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2001/2/16-18 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:20609 Activity:kinda low
2/16    I've got a (very) remote Solaris 7 box that I lost the root password
        to (been a long time). I do have a non-privileged account on the box.
        Box is on the internet and it's not been patched in awhile.  Any
        suggestions on methods/tools to recover root? I hate to have to go
        cross-country and hook up a CDROM drive to it. TIA (and sorry, no,
        I cannot post the hostname)
        \_ yeah, I also lost the soda root pw, and can't get to the box to hook
           up a CDROM. Any ideas?
        \_ Uh huh.  "You" have a remote Solaris 7 box that "you lost" the root
           password to, and you need help to get it "back".
        \_ I'd suggest a search on <DEAD><DEAD>  Look,
           if you can't find very basic info like this on the net, you have
           no business having root to anything.
        \_ Giving you the benefit of the doubt, you should probably at least
           identify yourself if not the hostname if you want to have at least
           a chance of the rest of the motd monkeys treating you as anything
           other than a wannabe script kiddie. Requests like this are obviously
           by default suspiciousa, and anonymity only solidifies certain
2001/2/16-18 [Uncategorized] UID:20610 Activity:nil
       - henry rollins, age 40, interview.
        \_ why is this motd'd?
2001/2/16-18 [Politics] UID:20611 Activity:nil
        - for the glory of the revolution.
2001/2/16-17 [Health/Men] UID:20612 Activity:insanely high
2/15   A new Canadian group called the Association for Genital Integrity
       has applied for public funding to launch a court challenge aimed at
       banning the circumcision of baby boys.
        \_ i support 'em. i had no say in the matter when my privates were cut.
        \_ MOTD poll:  are you happy that you were circumcised?
            circumcised and happy:          1
            circumcised and indifferent:    1
            circumcised and wish otherwise: 1
            female and circumcised:
            uncircumcised:                  2
            circumcised and happy:          4
            circumcised and indifferent:    2
            circumcised and wish otherwise: 2
            female and circumcised:         0
            \_ How?
                \_ It's a horrific "cultural practice" from parts of africa
                   and the middle east.  You don't want to know.
            uncircumcised:                  5
            \_ I love being able to choke it without needing vaseline.
                \_ You're grabbing too hard.  --cut and vaseline-free
            \_ we girls generally think uncircumcised penises are gross.
                \_ Then "we girls" generally must date guys who don't bother
                   to wash their johnsons when they shower.  Or who don't
                   shower.  This explains a lot.  -John
                \_ are uncircumcised vaginas gross?
                   \_ "Men and women are completely equal in all ways and
                       should always be treated as such no matter how wrong
                       and inappropriate due to the needs of the politically
                       correct".  Thank you for playing. Insert coin to
                \_ Is that because the guys with circumcised penises take
                   longer to ejacuate?
                   \_ actually i heard we cuttaz go off sooner because we get
                      more stimulation than da skinz
                      \_ Oh no, so it's better to be uncircumcised then.
                         \_ I heard the opposite.  I doubt it can be measured.
                         \_ uh, yeah that's what i meant. sucks eh? but we're
                            cleaner and stuff. anyway with "protection" it's
                            probably evened out.
                         \_ umm... wouldn't you WANT more sensation?  I vastly
                            prefer not having a condom on for that exact reason.
                            I guess if you had a serious problem and couldn't
                            just enjoy it without goin off, but I'd take
                            more sensation anytime, just control yourself, man.
                        \_ With foreskin, the skin of the head is a lot more
                           sensitive.  Think about the inside of your mouth;
                           that's how moist and warm it gets.  Without
                           foreskin, your head gets a little desensitized
                           by constant contact with and rubbing against
                           your dry clothing.
                   \_ Being circumcised is like having your accelerator
                      stuck to the floor.  Can you say premature?

            \_ My mom once told me (I'm serious) that if a boy's penis isn't
               circumcised, it can't grow to adult size as the boy grows.  Is
               it really true?  (I instead think that the only reason to get
               circumcision is that an uncircumcised penis is easy to trap
               dirt and get an infection.)
               \_ Bullshit.  I never got an infection.  I am not circumsized.
