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2001/2/18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:20629 Activity:kinda low
2/17    How hard is it for new grad's in CS/EECS to get a job in this
        environment?  Do you mainly interview for Java programming type
        of positions?
        \_ Not hard at all if you have half a brain and managed to learn
           something.  And there are still far more non-Java jobs than
           Java jobs out there.
2001/2/18-19 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:20630 Activity:very high
2/16    I've got a text file with many columns, and I want to remove the first
        5.  How do I do this?
        \_ man cut; if cut doesn't cut it, then man {awk,sed}
           \_ who the hell came up with names like grep, awk, sed, etc..?
              \_ grep = {General,Global} Regular Expression Print
              \_ grep = Global Regular Expression Print
                 sed  = Stream EDitor
                 awk  = Aho, Weinberg, and Kernighan (the authors; presumably
                 The general idea for all 3 was something {unique,pronouncable,
                 short,somehow meaningful to informed observer}.
                        also in reference to the physical tool by the same name)
                        \_ do you mean an awl?
        \_ try a vertical cut and paste in xemacs, though awk,sed would be cool
        \_ Does awk support output ranges?  What's the syntax?  I'm looking for
           something like `awk '{print $(6-20)}' file` but that just tries to
           print field -16.
           \_ cut -f6-20
        \_ As a filter: <stuff> | perl -pe 's/^(\S+\s+){5}//'
           To change files in place: perl -pi -e 's/^(\S+\s+){5}//' filename(s)
2001/2/18-19 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:20631 Activity:high
2/18    I have this Java program that uses ICEsoft's free version of the
        browser inside a java.awt.Container object.  The problem is,
        the ICEsoft's free browser doesn't run JavaScript and the
        full version costs way too much.  Is there any cheaper
        alternative?  The browser needs to support JavaScript (preferrably
        ECMAScript) and rich-media contents through Java Media Framework.
        No, I cannot use IE or Navigator.  I need to run a browser inside
        my Java application, not running an applet inside a browser.
        \_ Opera
        \_ Is sun's hotjava still around?
                \_ Sun killed further development, but you can still
                        download the last version, HotJava 3.0, which
                        is comparable to NS 4.0/IE 4.0
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