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2001/2/10 [Uncategorized] UID:20556 Activity:nil 75%like:20559
2/9     Ali ba ba, do I say the K in Knuth? <DEAD>csua/~ali<DEAD>
2001/2/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:20557 Activity:kinda low
2.9     Hannibal good.  Ridley Scott true to BladeRunner/Alien form.
        \_ a little too weird for me.
        \_ read the salon review.
2001/2/10-11 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:20558 Activity:kinda low
2/9     Suppose I have a Unix account on one machine (like csua) and
        want to mount my home directory on csua onto another the other
        Unix box without asking root@csua to add my machine to their
        NFS export list. Is there a way to do this?
        \_ I remember some project on like this
        \_ rsync!
           \_ fuckin' boy bands.
              \_ he said r not n.
        \_ linux has userland nfs.
        \_ I know that at least the solaris automounter -hosts map would
           let you do it. If the machine is running solaris and autofs
           simply cd /net/your_home_machine_name ; ls
           \_ wrong.
        \_ Get everyone to run AFS!
2001/2/10 [Uncategorized] UID:20559 Activity:nil 75%like:20556
2/9     Ali ba ba, do I say the K in Knuth? http://csua/~ali/analasians09.JPG
2001/2/10-12 [Finance/Investment] UID:20560 Activity:high
2/10    My online broker (suretrade) just merged with another broker.
        From what I've seen, Datek seems like a nice one to switch
        over too (I'm a small time trader and Datek's cheap). Which
        online broker have people had good experiences with?
        \_ Avoid E-Trade, American Express.  I have Schwab out of
           laziness/inertia.  At least you can go hassle someone in person
           when they screw up.  --oj
           laziness/inertia.  At least you can go hassle someone in
           person when they screw up.  --oj [reformatted]

                \_ I have Morgan Stanley (ex-Discover, Lombard) for the
                        same reason. Had them for years w/o any probs.
                \_ I second avoiding E-Trade.
           \_ What's bad about E*TRADE?  I have both Schwab and E*TRADE but
              I don't touch my accounts that often.  I think E*TRADE charges
              less than Schwab for trading stocks.  (I also have PaineWebber,
              but last I checked it's not on-line.)
        \_ I've used Datek for years and have no complaints
           \_ I started with Datek, but then switched over to SmithBarney.
              They have a nice option that gives you free trades for the whole
              year, in return for like .5% of portfolio value.  I think the
              listed % is around 1.2%, but if you talk to an individual broker,
              they will discount it to around .5%.  Oh, and you can do partial
              buys into mutual funds, which is nice, if you want to get in on
              some of the hotter ones which have minimum buy-in amounts.  oh,
              also you can talk to your broker about getting in on the more
              limited mutual funds which just open for initial investment for
              a couple days or so, before the fund fills up.
              \_ I have SmithBarney because of Options and ESPP. They are
                 okay, but I wouldn't use them unless you have 200K+ in
                 assets. Its a hassle for small investors.
        \_ I've been using National Discount Brokers ( for
           almost 5 years without any problems. ----ranga
           \_ Gotta love the duck quack option on their 1-800 number, too.
              \_ Yeah. I've been told its quite funny. This has never
                 affected my service or my opinion of NDB. They are
                 reasonably priced, friendly and efficient. ----ranga
        \_ I stuff all my money under the matress.  Never had a problem
           *and* I didn't lose my ass in 2000.
           \_ where do you live?  what room is your mattress in?
                \_ It's the house with the guns in it.  You're welcome by
                   anytime, friend.
           \_ You too? WOW I though I was the only one. Did you stock
              up on ammo and rice also? I did. 7.65mm and .45s along
              with 100 kgs of rice. I'm ready to weather the storm.
           \_ Money market account would have been fine, you know.
                \_ You trust the government to insure your life savings???
                   \_ That's treasury bonds, not money markets.