                  \_ What about your partner (if any)?  Is there no problem
                     of getting infection from your maybe-dirty foreskin
                     \_ Not to my knowledge.  It's really a silly argument.
                        The female libia (and vagina as a whole) seem like
                        a far better home for bacteria anyways (warm, moist)
                        than a slab of flesh and blood vessels with a little
                        skin on top.
                        \_  beavis: dude! those two chicks are making out!
                            butthead:  yeah, I think those are some of those
                                        Libians or somenthing.
                            beavis: Libians are cool!
                        \_ "labia".  The pH of a healthy vagina retards
                           bacterial growth.  Go learn something.
                  \_ What about the growth question?  What's your experience?
                     Do you have normal size as an adult?
                        \_ Foreskin only covers the head, not the shaft.
                           It's like wearing a hood.  Does that stop growth?
               \_ If you take showers and wash yourself, there is no problem.
                  you only have a problem if you're a stupid dirty mofo who
                  doesn't wash every day. And in that case, you probably don't
                  have a partner anyway, and hell, it's better you're not
                  reproducing anyways. Don't need any more people like that.
                  \_ The idea is, "It is *easier* to keep clean if cut". This
                     does not mean that uncut men are dirty or cut men are
                     clean.  It means what it says and *only* what it says:
                     Cut is *easier* to keep clean.
                        \_ true. it's easier to keep one's ear clean
                           too if the outer part is cut off.
                           \_ Apples and oranges.  Insert coin to continue.
                        \_ It's not hard to clean dude.
                           \_ Let's try this again.  *EASIER*  *EASIER*
                              *EASIER* *EASIER *EASIER*.  No one said *hard*.
                              Say it to yourself 10 times: EASIER.  This means
                              "relative to an uncut man, a cut man has an
                              *EASIER* time keeping clean.  Got that finally?
                     \_ Possibility of complications resulting from cutting
                        process may outweigh the benefits of being easier
                        to clean, or so I read.
                        \_ And may not.
                     \_ Circumcision is a practice of muslims and christians.
                        Most other religions view it as disgusting practice.
                        - not circumsized
                        \_ you forgot the jews, where it all began.
                           \_ oh yes. only these heathen relgions practice
                              such forms of body mutilation.
                                \_ Heathen?  Damn, dude, put some tiny bit
                                   of effort into your smears.  Smart out at
                          at least before using
                                   something more than 4 letters long.  They
                                   let you into Cal?
                                   \_ look up "sarcasm" on, moron
                                        \_ You can't cover your ignorance by
                                           claiming sarcasm after the fact.
            recently circumcised (ouch!):   1
                \_ hah!  sucker!  You do that for a jew chick?
        \_ what is the biological advantage of having foreskin?
           \_ It protects the penis from those slavering succubi.
              \_ Coo--..wait...that's an advantage???
           \_ we used to not wear clothes.  foreskin would prevent abrasions
              to the head.
2001/2/16-17 [Computer/Domains] UID:20613 Activity:insanely high
2/15    I'm thinking of registering a domain name for my sister as a present.
        Can anyone recommend a site to go about doing this?  Thanks.
                                                                - brendal
        \_ is awesome, they have good legal terms (see
  and quick easy www management
        \_         - seano                         - brendal
           of your domain. --aaron
        \_ you want it's $15.  you get to pay w/ a creditcard
           in euros (15$ worth of euros). - paolo
           \_ It's spelled
        \_         - seano
        \_ dotster
        \_ NOT they nickle and dime you and have a poor admin
        \_ i'm happy with - vann
        \_ <her name> Its free...
        \_ Domain Name Systems - $15 a pop.
        \_ - even cheaper -nivra
                \_ yeah they will "lease" you a domain...NSI is ass
                        \_ You think the others are selling it to you?  Don't
                           be stupid.
                            \_ fuck you, i've read the contracts. if you
                               shop around you can find reasonable reg.
                                \_ It's still a lease.  You don't "own" the
                                   domain name.  Where's your law degree from?
                                   Get a refund.
        \_ Do you want just the domain name or an actual web site (hosting)?
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