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2001/3/10-12 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:20745 Activity:high
3/9     Whenever I attempt to scp something, I get the following error:
          "Warning: no access to tty (Bad file descriptor).
          Write failed flushing stdout buffer.
          stty: stdin isn't a terminal
          write stdout: Broken pipe"
        How do I fix this?
        \_ Remove stty & similar settings from .cshrc/.login/.profile or
           put them inside 'if ($?prompt)' so they don't run when scp
           \_ What other sorts of things should I check for?  It's still broken
                but there's a different error now.
              But there's a different error now.
           \_ whats the best way to check for that for sh/ksh?
              \_ 'if ($?prompt)' is a shitty hack by an newbie.
                 The correct way to do this in any shell is via tty.
                 Put the interactive stuff in your .profile into the
                 following wrapper:
                 if tty -s > /dev/null 2>&1 ; then
                 : # your interactive stuff here
                 \_ dont use "tty -s".  use "test -t 0"
                    \_ "test -t 0" is not portable, "tty -s" is.
                       Some of us still have accounts on older
                       machines and need a portable .profile.
        \_ Somewhat related: don't put interactive programs in your dot files
           either.  Some coder monkey put "more blay.txt" at the end of his
           .cshrc and then complained to me that scp hadn't been working for
           a month.
2001/3/10-12 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:20746 Activity:high
3/9     Assuming no .mailrc file where does the "mail" command pull the
        domain for the outgoing email address?
        \_ The system-wide mailrc if it exists (often /usr/lib/mail.rc or
           such, see the man page) - otherwise it gives none and lets
           sendmail add it.
           \_ Not everyone runs sendmail.
                \_ Yes, but everyone is going to have some sort of mail
                   delivery agent.  Nice try.
                \_ But mail/mailx are usually hardcoded to run sendmail,
                   so people who run something else have to replace the
                   sendmail binary with something to call their preffered
              \_ soon, every MUA worth using will support MSA
                 \_ What's the advantage of MSA over SMTP?
                    \_ What's MSA?
                    \_ is it an addition to, not a replacement for SMTP
                       think MTA agnostic way for MUA's to submit messages
                       to any SMTP MTA.  write to socket (AF_UNIX or INET)
                       You can also have more flexibile relay rules.  Lock
                       down port 25, have port 587 (MSA) more open for
                       things like remote pop/imap users.
2001/3/10-12 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:20747 Activity:high
3/9     I've been using Unix for about 7 years.  I have one question:
        How do you fucking exit out of emacs?
        \_ C-X C-C
           \_ uhm, no.  C-x C-c
           \_ C-x C-c
                \_ Same difference.  You never hit shift with control since
                   there are no shifted control codes in ASCII.
        \_ Ctrl-Z, kill.  loser.
        \_ File->Exit
(defun kill-emacs-without-query ()
  "Save modified buffers, kill subprocs and exit emacs *without* query --psb"
  (mapcar 'process-kill-without-query (process-list))
                                                  \_ Stupid csh user, which
                                                     SUX, use type as Steve
                                                     and god intended.
                                                     \_ what's the difference?
                             which is a shitty csh script _/
                             that gets confused about things
                             like aliases, functions etc.
                             type doesn't screw up like that.
                             \_ which is a built-in command in tcsh, and it
                                seems to work fine on aliases, etc.
                                \_ what about functions? oh, I forgot, *csh
                                   doesn't have functions. Yeah, what a cool
  (save-buffers-kill-emacs t))
        \_ kill -9 EMACS_PID_GOES_HERE ; /bin/rm `which emacs` ; vi
           \_ /bin/ps -auwxx | grep emacs | grep -v grep | awk '{ print $2; }' |\
              xargs kill -9
                \_ you really shouldn't be using kill -9, twinks.
                   \_ I know, I was just correcting his command.
                \_ Get a real OS, save a ton of keystrokes: pkill emacs
(global-set-key "\C-x*" 'kill-emacs-without-query)
        \_ so if i just want a vi ":q!" function i can just get rid of the save
           \- no, then just run kill-emacs. --psb
                \_ oh yeah. so do you know why I get ".#foo" links for each
                   modified buffer when I kill-emacs?
                   \_ They are auto-save files, emacs thinks that you exited
                      by mistake and keeps those around in case you want to
                      recover them.
                      \_ yes but I disabled auto-save and I still get these
                         links, that point to my email address and shit.
                         there's nothing useful about them and I can't get
                         rid of them. Emacs reminds me of Windows.
                         \_ auto-save is a per-buffer thing, I don't think
                            it can be globally deactivated.
        \_ I've been using Unix for about 9 years.  I have one question:
           How do you fucking exit out of vi without saving?
           \_ :q! ; find / -depth -type f -name "*vi" -print | xargs rm -f
        \_ i've been using dos for 5 years  now, how do you quit out of edlin?
2001/3/10-11 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:20748 Activity:low
3/9     I just changed my shell to bash (from tcsh) but it won't read
        my .bashrc or .login file when i login.  What file in my home
        directory will it source upon login?
        \_ RTFM lazy ass
        \_ Why would you do something like switch your shell to bash?  Sure,
           go ahead and write scripts in it, but use it as your everyday
           shell?  Damn....  Than again, if you can't figure out how to read
           a man page, then maybe you weren't getting any real use out of tcsh
           anyway, so it doesn't matter what shell you use.  Get a GUI file
        \_ rm -f .bashrc .login .kshrc .cshrc && ln -s .profile .bashrc && \
           ln -s .profile .kshrc
           Put your startup stuff in .profile as God and Steve intended.
2001/3/10-11 [Recreation/Sports] UID:20749 Activity:high
3/10    hello, i don't watch tv much, but want to catch the lakers
        game on sunday.  does anyone know which channel and what time?
        \_ lakers suck. dumb (as in moronically low IQ) store bought
           money grubbing team with ungrateful fans.
           \_ please name *one* professional team that isn't "store
              \_ lakers especially.
        \_ you can look this stuff up on
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