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2001/2/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20565 Activity:very high
2/11    Anyone need a date for valentines day?
        \_ femaleP
           \_ #t
              \_ login?
        \_ nope. --chris
        \_ no - anyone
        \_ yes please. I don't even want sex, just companionship.
           its sooo lonely being a geek.
              \_ I'm serious. I'll take you to dinner, dancing
                 a movie. I just want someone friendly to talk
                 to. Just someone friendly, no sex, no kissing
                 nothing like that.
           \_ You should do what I do. For me, Valentines day ==
              a night with a bottle of booz and a nice game of
              Russian Roulette. Works fine for me and the next day
              I'm back to work. So far the revolver hasn't picked
              the golden bullet.
                \_ You can borrow my automatic!
                \_ Well, there's still hope.
        \_ I will be wearing all black to work and greeting people as I do each
           and every year:  "Happy VD"
                \_ Hey, you're a winner.  No wonder you're still sexless.
                   Women avoid depressoid losers like the plague and for good
        \_ When I was single, all single folks in my dept. at work used to get
           together for dinner.
           \_ losers.
             \_ lol! what a fucker!
        \_ is this a dating service? are you a guy or a girl?
2001/2/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:20566 Activity:very high
2/12    If space is a vacum how is heat dissipated in a spacecraft?
        \_ Space isn't a true/pure vacuum.  Roughly 1 hydrogen atom per
           10 cubic centimeters in deep space.  So they say.  I haven't
           personally measured.
           \_ What's your point?  Are you trying to assert that this
              low density of gas removes significant heat?  Or are you
              just spouting idiotic irrelevancies?
              \_ I think his is just trying to say that space is not a vacuum.
                 \_ Yes.  That's what I was saying.  Unfortunately, some motd
                    posters are too clueless to recognise a simple correction
                    of fact for what it is.  "If space is a vacum[sp] how..."
                    is based n the false premise that space is a vacuum.
                    \_ Perhaps you need help -- look up "sophistry" in the
                       dictionary.  Perhaps "semantic" and "specious" as
                        \_ Nice try but the dictionary won't help you.  You
                           were just being stupid and obnoxious.
                           \_ No, actually I'm saying that this fool is
                              puffing himself up with easily acquired
                              information, without actually answering
                              or in any way addressing the question.  Oh, and
                              speaking of the dictionary, you might want to
                              start by looking up "clue" before posting again.
        \_ infrared, low frequency EM
        \_ they use radiators.  Black body radiation isn't as efficient
           at getting rid of heat as conduction is, but when you have no
           atmosphere, it's yer only choice, unless you want to waste a
           lot of mass in evaporating or ablating a cooling  material.
           \_ someone who's not an idiot!
                \_ Yourself?  Don't be a fool, idiot.
        \_ Same way as how heat is dissipated from the Sun.
2001/2/12-13 [Finance/Banking, Finance/Investment] UID:20567 Activity:high
2/12    I am broke. I am looking for an ass-kicking spreadsheet to start
        keeping track my expenses.
        \_ Quicken and Microsoft Money are better at this than any spreadsheet.
        \_ Its called a ledger. You can make using a $0.10 notebook from
           longs or payless. You have one column where you write in the date
           of a transaction, another where you write in a description and
           a last one where you record if it was + (deposit) or - (expense).
           Add it up at the bottom of a page and transfer to the next.
           \_ I just use a plain text file to do this.
                   \_ If you are broke, a text file costs too much money.
                \_ Perl!
           \_ $0.10 notebook?  What decade are you living in?
        \_ Hey, I thought we went throught this!  Use automatically deposit
           to put a portion of your paycheck into a savings account and DO NOT
           ever withdraw from that account.  I'm able to saving 20K a year
           that way.  And I'm not making 6 figures.  -frugal guy
           \_ Only 20K. How much do you make? ~ 45K? I'm saving ~ 40K a
              year by direct deposit into my money market account and
              I'm making not making 6 figures either.
                 to my parents (non-tax-deductible) and contributing 11% to my
                 401(k), and I'm not making 6 figures either.  Although it's
                 sad that we need to compete on how little we spend instead of
                 how much we make.
              \_ I'm making $2600 mortgage payment a month and sending $1K/mo
                 to my parents (non-tax-deductible since they're not listed as
                 my dependents) and contributing 11% to my 401(k), and I'm not
                 making 6 figures either.  Although it's sad that we need to
                 compete on how little we spend instead of how much we make.
