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2001/2/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:20588 Activity:nil
2/13    wot ees da difference between data-flow analysis and control-flow
        \_ dependency between data objects vs. traces of execution.
2001/2/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:20589 Activity:kinda low
2/13    google took over now i can't find jack in newsgroups :(
        \_ you don't know jack.
           \_ but he knows you, and he's pretty pissed off.
              \_ jack... off... oh yeah. speaking of things to do while
                 since vi commands only need 1 hand on the keyboard...
2001/2/14-15 [Science, Science/Electric] UID:20590 Activity:moderate
2/13    Costco's selling a 6000W power generator for only $500. Maybe I'll
        buy one and put it in the backyard and sell the excess electricity
        to my neighbor. Does anyone know how much it is to generate your
        own electricity?
        \_ the fuel is more expensive than your power bill, per watt.
           also, typical houses get 20-40 KW service, and 6 KW
           isn't going to handle much.  a real hair dryer can use >1KW.
           \_ It isn't about running your whole house.  Just making sure you
              can still run your home network to code and play LAN q3a after
              the Coming Fall Of Civilization.
              \_ That's why I have a sat. uplink. Don't want to depend
                 on telcos for internet access after Civilization collapses.
        \_ which Costco? they don't have anything that cheap on their
2001/2/14-15 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:20591 Activity:nil
2/13    I'm trying to find out how much energy major stadiums and ballparks use.
        Any clues on where to search? I've tried MAGS database and google.
        \_ it never occured to you to call a stadium and ask?  Just ask
        to talk to their electricians and thell them you are a student working
        on a class project.
2001/2/14-15 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:20592 Activity:high
2/13    How is telnetd configured to disallow logins?  It seems to allow all
        in the hosts.allow file.  (here on Soda)
        \_ man skey.access
        \_ In general you can just comment it out in /etc/inetd.conf.
           Or just don't run inetd at all...
            \_ i'm not a complete moron, i know how to turn off telnetd.
               what i want to know was how/why SODA still runs it. -TOP
               \_ I'm guessing that its for ftp, pop and imap support.
                  \_ those are why inetd is still running (which i assume you
                     meant).  telnetd is still running because it's super 1337.
                     Also, it allows for use of s/key, for when your dog eats
                     your ssh client and washes it down with toilet water.
                     \_ s/key? is that like Stanfurds SRP telnet?
                        \_ No.  SRP is much cooler, despite being from
                           Stanford.  ;)
        \_ the best way is to not run inetd at all.
           \_ Are you implying that SODA is NOT doing it the BEST way!?!
              \_ Yes.
                 \_ are you implying that you do NOT have a sense of humour?
                    \_ NO!
2001/2/14-15 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:20593 Activity:nil
2/13    What's the best PC Jukebox software out there?
        \_ napster
           \_ looking for answers like Win Media Player, Music Match,
                Siren, RealJukebox, etc.
              \_ gnutella.
              \_ Don't ever actually pay for Music Match registration.
                 The CEO wants to start selling personal user information.
                 Most of the people who opposed it were either layed off
                 or quit in December.
2001/2/14-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Politics, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:20594 Activity:high
2/14    Lonely on 2/14? Call your mom. Get her something nice.
        \_ I already got yermom something nice.  Why didn't you?  You're
           a customer.
        \_ What if your mom is dead?  -welch
                \_ of the 200+ sorried users, is this one's mother dead?
                        \_ sigh.  too many newbies.
                           \_ #f. i've been around for years, this one
                                must've escaped me. i feel so left out!
2001/2/14-15 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:20595 Activity:very high
2/14    After about an hour running netscape, I always get this:
        4496 joeblow    1  -5    0   30M   23M cpu/0  19.1H 98.35% netscape
        How do I make it stop?
        \_ Might be due to some runaway Javascript on some site.
        \_ Switch to a real browser.
           \_ such as?
                   \_ lynx, w3m, w3 (emacs), Opera, iCab, telnet
                      \_ w3 for emacs is a nice idea but is overcomplicated
                         and really sucks. If I want a bloated browser, I'll
                         use Netscape or IE. Why can't someone just write a
                         lynx-like browser for emacs?
                         \_ "If I want a bloated browser... Netscape ...".  But
                            you're using netscape now.
                \_ Install an OS that has the application support you
                   require.  It sounds like you chose your OS before you
                   chose your apps.
              |_ *INTERNET EXPLODER*
                 "The Browser is a Part of The Operating System!" (TM)
        \_ kill -9 4486
           \_ you want 4496, not 4486.
        \_ truss -aefp 4496
           \_ or strace as the case may be.
        \_ Sigh. Just turn off java and javascript, and you wont have
           these problems.
