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2001/2/15 [Uncategorized] UID:20600 Activity:nil
2/14 .. the new mascot for 2002's look is extremely
        disturbing ...
        \_ One of them looks like an alien from ID4. The only difference is
           the color (the mascot is blue, with the alien was gray).
2001/2/15 [Recreation/Travel] UID:20601 Activity:high
2/14    Anyone know where Don Cheapo's is in Tahoe? Cant find the place in the
        yellow pages, but I know it exists. Perhaps I have the name/spelling
        wrong. Its a ski/board rental place.
        \_ It's on Lake Tahoe Blvd, along the way to Stateline. Try
           calling them at 530-544-0356
           \_ Is this on southshore or northshore?
2001/2/15 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:20602 Activity:very high
2/14    I can't connect to soda using SSH Secure Shell from SSH Communications
        Security.  I know I can use TTSSH, but is this normal?  I get
        a "Packet integrity error".  I can connect via SSH1 to other
        computers ...
        \_ I believe this is what tom keeps complaining about. Why don't
           you get a different SSH client.
           \_ or just get rid of tom's account.
                \_ why don't we get a working SSH server?  F/Secure implements
                   the protocol correctly.  -tom
2001/2/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:20603 Activity:high
2/14    does anyone have copies of hilfinger's 61b notes, in postscript or
        pdf form?  thanks.
        \_ - set them
           up when i was librarian - paolo
           \_ contrary to what the library page says, these notes are for 61A,
              not B.
              \_ why, they are.  ugh. my bad.  i will fix the page.
2001/2/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:20604 Activity:high
2/15    I'm a EECS/C alumni. I've been writing SW for a while.  I'm thinking
        of switching to HW.  Doing digital/circuit/FPGA/ASIC design. Digital
        stuff, not analog.  Has anybody done this transition before?  I did
        pretty well in 150, 152, and 252.  I think I can handle it, but I'm
        asking for personal experiences.  Thanks.
        \_ you sick fuck, next you'll be in taking it up the ass from
           Drew Pertula, number 1 heehpohcreet!
        \_ you better get an advanced degree if you want to do hardware.
           you'll be competing with top notch architects from top notch sk00ls
           unless of course you wanna do verification (testing)... boring
           \_ industry sucks, academia rewls!!!
        \_ I did that. I was in LSCS and still inundated my schedule with
           many CS courses (many of which was required for my major) but
           also took 141, 150, 152, and 252. What most people don't realize
           is that hardware courses aren't that hard and when you get into
           the 152/252 material that's when it starts to get very
           interesting. I now work in a VLSI design group and have no
           regrets switching. -jeff
        \_ Considering all the .com fall-outs this might not be a bad idea--
           Software is over-crowded right now.  Hardware is the way to go.
           \_ hardware has its own problems. there are good opportunities but
              geographically you're more limited on where to work. also it is
              not as free in what you do; the problems are often very well
              defined and the focus is on efficiency and optimization rather
              than open-ended creativity.
              \_ Optimization takes a lot of creativity.
        \_ It's probably hard to get a job as a newby logic guy if you're
           a few years out of school.  It's probably impossible to get a
           job as a non-newby logic guy, so you'll have to deal with the
           loss of $ and responsibility.  It might be easier to do an
           intermediate jump to design verification before you try to make
           the logic leap.
           \_ Not completely true. My co-worker never did verification.
              Straight out of college he did DFT engineering and is now
              a logic designer. I've been doing verification for about
              7 months or so and will soon start on logic design myself
              (I graduated last year). You just need to tell your boss
              that you're interested in doing other things aside from
              verification. Good designers usually have done some
              verification themseleves. -jeff
              \_ I merely observed that sw->dv->logic is an easier leap
                 than sw->logic.  I don't believe your experience
                 contradicts (or is even relevant to) that.  In addition,
                 dv and logic usual belong to the same organization, so it's
                 relatively easier to transfer from one to the other.  sw
                 and logic usually are in separate organizations, so a
                 transfer is probably more difficult.
                 \_ in a small organization, sw,dv,logic,testing,customer
                    support is a one man job...
2001/2/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:20605 Activity:high
2/15    Keyinfo is broken (Can't do setuid).
        \_ Industry sucks, academia rewlz!!
2001/2/15-16 [Computer/Networking] UID:20606 Activity:high
2/15    I manage the network of a small company.  10 workstations, 10 PCs.
        They are hooked to the internet via a DSL line.  We're thinking of
        putting in a firewall. Is there a DSL modem with built-in firewall?
        Or am I better off using an el-cheapo PC as firewall? Recommendations?
        \_ run free/openbsd; use ipf.  nat with ipnat, redirect: ipmasqadm.
           if you run nameservice for internal and external, you want to
           have the external one chrooted, and point the /etc/resolv.conf
           to the internal nameserver (this file is outside the chrooted dir).
           make sure you get the securest copy of bind - there was a recent
           exploit. if you chose linux, you might want to consider using
           iptables with real nat and real state.  with freebsd, you can use
           mpd-netgraph should you later want a vpn. with linux, you can use
           poptop.  Running the nameserver in a chrooted section in linux is a
           little bit more effort but doable. - paolo ps, point the internal
           one to some trusted nameserver.