                    \_ I'm 15% to 401(k), 10% to ESPP, the rest directly
                       into my money market accoount. I live at home with
                       my parents, so I cut back on costs there. The only
                       recurring costs I have are DSL ($69/mo) and my car
                       ($50 gas/mo, $50 insurance/mo, $20 maintenance/mo).
                       Occasionally I buy clothes or computer equipment,
                       but my yearly expenditure is covered by dividends
                        earn more via investments and such)
                       on a single mutal fund I own, all the other dividends
                       are reinvested. - soon to be member of the idle
                       (BTW, I don't consider non-salary income toward
                        that 6 figure thing. My salary is less, but I
                        earn much more via investments and such)
                        \_ what good is being idle and rich if you live at
                           home with your parents?  The values of sodans need
                           some serious whacking.  -tom
                              \_ With the money I am saving, I can easily
                                 move into my own house in Saratoga or
                                 Woodside. I can do whatever I want
                                 whenever I want. I don't have to go to
                                 work do what my boss or some stupid
                                 customer wants. I can just sit around
                                 and make money and enjoy myself.
                                 That's what idle rich means.
                                 And what's wrong with living with your
                                 parents? My parents are extremely nice.
                                 I'd have to be pretty damn stupid to
                                 move out and spend money.
                                 \_ I envy you having nice parents.  My mom is
                                    a dictator comparing to other moms (she
                                    even forced me to dump my gf,
                                    successfully, who was "just a little dis-
                                    respectful occasionally.  Just a little,
                                    really.  Other than that she's a very nice
                                    girl."), yet she has the gut to tell
                                    people that she's one of the most liberal
                                    parents in the world.  Geez.
                                \_ let's don't have a girlfriend,
                                   or any activities you spend money on.
                                   exactly what are you going to do to
                                   "enjoy yourself" when you have "enough"
                                   money?  Get a life; money is a means, not
                                   a goal.  -tom
                                      \_ Spoken like a true poor peon.
                                         You don't really understand
                                         what it means to be rich do
                                         you? Too bad.
                                         \_ Sigh... not only is the sky falling
                                            but there must be solar flares too.
                                            Rich is nice but if being rich means
                                            this guy spends the rest of his
                                            life in his parents basement
                                            waiting for the magic day that he
                                            has "enough" money then the guy is
                                            totally lost.  I'd rather be middle
                                            class and have a life than rich in
                                            my parent's basement.  "Mikey!
                                            Dinner is ready!  And don't forget
                                            to clean your room before your
                                            little friends come over!"
                                        \_ I absolutely understand what it
                                           means to be rich, and it has
                                           practically nothing to do with
                                           numbers on pieces of paper.  -tom
                                   \_ The sky is falling!  This must be the
                                      Twilight Zone or Outer Limits.  I find
                                      myself in total agreement with tom!
                                   \_ for a "ride bike, save the whales" guy,
                                      you're pretty short-sighted.  be
                                      realistic.  sometimes you need to
                                      accumulate wealth to do what you want.
                           \_ uh, to save toward the future for when they
                              eventually move out?   what good is being idle
                              and poor if you're living by yourself in an
                              an apartment?  I mean, come on, it's not like
                              most Sodans need the privacy for a love-life or
                              \_ A love-life costs $s. And if you get
                                 married, in CA she gets 1/2 of your
                                 stuff. No woman is worth 1/2 of my
                                 portfolio. Better to be single, rich
                                 and free.
                                \_ Happy Valentines Day, tool
                 \_ My mortgage is higher, my parents are multi-multi-multi-
                    millionaires, I'm making comfortable 6 figures, putting
                    in 10% and I still have time to edit the motd.  Oh yeah,
                    redecorating the house next month, too.  The maid will
                    like the new arrangement as it leaves her less to clean.
                    \_ In other words, yer mom is kicking your lazy, fat,
                       arrogant ass out of the house because your life is as
                       pointless and contrived as your motd posts.
                       \_ No.  Why is it so hard to comprehend that others on
                          the motd live the good life?  I *know* there are
                          others here who have and continue to do even better
                          than me.  I don't get grumpy about it.  I applaud
                          and cheer their success.
                    \_ sign yer posts so i can track your ass down.
                       \_ YWTFMITA?
                       \_ Yeah and then what?  You wanted to meet the maid?
                          She's kinda cute.
                          \_ Any pics?
                                \_ No, but I could setup a webcam if you were
                                   dying to see her.
                                   \_ That'd be great.  Thanks.  URL?