           \_ And you'll also be out about 50% of the reason for using
           \_ au contrair... I have Java and Javascript turned off and I
              frequently get similar behavior. Invariably, when I run top
              it shows some runaway process. I always just
              kill -9 but have yet to find out any specific cause...
              other than that Netscape sucks of course.
                \_ This doesn't happen on windows machines running netscape.
                   By simply deductive reasoning and process of elimination,
                   the problem is clearly Linux.
                   \_ by simply being a moron, you failed to consider that
                      the linux implementation of Netscape doesn't use the
                      same code as the Windows version.  -tom
                      \_ Nor is the solaris version so braindead. Yet
                         you'd think the linux and solaris version would
                         be pretty much identical code. Which leads to
                         the conclusion "Linux sux"
                        \_ The Solaris version is every bit as braindead as
                           the Linux version--we're constantly cleaning up
                           runaway Netscapes on the public cluster.  -tom
2001/2/14-15 [Finance/Shopping, Finance/Investment] UID:20596 Activity:insanely high
2/14    Got no date?  Want something more than another valentines day
        staring at source code? Come see: "Hungry for Profit"
        Wednesday, February 14th @ 7pm 210 Wheeler
        come and learn how
        * U$ agricultural interests abroad destroy 3rd world nat'l economies
        * Agribusiness perpetuates environmental degredation
        * Imperialism keeps millions of people on the brink of starvation to
          benefit the First World
        \_ Going vegan can help solve the problem.
  (especially the
           last section)
           \_ Uh, how? Vegans eat vegitables that require farming which
              contributes to environmental collapse. You should switch
              to starvation and dieting like super models.
              \_ Raising cattle or poultry also requires farming and
                 environmental collapse.  For every calorie of meat
                 you produce requires you to put in 1000 calories to
                 feed and raise that animal.
                 \_ Glad I'm a vegitarian and not contributing to the
                \_ Commie alert
                    collapse of the "environment". Not that I give a
                    shit about it.
              \_ It doesn't solve the problem completely but it helps solve
                 the problem by slowing down collapse.
                 \_ All this collapse is bullshit. You sound like Al Bore
                    or Jimmy Carter. Americans should not be limited to small
                    dreams. BTW, I'm vegitarian by choice, and not because
                    I'm concerned with the "planet" and the "future".
                    \_ Typical sodan thinking. Well, you just keep that
                       to yourself. Most people do care about the "future".
                       By the way, if you're really concerned about your
                       health (and you probably aren't because you're
                       not concerned about other things as well) you
                       would add a little meat in your diet since meat
                       contains certain protiens you can't find in other
                       protien alternatives.
                          \_ My people have been vegitarian for thousands
                             of years and they have been living just fine.
                             The average lifespan in my family is ~ 90
                             yrs all disease free. I have the same diet
                             they do, I'm not going to change because some
                             idiot motd poster things that meat is good
                             for you. If you read modern medical science
                             you will find that any animal fat is bad for
                             your health. The lower on the food chain you
                             go for your nurishment, the better.
                             And all this "future" bs, we've got to save
                             the planet for the "future", we've got to
                             cut back on modern civilization so that the
                             "future generations" can enjoy the "planet"
                             is total crap. You basically want to restrict
                             technological progress because you can't
                             keep up and you want to condemn future
                             generations to live in an undeveloped
                       \_ there are 9 amino acids humans can't produce.
                          all of them are found in the plant world.
                       \_ Maybe you'll learn to spell protein sometime soon.
        \_ PLUZ! A world economy reduces the chance of world wars, as people
           are too busy trying to exploit each other. I'd rather have that
           than the holocaust, combat casualties, biological weapons and etc.
        \_ Typical Left-Wing Mythology. Let's all become communists like
           in CCCP and Cuba and live in dirty little hovels shivering in
           the cold without the benefit of modern civilization. Idiot.
           \_ not to argue pro-communism, but imperialist policies do extract
              an unequal exchange of values from third-world countries, via
              their technological and political leverage, thus keeping them
              much poorer than they would otherwise be. a Buick regal should
              not equal 10,000,000 bananas but it often does.
              \_ This is incorrect.  Foreign investment NEVER hurts a country.
              \_ Commie alert - I dont think Marx could have said it
                 better himself.
             \_ why would anyone that poor want to buy a buick regal?
                \_ why would anyone want to buy a buick regal?
                   \_ Do you have one? It is not too expensive and
                      is a reasonably reliable car.
