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2001/2/8 [Uncategorized] UID:20534 Activity:moderate
2/7     <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ How do you delete a person? Is that a new feature
           in the GN00 rm?
                \_ Unfortunately, the "deleteperson" API is not yet fully
                   implemented in this version of the product, although our
                   engineers are working hard on it at this very moment.
                   Please enjoy the use of the fully functional
                   "deletepersonsurl" API call instead.  Licensing fees are
                   still being worked out for the deleteperson call for
                   different OS's.
2001/2/8 [Uncategorized] UID:20535 Activity:nil
2/7     Looking for a library of Statement of Purpose, computer science.
2001/2/8 [Health] UID:20536 Activity:kinda low
        \_ Please post descriptions or you risk someone deleting your
           \_ hey no fair, I never deleted any URLs. - someone
           \_ why does people not posting descriptions get your panties
              in sucha bunch anyway?  Get over yourself.
              \_ I don't care, but apparently others do. This
                 URL was deleted twice and I restored it. That's
                 why I posted the warning.
2001/2/8-9 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:20537 Activity:high
2/7     How does one start internet explorer (or netscape) on windows
        using java? I've tried something like:
        Runtime.getRuntime().exec("netscape <DEAD>"<DEAD>
        but this doesn't work. TIA.
        \_ what error do you get?  perhaps you need to specify the path
           to the netscape/ie exe files?  There might also be a way to get
           the system to launch the default browser (perhaps with the Windows
           start command?)
           \_ CreateProcess: netscape.exe error=2
              java doesn't like spaces in the path name to the executable,
              and on different systems, these executables might not be using
              the same exact path.
           \_ I tried their suggestion e.g. "start iexplore <DEAD>someurl"<DEAD>
              but this didn't seem to work, but I figured out something that
              will work:
              "cmd.exe /c start iexplore <DEAD>someurl"<DEAD>
              without specifying iexplore or netscape bringing up the
              browser is much slower.
                \_ This doesn't leave an ugly dos box behind on the screen?
                                         \_ DOS is not UGLY!
                                             \_ it's also not technically
                                                a DOS box, since the original
                                                poster is clearly using NT.
                                                \_ It's a DOS box.  Thanks for
                                                   your input.
                   \_ Just on startup for a moment, then it goes away.
                \_ for the lazy:
                String[] s = {"cmd","/c","start","iexplore","<DEAD>"};<DEAD>
        \_ I think the better way to do this is to use the Windows API. There
           should be a Java binding to the WinAPI out there. You should call
           ShellExecute on the file.
           \_ thx, I'll look into this.
           \_ Its pretty easy to write a JNI wrapper for the one or two
              functions you need. I've done it before for futzing with
              the registry from java. ----ranga
2001/2/8 [Uncategorized] UID:20538 Activity:nil
2/7     Domifex (Dominatrix Finance): Get the credit you don't deserve. PIG.
        [URL description posted.  Complaint about URL deletion deleted.]
2001/2/8-9 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:20539 Activity:insanely high
2/8     The CSUA should have a date auction to raise money.
                \_ Raise money for what?  'oors?
        \_ who the hell would pay money to date CSUA members?
           \_ would you pay to *not* date CSUA members?  we had fundraisers
              on this principle at my highschool.  people paid people like
              me to stop singing.  we had amplified sound in the cafeteria,
              and made alot of money.
                \_ you are the exception
                \_ why pay when i could just walk away?
           \_ help the csua male populaiton would pay to date even the ugly
                   \_ ...and eat lunch outdoors, in the winter, in New England,
                   by yourself.  No, when people heard my singing, they started
                   handing out fives and tens to make the noise stop.
                   \_ uh huh.
           \_ half the csua male population would pay to date even the ugly
              and dumb female csuaers.
              \_ There are female sodas!?! Can I have one?
                \_ man, the last semester being in Soda, there were a few
                   young and cute girls in the classes.  Dang!
                   \_ Both of em huh?
                \_ go take a cold shower.  women are for the weak.
                   \_ Your blood line SHALL end HERE!
                      \_ let go your pitiful evolutionary struggles.
                         kids are 20 years of money and trouble, and so are
                         women.  man with 20 kids shall be just as dead as geek.
                        |_ is there a single decent-looking soda female?
                          \_ on the whole they look better than the males
                                \_ uh like who for instance?  liladog?
2001/2/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:20540 Activity:high
        \_ wow.  why isn't this linked from
        \_ those pics of grinning, ethnically-diverse phone users are gay
                \_ gay?  You can tell that from over the net?
                   \_ i referred to the pics. for inanimate objects or pieces
                      of data to be called 'gay' is a usage that transcends the
                      literal meaning of the word 'gay,' much as with the
                      ubiquitous terms 'suck' and 'lame.' Unfortunately there
                      are no proper English synonyms for the meanings embodied
                      by these three words:
                        'suck' verb, an antonym of 'excel'
                        'lame' adj, to be disapproved of and/or inferior
                        'gay' adj, to be excessively fruity and/or jolly
                           The dictionary meanings are not only more complete
                           than yours, but more accurate *and* precise when
                           referring to the slang use of the words.  Not only
                           are there proper English synonyms for these words,
                           but you seem to have misunderstood what the slang
                           terms mean.  Silly geek, try a dictionary next time.
                        \_ actually that dictionary is in error. just looking
                           at its slang definitions of suck:
                           >To behave obsequiously; fawn. Often used with up
                           >To be disgustingly disagreeable or offensive
                           >To perform fellatio on
                           none of these capture the common usage of the day;
                           saying that something sucks usually does not mean
                           "disgustingly disagreeable or offensive" but rather
                           more along the lines of being crappy, or as in:
                           "johnny sucked at quake." i defy you to provide
                           a satisfactory synonym for that. also the gay thing
                           ain't in there.
2001/2/8 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:20541 Activity:nil
2/8     Anyone out there know of any decent software that can detect
        hard disk failures or disk failure pre-conditions?  I'm on a
        linux box with IDE drives on a 3-ware card. TIA.
        \_ You have a linSUX box and you are worried about failure
           detection?!? Get a real OS and run it on some real
           hardware before you start worrying about stuff like
           this pengiun boi.
2001/2/8-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:20542 Activity:high
2/8     will BSD (preferably) or linux mount(ww) SolarisX86 UFS disks?
        Do you need to specify any type besides just ufs?
        \_ Don't know about X86 UFS, but OpenBSD used to be able to
           mount SunOS and Solaris disks.
           mount SunOS and Solaris disks on a Sparc.
           \_ I don't even think you can get Sparc Solaris to mount
              X86 solaris ufs disks.
        \_ Yes, Linux can mount the Solaris X86 UFS disks just fine.
           Just make sure that your kernel has BSD disklabel support as well
           as the Solaris ufs extensions.
        \_ FreeBSD can: mount -t ufs
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