                    \_ Well, my parents aren't that poor either.  They eat out,
                       pay hundreds of dollars per month on international phone
                       calls, renovate their home, trade stocks, had an apt.
                       unit to collect rent, own a car in a country where a
                       parking space costs $400/mo and public transportation
                       can take you to places faster than driving.  Recently
                       they even almost bought a brandnew Mercedes even though
                       sales tax on cars is 100%.  But they still want me to
                       send them $1K/mo even thought I can't even afford
                       eating out.  Sucks.
                        \_ Get new parents.
                           \_ Could it be Tokyo?
                              \_ Isn't sales tax on cars much lower than 100%
                                 in Japan?
                        \_ the place ur parents live, could it be HK?
                           \_ Good guess.  Yes it is HK.
                              \_ then ur parents' reason for collecting
                                 money from you would be helping u save
                                 money for marriage...
                                 \_ My parents demand tribute as well, but
                                    at least it's not as fucked up as that.
                                    My parents are upper middle class Chinese.
2001/2/12-13 [Computer/SW/P2P] UID:20568 Activity:high
2/12    If any of you are worried about a Napster blackout, checkout
        imesh at  !
        \_ The judge ruled against them?  I didn't see that anywhere.
        \_ boycott metallica. They are the cause and the cry babies.
         make em poor.
           \_ What I don't understand about this whole napster business
              is that closing down napster just makes it harder for
              people sharing completely legal (or at least copyright
              expired material).
              \_ Do you have a point or are you just an idiot?
           \_ Bow to leper messiah.
2001/2/12 [Uncategorized] UID:20569 Activity:kinda low
2/12    [uncommted url removed, dan]
        \_ you are so cool!
          \_ you are not.
2001/2/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:20570 Activity:nil
2/12    Go see "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?".  Very well done.  A bit weird
        but so are you if you're reading this.
2001/2/12-13 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:20571 Activity:high
2/12    I am trying to use Win95 ftp with skey but there is
        no prompt to enter the one-time password. is there a
        command I can use through the literal command?
        \_ That's strange.  It used to work with my NT ftp where it prints
           the key and asks for the one-time password.  But today it doesn't
           do that anymore.  Something is broken?  -- yuen
           \_ Today (2/13) I tried again, and it works okay now.  You just
              type the one-time password at the "Password:" prompt.  -- yuen
2001/2/12-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:20572 Activity:kinda low
2/12    I followed the FAQs on automounter from but I'm still
        not able to get the damn thing working.  Are there any other FAQs?
        I'm trying to automount home directories WITHOUT running NIS+ under
        solaris.  Is this even possible?
        \_ Yes it is possible, but not recommended. Take a look at the
           Solaris part of the Automounter FAQ:


           And what exactly are you trying to do with the automounter?
           Its a completely POS that should be avoided like the plague.
           Even if you get it running, you will have all sorts of problems.
           (Trust me, I've been there. We had autofs on all our boxes at
           Cisco and if any of the servers or the NIS/NIS+ masters went
           down or lost connectivity, you couldn't use your Sun box and
           you couldn't even reboot it cleanly. And this happened all
           the time because of stupid ClearCase.)
           If you need similar functionality to the automounter, please
           try AFS or Coda.
           \_ amd works fine for me...
2001/2/12-13 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:20573 Activity:very high
2/12    I am so screwed!  I'm calling around, trying to make dinner
        plans for Valentines day, and everything is booked.  Is it
        completely hopeless or can I save our relationship?
        \_ if you need to wine and dine your GF to "save" the relationship,
           then it's probably not worth saving.  Cooking for her is much much
           more meaningful.  Even if you can't cook a decent meal, the gesture
           is something she will remember.
           \_ by "cook", we mean candlelit dinner, silverware, several
              courses -- not incandescents, TV blaring in the background,
              Napster downloads on your counterstrike server.  I hope
              most sodans already knew this, but ...
        \_ Get married, it will solve all your problems.
                \_ Dump her today.  Get back together on Thursday.
                   Take her out then.
        \_ I'll take her out, I can get reservations
        \_ You couldn't get reservations even two weeks ago. Plan earlier
           next time. BTW, the cooking thing is a good idea.
           \_ I was actually able to walk into a place that was reasonably
              nice last year.
        \_ Try Trattoria la Siciliana on College, they had space left
           when I checked on Saturday.  Also, I just cancelled my
           reservation at Mazzani Trattoria on Telegraph--decided to
           cook instead.
        \_ You're doomed.  Give it up or get married.
        \_ Lyon's or Olive Garden  :P
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