             \_ the real reason 3rd world countries are poor is because they
                breed too much. they're already poor, then have 10 kids who
                end up with 1/10 of what their parents had, except for the
                few who make it to the very top. you cannot build wealth across
                generations if you're having that many kids, it's quite simple.
                growth of gdp has to exceed population growth for net per capita
                gain. but instead we have whole nations in africa where unicef
                aid is the primary economic force and they no longer even know
                how to provide for themselves, yet still have 10 kids. it's like
                feeding raccoons in your backyard, soon there are twice as many
                and they completely depend on you.
                   \_ This is the problem that they have in India. The birth
                      rate of the poorest people is about 5-10 per family.
                      A good way to help these people has yet to be devised,
                      as they reject education (its free) or better living
                      When the government clean up the slums and build good
                      housing for slum dwellers, they ended up selling the
                      free housing and returning to the slums. When the gov.
                      offered free education for the poorest children, few
                      showed up, prefering to engage in menial labor.
                      First world consumption has nothing to do with the
                      poverty these people face. Thier misery is thier own
                \_ I believe in Rush!
                \_ That's why we should support commie China's birth control
                      \_ No. I don't think that it should be forced. But
                         people ought to understand that a high birth rate
                         is unsustainable and voluntarily stop.
                         It is the part about making people understand that
                         is difficult.
                         \_ even if they understand, they won't voluntarily
                            stop. it's like traffic congestion. we all
                            understand that if most of us employed alternative
                            transportation the roads would be clearer, so what.
                            why should i do it if you don't.
                            \_ alternative transportation? you mean RIDE
                               BIKE?!? I live +30 miles from work. I can't
                               possibly RIDE BIKE! Yeah I could take a bus,
                               but I just have to change 5 times and it only
                               takes 5 hours. What about the train you say?
                               Well for $6.50 a day, its cheaper and faster
                               to drive.
                               If well planned alternative transport was
                               available I would take it. I have in the past.
                               I took BART from Fremont every day for the
                               four years I was at Cal.
                               \_ yes but that's my point; using other transport
                                  is a disadvantage to you so you won't do it
                                  unless you have to, or unless it's only
                                  slightly less convenient than cars. thus
                                  the analogy to people stopping having kids.
                                  which deprives them of their instinctive
                                  reproduction need and...oh forget it. besides
                                  no one forced you to live +30 mi from work.
                                  \_ I can't afford to pay $1800-$2400 in rent
                                     every month after the IRS gets its unfair
                                     The BART was farily less convenient than
                                     driving, but I still did it because it
                                     was reasonably priced and moderately well
                                     planned and managed. The trains and buses
                                     are no where near that well run. If they
                                     were I would take them.
                               \_ Driving costs ~$0.32 per mile on average when
                                  maintenance, depreciation, etc. are taken
                                  into account.  That's how much you can deduct
                                  on the tax form for driving your own car for
                                  business purpose.
                                  \_ I don't think the IRS will take too kindly
                                     to my deducting $0.32 for each mile driven.
                                     Anyway, I've tried public transport to work,
                                     it just doesn't work for me and I believe
                                     that it doesn't for most people, that's
                                     why buses and trains go empty.
                                     Planning is key to public transport and
                                     that is sorely lacking in CA.
                   \_ yeah, maybe we can come up with a darwinist birth policy.
                      we say a kid is worth like $200k. for each kid you want,
                      you have to pay the gov't that amount. problem solved.
                      \_ Uhhh.. pay the government!?  Why?  Why not just stop
                         (in this country) providing monetary incentives for
                         poor families to have more children?  Why not instead
                         provide no monies at all to support the kids, and
                         if they have them and can't care for them, offer them
                         to the families who can afford them that want kids.
        \_ hey, this is the motd, we already know all that stuff!
           \_ come anyway.  it's a decent film.
        \_ and these people are the same ones who voted for
           Clinton & Gore - gimme a break
        \_ yeah right, russia had their whole nation starve with communisism
           and their food lines.
           \_ Don't argue...  If it were up to me I would send the whole
              american communist lot to China or Russia for an educational
              two-week tour of the likely results of the hegemony of the
              proletariat. -- born in russia
              \_ Just because you extremist dumb fucks screwed things up,
                 doesn't mean others will.
                 \_ You don't understand.  Property redistribution is wrong.
                    The more you go with it, the worse off you will be.
                    Don't give me your misguided relativism.  Communism is
                    a bad idea.  Always was, always will be.  It's a good thing
                    many people can actually learn from Russia's tragic
                    mistakes, even if overfed dumb fucks like you can't.
                    \_ Sorry.  Liberals != Communists.  I know it may be
                       hard for little russian ex-commies to understand
                       that.  The main reason soviet union failed is
                       due to having a command economy rather than a
                       market economy.  Nobody is suggesting that
                       we turn the economy into a command economy.
