me want to go get "port 70" now THAT would be L33T
                \_ I've got dibs on port 22!
2001/3/13-14 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:20763 Activity:high
3/12    So Redhat (rhat) is currently running about 6.  I bought at the end
        of the opening day near the all time high because I wanted to do my
        part to contribute to the movement.  Do you think it's ok if I sell
        now?  Also, was giving away shares to favored sons of the movement as
        a way to reward them for their revolutionary work a good incentive for
        budding counter-culturalists of the future to pay the rent with
        thoughts of giving away their work for free?
        \_ Why buy their stock if you like the company, instead of buying
           their product?
        \_ I thought redhat was past 6 up to versoin 7.0 of somehting
           \_ Didn't Jeff Bezos say the opposite? Buy Amazon products, not
              Amazon stocks.  --Moron
        \_ I thought redhat was past 6 up to versoin 7.0 of somehting --Moron
                \_ stock price
                   \_ what about stock price? --Moron
        \_ What kind of moron signs his/her name "Moron"?
        \_ What kind of moron signs his/her name "Moron"? --Moron
2001/3/13-14 [Reference/Law/Court, Health/Men] UID:20764 Activity:high
3/12    Penis.  Cut or uncut?  Sue if you're not happy.
        Note the high quality "study" his lawsuit is depending on.
        \_ get over your dicks already.  --chris
           \_ ari has Jewish penis.
           \_ Show your support by beheading your clitoris.
           \_ get off my dick.  -tjb
              \_ and get onto mine! --Moron
           \_ get off my dick.  -nweaver
           \_ A clear case of Freudian penis envy if ever there was one.
        \_ Why didn't he sue his mom instead?  Geez.
        \_ Sigh.  A new breed of blood sucking ambulance chasing lawyers that
           are even too lazy to chase ambulances.
           \_ Hi. My name's Mr. Hutz. I'll be your lawyer, bodyguard, and
              drug dealerrrr...keeper-awayer.
2001/3/13-14 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:20765 Activity:low
3/12    Need a secure way to encrypt files?  Try Pig Latin!
        (and you thought all those Pig Latin routines you learn in 61A would
        goto waste)
        \_ Uh huh....
        \_ Okay, so it is illegal to systematically un-Pig-Latinify the file
           names.  But what excuse does Napster have to not simple
           Pig-Latinify the list of song names that it's supposed to block,
           and match the new list with the file names?  There's no law
           saying you can't compare encrypted info with encrypted info, right?
2001/3/13-14 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:20766 Activity:high
3/12    our navy sucks, they just bomb observers at a training , before they
        killed japanese kids on a fishing boat.
        \_ We need better strategerie, something Clinton and those lousy
           democrats could never do.
        \_ hey chickenshit, i'm glad you are safely behind your monitor
           instead of cockpit cuz you can yak (and yank) all you want, but
           unless you've donned the uniform and bled for something you
           believe in, you ain't qualified to talk about squat.
           \_ This is Colonel Leslie "Hap" Hapablap.  If you don't
              open that door I'll tear you up like a Kleenex at a snot
              party! Sweet Enola Gay, Son!  I'm going to come in there
              and corpse you up -- corpse you up and mail you to mama!
           \_ listen twink, I posted this and I expect better , way better
             from the military. There is no honor when messing around in a
             sub and handling weaponry capable of destroying countless lives.
             I expect way better than myself in the military.
           \_ We can only talk about things that we've done for ourselves?
              what a stupid attitude.  Time to stop talking about politics
              and art, to start with.
                \_ You are capable of talking about anything you like (ie: can)
                   however you come off sounding like an idiot when you pick
                   one or two unfortunate accidents and come up with witty
                   paint-them-with-a-wide-brush commentary like, "our navy
                   sucks".  And who said the rest of us are unqualified by
                   that standard to discuss politics and art?
                   \_ well, the poster to whom I replied says you aren't
                      qualified to talk about politics and art (and various
                      other things)
        \_ That's probably because the training has degraded.  I read that
           cadets can now wear tennis shoes instead of boots during hiking
        \_ that's cuz they started using Microsoft NT in 1998. Or that's just
           a sign of the things to come, who knows.
        \_ yvan eht nioj
           \_ hey, nice song
2001/3/13-15 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:20767 Activity:moderate
3/13    Anybody have scripts around nistbladm to adduser, rmuser, change
        login, manipulate credentials, etc?  I spent some time on google and
        couldn't find anything useful.  thanks.
        \_ The OCF has some, including chfn & chsh scripts for users.
        \_ If you go to nist'bla'dm, you will die.
2001/3/13 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:20768 Activity:nil
3/12    What command do you use to generate a new /etc/ssh_host_key and
        /etc/ for a new machine?
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