           \_ If you are worried about dns, check out djbdns. It is much
              better and much more secure than bind.
              I would recommend running OpenBSD over FreeBSD. OpenBSD is
              much better audited, and has more frequent fixes for security
              holes. Also in a locked down firewall setup (turn of httpd,
              inetd, etc) there have been no remote exploits in 3 years.
              Other options include NetBSD. You can get it to boot and
              run on almost anything. If you are worried about the form
              factor (noise, etc) get a IPX or a Qube2 with NetBSD. Its
              pretty secure and fast.
              \_ ipx's are kind of noisy. at least the one i have is.
                 \_ are you using the stock Hawk drive? If so that
                    is your problem. Replace with a Quantum Fireball,
                    and noise goes down by 75%.
        \_ Highly recommend FreeBSD running ipf/ipnat (if you have to
           NAT)  Config syntax is pretty straightforward once you start
           looking at it, and is well documented.  It's very fast, and
           it will be good on a P166.  A colleague is a great fan of
           running it on the sort of embedded, fanless PCs that
           advantech (<DEAD><DEAD> make.  Mail me if you
           want some help.  -John
        \_ if you're not into optimizing and configuring things and
           running external services like www, there is a linksys
           dsl modem/hub product that has a webserver configuration
           interface, and address translation, so you can set that
           up and then plug a hub into that and connect your office.
           or spend a couple of hours bringing up a unix box
           with two interfaces and turn on ip masqeraduing and dhcp to
           connect your office.
        \_ by your description, it sounds like you already have a dsl modem,
           and just need a firewall/hub box.  There are plenty on the market.
           just look around.
           \_ in other words, you have no recommendations.  fuck off
        \_ Cisco PIX. It is the standard firewall.
           \_ Is Cisco PIX any better than a typical OpenBSD/ifp setup?
              \_ Oh yeah. The PIX is pretty damn secure. It has a custom
                 OS (not IOS) that has many layers of security and it is
                 completely audited. Every patch/upgrade is hand checked
                 and then a horribly complex set of attacks are executed
                 agaist it. PIX defends banks, enterprises, governments
                 in thier most secure locations. If someone tells you
                 they can get past a PIX, its probably because they
                 paided someone to unplug it from the network.
        \_ MegaPath DSL had me buy a Netopia R3100 (IDSL) which seems to
           have pretty decent NAT/Firewalling/PPTP functionality (I don't
           actually use any of it, but it's there...)  --dbushong
2001/2/15 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:20607 Activity:nil
        (and you thought a 4:1 male-female ratio was limited only to
        tech corridors and EE departments.)

        "A mini-census conducted in 1995 showed that never-married men 20 to
        44 years old outnumbered their female counterparts by nearly 2 to 1.
        (Between the ages of 25 and 39, the ratio was 4 to 1.) ... 'If you
        have an area where men are up in the hills, on the periphery,
        growing old without women, these people have always become ... the
        raw material of rebellion in China,' said William Lavely, a visiting
        sociology professor at UCLA."
        \_ [censor's comments censored again] It's not my quote. I just
           don't like you and every other motd censor. So now I'm giving
           you a taste of your own medicine.
           \_ WTF is your problem?  YOU are the one censoring things.  YOU
              are the one removing quotes and text and comments from the motd.
              Fucking replace the original comment/entry because it was an
              accurate critique of the original motd entry, and gave a much
              more complete picture of what the article said and what the
              situation in china is.
        \_ The chickens are coming home to roost.
           \_ The alternative being...?  Mass starvation?
        \_ and for a different type of quote from the same article:
           "Where are you going to get extra females? Import women from other
            countries?" Banister said. "Only the most radical things could
            solve it, and nobody's suggesting those radical things, like women
            getting two husbands each."
        \_ Marry Russian women. I heard that Russia has more women than men
           cause the men drank too much vodka.
        \_ The solution is Christianity, and its anti-abortion stance will
           stop the parents from using ultrasound to abort female fetuses.
2001/2/15-18 [Consumer/Camera, Health/Men] UID:20608 Activity:very high
2/15    Anyone have any suggestions for a good morphing program?  I want to
        morph some faces from a digital camera into Marilyn Monroe.
        \_ Stills or video?
           \_ stills.  I'd want it in steps, like @5%, or 1%. 10% is acceptable,
              too, but better resolution is preferred.
              \_ OS?  xmorph isn't great, and it's kinda a pain to use, but the
                 results look passable.
                 \_ It would be for Win9x.  Thanks.
                    \_ Free?  Probably not.. probably want something like
             \_ Microsoft's DirectX SDK comes with a demo program that
                does this.
        \_ matlab. -ali
           \_ Matlab is for wimps.  Real men program their vector and matrix
              libraries in C or Fortran.
              \_ Real men are dumb enough not to use LAPACK?
        \_ you can try these, although I have no experience with any of them:
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