                       \_ You don't want to be lecturing a 'little russian
                          ex-commie' on why CCCP failed.  The reason CCCP
                          failed is because 'property redistribution' ==
                          invitation to loot the wealthy (i.e. productive)
                          members of society.  No society succeeds with such
                          an economic plan.  A command economy was an after-
                          thought, a temporary way to keep a dead body in
                          motion for a few more years.
                          \_ Like I said, you don't have to
                             push things to extremes.  A little
                             "redistribution of wealth" like the
                             progressive tax and intelligent use of
                             welfare to help people with difficulties
                             get back up is actually good for the
                             economy.  Of course you do not want to
                             constantly redistributing wealth such that
                             there no longer is any incentive to work.
                             \_ taxation is a violation of my freedom.
                                The founding fathers knew this and it
                                was banned until early this century.
                                Progressive taxation which takes money
                                from someone who rightfully owns it
                                and gives it to someone who doesn't
                                is a crime. It should be outlawed.
                                Its my damn money and you've no right
                                to it. If I choose to help poor people
                                that is my right. If I don't that is
                                my right too. You should not take it
                                from me because you think that it is
                    \_ Some people here in the west are just too dumb
                       to understand how bad the living conditions are
                       in a communist society. They think that the
                       everyone is equal because everyone is a poor
                       peon is a good thing.
        \_ Is it free?  I don't want to have to pay to get brainwashed, lied
           to, mislead, and only told one side of a very complex story.  Also,
           what are my odds of picking up a real hottie commie chick and
           getting some action after the flick?  If I show the proper signs of
           being brainwashed do my chances go up?  Are there any hottie commie
           chicks or are they all hairy armpit club wielding Berkeley leftists?
           \_ hottie commie chicks is an oxymoron. There was a saying in
              communist russian: What do you call a pretty girl in Russia?
              A tourist.
              \_ Nah.  I remember this very pretty russian gymnast who,
                 after coming to the US, became fat and ugly.
                 \_ maybe if your idea of pretty is "prepubescent anorexic."
2001/2/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:20597 Activity:low
2/14    Happy Hallmark Day.
        \_ Happy See's Candy Day.
        \_ Happy National Hate Day!
           \_ Yes!!!
        \_ Happy VD
2001/2/14-15 [Recreation/Pets] UID:20598 Activity:high
        \_ Where do you people find stuff like this?!?
           \_ dude. you never heard of you're so behind the
        \_ it's L337, h4xor!
        \_ While we're on this topic.  Why don't we use sea water to flush our
           toilets?  This way we don't have to worry about conservation.  In
           Hong Kong sea water is used to flush the toilets, and tanks are
           huge (about 8-10 gallons) even though conservation of drinking water
           is a big issue.  The water department does charge for flush water,
           but it's at a much lower rate than drinking water.  Here we can at
           least do this in costal regions.  Yeah we need to build new pipes,
           but still.
                \_ It would cost billions of dollars to build a secondary set
                   of pipes & infrastructure this late in the game.  Besides,
                   what would dogs drink out of if the toilet water wasn't
                   \_ Dogs drink out of toilets???  Yucks!
                      \_ Yeah, makes you wonder why anyone would want to
                         own a dog. Cats are not much better, they keep
                         licking themselves all the time. When you touch
                         a cat you are touching a big wad of saliva.
                         \_ But that's still better than touching dog saliva
                            which means touching toilet water which means
                            touching excrement.  BTW how come dogs don't
                            catch diseases that way?
                            \_ Dogs like to dig up cat shit and eat it.
                         \_ not all dogs do this.  my dog never drank out of
                            the toilet nor dug up cat poop.
                      \_ yeah, dogs drink out of toilets and animals lick
                      their genitals too! And some people let dogs lick
                      their face.
                      \_ I was having sex with the girlfriend and
                         I flipped her over and there was a big brown
                         streak in her buttcrack.  horrific
                         \_ Your gf was licking your dog's ass?  Huh?
                      \_ haven't you ever wondered why dog breath smells like
                      \_ i brush my dogs teeth everyday.
                      \_ My friend caught his roommate letting his dog lick
                         peanut butter off his (the roommate's) genitals.
                         \_ got milk?
                            \_ If the dog licked long enough it would get milk.
                               \_ That's not milk. If the roomate was a she
                                  and breasts where involved you would be
                         \_ Was it a male dog or female dog?
                        \_ What's any of this dog hater stuff have to do with
                           salt water toilets?  Go get a date.
                           \_ I got one. Do you?
2001/2/14-15 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:20599 Activity:low
2/14    In cvs, how do you check out and preserve the original time stamp
        instead of the default current time.
        \_ man cvs
2019/08/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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