        \_ If you're investing and not "trading" (i.e. you aren't trying to
           hit specific price targets, but rather trying to build up
           positions in good stocks), consider a dollar-value investing
           company like Buy&Hold (my fave), Sharebuilder, or FolioFn.  Trades
           are dirt cheap, but infrequent.  For example, Sharebuilder charges
           $2.00/trade, and does the trades in agregate on Tuesdays.  Buy&Hold
           charges $2.99/trade and does them twice a day. -brian
2001/2/10-11 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:20561 Activity:nil
2/9     I'm trying to get printing working under FreeBSD 4.2
        The handbook tells me to use
        lptcontrol -[ip] for Interrupt or Polled communication, but every
        time I try lptcontrol, it says "Device Busy".  I tried reconfiging
        the kernel, but I've already got "device lpt" in there and the
        suggested addition
        device lpt0 at isa? port? tty irq 8 vector lptintr
        is rejected as invalid.  I'm using a parallel port PCL-compatible
        printer, and I can't find any resources on the net as to how to
        troubleshoot this (google, deja, altavista, freebsd,
        linuxprinting...)  Where else can I check?
2001/2/10-12 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:20562 Activity:high
2/10    I just discovered gnapster and it rocks!  I'd like to use this
        to download music, but the ethical questions bother me.  I'd like
        to be able to send money to the artists whose songs I listen to.
        Is there a simple way to do this on the web?  I'd like a site
        where I send in $50 and then choose how to allocate that among
        the artists.  Does anything along these lines exist?  Thanks.
           \_ If you want to support artist, go to you local fast food
              joint and leave a tip for the guy/gal manning the cash
              register. After all most artists couldn't be bothered
              to get a proper education and get real jobs.
        \_ Federal court ruling on Napster to be issued Monday.
        \_ you're looking for
           I wholeheartedly agree with (2) and (4) below. --stevie
        \_ why don't you just buy the cd's of the artists whose songs
           you download and actually listen to more than once? or go and
           see them live when they're in town?
           \_ Because (1) I don't want the whole CD
                      (2) The record companies charge outrageous prices
                      (3) I don't like going to concerts
                      (4) The artists often don't get much royalties from CDs
                       \_ Okay, these are all good points, so maybe
                 is the answer for you.  What's
                          not to like about going to concerts though?
                       \_ concerts: promoter gets the money unless you
                          are led zeppelin who could demand a 90/10 split.
                          otherwise you are paying bill graham or budweiser.
                          \_ not that I don't commend you for sticking up
                             for the artist, but if you're against
                             exploitation in any facet, I hope you're
                             really into the whole DIY-ethic
                             \_ I write my own music.  It's free.  I have
                                had the opportunity to sign with fat-wrecords
                                had the opportunity ts sign with fat-wrecords
                                and chose not to after reading the contract.
                                I'd rather push my own stuff.
                                \_ And this, Paolo, is why you failed.
                                   \_ i don't write to the motd, guys. - paolo
              \_ send them a personal check?
              \_ check out Mojo Nation, they do micropayments for stuff
                 like that.
                 \_ I didn't think the micropayments were for the aritsts..
2001/2/10-12 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:20563 Activity:moderate
2/10    Someone asked how to launch IE/Netscape on Windows from is a related question.  Is there a way to launch the
        browser with a specific window size and position?  Thanks.
        \_ try 'netscape -help' to get the command line options to
           netscape for geometry.
           \_ Nope.  Didn't work.  Is there also a way to launch
              the browsers with menu/url/status bar etc disabled
              like you could do with JavaScript's function?
              \_ use kiosk mode.  usually this is done with a -k command-line
                 switch in either NN or IE.  also, the geometry thing above is
                 under X only, I think.
                 \_ Thanks.  Kiosk mode is exactly what I need.  Now if I
                    could only get the geometry thing working under Windows...
                    \_ this is certainly not an elegant solution, but you
                       could try something like:
                          netscape "'foo.html','',
                       IE will put up a confirmation box before closing the
                       original window, but Netscape doesn't seem to care.
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